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The first time Neil meets Andrew, there isn’t any intention behind it. Or rather, there’s no intent to go out and meet new people. Neil doesn’t intend to catch someone’s eye and share a joke from across a room. And he definitely doesn’t intend to be rescued from his own drunk self by the same stranger.

Matt seems kind of alarmed to see Neil with a stranger - probably because Neil openly resisted getting to know Matt, the least threatening person in the world, probably, and now he’s in a decidedly angry-looking stranger’s lap on a curb. “Neil, I left you alone for five minutes, how did you make everything go wrong in that time?”

Neil doesn’t groan. He doesn’t. “Bad luck follows me?”

The blonde guy doesn’t laugh. Neil’s not sure he said anything. Neil really doesn’t know why he’s the one to follow Neil out of the bar when the world started spinning.

Matt laughs, a little. “Not entirely unlucky. You’ve made a friend?” Neil’s sure he’s sizing the other guy up, making sure he has no untoward intentions with Neil, but he doesn’t see it. All he sees is cement and surprisingly nice shoes (not his own). 

“Andrew,” the guy offers, not unkindly. In fact, there’s not much of anything in his tone.

“Right,” Matt says, sounding somehow unsure. “Well, thanks for helping Neil. He’s kind of a danger magnet. I should, uh, get him back home.” Matt’s voice is hesitant, and even through the fog in Neil’s mind, he knows why.

“It’s Dan’s night,” he protests weakly. “Go back in. I’m fine.”

“Neil,” Matt says, and his voice is as hard as it always gets when Neil lies. “You freak out when I pat your shoulder and you’re in this guy’s lap. Can you even stand up? Don’t- don’t try it, man.”

Neil tries it. The world shakes, and he ends up back in Andrew’s lap, with only the addition of a hand on his back that might be for stability or maybe just for ease. Andrew seems nonplussed by all of these events. Any other time, Neil would be full of questions for Andrew. Any less drunk, and he’d ask them. Maybe it’s good you met this way, some self-preservation instinct suggests, but Neil isn’t sure this state is good for anything.

“Dan won’t mind,” Matt says, and Neil knows he’s right. “It’s part of parenthood, eh?”

So Matt starts to pull Neil up, and wraps an arm securely around his waist despite the height difference. 

Neil was never really taught manners, but something sticks out anyway. He looks at Andrew with all the focus he can muster, trying to commit his face to memory, and says, “Thank you,” carefully. Andrew doesn’t respond, or maybe Neil just doesn’t notice, and then he’s gone.

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When it’s all over – Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: This one shot was inspired by two aspects: I saw the 7x16 chapter of The vampire diaries and I took inspiration from the last scene, (I won’t say spoilers just in case) and then, I was sitting in my bed listening to music when this song appeared, I listened carefully, more than once and I said “this is perfect for what I have in mind” and here it is. I must admit I was crying when I finished writing this one shot. I put my heart and the pain I felt when I saw the scene of Jeff’s death in the serie. I hope you like it.

I heard this song while I was writing.

Words: 3408

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

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“No more supplies”

One of the boys approached our circle. Our laughter was cut but happiness didn’t go away. Undoubtedly, Jessica had been excellent with the organization of this party, what a good way to start the new course. I was having a great time, I couldn’t stop laughing with Zach, Montgomery and Jeff; Great idea of ​​the latter to insist that i attend, right now i would be at home in the armchair watching knowing what series on Netflix, but certainly boring.

“That’s my sign,” my boyfriend said after taking a sip of his soda. “I’m the only one sober of you, it’s my turn, idiots.” They all laughed and raised their glasses in Jeff’s direction.

“I’m coming with you”

“Are you sure? I won’t be long”

“I go with you” I insisted with a smile “This way I make sure the provisions arrive complete.” He let out a laugh.

“Y/N Y/N!”

The boys started chanting to me, and my boyfriend shook his head; But soon they changed the name and now called Clay, to join our gathering outside of Jessica’s house. I had a lot better when the social circle was small, but I liked Clay. He wasn’t like the others.

Jeff was the only one who approached him to talk, while the others made sure to tell me what kind of beer they wanted, they made me feel like a alcohol dealer considering that none of us were legal age to drink, but what’s more, I wasn’t going to against the wishes attributed by a party and the adolescent hormones swarming in the air. I said goodbye to the boys and walked to where my friend and his best friend were.

“You drive?” I heard Clay say.

“It’s coca cola, my friend. Two beers two hours ago, I’m good”

I rested my arm on Jeff’s shoulder and nodded in agreement.

“It‘s true. He’s the most sober guy you’ll ever meet in the whole party.” Clay smiled and shrugged. I looked at my boyfriend. “I’ll wait for you in the car. Come with us, Clay”

I walked to where I knew his car. Of the two, tonight was he to be the driver, not that I drank too much, but if it got to the point of getting dizzy. Usually we took the time to take the other home safely after a party, it was a fair deal. I was grateful that this incredible party wasn’t my turn to drive. I leaned against the passenger’s door and looked at my fingernails while I waited, even in the distance, the music was still listening as if my ear was taped to one of the speakers, I was still surprised that the neighbors didn’t call the police yet, If they were going to do it, I’d wait outside while Jeff and I were out, didn’t intend to spend the rest of the night in the police station for having brought beers. I imagined myself returning to it with arms full of bottles, then my body against the hood of the patrol; I felt crazy when I started laughing at that idea.

A few minutes later I saw my boyfriend walk towards me. I got out of the car to meet him with a smile, I ran my hands down his neck and gave him a short kiss on the lips. I was almost sure that he wouldn’t come alone but I was wrong.

“And Clay?”

“He went home.” He shrugged before giving me another kiss.

“He’s a weird guy.” I chuckled.

“Yes but also a good guy.” He let go and I did the same reluctantly. I loved to always be close to him, to feel his body under my hands and to know that I wasn’t dreaming of having someone as great as Jeff Atkins “We better go, there are beginning to notice the alcohol drought”

I laughed and nodded. I watched as my boyfriend opened the door and went to his. When I turned to get up, I felt a pressure in the chest that made me fall back; I took a hand to this and I stayed still. My heart began to accelerate, my hands felt sweaty. Jeff stopped in front of his door.

“Are you okay?” He questioned me.

I shook my head.

“I have a bad feeling” I looked at my boyfriend “Maybe we shouldn’t go” I whispered.

“Everything is fine, Y/N, I’m really sober”

I shook my head. Why do I begin to feel restless? Why a bad feeling right now?

