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GIF Request: Drinking with their Partner w/ Hellsing


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Alucard really enjoys taking a drink with his partner. Although his is not wine, he will always have a fancy wine for his human partner (otherwise, if they are a vampire, he’ll share the good blood he has). The two are able to chat in his room while casually sipping wine.


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Integra is always down for just casually drinking wine now and then, probably over dinner, with her partner. While her partner may get drunk, it is almost impossible for Integra herself to get intoxicated. Nonetheless, the two of them never “party hard.”


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Seras won’t drink but is still happy to bring her partner, even pouring it for them, although she ends up spilling a lot of it, especially at the beginning of the relationship. She does calm down eventually and is able to just sit down with her partner and chat while they drink.


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(I just love this GIF) Would totally drink too much, both of them spilling out way too many mushy feelings. Later on, they would be there for each other as the both got sick before Pip suggesting that they go out again since they had such a great time.


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Walter is totally down for drinking and will get the two of them as much alcohol as they want. Like Integra, Walter has some issues getting drunk. He is also a very slow drinker and savors both the drinks and the company for as long as he is able.