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3, 6, 12 OzQrow (Because you give the best answers)

3. Who buys a goat because the goat loves them? Qrow finds a baby goat, buys it (ONLY because Ruby loves it and TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE IT’S CUTE AND THINKS HE’S THE MAMA, NOPE), and… well, it winds up becoming the Beacon Academy mascot after he and Team RWBY sneak it onto campus and it eats Glynda’s favorite flowers.

Qrow names his new pet Oz Jr. 

Ozpin is less than amused.

6. Who sleeps on which side of the bed? Qrow sleeps on the left, by the wall- and, coincidentally, beneath the window. This is for two reasons. One, Ozpin keeps the window cracked enough to allow a certain type of corvid to fly in at night…and two, Ozpin cannot sleep in a position where he’s trapped. It’s the same reason he can’t sleep in a room with a locked door.

Doesn’t really matter, as Qrow ends up being Ozpin’s body pillow. (Not that he’s complaining.)

12. What would their baby room look like? Pfft. Probably whatever Team RWBY or, hopefully, Glynda decided to do with it. You think these two dorks know anything about home decorating? Have you seen Ozpin’s office? HE HAS A DICK CHAIR. A DICK. CHAIR.

There is no way in hell anyone’s letting him decorate a baby room.


My senior project was on addiction. How it develops and how it effects those who suffer from it. I hope these images convey the message I was trying to bring across: I’m not saying to live your lives without ever touching drugs, but be aware of the dangers and the risks of using these substances so you can always be safe and in control.