“That’s not why” I murmured feeling the anxiety hugging me from the ankles to my hair, I could feel it moving through my veins.  “Jeff, please, stay"

He circled his car again to stand in front of me and take me by the shoulders gently, he smiled at me and, although that sometimes calmed me, this time wasn’t the case. Even though I was still very restless, little by little I would begin to lack oxygen. I thought that staying here was a better idea and that was another, we would find someone sober, we could stay and keep laughing with the boys.

“Stay calm, my love. We’ll be back in ten minutes.” His hands went up to my cheeks. I looked into his eyes. “Would you rather stay?”

Stay alone? I looked at his car and shuddered. The point was that the two of us would stay here, safe from a presentiment that couldn’t know what it was.

“Maybe the store is already closed, we’re just going to waste time, Jeff.”

“You’re getting very pale, you better stay, I won’t be long”

Jeff gave me a kiss on the forehead and released me, when he did, I felt another pang in the chest. No, I couldn’t let him go alone. Without saying anything and even with the restlessness, I got into the car and put on my belt with mechanical movements. When he did the same, he looked at me worriedly, his frightened gaze returned, now i was worse after not convincing him to stay.

“I’ll slow down if you prefer. We’ll be fine, okay?”

My throat was dry so I just nodded.

To buy the supplies, I left him alone while I stayed in the car trying to calm down. We had arrived well, there were almost no people in the street and much less other cars, nothing could happen to us in that case, right? We were both going to make it to the party. We wouldn’t leave until the next morning, being able to drive in daylight would be best, even if I had to do it myself and break our agreement.

While I waited I made sure to look in the rearview mirror, every few minutes a single car passed, we would find almost none on our return. I took a deep breath, the restlessness wouldn’t leave, I would do it when I stepped on Jessica’s house, with an arm full of bottles and my free hand fixed on Jeff’s. I’m not going to let go of him at any time.

“Are you calmer?” His voice startled me as I opened my door and left the beers at my feet. I helped him adjust the bottles.

“Yes” I lied. I knew he was worried. He already had the worry of managing as slow as he could to not disturb me, now adding my status, it wasn’t appropriate that just now he was aware of how I was and/or my reactions “I think they are wanting to start killing for the lack of alcohol” I said a joke to ease the tension, especially in myself. Jeff smiled and nodded.

On the way back, my eyes fixed on the dashboard clock, we had been out for at least eleven minutes, mostly because of the slow speed my boyfriend was driving. I rolled my eyes to his profile, concentrated a hundred percent in the street, I had always liked to see him drive, never told him that he looked three times as handsome when he did. I smiled and ran my hand down the back of his neck. He smiled too.

“Can you increase the speed a bit?” I asked, so we would get there faster and my anxiety would fade.

“Are you sure?” Jeff raised his eyebrows and looked at me for a few seconds.

“Yeah” I nodded.

The speedometer went up a little more than it seemed crazy. After a while, he and I were talking about the start of the course and the requests we had sent to the university that afternoon. We both had the perfect plan this fall to attend it; our requests were sent together, to the same sites. Our plans together went beyond four years and to be honest, I could no longer see myself with anyone but him. I had never spoken of my feelings aloud, Jeff was content with what I showed him, for to express it in words was always a difficulty for me; But the love i felt for him was too much to believe. I never thought that a person could come to love someone so much the way I did with him. I would literally feel breathless if I went my way without his company. His way of being, his smile, his smell, his voice, his metaphors using baseball words, even his clutches of feet and the way I felt protected when he hugged me. I even loved the friendship he had with others, but especially with Clay Jensen, they were so different but they complemented each other in an astonishing way, as did the opposing poles. No doubt i could shout to the four winds that i was totally happy with him.

“We’re coming,” he announced.

I nodded and smiled. The anxiety and bad feeling left me slowly, now I could feel breathing more easily. The first thing we would do when arriving at the party, would be to join a game of drinking, I needed it urgently.

Then it was only a few seconds.

I removed my eyes from him and stared at his window. Lights became big in seconds … straight to us.

“Watch out!”

I shouted, before it was a deafening noise, pain, squeaks of tires and then … silence and darkness.

I complained. My body ached, my arms burned and my head stung. I tried to open my mouth to scream, to ask for help, for someone to take away anything that caused me such pain. My nostrils filled with the smell of smoke, I wrinkled my nose causing discomfort all over my face. I wanted to move but there was a force that pressed against the seat. If I opened my eyes, which scene would I find? Everything outside of me seemed to be in an apparent calm, except for the frightful scent I perceived.


His voice. The faint sound of his voice alerted me. I opened my eyes quickly, in front of me was the broken windshield. I lowered my eyes to my arms, wanting to discover the ardor in them: small pieces of glass were embedded in my skin, I tried to ignore the blood that emanated from these before I got worse. Then I looked at Jeff. All of it was blood, even on his face, his eyes were muffled, his chest slowly rising every time he inhaled. He looked at me apologetically, in fear … I shook my head but let out a gasp. There was nothing to apprehend my body, it was simply the pain that had been inflicted upon me after the impact. Through the window I saw the other car, but I couldn’t distinguish the driver, my vision began to blur. Even breathing was beginning to burn. I didn’t want to close my eyes, if these would be my last seconds I wouldn’t go on wasting it on details that would no longer be worth it, so I looked at Jeff, though I didn’t want to see him that way one last time. I refused even to blink. What good would it do? I began to lose the senses of my body and little by little the consciousness was leaving me, the corners of my vision began to darken … I could feel it, as I gradually faded into absolute nothingness.

“No” Jeff whispered again. I savored his voice and even the effort he made to raise his hand and reach mine “No … don’t … let …you… go” He asked me.

“It hurts a lot” I murmured and made a face, why continue to endure so much pain?

“I should … I should have listen … to you” I felt a slight squeeze.

I couldn’t anymore and I started to cry. I wanted to let go but at the same time fight a little more. We would both come out of this, if I surrendered, he would, I couldn’t imagine a life without him, he didn’t have to die, not tonight, not so soon, our lives were just beginning. I nodded. I wasn’t going to leave this world.

Jeff smiled, but that gesture barely lasted for a second. He grimaced, in a way that distorted his face. I clutched at his hand as I began to feel his grip loosen and not at will.

“Jeff” I sat, still with all the pain in the world and I squeezed his hand between mine “No … don’t give up” I wanted to absorb his pain, that everything would happen to me, even if I ended up dead, I didn’t care but he didn’t have to die. Not him. He deserves to be happy “Don’t close your eyes” I screamed as he began to lower his eyelids “Look at me, Jeff, we’ll be fine. Don’t give up”

He smiled at me.

“Forgive me.” I shook my head.

“Please. Don’t leave me.” I begged as I brought his hand to my lips. He couldn’t leave me in this miserable world alone. I couldn’t go on without him.

