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i really wanna see more interaction between starscream and prowl. people who hate each other and have tons in common are like my favorite thing

i was just gonna leave it at that but i don’t actually know how obvious their similarities are so (sorry if everyone’s realized this already):

  • high-ranking in their faction
  • disillusioned with their leader
  • lots of schemes
  • more clever than almost everyone around them
  • believe the ends justify the means
  • manipulate/sacrifice people
  • feel guilty about their decisions
  • but not guilty enough to change
  • alienate everyone who’s ever trusted them
  • gay

like…they’ve got different motivations, but their minds work very similarly, and i love that dynamic


I begin to assemble what weapons I can find
‘cause sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind.

❝ It’s over. ❞

Plot: Jimin cheats on you, because he’s too drunk, and you broke up with him. 

Pairing: JiminxReader 

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

The happy barking of your dog was the best welcome after a long and tiring day of study and work. You laid the purse and the keys on the cupboard near the entrance and you were ready to head to the bathroom to relax a little when strange noises from your bedroom made you block completely.  

Immediately your heart began to beat at an abnormal rate because they were little misunderstanding sounds and immediately understood what was going on in that room.  

Your hands began to tremble and in small steps you began to walk towards your room, finally reaching the door. Yet you couldn’t open it, you were scared to death to see what, or rather who, was in it. But your hopes were destroyed shortly after because the female voice screamed that name, the name you hoped to never hear, and with your hopes, even your heart broke completely. 

Your brain allowed you not to hurt yourself and trying to remain silent you turned and left the house looking for a possible refuge to spend those hours.  

You never thought that Jimin could cheat you. After a year of relationship by now you thought you were perfect together, he was so considerate to you and he always tried to show you how much he loved you. You had so hard to trust him, because of your past experiences, that that seemed like a joke to you because it felt impossible that he really did.  

Walking through the streets of Seoul you didn’t cry, because there were too many people who could see you, stopping in a kiosk and starting to drink in solitary. You never liked alcohol, but at that moment you just wanted to anesthetize a little the pain your felt into your heart.  

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anonymous asked:

“I punched him” for the three word prompt thingie

You got it!

Eddie scrubbed the graffiti off of his locker. The homophobic word mocking him in every possible way, seeping hatred into those around him. He could feel the stares burning the back of his head but he tried to ignore them, tried to tune them out, for the sake of his sanity.

His fingers hurt from the constant pressure, he worried about them bruising but continued, determined to erase the hatred. Half of the word was gone, however it was the back half, leaving FAG for everyone to see. There was a slew of curse words from his mouth, muttering that he should have started on the opposite end.


The small boy jumped, not noticing his friend’s presence until he was leaning against the locker beside him. “Fuck Mike, you scared me.”

The bulky football player smiled, murmuring an apology under his breath. Eddie sighed leaning his head against the locker, ignoring the strong smell of rubbing alcohol. It took a moment but he eventually looked over to his friend, finally noticing his fat lip.

“What happened to you?” He asked, frowning, “Did you get into a fight?”

“Kindof.” He replied, shrugging. “I found out who did this.”

“Did what?”

“This.” Mike repeated, gesturing towards the hate word on Eddie’s locker. “Some douche on the football team. He was bragging about it in the locker room. Called you a pretty boy.”

“So?” Eddie mumbled picking himself off of the locker. “What does that have to do with your split lip?”

“I punched him.”

“You punched him? Seriously?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “Why in the hell would you do that?”  

Mike chuckled, smirking down at the loser. “Because we’re friends aren’t we? That’s what we are supposed to do, we are supposed to look out for each other.”

“I-um.” Eddie sputtered, surprised at the sentiment. A smile crossed his face as he nodded, practically beaming with pride. They were friends, and that meant standing by each other no matter what. “Thanks Mike.”

“Any time Eddie.”

