Don’t Let Go (Bucky Barnes X Reader)

So I should be writing my history essay that my teacher literally gave me to do two days ago.  It’s due tomorrow.  But whatever.  Frick history.  Also, I was listening to Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur (it’s an amazing song, seriously) and it reminded me of two people: Dean Winchester and Barry Allen. And then I was like, well, I’ve kinda already written them a lot, especially Dean. So, it’s Bucky guys.  

Seriously, go listen to that song while you’re reading this.  I listened to it on repeat the entire time I was writing it.  

Without further adieu, let the reading commence.  

Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Words: 2460

Warnings: Fluffy Steve Drunkenness (if that’s even a warning), alcohol consumption

Excerpt: Sighing, Bucky made his way back to the bar, but this time, he came up behind the beautiful woman.  He was careful not to touch her when he leaned in to speak to her over the music.

“Is this spot taken?”

The woman looked over at him with dazzling eyes.  Those were eyes he knew he’d never forget, even if he never saw her again.  “No,” she spoke in the smooth, melodious voice of maybe a singer or a poet. Soft, yet assertive. She gave him a quick once-over and smiled brightly. “Definitely not.  My name’s Y/N.”

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A friend’s wedding.  That’s how it all started.  Bucky thinks back on the first day he met you as he sits on a bench under a shady tree.  He remembers that you have the same birthday as he does, and that’s today, a beautiful spring day. Sighing, he wrings his hands.  

He remembers how beautiful you looked. How shy you’d been until you’d gotten a few drinks in you, and how well you danced. 

April, 1936

Bucky watched the girl standing on the other side of the bar, waiting for the attention of the bartender.  He was sure he’d never seen her before; he’d know if he’d met a woman that beautiful. She wore a red dress with a big red bow on the back.  It was absolutely stunning, as was the woman wearing it.

They were at the wedding of a mutual friend, celebrating, but not really celebrating since neither had a date.  

Steve came up behind Bucky and clasped him on the shoulder lightly.  He was grinning from ear to ear and very obviously drunk. Slinging one arm over Bucky’s shoulders (and having to go almost on his tiptoes to do so), Steve looked where Bucky was looking and whistled.  

“Oh, man,” he breathed, looking at Bucky.  “You have to stop staring and do something, Buck. She’s never gonna notice you if you—hic!—don’t go over there.”

Bucky chuckled.  “You are so drunk, man.”

Steve shrugged. “So what? I,” he nodded emphatically, “only I know what’s best for you.  And right now, what’s best for you is that hot broad over there. She would totally be giving you the eyes if you weren’t cowering over here.”

“Usually I’m the one giving you advice on women, Steve,” Bucky chuckled a little more. “I think I should get you home.  And anyways, it’s not like I’ll ever see her again.”

Bucky pulled Steve off of him and then found that he really couldn’t stand on his own.  Steve was usually so careful about alcohol, but it was one of their best friends’ wedding, and neither of them were feeling particularly like a million bucks.  Steve drank, and Bucky watched a woman he would never have any chance with.  They both had their vices.

Slinging an arm around his friend, Bucky began to make his way away from the bar.  He only got a few feet away until Steve pushed him away.

“Buddy,” Bucky said softly, “you gotta go home now.  I’ve never seen you this far gone.”

“’M fine,” Steve protested, “go get that girl.”



With that, Steve disappeared into the crowd, whooping and bumping into people in his drunken haze.  Bucky wanted to go after him, but for once, Steve seemed happy.  He wasn’t self-conscious about his size or height.  It had been a very long time since Bucky had seen his best friend that carefree and euphoric.  

Sighing, Bucky made his way back to the bar, but this time, he came up behind the beautiful woman.  He was careful not to touch her when he leaned in to speak to her over the music.

“Is this spot taken?”

The woman looked over at him with dazzling eyes.  Those were eyes he knew he’d never forget, even if he never saw her again.  “No,” she spoke in the smooth, melodious voice of maybe a singer or a poet. Soft, yet assertive. She gave him a quick once-over and smiled brightly.  “Definitely not.  My name’s Y/N.”

She held out a hand to him.  He shook it tentatively. Y/N had such soft hands.

“James,” Bucky said.  “But my friends call me Bucky.”

Y/N raised her eyebrows, still grinning.  “Some kind of nickname?”

Bucky grinned bashfully and gave a small shrug.  “Yeah.  It’s short of Buchanan, my middle name. Nobody really calls me James.”

“Thought you said only you friends call you Bucky,” she said, smirking. Bucky thought that a sly smirk should not be that sexy.  He pulled air into his lungs, but his tongue wasn’t working very well, and neither, for that matter, was his brain.