“I love you, Y/N”

“My love…”

Then he turned his face to the window. I was a spectator of the last time his chest went up and then went down so that it wouldn’t rise again. I screamed with all my might as I pounced on him. I punched him in the face as I called his name, begged him to wake up, begged him to come back to me … or to take me. Finally the pain made me fall back into my seat, I would wait here for my death, I would have to go somehow, I had to feel the unconsciousness again, but, as a punishment, that didn’t happen, I felt more alive than ever. He was gone without me.

“Jeff … hold on … Jeff … hold on!”

I didn’t realize that someone had come to meet us until I turned and I spotted Clay Jensen trying desperately to open my boyfriend’s door. I sobbed and his eyes fixed on mine, maybe he didn’t think i was alive.

“Resist, Y/N, I’m going to call the ambulance”

I shook my head, I didn’t want to wait for anyone, I didn’t want anyone to save me. I only wanted to die right now.

I closed my eyes.

Where had i ended? How had i gotten here? I looked at my arms, without any mark or stain of blood. My clothes, a short white dress covered me, perfectly white, as if it had just been put in a shop window. I looked up, the illumination from wherever I was, was too much to almost blind me. Did this mean that i was dead? How long did i take me to get here? I walked forward, on my feet, I felt like stepped on grass, even if i couldn’t see it. I kept walking, I felt an atmosphere of peace surround me, there was no danger, there was no pain and much less misfortunes. I was very comfortable here. I never thought about the “What will there be after death?” Did I end up in paradise? What a pleasant place!

But I wasn’t alone and I realized when a figure came out of nowhere. The first thing I noticed was his white clothes, with a light brown vest, then his face and the smile he received me. My heart shrank as I ran to him, straight into the heat and the protection I always found in his arms. But this time, the touch was cold and there was no protection in them, in fact, I could hardly feel it. I looked at him frightened, we were dead … but together … I didn’t let him leave me.

Jeff took my face and smiled at me the way he always did. I couldn’t return the gesture. This was a place of peace but I no longer felt it, what more did I want? I was dead but next to Jeff.

“You’ll be fine” he told me.

“Where are we?” I refused to look away from him.

“You, in a hospital bed” He looked down for a few seconds “Doctors say you’ll get fine … but you need to wake up, babe”

I shook my head off his grasp, but quickly my hands gripped his. I wasn’t going to let him go.

“Am I not dead?”

He shook his head and smiled. For the first time i hated his smile. I cringed and started to cry, no, I wasn’t going to wake up.

“And you?” I said through tears.

“I have to go, I didn’t say goodbye properly” I tightened his hands.

“Don’t. Please, don’t leave me” I raised my hands up his arms, he was cold, too, barely and I could feel it and that mortified me “I can’t go on without you”

“You have to do it, Y/N, you have to live for both”

“I can‘t” I knelt in front of him without letting go, I had no strength “You have to take me with you, I won’t wake up, Jeff”

“Your parents are having a bad time, my love.” He rose to me and stroked my cheek.

“Why did you leave me? Why?”

“I wasn’t as strong as you. I love you, always remember it, and I leave in peace knowing that you are alive”

“I don’t want to live!”

We stood up. He kissed me on the forehead and went away until I extended my arms, I couldn’t more and ended up letting him go.

“Please” I pleaded as I watched him disappear into a white haze.

When I opened my eyes, I saw everything blurred for a few minutes until my vision cleared and I ran into the lights of the hospital room I was in. The sounds began to come to me, the sound of an infernal machine that was possibly connected to my heartbeat, I hated that sound so much. And the burning in my nose was due to the oxygen they were infringing on, I hated it too. And to all those who came to save me.

“My dear” I heard Mom’s voice and turned my face slowly toward her. Her face was emaciated, I wondered how long I’d been unconscious, but I didn’t need to know anyway. “We were very worried”

I didn’t answer and I looked at Dad.

“We love you, little one” He stroked my hair but I didn’t even flinch. I couldn’t feel anything, at least not emotionally. “I’m going to get a nurse.” He touched Mom’s shoulders and left the room.

“You’re going to get well, my love.” Now it was her that touched me.

I no longer wanted to be well. I didn’t want to go any further. I had seen the love of my life die. I hated me. I hated being here.

“Is Jeff …?”

I still wanted to believe that it was a nightmare and that he was in another room being attended to, that his heart was still beating, that his condition was serious but would improve. He still breathing. That soon we would be together again and in the autumn we would leave here to start a new life.

“I’m sorry, baby”

I looked again at the ceiling for a few seconds, the infernal machine made an even more annoying sound, my heartbeat had accelerated. Mom was alarmed, she called me, but I was already lost and I burst into tears.


                                              Please Jeff, stay.

A/N: It’s been a while since my last imagine and as you can see this time it’s not one about Reggie.

I just love Jeff so much and he obviously DESERVED BETTER, so I hope you like it. He doesn’t die in this one and honestly I don’t think I will ever write one of those because I lost someone ina¡ a car accident and I can’t even read the imagines about Jeff dying because I literally cry.

Please don’t ever drink and drive and always be careful on the road. Be safe. ❤️

Warnings: Maybe some misspelled things, but I’m Spanish, I try my best.  😁

Words: 1.604


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I wasn’t someone new at all in Liberty high even though it seem like I was. I went to school with most of the people in this high school, I was their classmate until the first year in high school when I moved to another city, but now I was back for my junior and senior year.

So as I was saying I wasn’t a new student, but people acted like they didn’t know who I was, they treated me like if I didn’t knew the place or the students and after explaining a few people the whole story I gave up and I just went along.

It has been a week since I arrived and I still noticed the stares I got in the halls and how when I passed next to a group of girls they would start whispering. I knew they were talking about me, I knew there were rumours out there but I didn’t care at all.

One morning while I was grabbing a book from my locker and thinking about nothing in particular I heard someone calling me from behind and when I turned I realized it was Jeff Atkins.

“Hey! You are Jedd right?” I was trying to make a joke but I saw that he was taking it seriously so I stopped trying to be funny “Just kidding, I remember you Jeff” when I said that he smiled again.

“I just wanted to know how are you handling being in Liberty high again” Jeff has always been one of the few good people around here, he wasn’t afraid to talk with everyone even though he didn’t know that person, and he was so nice with every one, that was one of the reasons why all the girls always liked him and I was sure that hasn’t change a bit.

“Fine, I guess” I said closing my locker “it is like no one remembers me tho”

“If it makes you feel better I didn’t forget about you” I gave him a smile “and Clay and Tony remember you too” he sounded like he was trying to play down about what he said first.