important points from chris salih interview pt. 2 (the first set of points)
  • spoilers yo (full podcast here:
  • there was a lot of info, so i’ll make another post soon
  • I think you should read this/listen to the podcast. It’s got some valuable stuff that a lot of people need to hear, and it gets SUPER funny in some points. Sorry if it’s long, Chris gave us a lot of content. ALSO, everything below this point is taken directly from things Chris said on the podcast.
  • someone called the cops on Chris, Nick, and Tyler when they first rehearsed in the basement of their new house bc they played super loud, since they thought no one could hear them
  • they played music so loud their first night that a beer can fell out of the rafters (which was shocking because none of them had ever drunk alcohol)
  • Chris’s favorite concert moment was in Daten Ohio. Tyler found out his band had been pushed down to B stage. He reminded the highschool girl that he was supposed to be on the A stage list. “We are supposed to be on A stage…” he said. “Get better.” She said with a dead serious look on her face.
  • Chris thinks it’s hilarious that a random highschool girl said “get better” to the famous Tyler Joseph (before he was famous of course)
  • he thinks “Get Better” would be a good t-shirt design
  • chris thinks she was flirting with tyler (”the highschoolers never change”)
  • Chris’s favorite song to play live was Slowtown
  • Selling out the Newport venue was their biggest goal, and Chris quit just weeks before they finally achieved that goal (that’s 2k people if you’re wondering.) It had taken them two years to get to that point.
  • It wasn’t until probably two years after the Newport show that they could begin to afford to hire a crew
  • the fanbase wasn’t called the clique until after Chris was gone
  • Tyler came up with the “clique” term
  • the fanbase wasn’t so rabid until after Chris left. Now they “go to concerts like Tyler is a preacher and the venue is a church”
  • the fanbase after a show used to be super “laid-back and cool.” “It was fun to see people and it wasn’t… we weren’t a big deal. We certainly weren’t famous.”
  • It’s dangerous to “worship” Tyler and Josh. It isn’t cool to be obsessed. “Obsession of any sort is dangerous, I think.”
  • The kind of obsession that is healthy: loving the band and using the shows as a form of therapy.
  • The kind of obsession that is UNhealthy: full-out, crazed obsession. “There’s no rulebook to the fans. The fanbase has to police itself.”
  • they were asked to play at churches for a while, but they intentionally avoided it. twenty one pilots was never meant to be a christian band. 
  • he talked about Switchfoot (AYYYYYY IM GEEKING OUT)
  • Chris is still a musician, and does exclusively worship music.
  • Christian music is painfully behind the other genres and Chris gets embarrassed because it sheds bad light on the religion (me too, Chris. Me too.)
  • Tyler writes what is on his heart. If it helps people, that’s a good thing, whether or not they believe that it is about God. 
  • They don’t want to push their religion, and also believes limiting themselves to a Christian band will shed bad light on the band and make it less popular.
  • Church should never be a chore. (Agreed).
  • Chick-fil-a Christian music is cheesy and stale 
  • *long tangent inserted about how annoying it is when Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays*
  • Chris is annoyed by old traditional Christians that think Christian music has to be old musty elevator music, and leave no open mindedness towards newer, more popular forms of Christian.
  • Popular Christian Radio is excruciatingly painful to listen to
  • (not in a mean, vindicative way. he just loves to debate)
  • “dude, josh won’t argue with me at all. he won’t EVER fight back.” -Tyler 
  • Tyler wanted to use wingding font on the band shirts (thank you Chris for saving all of us from that horror)
  • Tyler Robert Joseph wanted a Twenty One Pilots shirt with a PENGUIN on it.
  • “what does a penguin have to do with the band?” -Chris 
  • “NOTHING that’s the GENIUS OF IT” - Tyler
  • (i shudder to think what would have happened if Chris hadn’t talked him out of such horrendous merch designs)
  • “his mind just… works different than other people’s minds” - Chris
  • *long rant about Brandon Rike* (whom I adore)
  • right at the end of Chris’s time with twenty one pilots is when they came out with I-/
  • Mark just messed around with his computer and suddenly came up with I-/
  • Mark was messing around with the shapes in photoshop, and suddenly it made the band logo for the first time. “WAIT. STOP.” said Tyler. Thus it was born. Thanks Mark! (all credit to Mark for the symbol)
  • Mark is basically the third member of the band.
  • “[Mark] is one of the biggest reasons Twenty One Pilots is as big as they are now” -Chris (thanks Chris, excuse me while I go cry out my EYES)
  • Mark has just as a big role on TOP as Josh and Tyler (man i love mark)
  • (they literally went on a huge mark praising tangent and I LOVED it. Mark is an amazing man.)
  • Chris’s advice to starting bands: “Live together. Find someone who can create video and media content for you (i.e Mark)”
  • the accordian music video was shot on an iphone.
  • Chris wants you all to watch the Five14 church service (check it out! Chris will be playing on Sunday mornings! Link the livestream in the shownotes of the podcast.)
  • fans sometimes come in to church there, but thankfully they are respectful
  • “i don’t remember contributing to Regional At Best at all, but I may have unintentionally”
  • he vaguely remembers Clear. They never played it live. (*sob*)
  • Be Concerned was never a Twenty One Pilots song.
  • he remembers hearing Kitchen Sink for the first time, and remembers thinking “what a weird set of lyrics, but man, what a cool song.” 
  • Chris remembers seeing Tyler in his loft bed smashing the keys on the keyboard with new notes, but he couldn’t hear any of the music bc Tyler’s earphones were plugged in, so all he heard was “TAT TATATAT TAT”
  • Chris works at a lumber yard & builds awesome custom furniture
ONE SINGLE MOMENT (Bitney) - Veronica

ONE SINGLE MOMENT (Bitney) - Veronica


A/N: Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything besides AU, but this prompt grabbed my attention and I figured it would be a fun way to get back to straight up canon-inspired drag queen fanfic. Hope you guys enjoy! XOXO, V

Summary - Roy gets insanely jealous when he sees Shane making out with a dude at a pride party, and turns into a miserable nightmare. Shane teases the truth out of him and they are both surprised by the results. Rating: Explicit

TW: heavy drinking, gay slurs (as used by Bianca Del Rio, not in a hate crime-y way)

I’m a slut for beta readers. So special thanks to my boo @toriibelledarling for her guidance with the initial concept and early intervention!! And of course, my Bitney idol, @artificialzeezee (anytime you come across a phrase and think “wow, I didn’t know V had literary skills…I don’t. That was Z.) And the indispensable feedback from both @noxcounterspell and @wednesdayangeline !! And last but not least, @spokywrites for convincing me that I was smoking crack when I said I might not include smut. I love all you guys, thank you so much!! xoxo

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