alcohol is a terrible thing

“Gay Virginia Pride and Prejudice” movie drinking game!!

The real name of the movie is Before The Fall, but that is not very exciting.

Have A Drink:

  • alarming deviations from the novel
  • drink again if these deviations inspire literary criticism
  • left boob grab
  • for classic lines
  • for places we recognize
  • rural livin’ (drink twice for GRAIN)
  • hubris: drink when someone is near a ledge and lawrence becomes alarms (drink twice if it is GRAIN HUBRIS)
  • gratuitous shirtlessness (we hope!)
  • whenever Rosings Park is described
  • if there is swooning, finish a drink

Wish @adventuresinjoyland​ and I luck!!

I guess I only decided to give up drugs and alcohol when it was too late and really terrible, awful things had happened and I put myself in the most compromised and unsavory situations. Some people think that’s fun, and maybe it is for a year, or two, or five.

But when you start fucking ruining your relationships with everyone you love, it’s no longer fun.
I endorse a healthy drink or a healthy drug, and I’m completely against prohibition laws. I think everything should be legal. Human beings should have the right to do whatever they want and not be controlled by their government.

But if you can’t handle having a drink or two, then don’t. I cannot. I tried the test every night for 15 years. I know how it ends with me.

—  Bert McCracken
Rocksound Magazine
May 2014

when i was a raging alcoholic i had this terrible habit of saying i wanted to put things i liked up my butt. see a nice flower? “id put that in my ass” just got your paycheck? “goin in the butt” i’m so glad i’ve moved on except for those moments where i see a picture of a bar of soap and internally go “id put that up my butt”