“It makes me feel better, indeed” we remain silence, it was a little uncomfortable because I didn’t know why he came to talk to me in the first place, I was grateful because it really felt good to know that he remembered me and that he wanted to talk to me, but still it felt odd having in account he was one of the most popular guys in high school.

The bell saved us from that silence, we had to go to class so I just say goodbye and I started walking to my next class, but Jeff called me again and I turned to look at him.

“Are you going to Jess’ party tonight?” I didn’t know why he was so interested suddenly, but it didn’t bother me at all.

“I don’t know, are you?”


“Then maybe I’ll show up” I answered giggling and turning again to leave that hall.

Was I being flirty with Jeff Atkins? I had no idea how I got to that point, but I had done it and I think he wanted me at the party, despite that fact I didn’t want to create false illusions to find out that it was all part of some fantasy of mine.

I didn’t think about that for the rest of the day until I saw my new friend Hannah Baker and she talked to me about that party and how Clay asked her if she was going to go. Neither of us knew what to do, we had thought of doing something more relaxing than a party, but we decided to go.

I was designated driver for the night, so that way Hannah could drink whatever she wanted. I didn’t have a problem because I actually didn’t like alcohol like most of the teenagers, so I drove very happy.

When we arrived to the party it was pretty crowed, the house was full and also was the front yard. Most of the people there were already wasted.

We went to the kitchen while I was looking for a certain someone, but I wouldn’t say that out loud, I think Hannah was looking for someone too and she was the first to find him.

We approached Clay and a big smile appeared in his face when he saw us.

“I didn’t know you were coming!”

“We are full of surprises” Hannah answered almost sounding nervous.

“There are drinks in the kitchen… we can go there”

“Not form me, designated driver” I said pointing at me.

“I’ll drink for you” Hannah added.

We followed Clay to the kitchen, but I looked outside in the way and I found who I was looking for. I tapped Hannah in the shoulder so she could see me going to the back yard.

I laid on the wall and I looked at him until he looked in my direction and when he noticed me I saw a bigger smile in his face.

I waved at him and started to walk in his direction, but he reached me before I could walk more than two steps.

“You came” I don’t know how he did it, but his smile was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah… but not because I like parties” I answered giggling “I’m…” I looked around before ending the sentence “working as cupid” I added in a whisper “Hannah obviously likes Clay, so I came to make sure they spend time together and hopefully something happens in the process and I’m proud to admit that I’m reaching my goal”

“Wow, we have more in common than I thought” did he really spend time thinking about what we had in common? “Because I’ve been trying to get those two together since Hannah came to Liberty” I couldn’t help but smile when I talked to him.

“We’re really good friends, they own us so much” I laughed.

“Hey (Y/N)!” we both looked in Jess’ direction; she was calling me from the door “Do you want to join us? We’re playing suck and blow”

I felt Jeff’s gaze on me even before Jess could finish her proposal and to be honest I couldn’t help but grimace thinking about kissing some drunk teenage by accident.

“No Jess, thank you, but I’m good” she was pretty wasted because she almost fell when she tried to go back inside the house.

I looked at Jeff again and I found his blue eyes on me, which made me a little nervous, but I controlled myself

“Do you want to play beer pong?” he offered

“I have to drive, I can’t drink”

“You can drink Coca-Cola, like me”

“Then count me in, I can teach you how to aim” I laughed passing by his side as if I knew where I had to go.

I joined him and a couple of his friends, who were drunk already.

I wasn’t joking when I said I had a good aim, I got the ball in every cup, making Jeff’s friends to drink even more.

I was having so much fun, Jeff and I were in the same team and we were clearly winning so we got to the point where we throw the ball in different funny ways like for example shooting while I was on Jeff’s back.

We were flirting all the time, teasing each other when it was each other turn, Jeff covering my eyes, tickling me and me trying to tickle him. I almost forgot we weren’t alone.

“I should look for Hannah” I said breathless for all the laughing.

“She’s over there with Clay” I followed Jeff indication and I saw them sitting by the pool, just talking.

“Hey Atkins! We need more beer!” I turned to look at who was saying that, but I didn’t know who he was.

“No problem!” Jeff answered.

My facial expression changed suddenly and I think Jeff noticed because his changed when he turned to me.

“Are you really going?”

“Yeah” he looked confused by my reaction.

“They had enough for tonight; they won’t even notice the lack of alcohol in their systems”

“Hey you don’t have to worry, I had two beer two hours ago, you’ve seen me drinking Coca-Cola” but that didn’t calm me, I wasn’t a big fan of driving in general, I lost someone in a car accident and I’ve been pretty scared since then.

“I know, but… maybe there’s someone out there who is driving drunk and you pay the consequences”

“I promise I’ll be careful, I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone” he said caressing my arm, trying to calm me.

I saw him leaving, but I couldn’t let him go so I called him again and he turned in my direction.

“Please Jeff… stay” he remained silent, looking my way, probably really confused, but he smiled again and came to me.

“Why it is so important? I’ve done this a lot of times, I’ll be fine”

“Because…” I looked to my side, thinking if I was going to do what I was thinking right now. It was now or never, so I cupped his face with my hands and sorted the distance between our lips.

He kissed me back and I could hear people whistling around us, something that made me laugh in the kiss.

“Is this a good reason?” I asked when we broke the kiss.

“A really good one” he answered kissing me again before I could say anything else.

Unintentional Chapter Three: Not Now, Not Today

Chapter Summary: History that you have with someone might conflict somethings when it comes to Jensen.

A/N: Whhhaaaat I’m posting on a Sunday? Someone stop the presses.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Sexy stuff/almost smut, language?

Word Count: 2.1k


Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

You set your tea down and looked at him, trying to maintain a straight face as you played the innocence card. He didn’t know, he couldn’t, right?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mish.” You said as you picked up your tea again, sipping from the mug before it got cold.

Misha looked at you, with what had to be one of the most serious looks he’d ever given you- “You have feelings for Jensen, don’t you?”


You practically spit out your tea.

“No, Misha. I don’t” you deadpanned. And you weren’t lying, you didn’t have feelings for him. What you felt was strictly sexual, you were…pretty sure of it.

“Yes you do.” He responded, and unfortunately, you weren’t going to get out of this one. But if you had to let him think that you had a crush on Jensen so that you didn’t have to tell him about the whole phone sex thing, so be it.

“I don’t know.” you sighed as you set your now empty mug down.

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i think I already sent one in for the prompt thing (if you're still doing that) but can you either do 6 and 19 or 15 ? tq :))

Omg I wrote waaaayyy too much! Ahhh I’m a clutz!
Forgive me! (And thank you for the prompts)

6 - “Don’t you die on me”
19 - “I’m scared”


“FIRE!” Was the only warning Jeremy received before he was violently pushed into a wall by a group of stampeding girls. The party was thrown into chaos as more and more people began to notice the very real threat of a fire as the smoke from the next few rooms began to spread though the residence. Jeremy couldn’t think properly, maybe due to the abundance of teenagers pushing past him or the fact that he had just finished downing a few cans of beer after what had happened with Christine.

