alcohol is all gone

Life lessons, chapter 4

There’s more Sebastian and fewer children in this one. The teensiest bit of smut that’s barely worth mentioning.

Here’s Mr Stan in the leather jacket he lends you <3

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Being a single parent, you didn’t get out much. So when you DID get a babysitter, you tended to compress months of nights out into one. Which often meant months of alcohol all at once. Which often led to bad decisions.  Isabel had gone to stay with your Mum for two nights over New Year – neither of them would cope with any longer, but they’d have a great time, and it gave you a little breather.  You’d arranged with a group of friends to go out on New Year’s Eve, and by 8pm you were all already well down a range of brightly coloured overly sweet drinks and getting louder. They knew ALL about your crush on Sebastian and all the thoughts you’d had about him (and you knew about their crushes too), and things were definitely getting debauched.

So when you saw Sebastian with a group of friends in the same bar, sensible decisions went out of the window. A clue to this was when you stood up at your table, screeched at your friends, and pointed in a not-very-subtle way across the bar, shouting ‘OH MY GOD IT’S HIM HE’S SO SEXY’.  There was no way he hadn’t heard, or indeed anyone in the bar. Or the street. He looked over and waved and you collapsed back into your chair shrieking and giggling.

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open to: m/f/nb

connections: ex, fwb, friend, classmate

Alex had been flirting with just about everyone at the party in an effort to forget the recent breakup he’d just gone through. All the alcohol he’d consumed wasn’t enough to numb the pain, no matter how much he pretended it didn’t. He thought he’d be okay to move on like an adult but bits and pieces of him were torn from the molding and he was starting to crack. He’s consumed enough to feel the slight buzz and before he’d known it he was in a room, feeling nothing but the warmth of the alcohol running through his veins. “Come on, just sleep with me, no one will know.” He begged, his words slurred with every word he released from his mouth.

Letting Go - Wonwoo Imagine

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Title: Letting Go //  Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas 

Member: Wonwoo x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1170 

Three hours ago when you had walked into Mingyu’s mansion of a house, you could have sworn that the ‘Christmas party’ was already in full swing. You had already been a couple of hours late, on account that your boss had managed to give you mandatory overtime.

The arch of lights that made a path to the entrance of his house flickered and then ran up to the house. It was almost as if the lights themselves were beckoning and encouraging you forward.

Hordes of people were dancing on the path and on his porch. Honestly, it seemed like the party was already at full swing. Finals were done, it was basically the day before everyone left and went back home; and yet, the booming music and dancing collection of students made you believe the alcohol was completely gone and they were all gone already.

But two hours later, you were still watching everyone from a corner. Watching drunken people wasn’t as boring as you would have thought. But even then, you were wondering where the hell the party host could be.

Then it was three hours, present time, and you still hadn’t seen Mingyu or any of his friends. Specifically, Wonwoo, he could always be found near Mingyu.

You had to be honest with yourself, the only reason you decided to come to a party you knew was going to be full of sweaty college students was because of Wonwoo.

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Unconventional Nonconfession

For @laufeymoar for the USUK Secret Santa exchange. (Pinch hit!)

Have some body-swap shenanigans.


“No, America.”

The nation in question whines and stares up at him with huge, puppy-dog eyes but really all England wants to do is shove that atrocious, multicolored disaster he calls a Christmas cake right back in his prat face. “Pleeeease. You’ll like it, I swear!”

England doesn’t even think the slice would be all that bad, but he refused the first time and America insisted and that was where things went sour. No, he has to refuse now on principal. “No.”


“So help me, America, if you do not remove yourself from my presence I will leave this party of yours.” He threatens, even though he doesn’t particularly want to leave. For one, America has gone all out on his selection of alcohol. And with the economy how it is, he’s rather fond of the generosity that is free liquor. If only he wasn’t so annoyed in the process of consuming it.

“C'mon,” America whines again, following him out onto the veranda despite New York’s winter chill. The garden below twinkles with lights and snow. “C'mooon.”

