Kylux and Stormpilot Steampunk AU Headcanons (part 3)

Armitage Hux

  • Armitage is the bastard son of British aristocrat and military man Brendol Hux and his Irish kitchen servant.
  • He was once a ruthless Admiral in Her Majesty’s Navy until he took the fall for others’ mistakes.
  • When the British navy loses the battle to Finn’s pirates, Armitage is made the scapegoat because instead of fighting to the last when they were clearly outmatched he worked to save as many of their people as he could. ·        
  • Kairo Ren failed to assist them in this instance since he was fighting off a poisoning attempt–someone poisoned his shark fin soup.
  • Even so, Armitage takes full responsibility just so Sno’ak won’t punish that poor kid (Kairo) again. Sno’ak tortures him before leaving him to his military commanders for punishment.  
  • Kairo is led to believe that Armitage is dead. (That’s the breaking point for Kairo—he would not seek an out for his own sake, but he could no longer stomach Sno’aks’s cruelty. He leaves and goes on a quest to restore his honor and get vengeance for Hux.) 
  • Armitage is stripped of his rank and titles, dishonorably discharged, and disowned by his father.
  • Of course—no matter how many (horrible) things he’s done in the name of crown and country, nothing is ever good enough for his father.
  • The only thing keeping Armitage from completely giving in to despair and alcoholism is the thought of his little brother Teddy back in London who was also cruelly disowned by their father due to his blindness—a blindness he wasn’t born with but cruelly inflicted upon him by the Commandant’s enemies.
  • Armitage is a horrible person and has done a lot of horrible shit but he has a soft spot for his little brother.
  • When Armitage hits rock bottom he begins using his vast talent for planning and strategy to become a master thief. As he improves his skills he begins to target his political enemies who forced him out, the corrupt, and the decadent.
  • He’s also a decent conman, charming many men and women out of their possessions just with his silver tongue alone.
  • Armitage sends most of his money to Teddy (and he usually spends whatever is left on booze.)
  • Teddy helps his brother in turn, supplying him with new inventions to help with his heists.
  • Armitage wears a long black coat and walks with a slight limp—it’s an old war wound. He’s a dirty fighter and keeps a knife hidden in his cane and another in the toe of his boot.
  • After Teddy’s blinding he gives his brother his knife cane and teaches him how to use it. Teddie uses it and improves the design of the knife cane with his tinkering and makes another improved version of the knife cane for his brother.

Theodore (Teddy) Hux (a.k.a. Steampunk Techie)

  • Teddy has always liked science, “tinkering,” and “playing with machines” despite being a nobleman’s son.
  • His father thought it low class, yet another reason he made a poor heir which was a problem—Theodore was supposed to be the legitimate heir, not like that bastard Armitage.   
  • Unlike his father and brother Teddy was a gentle soul—not the sort of man Brendol wants heading the family. Armitage grew to be the mean son of a bitch that Brendol actually wanted as an heir but he was a bastard and later a disgrace so that was not to be. 
  • Teddy was targeted by his father’s enemies in an attack that left him blind.
  • Brendol Hux disowned them both and set to work on making a new heir, despite his advanced age
  • In the meantime he named some distant cousin of theirs as the de facto heir, making sure that Armitage and Theodore would never see any of the family fortune.
  • Despite disowning them that doesn’t stop the emotional abuse he directs towards both his sons “the bastard and the cripple.”
  • However, partially thanks to Armitage’s help, Theodore is doing okay for himself.
  • Teddy has adapted to his blindness and is now living on his own to get away from their father. His London flat isn’t as grand as the old family castle but he gets by.
  • He’d relearned how to do his craft without his sight, relying on his other senses. He knows most of his tools by touch and even before losing his sight he’d learned he could better diagnose a problem by smelling or listening to the machines than taking a look at them.
  • He runs a little repair shop and is well-regarded as one of the best mechanics in London. Though he’d probably have more clients if they could look past his disability—he knows many people find his glass eyes unnerving so he invented a device to give the illusion of them moving— it’s a work in progress—they still don’t move quite right and freak people out, but as Armitage has pointed out, that’s their problem.
  • When he’s not doing work for his shop, he’s inventing all sorts of cool steampunk devices.
  • He’s not a push over either. In the years after the attack, to help him deal with the trauma and build his confidence back up, Armitage has been teaching him how to fight (and how to fight dirty.)
  • Later on Kairo further assists with teaching Teddy self-defense skills and how to defend himself with his cane. 
but when she’s drunk she’ll spill her heart out to you and tell you how you shouldn’t of kissed him, how your lips still belonged on hers even though you broke up months ago and never had the chance to hold her, she’ll cry and she’ll tell you she loves you just like she did the night you told her she meant everything to you, she likes to mix rum and Coca-Cola and along with her throw up comes everything she didn’t tell you when you loved her and all you can do is watch her throw up her heart and it hurts it really does, you hurt for her because she’s so stuck in the past and you hurt because deep down you know you don’t love her anymore.
—  baby, you have an alcohol problem (basedxbri)

Stressed-out rats drink more booze. A study found that rodents exposed to stress had weakened dopamine responses when drinking alcohol and therefore voluntarily drank more to better feel the effects. Researchers hope this brain chemistry study can lead to helping PTSD sufferers who self-medicate find a way to normalize the brain’s reward system without drinking. Source

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After a period of serious alcohol abuse I finally realised I had a problem and got some help. It might not seem like a huge milestone for some, but today I have been ten days sober, which marks the longest I've been without drinking in over two years!!

That’s great! I’m glad you were able to reach out and get some help. Stick with it!

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request with Sebastian Stan as Sirius

continued: Imagine during the first war Sirius is so distraught over your death that he starts drinking, thinking that it will take away the pain and the other Marauders don’t know how to help.