The Squip had turned on a few minutes after the incident and had immediately started shouting at him about his reputation, his image and his stupidity. After calming down, the Squip had suddenly felt the need to get Jeremy out of the house, to which Jeremy responded by getting drunk… again.

He wasn’t in the mood for the Squip’s antics and his attempts at getting Jeremy higher on the school map - and leaving the party at that very moment wouldn’t have benefitted him anyway. He had still asked out Christine and she had still said no. That was that, there was no point running from it - or at least, that’s what Jeremy thought the Squip was taking about.

Now, stood in the midst of all this mess, he knew exactly what had happened. The Squip must have seen a future in which a fire had started and told Jeremy to leave the building before it got out of control. God, if he had only listened. But now wasn’t the time for dawdling. Rubbish sudden sense of adrenaline, Jeremy pushed through the crowd and once everyone was through into the living room he shut the door tight, barricading it with a sofa chair. He tried to calm everyone down but it was no use, no one could hear him shout over the sound of screaming and mass panic. All the guests of the party were trying to squeeze through the tiny front door of Jake’s house which was clearly not working. At this rate, the fire would catch up to them in no time.

Spotting the large glass window through which he could see the party people running out of the house in panic, Jeremy grabbed onto the nearest throwable hard item and launched it at the window, smashing it instantly. The sound was enough the gain the attention of the majority of the crowd, now aware of the second escape route. Jeremy cleared out the remaining shards of glass before ordering half of the crowd to exit through there, an order they happily complied with.

Jeremy stood on the sofa, coughing into his cyborg costume as the fumes from the room next door began to seep through. He spotted Jake outside, dragging something on his shoulders and limping to safety. That something was clearly Rich, Jeremy could recognise that fashion sense anywhere. He knew that the girls had left the party early after the earlier fiasco with Chloe and Christine had left with Jenna to take her home safety. That meant that everyone was safe, everyone except…


He had left Michael in the bathroom after shouting at him earlier, calling him a loser under the influence of alcohol, lack of Squip and irrational thinking. God, what was he thinking?! That was his best friend for gods sake he needed to find him. He needed to know that he was ok.

Racing towards the door, Jeremy pulled out his phone and dialled the number he had memorised since childhood. He turned and watched the burning house as he ran out into the crisp cold. Everyone seemed to have made it out, which was good except… Michael wasn’t answering. Jeremy stared down at the blank screen on his phone, Michael always answered!

He tried to reason with himself. ‘Of course he wouldn’t answer, you called him a loser!’ Jeremy told himself, and it made sense. Michael had all the right in the world to be upset with him so of course he wouldn’t answer his call. He probably went straight home after their argument and was in his basement right now getting high. Still… what if…

Jeremy pulled up his iMessage and started typing frantically:

“Ok I know you’re still mad at me and you have every right to be I was an asshole and a prick and I deserve all of this but please just listen for a sec and text me back. It doesn’t have to be anything, just a blank message, a middle finger emoji I DONT CARE! Just- trust me when I say I really need to hear from you right now. Please Michael.”

A few minutes later, Jeremy was getting restless. The flames were getting bigger and bigger and there was no denying that everyone who could have gotten out had… but…

Suddenly, his phone lit up with the familiar ringtone of the Apocalypse of the Damned soundtrack, level nine to be exact. Their favourite. Jeremy’s heart did a double take when he saw the caller ID. His fingers immediately went to pick up the phone.

“MICHAEL! Oh thank god I was so worried. Something happened at the party and there’s a fire and I thought for a split second that… you… Michael?”

Michael wasn’t responding. All Jeremy could hear was a soft, crackling noise at the other end of the call.

“Michael!” He said again, a little louder.

Suddenly, a voice came thorough.

“Jeremy- can you… me?” It was faint, and there was barely anything there but Jeremy could recognise his best friend’s voice anywhere.

“Michael what’s going on? Are you ok?”

“…. it’s locked Jer-…. can’t…. closer-…. help me!” Michael sounded panicked and distressed, his voice coarse and rough.

Jeremy didn’t need another second to think. He ran back into the flaming building, ignoring all those behind him who were telling him that he was crazy, that he would die. He needed to save his best friend.

“Michael tell me where you are, I’m coming in.” He ordered down the line.

“Bathroom…” he barely heard over the flaming world around him but Jeremy knew exactly where he was; exactly where he had left him. Jeremy threw the barricade off of the door and buried himself and his phone in the cloth of this Halloween costume to prevent anymore smoke filling his lungs.

If the Squip was active right about now, he didn’t want to know what he would say…. he didn’t really care.

“Jeremy…” he heard his best friend whisper in his low yet soft voice, “I’m scared.”

Jeremy’s heart broke in two. He had never heard something like that come out of Michael’s mouth in all the time he knew him. Michael was the highlight of his life, the one good thing that got him through high school and yet he had never seen him without a smile on his face.

“Hang… hang in there Michael I’m almost at the door,” Jeremy tried to comfort his best friend despite the suffocating fumes around him. But he couldn’t hang up the phone, he couldn’t leave his best friend alone. He needed to save him.

Jeremy eventually came to the bathroom door. The flames had made the structure extremely weak so he knew that if he were to force the door open the whole floor might collapse.

“Ok Michael, I’m outside,” he said calmly despite the burning sensation in his lungs. He tried the knob, no dice. The door wasn’t budging. Michael must have locked it from the inside.

“Michael, you have to listen to me. You need to open the door, we need to get out of here now!” Jeremy yelled over the flames, hoping his best friend would hear him through both the phone and the thick walls.

He waited a few seconds until he heard the soft click of the door. Flying it open, he threw his phone to the ground and ran into the bathroom, cloth still covering up most of his face from the smoke.

Michael was slumped up against the wall, weak and dying. His eyes were closed and his hand was gripped over his hoodie which he had zipped right up to his neck to help him breath. Jeremy’s heart skipped a beat before returning to reality and lifting his friend up off the ground.

“Come on Michael, don’t die on me dude.” He whispered, hauling his best friend over his shoulder. Jeremy limped towards the window and smashed it open with his remaining strength, knowing the fire below was now too great for both of them to make it out that way alive. The drop from the bathroom wasn’t too bad, considering it was situated on the second floor. Jeremy could see a reasonable sized bush below which would break at least some of their fall.