It took him a good few seconds to come up with a reply. “Um, well, yeah, they do, but so does everyone else. Well, I mean, the people that know me.”

Y/N smiled.  “Well, Bucky, would you like to dance?”

Bucky pulled his eyebrows together slight and tilted his head.  “I thought I was supposed to ask you that.”

“Life’s too short,” Y/N shrugged. “So…?”

Bucky grinned again.  “Couldn’t stop me if you wanted to, Doll.”

They danced for most of the night, until both of them were drunk.  Bucky couldn’t get enough of her: her scent, her hair, her eyes, her lips.  Not that he’d kissed her yet, but they just looked so luscious.  Bucky had heard of people getting together at weddings or other affairs and it only being a one-night-stand.  But then again, he’d also heard of people who met at these things and ended up falling in love with each other.

At the end of the night, Bucky hailed a cab for Y/N with every intention to shut the door and let her live in his fantasies. But she pulled him into the cab with her and gave the cabbie the address for her apartment.

She grinned at him and he couldn’t take it anymore.  He kissed her, right there, in the back of the cab on the way to her apartment.  

They stumbled out of the cab when they had arrived at Y/N’s apartment in a mass of limbs and lips.  Carefully, the made their way up the stairs and to the door.  She gave Bucky her keys and he opened the door.  Immediately, she ran into the bathroom.  

Bucky followed and held her hair while she was sick.  He rubbed her back with his free hand and whispered that she was okay and that it’d be over soon.  

When it was over, she wiped her mouth and brushed her teeth and then grinned at him over her shoulder.  He shook his head because even after that, there was no way she was still feeling the euphoria of the night.  Nothing would bring her down.  

He pulled her to him tightly.  For a while, they just stayed like that, until Bucky pulled away.

“You’re so warm,” she whined, but he pulled her into the bedroom, sat her on the bed, and pulled off her heels.  “Stay.”

“I can’t, Doll,” he chuckled.

Bucky shook his head as he pulled the blankets up over her.  He went into the bathroom and looked in the cabinet for Advil.  Taking two, he went to the kitchen and filled a glass with water, placing both on the bedside table.  

She was watching him intently.  “Stay.”

Bucky chuckled again. “Already told you, I think you should get some rest.”

Once more, she pulled him in and kissed him.  Bucky didn’t want to let her go, but he knew that he couldn’t stay.  Instead, he kissed her forehead and left before he did something stupid that he knew he’d regret in the morning.  

Nevertheless, he was determined to see her again. He was not going to let this be one of those stories where you meet someone at an event, kiss a little, and never see each other again.  This was going to be a love story.  This was going to be his love story.

Picking up the pen and paper sitting on the kitchen table, he scribbled his number and his name. He put the paper on the bedside table next to the sleeping beauty and took a few moment to just look at her before shutting the light and closing the door.  He wanted to stay with her so much, but he couldn’t.

He made sure to lock the door on his way out.

Bucky remembers every minute of it, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever forget. You did call him the next day and the two of you went out a few times.  Despite your less than ceremonious meeting, the two of you hit it off and within a few weeks, you were going steady.  

The two of you were inseparable for years, and you got engaged on your birthday’s two years after your first meeting.

Bucky had told you to meet him at the park and that it was urgent. Of course, you quickly made your way to the park to meet him.  You had no idea what it was about, but it had to be important if Bucky said it was urgent.

At first, you panicked, because it was late and the streetlights hadn’t kicked on yet so the park was dark.  Where was he?

“Bucky?” you called.  “You here?”

There was no reply and your heart started to beat faster.  Then, the lights came on and the park flooded with dim light from the street lamps.  Finally, you spotted him sitting on a bench in the middle of the park, staring down at something small in his hands.  

You made your way over to him and he stood to greet you, kissing you and slipping the small thing into his pocket.  You frowned.

“What was that?”

“What was what, Doll?” he asked innocently, pushing his hands into his pockets so you couldn’t reach in and grab it from him. You shook your head.

“Whatever that thing was that you just stuck in your pocket,” you said.  

Bucky grinned at you and kissed you, pulling you down to sit with him on the bench.

“You know,” he began, “this is the park where we had our first date. I took you to this exact bench and we had a picnic.”

You smiled brightly at the fond memory. “Yeah, I remember that.  You squirted yogurt all over yourself.”

Bucky cringed. “Not one of my finest moments, but do you remember how much fun we had? We had a picnic, then we went for a walk around the park. Then we went to that little cafe and talked for hours.”

“Not that it’s not cute,” you said, “but you just brought me here to reminisce?”

