alcohol may not solve your problems

Ways to Happiness

‘There are two ways to create happiness. The first is external. By obtaining better shelter, better clothes, and better friends we can create a certain measure of happiness and satisfaction. The second is through mental development, which yields inner happiness. However, these two approaches are not equally viable. External happiness cannot last long without its counterpart. If something is lacking in your perspective - if something is missing in your heart - then despite the most the most luxurious surroundings, you cannot be happy. However, if you have peace of mind, you can find happiness even under the most difficult circumstances.

Material advancement alone sometimes solves one problem but creates another. For example, certain people may have acquired wealth, a good education, and a high social standing, yet happiness eludes them. They take sleeping pills and drink too much alcohol. Something is missing, something still not satisfied, so these people take refuge in drugs or in a bottle. On the other hand, some people who have less money to worry about enjoy more peace. They sleep well at night. Despite being poor in a material sense, they are content and happy. This shows the impact of a good mental attitude. Material development alone will not fully resolve the problem of humanity’s suffering.’

- Dalai Lama, How to Practice, The Way to a Meaningful Life.

what time is it in space?

science wing of tumblr i have what may in all likelihood be a very stupid question for you but it won’t leave me alone.

i mean, ok. the time-keeping we do on earth is based off our planet’s rotations and stuff. when you get in a space ship and leave earth, clearly your clocks continue to work but the whole system of day/night becomes kind of an abstraction. but an abstraction you would still need to observe, so that everyone gets enough sleep and etc.

but here is my actual question: time zones. do you just continue to observe the time zone of wherever you were went your ship blasted off? is there some sort of unified time system for astronauts, or could there be a sci fi universe where there are ships zipping around everywhere, passing each other, and aboard each ship it’s a different time?

like one ship is having breakfast and they fly right past a ship that is like WOO COCKTAIL HOUR