“No, no, and no.” England refuses, venom seeping into his voice. He wants to ignore the pest but his anger spikes. What is it about the holidays that turns America into a demanding child? He turns on his heel suddenly, prepared to give the man a piece of his mind.

Yet before his speech on manners, etiquette, and maturity can leave his mouth, he feels the ground slide out from beneath him due to a thin, invisible slick of ice. His back hits the railing, his drink falls from his hand, and suddenly America’s launching himself at him.

For the love of God… he slips on the ice too, collides with England hard, and they both go over the side.

They must hit the ground but later on England doesn’t remember it.

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Crossing The Bridge


Kelsey knew that she had to face the music from the night before regardless. She didn’t know what to say and she badly needed a drink. But seeing how all her alcohol was gone that wasn’t going to happen for awhile. Instead she had finished talking to Ryder and he made a fair point, she needed to talk to him. Hugging the boy tightly, and thanking him she took off towards Kaydens room She went over a conversation over and over in her head but still couldn’t come up with the perfect wording. When she arrived in his room she must have beat him there because no one was in there and the door was open. Walking in she took a seat on his bed. She put her head in her hands and was talking to herself over what to say.
For Good Measure

Word Count: 711

A/M: Drinking and making out pretty much. i’ve really been feelin this lately but im lonely af with no one to kiss boohoo


“Pass me the bottle will ya?” You asked. 

He gave you a goofy look, “No no no. You’re cut off." 

"No I’m not! Not while there is more alcohol I can consume!" 

"Well there is no more. It’s all gone!" 

You squinted your eyes at him, "No way. There was a half a bottle like two minutes ago. Did you drink all of it? Or are you just hiding it? GASP! YOU’RE HIDING IT!!!”

He laughed, “I’m not hiding anything. But I did drink the last of it with you.” He said lifting the empty bottle to show you. 

Your eyes grew wide as you lunged forward to grab the bottle- not at all remembering that you both did actually finish it only moments ago. 

You landed across his lap which caused him to laugh louder, but you held the bottle upside down and saw for yourself that it actually was empty. 

“I miss it.” You pouted. 

You tossed it to the ground and looked up and met eyes with him. His cheeks seemed to have turned red, and you sat up.

“What’s wrong?” You asked in a daze. 

He looked you over, and you bit your lip. 

“Nothing’s really wrong." 

"Good! Except we don’t have any more alcohol. So that’s what’s wrong. What are we going to do about that?" 

He breathed a chuckle, a slightly glazed look in his eyes. 

You giggled, "Haha you’re drunk.”

“Am not…" 

"Yeah you are!”

“So are you!" 

"No. Not. Um. Maybe?" 

He chuckled, "You’re so pretty." 

You smiled and blushed, "No you’re pretty." 

"I like you." 

"I like you too." 

A silence quickly grew, and you both continued to just stare at each other and thoughts started to fill your mind, Are we gonna kiss? What if he kisses me? I think I’d like it. Maybe.

He was continuing to stare at you. His eyes seemed glazed as you mindlessly stared at him and at his lips. 
Read my mind. Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss m-

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Stay The Night - M.C.

RequestCan you do one with Michael based on Stay the Night by Green Day? xx

Summary: Michael and Y/N aren’t going anywhere as a couple.

Pairing: Michael x Female Reader

A/N: I wasn’t so sure how I felt about this because I’m not sure about the true meaning of the song, but I hope you like it. :)

Masterlist / Request / In Progress 

“This party is really lame,” Michael yelled over the loud music, leaning closer to Y/N’s ear. A classmate of theirs was throwing a house party, promising a lot of alcohol and music when they arrived, but all the beer was gone and Michael was nowhere near being drunk. To summarize: the party sucked. “Wanna ditch?” Y/N nodded, getting up off of the couch with her boyfriend and navigating their way through the sea of intoxicated teenagers. 

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