“No,” he chuckled.  Then he produced that small thing that he’d been staring at before and knelt down on one knee in the soft grass.  Immediately, you put your hands over your mouth and gasped.  


“Y/N,” Bucky said, with that goofy grin on his face. “I love you, I know you know that.  But I think I’ve loved you since that night, that first night.  I know that I didn’t say it for a while, but it’s true. I’m always gonna love you, and I want to stay with you until we’re gray and old.  Will you do me the great honor of being my partner for life?”

Bucky looked breathless and slightly nervous.  As if you’d say no.  You would never say no.

You knelt down in the grass in front of him and sang a chorus of ‘yes’s while you kissed him.

You and Bucky had married the next year at an extravagant ceremony.  It was lavish and wonderful and everything you and Bucky had always hoped for.  You had married your best friend.  

Bucky remembers that the night of his wedding and the first night he met you were remarkably similar.  Dancing in the dark, holding your hair—it was mostly the same, only this time, he got to stay with you. He didn’t have to let go.  That was, until two years later.  

War had already broken out in Europe, but now the Japs had bombed Pearl Harbor, and the U.S. was going to enter the war.  Bucky enlisted, but wasn’t drafted until Captain America and his Howling Commandos recruited him.  Or rather until Steve, the new and improved Steve, and his group asked him to join them.

Of course, Bucky didn’t want to leave you, but he couldn’t let Steve and his group of misfits go off on their own without him.

He wanted to stay with you, he didn’t want to let go, but he did.  He wonders now what it was like for you when he didn’t come back.  You must have been absolutely crushed.  As absolutely crushed as he was when he found out that you had died.  

You’d died in 1994, at the age of 79.

Now, he sits in a bench in the cemetery where you were buried.  He can’t muster up the courage to get up and go to your actual grave.  

But then Steve is there, sitting down next to him, and he’s not sure how long he’s been there or when he came, but he is sure that Steve is the only other person who was always there for him when he needed someone most.  Steve and you.  

Steve puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder and squeezes but Bucky can’t look at him.

“Go see her,” Steve says quietly.  He had been through something similar when Peggy died, Bucky knows, but Steve and Peggy were never together. You were Bucky’s wife, his one true love.  And when he found out that you were no longer living, a hole punched its way through his chest.  He hopes that you were happy, at least.  

But no, that’s a lie.  Part of him hopes that you weren’t happy without him, but he knows that that part of him is just being irrational and angry.  

“I can’t,” Bucky whispers.

“Buck,” Steve says quietly, “Remember? Only I know what’s best for you, and right now, what’s best for you, is that broad over there.”


“Go, Buck, tell her how much you love her,” Steve pats his shoulder once more.  “I’ll be here when you’re done.”

A tear slips its way past Bucky’s defenses and he wipes it away angrily. Stiffly, he gets up and walks toward your grave.  The headstone proclaims, “Y/N Barnes. Loving Mother and Grandmother.”

Bucky frowns, because surely if you had remarried you would have changed your last name. Right? He looks back at Steve who is smiling softly.  Bucky walks back over.

“I have a kid somewhere, don’t I?” Bucky says, completely dumbfounded.

Steve takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. “Yeah.”

“You knew?”

“Not at first,” Steve amends. “But, before she passed, Peggy mentioned something about Y/N having a kid and never remarrying.”

Bucky is reeling.  “She was pregnant when I left?”

“I think so, buddy.”

Bucky doesn’t even know how to process this news.  He slumps down onto the bench.  He’s not sure how long they sit there in silence, but, eventually, he asks, “What’s the name?”

Steve smiles softly. “James Buchanan Barnes Jr. Y/N had a son. You have a son. And, actually, he lives in New York.”

The Danish model of Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Well its exciting stepping foot into the place of policy making and change The European Parliament. Todays topic: Responsible Alcohol Consumption: The Danish model. I’m excited to learn what this means and how the Danish Model is better than other models so far elsewhere. Here in this meeting you have the good guys and the enemy come to meet and discuss how they can project a more responsible consumption of alcohol that would ultimately benefit the society while at the same time profit the alcohol industry. Wait a minute… did I write that correctly??? Profit the public? as well as the industry? Say what????

So, what does Denmark do better than the rest of the world? They talk to their private industries. They come to common agreements and harmonise a common approach to tackle the issues on alcohol consumption and public health concerns. A Private Public Partnership has been established to collaborate on how alcohol can be advertised and distributed across the country in which vulnerable populations and young people (especially young people) will be less exposed to binge drinking and peer pressure on consuming vast amounts of it [alcohol].

