alcohol makes everything easier

Autistic Dex Headcanons
  • HATES there not being a plan in place all the time
    • honestly too much free time stresses him out, which is part of why he makes sure he’s always busy
  • so bad at facial expressions
    • both recognizing them on other people and actually making them
    • during any given point in a conversation half his brain is going ‘what face should i be making? what do i do with my face? how should i be responding shit i don’t know’
    • everyone thinks he’s angry all the time and he’s not he just doesn’t know how to project his emotions
  • hides his need to stim by doing useful things with his hands (fixing stuff, baking)
    • baking also helps give him control over what smells are in the area
    • and dough just feels really nice
    • can’t sit still ever he’ll be shaking his leg or messing with something with his hands
    • chowder catches on and gets him some stim toys but dex is really self conscious about pulling those out in public
    • starts carrying around rubber bands or a deck of cards
  • he auditory stims SO MUCH he will listen to a single song on repeat for literally months on end
  • gets overwhelmed by touch really easily
    • not a fan of textured clothes
    • constantly overwhelmed around the SMH bc they have no concept of personal space
    • also holster and shitty are capable of causing sensory overload just by theirselves
  • he’s alright with kegsters bc alcohol makes everything easier to manage, but he still prefers helping out to getting thrown in the middle of things
  • also he’s really overwhelmed by heat
    • he loves chowder but dex is never coming to cali

may-darling askedTHIS. Oh my god: ‘‘hey i’m sorry to bother you but i’m trying to convince my friends i’m a sex god so can you please write a fake number on this napkin for me real quick’ au OMG THIS IS SO BRILLIANT I CANT. Cas trying this approach because man Gabriel and Balthazar are a pain in the ass AND HE IS NOT STUCK UP DAMMIT. But he is babbling and awkward but Dean thinks it’s super adorable. Dean all flirty and suave writes his real number down and asks for a date *heart melts into a gooey puddle* 

Author’s note: I totally loved this prompt, but it got a little long. Oh well, what can you do. ;)

“Have another one, little bro.” Gabriel insisted as he put another round of shots on the table and pushed one in Castiel’s direction. “I’m going to remove that stick from your ass even if it is the last thing I do. Cheers!”

Castiel huffed indignantly, briefly glowering at his brother before his eyes dropped to the tiny glass filled with clear liquid. Doing shots? Not something Castiel enjoyed. Noisy, crowded bars such as this one? Definitely not the kind of place where Castiel preferred to spend his Saturday nights.

“You might as well give up on that already.” Balthazar, Gabriel’s best friend, commented dryly. “Cassie here is obviously a lost cause when it comes to having fun.”

“May I remind you two that I’m right here?” Castiel snapped, by now deeply regretting his decision to humor Gabriel for once by coming along.

Gabriel and Balthazar exchanged one of their typical looks, only to shrug simultaneously, a gesture that undoubtedly said ‘see if we care’.

Narrowing his eyes, Castiel downed the shot, if only to avoid any more aggravating comments. The liquid burned his throat in a way that he would describe as ‘deeply unpleasant’.

“Excellent.” Balthazar praised before downing his own.

Gabriel did the same, smirking as he put down his empty glass. “See, that wasn’t so hard. Was it, little bro?”

Castiel didn’t even have the energy to come up with any sort of verbal response; Gabriel kept talking anyway.

“And that was only the beginning…” Gabriel announced ominously, cocking an eyebrow at Castiel; the look on his face promised that nothing good was about to happen. “Next step… Getting you laid! You’re twenty-seven, it wouldn’t hurt you to get some action every once in a while.”

Balthazar nodded his agreement. “He’s right, you know. You’re not getting any younger, and it seems you’re having trouble getting some, if you get what I mean.”

“That’s because I’m not looking to ‘get laid’ or to ‘get some’.” Castiel retorted exasperatedly, wincing a little as he quoted Gabriel’s and Balthazar’s words. “If anything, I’m looking for a meaningful relationship with another person with whom I can share my life.”

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Daydreaming About You - Luke Hemmings "Smut"

Chapter 2


so here is chapter two. I’m actually proud of myself I wrote this so fast.Soooo, what do you guys think?

Chapter 1

You could have disappeared at any moment and you wouldn’t mind. How can you? Even though it has been a week since Luke caught you masturbating to him you still haven’t found any guts to face him. How does one face someone after such a thing?

You avoid Luke as best as possible and it has gone so far that you also know Luke’s schedule of when he goes out for work and uni or for a run. And when you’re sure he won’t come out or won’t come back, you get out or come back.

Of course this bothers you a lot and messes up some of your schedules but you know that meeting Luke also won’t be pleasureable. So you go out a lot when it’s too early or too late or don’t go out at all. Thankfully since that last time there also hasn’t been a situation where your mail landed in Luke’s again.

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