alcohol is a terrible thing

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I'm all for not treating homeless people badly for using drugs but I personally don't think they should use drugs in a charity house that might have children in it? Just my view though. Kids shouldn't be exposed to drugs and heavy drinking.

It’s funny that you bring this up in the context of unconditional housing for the homeless when there’s a bunch of bourgeoise households with parents drinking expensive-ass wine and smoking expensive-ass cigars lmao. Anyway, the homeless deserve unconditional housing and there should be no caveats to this. You’re right that kids shouldn’t be exposed to “drugs and heavy drinking” but the notion that only homeless people engage in substance use and that only they should be punished for it is a huge part of how capitalism villainizes the homeless. My god. 

I guess I only decided to give up drugs and alcohol when it was too late and really terrible, awful things had happened and I put myself in the most compromised and unsavory situations. Some people think that’s fun, and maybe it is for a year, or two, or five.

But when you start fucking ruining your relationships with everyone you love, it’s no longer fun.
I endorse a healthy drink or a healthy drug, and I’m completely against prohibition laws. I think everything should be legal. Human beings should have the right to do whatever they want and not be controlled by their government.

But if you can’t handle having a drink or two, then don’t. I cannot. I tried the test every night for 15 years. I know how it ends with me.

—  Bert McCracken
Rocksound Magazine
May 2014

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like, i bet ever since that happened he gets pulled over on the regular every time some adult complains about 'suspicious looking teenagers' regardless of whether he was anywhere near the area etc. gets a bit wearing. it must have had a really complicated effect on his relationship with his father too, who we know was constantly being bailed out of jail by Fred. (1)

Answering each ask here but in order because, phew, so much to unpack! I also hope you don’t mind me posting publicly, because I wanted to save it somewhere, i really loved these asks a lot. Also, lmao, i’m glad my socio/crim degrees are going to use for the purpose of discussing fictional characters. Responses under the cut to save people’s dashes. 

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now, i dont like drinking like that

but today…. i was a guppy like no other. i wake up, have some toast and whiskey and coke. just to start off the day nahm sayin. ok, later on in the day… i hit a little get together at my friends sisters house. a good amount of people were there. herb and drink was in abundance. my high and drunk ass held a conversation with a snail breh. rossi is nooooo joke. lol from there, i drunk alooooot more and i tried to have sexytime with my friend and her sister. my last words before i passed out was “what them titties do?” i was tooooo ratchet tonight, i threw up 3 times then passed the fuck out breh. i went to the funk in some levi’s, i wake up in my underwear. ratchet i know. im just gonna stick to the tree from now on. maybe a miller here and there but tonight… man. 

Moving in. Straight to the end. Let’s take it in that order.

I know people are pissed about the ending. I am too. Trust me. 

Sam more than deserves to go get shit-faced if that is his desire, and I would advocate for finding healthier coping mechanisms, but his brother just chased his around with an ax after saying a slew of terrible things to him, so. If it’s alcohol he wants, it’s alcohol he gets. 

It should not have been Cas at the end, there. I get the desire for a brotherly scene.

But, at the same time…Okay, this is a personal weakness and desire, so we shall see what you all feel about it. But hear me out.

Putting some slight physical distance between Sam and Dean right now, when we know Sam is unlikely to leave, is going to allow them to slip back into a “what’s past is past, everything is normal and fine” mindset. But I’m hoping it doesn’t hold this time (obviously) because so much shit has stacked up and Sam was seriously working at that whole “boundaries” and “what is and isn’t appropriate” thing before Dean demonified. 

I want it to end in shouting. I want Dean to do something, likely something smallish, that is presumptuous in a way of him stepping into the role he may have formerly occupied but cannot right now, considering the damage done. And I want Sam to go off. Loud, angry, get it all out there, everything you’ve ever thought you wish you could say to that person but never would yelling, with Dean just being shouted over and eventually kind of gobsmacked by what he hears.

I don’t know. I always feel those kind of moments are incredibly honest, and raw, and I really want Sam to get one. Where he can say anything and everything. And I want Dean to hear it.

And from there, who knows? Good things, maybe. Well, that is really optimistic.

But what I’m saying is, right now, immediately after curing Dean, immediately after spending a good amount of time justifying “that’s not my brother” to himself, Sam isn’t in much of a position mentally to say much of substance to Dean. He’d forgive Dean, “I know it wasn’t you” Dean, “we’re family and that’s what matters just glad to have you back” Dean, and that is terrible, terrible, and unwanted. 

Some time, some distance, some reminders of what human Dean is like, some anger, may make a big difference.

So, I guess the best that can be said for the ending is that Sam didn’t go in and absolve Dean of all his sins, and, character-wise, that’s all I can see happening at this point and time, and I am so glad that it didn’t happen.