Okay so when I first listened to this I was fascinated that we could have matured as humanity to discuss these big issues together between policy makers and profit makers. I mean when you think about it, this is creating a partnership between the people who have money and people who don’t?!?!?! I guess you can imagine how this could end up working? Publicising all the bells and whistles of a partnership all the while perhaps only a few get the better end of the deal. This is the assumption, and a path that this partnership could so easily take to. However, believing the best in people (especially the Danes) I hang tight to my innocence of the money-making business. I’m gona go with them truly wanting to make a dint in the 1/3 or all injuries in Denmark that are alcohol related. They definitely made a case for themselves. Well… it got them here to the European Parliament discussing how they will work together on this.

Me being me I don’t just ask the person next to me the questions I want to know answers to, but I want to know how this will work right from the people who designed the idea. So, the first person I decided I would approach was Niels Hald the Chairman of the Public Private Partnerships. I introduce myself and proceed to tell him that I, myself have travelled from Australia to reside in Denmark and study public health and would like to learn more about the type of activities they would engage to promote this and how they wish to achieve the lowering of irresponsible alcohol consumption? Essentially all he told me is through various campaigns and access of alcohol. I was a little flustered because I realised I came somewhat unprepared in asking him the questions that matter. As it was a short coffee break we were soon called in to sit down and continue the discussion and then a flood of questions came to me… ‘how would you ensure that the partnership doesn’t favour the profit of alcohol? How does this effect the lower socioeconomic sector? how will you limit alcohol to them? being Danish are you even aware that alcohol is cheaper than coffee?” … the questions just flooded through and as I intently listed to Xavier Monne the Director General of the European Food Safety Authority about his elaborate views on the collaboration of the private and public sector and the benefits this can eventually bring to the society. I found myself nodding to everything he said. Hoping to receive a moment for questions. I realised we ran out of time but as my luck had it, we had some networking to do and well… I’m good at that! ;) So, I approached the next person who held a seat at the speakers corner Paul Skehan Director of Spirits Europe (essentially the alcohol guy). So I asked the alcohol guy all of my burning questions, quite shamelessly in fact. I told him I was a public health student and if I was going to work in public health I need to know more answers.

Alcohol guy and I proceeded to have a fascinating conversation. His stand was over education. He told me about the type of programs they have created to educate young people on this topic and his passionate belief that our schools should have accountability on providing this sort of teaching. We spoke about the lower socio economic factor and honestly this was one aspect I was a little disappointed with as he really, didn’t have a concrete answer for me except for ‘education’ in which case basically this generation would be long forgotten and the hope is that the next generation would be better informed. He had a long-term vision on alcohol consumption and the lower socio economic society wasn’t really a focus point not just for the alcohol guy neither for the public Dane or the European health guy. I felt a little disappointed as this was a rather large aspect of the people the consumed alcohol and hold quite a large portion of our public health money for all the treatments they are receiving. 

High off a good and insightful conversation with people who influenced so much of our society I ran back to the office and spoke to my internship supervisor at EPHA Nikolai and he made me realise that well although the idea appears to work for now, we need to strive for a world where policy makers are left to make policies that positively affect society and the money makers should be left to making the money.

I totally get what he was saying and truly support this opinion but what do you do when this is just simply not the world we live in. Do you blindly fight for your cause until someone wins and stand your ground or do you support partnerships where you get to know and understand the private sector and their intentions on the market and hope, just hope that one day strategy and knowledge will prevail over money and power and that some-how you could outsmart them and confine them to certain restrictions and certain expected profit outcomes and allow the public to continue a life of abundant health without the influence of big money and any industry that holds their health second at best to their profit margins?

Ride With Me.

PAIRING: ReaderxBucky! AU 


WARNINGS: sweating, alcohol consumption. 

So here it is, my new Biker!Bucky au inspired by this  Let me tell you guys, this is going to be a ride from start to finish! I’ve planned most of this but with work I’m not sure how regularly this will be updated. But I will do my very best because I am very excited about this!  


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You stood across the road looking at the building before you; you had to admit it was nothing special. But that’s what made it so, the neon sign had seen better days you were sure. You could imagine it in its heyday, all light up for the world to see. Well the underworld most likely, you never did hang with the ‘right crowd’ as your mother called it. Maybe it was her consecutive ways that drove you away and into the darkness. But still, at least you weren’t attending charity events or sitting aimlessly waiting for your husband to come home and fuck a couple of kids into you. That was never your life and it was never going to be.  Taking a quick look up the street you hurried over to the bar, weaving in and out of a few haphazardly parked motorbikes you pushed open the door with confidence.

