alcohol label


But why are you showing us shot bottles with peanut butter on them, Kai? Because these lil suckers are fantastic for spell bottles, herb & incense storage, and about a thousand other things as well! But the labels suck ass. For all my 21+ witches, (who are like drinking) these are amazing; after you get the sticky bitchy label off. That’s where the peanut butter comes in! Layer it on the label residue really thick, leave for a while (an hour or more, depending of how much stickyness is on there) and wipe off! You’ll have to do a little work and rub/scrub the residue off after, but the peanut butter has fats and oils in it that break down the label glue compound. So, glasses up! (And labels off) Cheers!


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Liam got me a mini mug shot glass thing that opens up like an old-timey beer mug thing and I fucking LOVE it