“Ok Michael, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me, we have to jump ok?” He shook his best friend awake who barely responded with a brief nod. Jeremy could only take that before he climbed out the tiny window and threw himself out of the house.


Michael slowly opened his eyes as the voices all around him started to invade his mind. He didn’t want to, they hurt like hell, but he knew that he should. His whole body hurt too, he felt like he had just thrown himself into a fire. Ironic, once he realised what had happened.

Michael was lying on the concrete pavement just outside of Jake’s burning residence. The sounds of firetrucks sirens filled the air as the vehicles drew closer to extinguish the flames. The sounds of drunk teens also filled the air, telling Michael that at least most of the party must have escaped the fire.

He slowly sat up despite the pain, wanting to get a better perspective of the situation, but was stopped by a hand abruptly meeting his chest. He looked up to meet the bright blue eyes of his best friend, who looked just as worse for wear. His costume was burnt to the brim and his hair was disheveled and filled with ash. He smelt like smoke, a drastic change from the sweet vanilla scent that Michael was used to. Before he could say anything, Jeremy’s eyes started to fill with tears. He clutched onto Michael’s hoodie as he launched himself at his best friend.

The two sat there, on the pavement, embraced in each others arms. The rest of the world was a blur, it was just him and Jeremy. Nothing else mattered but him and Jeremy.


south side princess (part2)

Pairing ~ Reader x FP Jones
Prompt ~ after living in the upper side of Riverdale for 3 years, you decide to go stay your dad on the south and forming a crush for the older fp Jones
Warnings  swearing, drinking drugs, age gap romance (reader 19yrs old) light smut
Story ~

After a 2 weeks of living in the south side and you enjoyed your new lifestyle. Becoming what fp now constantly called you a South side Princess. Really not much had changed in school. Although you now always wore your new signature colour green still looking stunning, and you was also still a vixen but still hung round with the group. You and Cheryl was still frenemies, but both still cheered for the vixens 3 times a week like you was best friends. You’d go to pops with B&V, Archie and jug sometimes Kevin too, being like the Riverdale kids. Once you got home that when things changed, you’d go home (your dad’s who still wasn’t back yet) after practice or pops, shower getting dresses heading for Fp’s. The would always be something going on everyone would all go down the Whyte Wyrm bar you’d usually tag along drinking and playing pool always winning the serpents. Then back to Fp’s for a party when the bar closed. Most of the time you’d wake up in Fp’s room or the couch with a blanket over you. Before going back to your own home getting ready for school and meeting jug, then getting a large strong coffee from pops on the way in.

Everything was good, no great! since you moved but one thing, your feelings towards the serpent leader. You now had started to fall in love with him! It stared when you notice the lingering looks, the smirks he gave you. Then it was the odd little touches that made you melt. like if you passed one another a drink his fingertips would always touch your hand, or at the bar he’d lean close your arms touching, knuckles occasionally brushing against each other, making you want to grab a hold of hand. The flirty comments was the worst you found yourself playing up to his banter more then normal, the witty comebacks became flirty and suggestive.

It took everything you had to push the thoughts and feelings away. To lie to yourself that you hadn’t fallen in love him. ’ you have to stop thinking of him like this, your confusing his banter and kindness turning it into something it’s not, it’s because you see him every day. He’s your dad’s friend. He’s nearly 20 years older than you, Your a year older than his son he’ll never want you like that. You sat telling yourself all the things why shouldn’t love him or why he wouldn’t love you. 

Your phone buzzes breaking your thought pattern, it was from Fp,
Hi Princess, Had some business to sort out. meet us at the bar if you want I’m going straight there. Fp x
You read the message 3 times over before deciding you had nothing better to do tonight. After showering you got ready finding a black mini skirt and matching top, your snake heeded shoes and a khaki leather jacket. Grabbing your keys bag and money you headed to the Whyte Wyrm.

The bar was full when you got there, finding fp and the usual crowd at their table you walked over “hey Princess” fp called as u stood next to the table. You had begun to like the nickname but wasn’t going to let him know that. “hi, Jones” you say rolling your eyes. After 20 minutes of standing up your feet started to hurt, fp noticed your was uncomfortable and fidgety. “what’s wrong y/n?” He asked “nothing just didn’t think it would be so packed in here I would of worn flats if I’d of known” you laugh back pointing to you 6" heels. You see a smirk appear across his lips. Without warning his hands gripped your hips pulling you onto his lap. “better?” He whispers in your ear you can only nod back surprised by the sudden closeness. You tense up at first not knowing what to do but fp starts talking to the others like it was nothing you sitting there, his arm around your waist to stop you from sliding off, drink in the other. You finally relax getting yours, as the gang talked business for the next hour and a half. Every 20 minutes fp would wave the barmaid to bring more drinks holding your side again.

“what if I did it?” you say offering a solution to the problem the gang was having. They all chuckled you sit up a little on fps lap trying to look serious, “i could meet them get the stuff bring it back, who’s gonna stop and search me!” you say pointing to yourself “Keller won’t he knows me, I know Kevin his son we hang at pops” you say. The group murmur all agreed. “it could work but your not going alone” you hear from fp jack offers to go with you, fp waves his hand for the barmaid to bring yet another round over. You took a sip from you 5th (y/f/d) feeling tipsy laughing and joking with the now happy group, but now you didn’t have the gangs problem to think about yours quickly came back to the front of your mind.

You only felt fps hand on your ass when he gave a light squeeze, when did he move it, you thought, biting your lip not looking at him, trying to calm your breathing. He stayed like that until closing time.
The party moved to Fps. again you found him pull you onto his lap on the couch as most if the serpents had taken up the seats. It was chilled everyone drinking doing drugs. You had said no when one of the gang offered you cocaine but agreed to the cannabis. You felt Fp’s hand slide up and around to your bum again, you see him watching your reaction, you simply smile inhaling the joint you had, before passing it to him without looking he took the joint at the same time squeezed your ass making your breath hitch and your cheeks blush red.

Fp knew what he was doing was wrong y/n was so young to him. He knew what he was feeling was inappropriate. she was his friends daughter. His sons friend. It all started a few months back when y/n was down to see her dad, he was drunk in the bar not taking notice she was even there. So Fp stayed with y/n to keep an eye on her while she was drinking in a pub full of gang members. They had talked all night, flirted a bit more then normal laughed like nothing else mattered but them there and then, after that he started to develop something for her he couldn’t explain he’d see here and smile she’d hug him he’d get butterflies.