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Come Through

COME THROUGH — send me your location. let’s focus on communicating ‘cause i just need the time and place to come through. send me your location. let’s ride the vibrations ‘cause i don’t need nothing else but you! ( location, khalid )

REQUEST — the reader, jughead’s younger sister, and archie like each other but have never acted on it. after the death of jason, both boys grow very protective of her.


CAUTION — graphic description of death; alcohol consumption.

NOTES — i just wanna take the chance to explain that any time i make a reader the sibling of a character it will rarely be by blood. it’s very easy to forget that not every fan’s white, and the last thing i want is for poc to feel excluded, so sometimes the reader could be a half-sibling or adopted or whatever i come up with so as to not isolate anyone. also, i don’t know if riverdale!jughead has a baby sister like comics!jughead does, but i included jellybean anyway because for real, how cute would it be if all the siblings had nicknames? juggie, jelly, and the reader as juicy? that’s so cute! lastly, i wrote this before the new episode, so jughead’s home life is tv show!canon-divergent but comic!canon. ( requests: open + i am in desperate need of some f/f )

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Most colleges require students to go through some sort of alcohol education program. When I was a freshman in college, I was required to play a video game that involved helping Franklin the frog navigate through various college parties without succumbing to alcohol poisoning. (Easy, Frank — remember to hydrate).

Other universities require students to watch educational videos or take online quizzes about appropriate alcohol use.These one-time interventions do work, but their effect tends to wear off as the school year progresses, according to a recent study.

Programs Help Students Cut Back On Booze, But Not For Long

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Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || Part I
notes: i needed a small break from solo and pair so i started writing super self-indulgent regency au. this is (hopefully) not going to be more than 10k, so i’ll post it in pieces here on tumblr, and then in full on ao3 once it’s finished. i hope you guys like it! ♥
warnings: chris attempts matchmaking, the author attempts to write period appropriate dialogue, and victor has no chill. also, there are mentions of alcohol consumption, though none of the characters are drunk


Yuuri Katsuki is not a gentleman. He has fine manners and an impressive education, but he is what he is: a man of no significant standing who must work to support himself.

Because of this, Yuuri stands out.

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Wicked Games [Submission]

Author: lucion

Genres: University!AU, Romance, Angst, Slice of Life

Rating: NC-17

Length: Threeshot (Ongoing)

Kinks/Warnings: Coarse language, sexual themes, alcohol consumption, a little bit of blood

Summary: It’s hard to hide a broken heart when you wear it like an open wound. (But Kyungsoo tries, anyway.)


Nursey Week: Overindulge

Nurse Week Day Three: Overindulge

Pairing: Nursey/Chowder (past Chowder/OFC)

Rating: Gen

Warnings: Mentions of transphobia, and alcohol consumption


It was definitely past midnight, and there definitely should not have been anyone pounding on his door.  He was grateful his roommate wasn’t in, otherwise he’d be dealing with some salty as fuck white boy–again– pissed off at him–again– for interrupting his sleep.  Again.  And nine times out of ten it was someone from the damn team anyway like stoned Shitty who wanted to reminisce, or Ransom and Holster deciding it was time for Frog initiation.

But he didn’t think there was any of that going on, so he stumbled from the bed, muttered, “Yeah yeah, on my way.  Chill,” as he shuffled across the room.

He narrowly avoided a stack of empty pizza boxes, and kicked a half-full bottle of coke out of the way to fling the door open.

He could have predicted a thousand things, but Chris Chow with his face splotchy, his Sharks hoodie soaked, and tear tracks on his cheeks, was not one of them.  Chowder’s eyes widened and he stepped back.

“Oh.  You’re not Dex.”  His words were definitely less pronounced than usual, a slight slur which meant he’d been into booze from…somewhere.  Which was unlike Chowder to get schwasted on a Wednesday.

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with regard to ‘are speech acts violence’ it might specifically be useful to separate ‘does this cause harm’ from ‘should there be a taboo on this’.

Like, there ought to be a taboo on physical violence except in self-defense. That is not just because it is harmful, but also because having a taboo on it reduces the incidence of the harm and doesn’t have many negative side effects. Some things are harmful (say, addictive drugs) but having a taboo on them has negative side effects (people can’t get help or use safely) or having a taboo on them doesn’t much reduce the incidence of the harm (Prohibition?)

And if you separate ‘is this speech act harmful’ from ‘should there be a taboo on this speech act’ then you can say things like “yes, that kind of speech is harmful, but it is not a useful thing to punish because that wouldn’t reduce the incidence of the harm much and it’d have negative side effects”. 

