my interpretation of mitam

Hey Angel: I am definitely hitting on you but I am also depressed but I love the way your vocal cords make sounds 

Perfect: I am an asshole but it’s okay because you know that

Infinity: I know we are fighting right now but let’s go star gazing

End of the Day: not straight :)

If I Could Fly: our separation has only made me more sure our love is stronger than ever

Long Way Down: I don’t even know how we fucked this up but we did and now we have to accept it : or : we broke up on a road trip and now we have to sit next to each other on the way back home

Never Enough: I have taken more shots than medically advisable but to hell with it babe, make out with me.

Olivia: Still the One 2.0 + Willy Wonka 

What a Feeling: I started drinking to forget you and now all I can do is remember how it felt to be yours

Love You Goodbye: Once In a Lifetime 2.0 but, this time, I get the chance to fuck you one last time

IWTWYAS: I admire and love how independent you are from me and I want to show you how much I love you while respecting that

History: One Direction is a sap

Temporary Fix: Hey Angel 2.0 but with a better self-esteem

Walking in the Wind: I miss you like hell but thanks to everything you taught me and have given me, you will always be a part of me.

Wolves: You once told me jealousy was hot so now I am going to fight a bunch of people to show you are in a relationship with only me

A.M.: One Direction is a sap 2.0 but, this time, I am a sap too. this song fucking hurts. 


New study debunks one of the worst stereotypes about Native Americans

Native Americans are often represented in the media as drinking far more excessively than other racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. — but new research shatters that damaging stereotype. Native Americans’ binge-drinking habits are on par with those of white people, according to a study by researchers at the University of Arizona. But that wasn’t all they found.

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get to know me meme: [1/10 favorite female characters] → Daisy Johnson
“All right, All right. I get it. I didn’t go to your stupid SHIELD Hogwarts or whatever. I’m gonna go upstairs. And I’m gonna do my own research on my computer. My boring, old, flat computer.”


What (Probably) Happens In Take Back The Falls

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@celestialsushi as Wendy
and featuring Vailskibum94 as himself!

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any good drunk Johnlock fics?? I especially love when they are not in a relationship at the start but are by the end of the fic😊

wow, there are so many? various states of drunkenness off the top of my head:


skyhike asked:

49!!!!!!!!! Any of them would be great

Calum never really liked weddings. He thought they were long and boring, only sweet for a moment as the couple said their vows. He didn’t want to wear an uncomfortable suit and sit in hard chairs for hours just to watch a couple kiss and then dance. 

So, when you find him at the reception, sitting alone at a table with a glass of god-knows-what in his hand, you aren’t too surprised. His tie is undone and hangs loosely around his neck, his is jacket tossed carelessly across the back of another chair, and the first few buttons of his shirt are already undone. 

“You alright, Cal?” you ask, picking up his jacket and straightening it out before hanging it over the back of the chair again. 

He hums, looking up at you, and he smiles. “I’m really drunk,” he says, his words dragging out more than normal. “I’m just trying to stay out of the way, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding.”

You chuckle, taking the seat beside him. “Don’t worry, I think this is a safe place to stay out of the way.”

He nods slowly, taking a sip of his drink. You both sit in silence for a moment, listening to the soft music, and watching the couples dance in the middle of the room. 

“Hey,” Calum says, breaking the silence between the two of you. You look up at him expectantly to see him smiling again. “I know I’m really drunk and all, but you know I wanna marry you, right?”

You can’t help it, you smile fondly at the boy, even though he is a mess at the moment. “Yeah, Cal, I know.”

“I mean, just because I don’t like weddings doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like my own,” he continues. “I wanna see you up there, standing next to me looking as beautiful as ever while we force all of our friends to sit in uncomfortable seats and watch us say romantic shit.”

You laugh, taking the glass from his hand and pushing it across the table away from you two. “Okay, Calum,” you say, “You’ve definitely had enough to drink for one night.”

101 fluffy prompts

Person A of your OTP is a very caring person and always helps everyone. One day, there is a party and person A gets very drunk. Turns out that they get very emotional and cry about how they always take care of everyone but no one cares about their problems. So person B, who is still sober, gives them a big hug, comforts them and says “I’m sorry I didn’t know about this. I’ll take care of you from now on.” Person B drives person A home, carries them to bed and gives them a kiss on the forehead.  The next day, person A wakes up and remembers everything. What happens next is up to you.

Bonus: person B usually relies on person A for almost everything. 

Bonus II: person B is very bad at taking care of someone. They drop person A on the way to person A’s bedroom.