Now she’d had moved here it got worse, he saw her every day making it hard not to want you not to have or give in to the crazy temptation he had, to hold or kiss you when you was alone together, or run his hands over your body. He always tried to put these thoughts out of his mind but tonight with the mix if drugs, alcohol and lack of will power, his brain stopped and let his feelings take over especially when you didn’t stop him or freak out. Instead you encouraged it putting her around his neck playing with the hair, Snuggling into him.
Joaquin had come in with a bag of tables nothing you hadn’t taken before, fp took two looking at y/n he had one of them taking the bottle you had to wash it down with. Offering one to you , y/n stuck out your tongue as he placed the small white tablet on handing your drink back. You swallowed it looking deep into his big brown eyes giggling. The rest of the night you both discreetly teased and turned each other on. It started with looks but you couldn’t help it when the drugs took effect. When you lent forward to the little table at the side of the couch you’d place to your hand close to his crotch for balance then drag your fingertips across his bulge sitting back. Making Fp moan low in frustration. He didn’t let you get away with your teasing so easy he copied what you’d done, but done it better. By leaning towards the coffee table his hand slid up the inside of your thigh squeezing gently. your breathing would stop and the hand you had on his neck would mimic his griping his hair. each time he his hand would go higher and higher until the last time he did it his fingertips brushed over your underwear making you give a low moan only fp heard.

Not being able to handle it anymore, you make an excuse to go standing up to leave. Fp grabbed your hips “you okay Princess? why you going?” He asked with a knowing smirk. You wanted to scream at him your leaving because you wanted him bad and couldn’t have him, but instead smiled and told them you needed to sleep you had practice tomorrow. He walked you out and started walking to your trailer with you he was like a different person. Walking casually like you both hadn’t spent the last 3 hours teasing one another. “it’s late I’ll walk you back” he said handing you your jacket. “I can handle myself Jones” your tone confident as he smirked “I don’t doubt that for a minute. Walking you home is so I can protect my serpents from you” he playfully punched your arm. you was almost at your door now “I think you just wanted to be alone with me” you say “really?” he said looking at you “yes I think you’ve wanted to get me alone all night, maybe to finish what you started” you tried to sound confident, challenging suggestive. he looks at you but you could see him thinking over what ever was on his mind.

He mutters to himself shakes his head he couldn’t stop himself anymore. Fp looks around then grabs your shoulders pushing you into the side of the trailer where you won’t be seen. His lips hit yours in a roughly but quick kiss his stubble scratching your lips. He pulls away scanning your face for a look of ‘no, stop or what are you doing’ but instead he saw you smile as you pull him back to kiss you again. This time it was more heated, passionate. his hands ran over you body as you grip his shoulders and neck. You felt him lift one of your legs, you jumped a little as he lifted you. Wrapping your legs round his waist he plants wet rough kissed down your neck and along your jawline. It’s was exactly what you’d wanted for weeks. Better then anything you imagined. You grab the collars of his shirt pulling him closer as his lips returned to yours one hand holding you up the other slides up your top finding and massaging your boob.

Fp only stopped and put you down when he heard Joaquin shouting for him. He rested his head on yours steadying his breath “goodnight princess” he whispered giving you a small kiss on the cheek. You watched him walk to Joaquin turning to wink at you.
In bed you touched your red scratched lips memorizing the feeling of his against yours during your make out session minutes before, still overjoyed it really happens. Soon failing into a happy blissful sleep not waking until later the next afternoon.

FP looked annoyed at the young serpent “if this isn’t important I’m gonna” he stopped when he saw the look on the boys face. “It’s y/f/n, he’s been arrested!”. All that night fp sat listening to what happened. Thinking about what to do next but the kiss he just had with y/n kept creeping into his mind.

A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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Drunken cuddles.

@imagicana​: Reader is super cute and childish yet the same age as Hotch. She works for BAU and one day gets super drunk and Hotch has to take her home and they talk and end up making out/cuddling ?

Originally posted by lilygarlands

The loud music blared through the large speakers, colourful lights casting dancing shadows on the girls faces while they flickered along to the beat of the music. The girls giggled drunkenly, grinding with one another playfully as the rest of the team looked on at them in amusement.

“I’m desperately in need of another drink.” Emily raised her voice, pulling JJ by her wrist as Y/N and Penelope followed closely after them, swerving out of the intoxicated mess of people. Aaron’s eyes were fixated on Y/N, eyes blown with concern as a sloppy man staggered towards her, smirking disgustingly.

“Hey, beautiful.” The man slurred, eyes glued to her chest but Y/N squinted up at him, her drunken brain processing three images of the man. Her hands made their way to cup his cheeks, steadying the man so she could focus on him properly, making Aaron’s eyes darken at the sight. However, Y/N simply tapped his face softly.

“No, thank you.” She grinned, shaking her head but the double vision due to the excessive amount of alcohol it made her stumble slightly. The man instinctively steadied her by holding her hips, mischievously squeezing slightly but before she could respond, Aaron was by her side.

“I got her.” Aaron growled in a slightly possessive manner, making the man immediately let go of her in defeat. Y/N looked up at her boss, giggling slightly as she placed a hand on his chest.

“There are like three of you.” She giggled, bowing her head on his chest before another song began singing through the speakers. Her head shot up, joy dominating her eyes as she attempted to pull Aaron to the dancefloor. Her ankle twisted beneath her, causing Aaron to wrap an arm around her dainty waist before she could fall. Y/N giggled once again, poking his face goofily.

“I think we should take you home.” Aaron chuckled lowly, hand remaining on her lower back as he guided her to the rest of the team. Their eyes were locked on Y/N humorously as realisation hit her, eyes widening at his words.

“You can’t take me back home,” She slurred, head nestled in the crook of his neck as she attempted to walk away but her alcohol-induced lack of balance made her stay put against Aaron broad body.

“Can you come with me?” Y/N questioned, squinting in attempt to focus on Aaron as he chuckled.

“I’m not letting you go alone.” He smiled subtly, picking her handbag up from the table.

“Shot gun driving.” Y/N squealed, making Aaron shake his head in amusement, walking after the staggering girl after waving goodbye to the team.

Aaron opened the car door, steadying Y/N to her front door, goosebumps prickling her arms as the cool night breeze nipped at her skin. Y/N held her key firmly, attempting to place it in the lock but her blurred vision fought against her, making Aaron muffle his laughter as he rubbed his jaw.

“Let me help you.” Aaron sighed, placing a hand at the bottom of her back as his other quickly unlocked her door. Y/N groaned in defeat, stumbling into the door as Aaron locked up again. He turned to face her, eyes locking with hers as she stared at him silently, a small grin playing at her lips. His intense eyes travelled down her arms, noticing her prickled skin before mindlessly dancing his fingertips across her arm.

“You’re freezing, let’s get you ready for bed.” Aaron urged, helping her to the bedroom but her previously talkative self had quietened down, eyes hazy as her mind played tricks on her. When they reached her bedroom, Aaron frowned at her, concern laced within his gaze as she glanced around the room.