“This speech is violence” conflates “this speech is harm” and “this speech is the particular sort of harm where there ought to be a taboo on it because that’ll reduce the harm without negative side effects”, because physical violence is that sort of harm. And as a result, it makes it harder to discuss whether the speech is in fact harmful; people who don’t want it to be taboo end up stuck arguing ‘no, it’s not harmful’ or ‘no level of harm could justify censorship’ instead of ‘if it is harmful, the harm is not one that would be reduced by a taboo and the side effects would be quite serious’.

A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 14 -C*NT

A/N: I’m going to say this in the beginning so that I don’t forget AGAIN, THANK YOU to my wonderful beta trixies-padding for beta'ing this incredibly long chapter for me! This was by far the hardest chapter i’ve written so far, I really struggled with this one because I wanted to get everything just right and I got severely blocked. This is 13,000+ words of the finale, and some stuff afterwards. Witney makes an appearance as well as the tiniest slice of Shalaska. We are nearing the end of this story which is making me so sad. TW: Alcohol consumption, drunk antics. I hope that’s it. Enjoy!

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The Roommate Paradox | Part 5 | (Lucifer x Reader)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually)

Warning: foul language / swearing,  Hints at alcohol consumption ( just a glass of red wine), blood (not much though)

Words: 1248

Writer: Liz

So you sighed and went over to his limp body. Remembering how much the Winchester brothers had already struggled when they had carried him, you didn’t even try to lift him off the ground. Instead you simply grabbed him by the arms and pulled his body over the floor. You were already panting and sweating when you got to the couch but you decided assigning him his own room would probably be better for your nerves anyways.

Since the bunker featured numerous bedrooms you didn’t even have to look far for an empty one. Breathing heavily and already breaking a sweat you heaved Lucifer’s body on the bed before examining him closer. Any wounds that might have originated from the shards of glass were gone, even though you could have sworn that he had been bleeding just moments ago. But then again, he was an angel and you were aware of their powers. However it almost worried you that his powers seemed to be returning.

Of course you didn’t want him to be sick – you weren’t that mean and nobody deserved to be in the state he was in – but having a powerless archangel around you was certainly safer than a fueled up one, wasn’t it?

Storing those thoughts away for a calm night filled with red wine and books, you took the thin blanket which was lying on the bed and covered Lucifer with it. He still had a fever. Anyone could see that but you weren’t sure if you were actually helping with it. However the motion caused you to glance at his chest, neck and face and you spotted the dried blood on his skin.

Sighing, you decided to quickly grab a cloth and some water to clean that up as well mostly because it would be a nightmare to remove from the sheets of course and not because you cared.

Thankfully there was a bathroom nearby and you were able to find a small bucket in it as well. You hummed to yourself as you filled the bucket with lukewarm water and smiled. All of this reminded you of the time the brothers had caught the flu and you were the only one healthy enough to do – well – anything. It had never bothered you since you actually were quite fond of caring for people, yes,  even caring for borderline lunatic archangels with daddy issues fitted into that category.

Still smiling you returned to the room that was now Lucifer’s and carefully sat down one the side of the bed after placing the bucket and the small towels you’d gathered on the table beside it.

You took one of the towels and wet it before turning to the fallen angel. Before you touched his skin with the cloth you remembered something you had learned years ago. If someone is unconscious, sleeping or deprived of some of their senses, it is dangerous to simply suddenly touch them since they will mostly likely be scared. And even though you doubted that you could scare him you still took precaution and firmly placed you hand on his shoulder first.

“Lucifer?” you asked one last time, hoping he would respond but to no avail. The man was completely passed out and his body was emitting more heat than it should have.

Now you started to clean up the blood carefully and slowly wiped it away from his upper chest and neck. You decided it would be better not to remove his clothes, even though they really needed to be washed and you still doubted that they were comfortable at all. But you were too sure that Lucifer would be furious if you touched him anymore than necessary.

You washed the small towel once, draining it before wiping the dried blood from his sweaty face with even more care. Drops of dried blood were scattered across his cheeks and as you cleaned them slowly you noticed his handsome features for the first time. The pinkish tint to his cheeks actually suited him quite well and made him look more human in a way.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you realized that you had been cleaning his right cheek for the forth time in a row, even though it was already clean. You smiled to yourself and took the remaining towel to dry his clean skin.

When you left you made sure to lay down some of Deans clothes on the chair in Lucifer’s room, so he could change into something that wasn’t muddy and bloody once he woke up. Dean would, of course, be furious if he knew of this, because you had chosen his favorite pair of grey sweatpants and one of his band shirts.

