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I went to the LCBO

- Will they stop carding me when I turn twenty-six? probably not

- I was going to buy egg liquor from the Netherlands

- then I saw there was APPLE and it was cheaper

- it’s also twenty percent alcohol and IDK if I’ve had that much before

- there was a sign on the door of the LCBO saying they had recalled an alcohol for printing the wrong alcohol content on the label

- it also said ‘don’t drink alcohol contents of 80%’ so I suppose it was supposed to say eight percent

- that high will kill you

  • what I need to know to decide if I'm going to enjoy a wine: amount of alcohol, tannins, and sugar
  • what is on wine labels: alcohol content and a bunch of completely made-up shit about specific berries and, I am not shitting you, "hints of white pepper"

Fraud Squad aka “Deen Squad” - lost ignorant youth who are chasing stardom with their pseudo islamic songs.

Trying to be cool and hip, the “islamic” alternative to Drake and the likes. Their latest stunt showing women with napkins on their heads rockin’ the latest trends, claiming to respect the hijab, is an absolute farce.

Brothers and sisters. There’s nothing Islamic about them or their work. In fact they are agents of shaytaan who are misleading people from the path of Allah. The gassed youth think they are doing something good by moving away from hip-hop to “islamic” music but little do they realise it’s exactly the same thing.

If a man purchases a bottle of alcohol, rips the label off and then sticks a “Pepsi” logo onto it, this doesn’t make it halal! Likewise calling something “islamic” doesn’t mean it is.

And ignore these muftis who make everything halal and a difference of opinion. In their world, perhaps the only thing that is haram is their fanboys disagreeing with them.

In this world of tests and trials, focus on listening to the recitation of the Qur'an. Replace the words of the shaytan with the words of Allah.

-Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn

In celebration of Dishonored 2′s release and it being Fun As Heck, I give you this thing! It’s been sitting on my hard drive, unfinished and unloved for the better part of two years. What better time than now to dust it off and finish it at long last?

I’ve learned a lot and expanded my skills since first working on this, and there are quite a few things I’d do differently given the opportunity to remake it. 

Lineart under the cut, because it’s pretty nice without color too.

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Since calorie labeling on most alcoholic beverages is voluntary, it’s often hard to know how many calories are in your favorite brew.

And — perhaps — ignorance is bliss. But ignoring those liquid calories is about to get a lot tougher. Soon, calorie counts may be staring you in the face.

The Beer Institute, a trade group that includes the biggest brewing names, including Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and Heineken USA, has announced a new initiative aimed at transparency.

Brewers will list calories, carbs, alcohol by volume (ABV) and other nutrition information right on their bottles and cans.

Beer Bottles Will Soon Include A Reality Check: A Calorie Count

Chart: Katie Park and Rhitu Chaterjee/NPR


i just had a fairly bizarre experience. my aunt and i went to go get pastries at this bavarian restaurant/bakery for my grandpa’s b day. the store looks like it hasnt been patronized by other human beings since 1979. some things i saw:

  • completely empty restaurant despite being 5:30 pm. 0 patrons. checkered plastic tableclothes and plastic vines adorned the walls. the restaurant side is extremely badly lit.
  • entire place had a foul smell not unlike the smell of every grandma ever pushed together into close proximity. i think i accidentally discovered the source of this; more on that next
  • left image: an extremely odd, eclectic sort of thrift/gift shop which sold chocolates you can purchase at literally any store in america (lindt, toblerone), several dozen cheaply made wicker baskets, porcelain religious paraphernalia, several bottles of alcohol that had labels that looked suspiciously similar to the bottles in my parents house that lived through the cold war, an enormous bucket full of 1 dollar greeting cards that looked like they were from 1958 and, the thing that finally drove me out of the aisles, two large jars of rank mushrooms suspended in some kind of oil. made my stomach turn and when i went outside i was grateful for the smoke filled air and sweet scent of a nearby apartment fire
  • middle image: most of the shelves were empty. the top two shelves of the counter had pastries spread out very thin to give the illusion of being well stocked. the bottom shelf is empty except for some scattered pretzels (3), some large loaves of bread that looked like that had been shotput into the case if their haphazard arrangement was any indication, and store bought cookies still in the box
  • 2 dollars for a cookie the size of a half dollar
  • right image: i have no idea what the fuck this is. theyre the only things in the entire case

well, thats my adventure

Cigarettes & Alcohol have warning labels because they are addictive, dangerous, and can destroy lives…

And yet vagina’s are just allowed to roam about freely.

The post office

I go to the post office a lot. I go there several times a week. I know so much about the post office that I actually helped train the new owner on how to ship international packages. However, once a year, the post office is filled with people who have no clue how to mail something. Let me give you the basics.

You cannot ship in a box that has alcohol labeling on it. If you try to use that nice box all your wine came in, they just won’t ship it.

Don’t use a flat rate box for things that are lightweight. Priority mail starts way less than a flat rate box, so if it’s light, it’s just silly. If you are mailing something heavy, across the country, flat rate can be good for you.

The boxes that have Usps logo and colors on them…Are free. Take a pile and go home and pack up your shit there, then bring it in.

You can create a lot of labels online. And it’s cheaper. And the online thing will save addresses. It doesn’t like to do some international, and it won’t mail by standard post, but it will work for any priority stuff you want to mail.

Buy your own tape. I don’t want to stand in line behind someone attempting to use tape for the first time on a package they didn’t bother to pack up. If you like full service packaging, then go to fedex or ups.

These are the additional services you might want:

Delivery confirmation: included with any priority package. They renamed it, I think, but if you mail priority, it’s included.

Insurance: priority packages come with $100 worth, and the person doesn’t have to sign for it until you go over $200. So….don’t buy it unless you are going over $200. Did you know that insurance does not cover original art? Yeah so don’t bother if you are shipping art.

Express: this is really only a day or two faster, but it’s really expensive. Use this for international packages to potentially sensitive zones or emergency only. Don’t express a birthday present for your aunt. Do express the wallet that you uncle left at your house. Don’t express a Funko Pop figure to Japan. Do express Figma figures to the Ukraine.

Signature confirmation: you only need this if you don’t trust the person or area you are sending it to.


Liquor Bottle Labels Photoshopped to Tell the Hilarious Truth

If your favorite liquor bottle was this honest on the label, would you change your approach to a cocktail? This hilarious collection of digital creations from features phrases created in the style and design of the original liquor bottle labels, but with messages of the brutally honest truth about what you are in for if you drink too much!