After you had put the bucket and towels back, you cleaned the kitchen up and were relieved when you found out nothing important had been broken. The only things that crashed on the floor where a few glasses and an almost empty bottle of water. You figured that by the way Lucifer had been laying on the ground and by the things that broke that he must have fallen and tried to grab something in the process, only to wipe the counter clean by accident. If he had wanted to break something, he could have destroyed more important and expensive things very easily.

Grabbing a big glass of wine you strawed through the library to grab an interesting book and then spend the rest of the evening in your room, before going to sleep.

Before you could sit down however your ring tone once again disturbed the silence. This time however, it was the younger of the Winchester brothers that called you.

“Hi Sammy.” you answered your phone quickly, happy to hear from your other friend as well.

Hi (Y/N)!” he answered and sounded just as joyfully as you did.

“How is everything going? Was it an Edimmu?”

Yeah you were right. We did a bit of research and found out that there was a guy that hadn’t been buried to his peoples traditions. We did that and suddenly there are no more disturbances! How did you find out about that anyways? I’ve read about them too, but the Men of Letters didn’t know how to kill them.”

“Lucifer:” you simply stated, hoping his reaction wouldn’t be anger.

Oh.” was all he said at first. “Is everything alright with him? I know him being around you for an extended period of time can really take a toll on you, believe me.” Sam sounded almost anxious and you were sure it had to do with his experiences with Lucifer.

“He’s changed. I don’t know weather he as a person is different or if it’s simply the illness, but he is actually quite endurable. It’s like caring for a child in some ways. You don’t have to worry, Sam.”

When you worded your thoughts for the first time you noticed how right they were. Sure, Lucifer wasn’t perfect, even he was flawed and a little aggressive at times, but he definitely wasn’t the cruel being, that the angel was once said to be.

Alright, I believe you (Y/N). Dean and I will get on the road early tomorrow. Good Night.” You were relieved to find that he actually sounded sincere.

“Yeah, Good Night. Call me if you need anything.”

Surprisingly there were no further interruptions and you went to bed.


Next Chapter → Not published yet.

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27,55 and 68 with cassian andor? thank you so much!!! 💖

Characters: Reader x Cassian Andor

Warnings: alcohol consumption

Prompts: 27: “That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.” 55: “I didn’t ask for any of this!” 68: “I didn’t know you could cook.” “Oh, trust me I can’t.”

Word Count: 482

A/N: I had a bit of a hard time trying to string all these prompts together, but I hope you like it !!


“I didn’t know you could cook.” 

“Oh, trust me I can’t.”

Cassian raised an eyebrow at you as you looked uncertainly at the recipe and added some water into a pot. Sighing, he shook his head and took the tablet from you.

“You’re going to burn the base down.” he chuckled, shaking his head. You pouted, and he leaned over to turn off the stove. “Let’s just go to the local cantina to grab some dinner.”

“Fine, since you don’t trust my cooking.” you teased, looping your arm through Cassian’s as you walked out. It didn’t take long for the two of you to reach the cantina, and you found a spot at the bar. Cassian ordered a drink for the two of you. You leaned against it as Cassian grinned at you. 

“How’s the new job going?” he asked, and you rolled your eyes. You had just changed jobs from intercepting Imperial messages to working at the med bay, which was a pretty dramatic difference. It was pretty hectic in the med bay, but you were slowly becoming accustomed to it. 

“Pretty gory,” you shook your head as the bartender came with your drinks. “Much more graphic than listening to Imperial babble.”

The two of you turned around and realized the bartender had giving you the wrong drinks.

“Uh, sir!” you called out, waving the bartender down. “I didn’t ask for any of this!”

The bartender ignored you, and you huffed and put your hand down. You looked at Cassian for support, but he was frowning and looking off.

“That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.” Cassian muttered, and you followed his gaze to see a young man approaching. Defensively, Cassian looped his arm around your waist.

“Hello,” the man said, gesturing to the drinks. “I bought those for you.”

“Sorry.” Cassian said shortly, standing closer to you. “They’re taken.”

“Um, I’m no-” you began to protest, but Cassian gave you a sharp nudge. 

“You can take your drinks back, we don’t need them.” Cassian continued. The man looked at you, but you looked away. Pressing his lips together, the man reluctantly slunk back to the corner of the bar, hunching over his drink.

“What was that all about?” you raised an eyebrow at Cassian, and he rolled his eyes.

“It’s pretty obvious, y/n.” he said, but you noticed he was beginning to blush. “I… uh… have a crush on you. And I don’t like it when other guys stare at you.”

“Well then,” you laughed, punching his arm playfully. “That explains a lot of things, actually.” 

Shrugging sheepishly, Cassian looked at you expectantly. 

“So,” he traced his finger over the bar. “Do you like me back.”

“Hmm…” you tapped your finger against your chin dramatically, and Cassian laughed. “I think yes.”

“Well thank goodness,” Cassian breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. “Or else this would’ve been awkward.”

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I am very much enjoying drunk/hungover Sasuke's adventures. *thumbs up*

Thank you for showing your support of the Sasuke Uchiha Foundation for Shinobi with Shitty Personalities and Questionable Judgement. We match every comment, favorite, and reblog with 1 unit of quality alcohol for Sasuke’s consumption. This particular ask will go towards a vodka and tonic with a wedge of tomato.

Windward Chapter 1

Windward is a Stella/Scully fic that I published under the joint AO3 account SassSexandSmut. It has since become my pet project.

Warnings: light consumption of alcohol, possibly excessive use of metaphors, smutty smut smut

The man had not stopped talking since he ordered her a drink—a demure red wine she might have appreciated had it not come from him. Every morning before the conference, he cornered her in a hallway, called her sweetheart, spoke to her like condescending higher ups once did in the FBI.

She gulped down the wine out of spite. He was chattering on about the advances his team had made in detecting genetic diseases, defects, the list went on… she wanted to slap him for making such a boast of it. She wondered what he would say to the story of her cancer, to Mulder’s resurrection her son’s abilities.

Across the room, Stella arched her eyebrows, leaning comfortably against the bar.

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Reducing consumption of alcohol in young people (16-18 y/o)

Hey! For my college’s medical society I am looking into ways to reduce the alcohol intake of students in college and eventually, hopefully, in the wider community. I was wondering if anyone has read anything that may be useful to promote drinking less alcohol?

Realistically there is no way to prevent people drinking, but reducing the alcohol intake of the student body will reduce health risks later in life. I’m hoping to really get into this. Public Health links to my EPQ (Extended Project essay) so it would be great for my Personal Statement to show that not only have I researched a large area of Public Health but also acted to better Public Health within my college and local area. So I would really appreciate any ideas people may have?

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23-Gallya please and THANKS!!!

23. Darting shadows in the corner of your eye

He doesn’t sleep well – and when he does, it’s lighter than anything Gaby has ever witnessed. Napoleon jokes – calls him a machine but she doesn’t like to think of him like that. Even now as they lie in bed, her cold legs tangling with his warm ones, her chest warm with alcohol consumption, he still doesn’t sleep well. At every move she makes, he is awake. Awake and alert, hand twitching as if making the decision to go for his gun. He scans the room faster than she can yawn, seeking danger, searching for anything that will end whatever it is that seems to be blooming between them. 

Gaby moves her foot over his, taps her toe to the flat expanse of his foot and hums softly, “Why are you so paranoid?” She asks, voice thick with the want to sleep. They’re in Paris, she should be sleeping fine, safe and sound within the French borders with the mission complete. Insomnia plagues Gaby, she asks him if he suffers as well, Illya does not answer her. 

In fact he doesn’t say anything about it because she already knows the answer. He is paranoid. The KGB have trained him look over his shoulder and then the next person’s shoulder as well. She swears he never stops looking for danger, never stops looking for the shadows that catch the corners of his true blue eyes and it leads to his core breakdowns. The anger, the outbursts – Gaby chalks it up to paranoia, lack of sleep, lack of love…

She rolls over in the expensive sheets and presses to his side. He is up, eyes open and peering at her carefully, “What are you doing?” His accent pierces the silence in the room. Gaby taps his foot with hers once more and stretches an arm out, anchoring him down onto the mattress.

“Helping you sleep.”

“I am not the one with insomnia.” He chides her softly and moves a hand down as if to push her away but Gaby clings to his nightshirt, curls her hands into the flannel of his button up and buries herself there in the scent of gunpowder and aftershave. 

“No, but you need more help than me.” 


I Guess You Deserve It

Kingsman: The Secret Service One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eggsy Unwin

Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing

Request: “Being in a nyc bar, when taron notices you just moved in, and since he finds you really attractive he buys you a drink and flirts with you, but you play hard to get, so he only wants you more, and you make him wait 2 months until finally sleeping together, and after that he just ends up being in love with you PLEASE? And thanks, love your blog btw❤️” - Anon

Word Count: 1,117

A/N: Please, please, please read the rules before requesting !!! I DO NOT WRITE IMAGINES ABOUT CELEBRITIES, ONLY THE CHARACTERS THEY PLAY !! I know it seems trivial, but please keep that in mind ! But I felt very guilty turning down this request, so I just changed the request for Eggsy, and I also don’t write nsfw stuff. Otherwise, I hope you like it (and thank you!!)

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