“I-where?” She began but the words jumbled as they came out, mashing into a incoherent mess. Aaron glanced towards her bed, noticing the bundled shirt and shorts on her bed. Without thinking, Aaron left her side, handing her the random clothes.

“Get dressed while I get you water.” Aaron ordered softly but just as he left the room he heard the muffled giggles escaping her throat as she called for him.

“Aaron, help.” She yelled, humour possessing her soft chuckles as her dress was bundled around her upper chest, bottom of the dress caught around her head. Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, carefully helping her out of the restraining fabric. Y/N looked up at him hopelessly, eyes wandering down to his lips while he smirked in amusement. Not allowing her intoxicated brain to think, Y/N crashed her lips against Aarons, making him groan and repeat the lustful gesture. He sucked her lower lip slightly as he broke away, causing a dissatisfied whimper to escape her parted lips.

“Y/N, you’re drunk.” Aaron whispered, hand cupping her jaw slightly as she tried to lean back into him but he bowed his head.

“I can’t, not when you don’t know what you’re doing.” Aaron urged, stepping away from the eager girl. Y/N looked at the ground, embarrassment coating her pale cheeks but the powerful urge still creeping through her when her sober self tried to dominate her incapable form.

“I want to.” Y/N whispered but Aaron shook his head, fighting against the urge, picking her shirt up from the ground and closing the gap between them.

“Arms up.” Aaron cooed, making her oblige in defeat, not meeting his intimidating eyes. Aaron edged her onto the bed gently, pulling the covers over her but she observed him while he wasn’t looking. Just as Aaron went to turn away, Y/N cleared her throat, looking away from him.

“Can you stay?” Her voice was weak while Aaron pinched the bride of his nose, knowing he should say no but desperately wanting to. He walked over to her, softly making her face him.

“We can’t do anything.” His voice was merely a whisper but Y/N nodded slightly, budging across the bed to make space for Aaron.

“Not even cuddle?” She whispered making a small smirk play at Aaron lips. Hesitantly, he sat in bed beside her, causing her to rest her head on his lap. His fingers absent-mindedly laced within her hair, making her relax instantly into him.

“I mean it, you know.” Y/N whispered sleepily, confidence fuelled by the alcohol running through her system. Aaron’s hands halted at the sincere comments, frowning slightly.

“ What?”

“I want to,” She murmured, lifting her head up slightly to catch his gaze.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?” Aaron promised, laying down further so she could rest her head on his chest.


Masterlist.   PART 2

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celebrate tumblr’s birthday in style! 

today is the day out beloved website turns ten, and does all the shit ten year olds do. be obnoxious, bother you some, throw colourful shit at your face that you didn’t want - all the works.

since this is a 10 year old’s party, there is an unfortunate lack of alcohol available. so you just have to scowl and bear it while bass boosted “every time we touch” plays for the 27 time in the background.

(I was saving this for a different occasion, but the tumblr birthday event was just so perfect i did it over now :P.)

Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: As always thank you all so much for all the support, it means more than I can ever say so I shall post this chapter early for you guys. This is a beast of a chapter at over 7,000 words! But hopefully it has some of the answers you’re all looking for. As always this story is painful but I hope you do enjoy…

Chapter 10: The Past Truth.

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FP Jones x Reader- Think on It- Part 3

Part 3 was asked for, so part 3 shall happen! Thank you to the both of you for this <3 I hope this is up to par!! I’m not sure how many more parts there will be, but we shall see what happens. I’m really happy you guys are enjoying it!

Part 1    Part 2   Part 4

Warnings: Fighting, Implied smut, implied drug use, swearing

Words: 823


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ex’s and oh’s

Summary: The reader is in the apartment when Elektra breaks in.

Word Count: 683

Warnings: None.

You were halfway through a book when you heard the door open, followed by an annoyed huff. Your heart jumped but you frowned a moment later – Matt always greeted you when he came home.

There was a hum and you pressed yourself against the wall of your shared room, hands balled at your sides. It was feminine, unfamiliar to you and faintly, you wondered who it could’ve been, who could’ve figured out that Matt was Daredevil and try to get to him through you. He spoke about it about it briefly once, saying – I don’t want you to get hurt, nose buried in the crook of your shoulder.

Now it was actually happening and you waited for footsteps to draw closer, rough shouting and the cocking of guns, but-

“Really, Matthew?” The women opened your fridge, audibly scoffing at what was inside. There was the click click click of heels as she walked across the living room, picking something up from the couch before throwing it back on.

You furrowed your eyebrows. She knew Matt?

Against your better judgement, you stepped out of the room. She turned to face you, unfazed.

“There’s the woman of the hour.” She smiled. “I thought he would’ve grown out of one night stands at his age.”

“We’ve been together for ten months,” you deadpanned.

“That explains the lack of alcohol.”

“Who the hell are you?” She took a swig of the beer she took from your fridge, shrugging.

“Has he not told you about me?” She paused, but you said nothing. “An acquaintance. I’d dare say an old friend.”

You racked your mind to remember what Matt told you about his ‘old friends.’

“Are you the redhead, dietician, or the Greek?” She tilted her head.


“He said you were crazy.”

“Didn’t think that ten years ago.”

“That’s nice.” You didn’t bother feigning a smile. “Now get out.”

“I was just visiting the city – thought I’d drop by and say hi.”

“At eleven o’clock at night?”

She tapped a nail on the glass. “I was busy.”

“Get out.”

“Last I checked the apartment was under the name Murdock.”

“Last I checked I paid half the bills,” your hand itched for your phone. “Now get out before I call the police.”

She sighed, placing her bottle on the coffee table. “You really don’t want to do that.”

The door burst open and Matt ran in, pushing you behind him. His hand was tight around your forearm.


“Matthew.” She smiled, but you didn’t have to be looking at him to know that he was angry.

“Get out.”

“You haven’t even introduced me to your girlfriend, yet,” she said.

“Why would I do that?” Matt asked through his teeth.

“Because we’re friends.”

“Far from it.”

“I wasn’t going to hurt her, Matt.” You swallowed, looking between her and the back of Matt’s head. He told you about her, but you were forgetting something – something she did.

He laughed bitterly and you felt chills run down your spine, bringing your hand up to cover his. “I don’t know that. The last time I saw you, you tried to make me kill a man.”

Elektra’s eyes flickered to you. “That’s an awful lot of information you’re giving out, Mattie.”

“She knows.” Ah, right. You tried your best to steady your breathing.

“Well, then, that makes things easier.” She stepped forward and Matt tensed up. “I need your help.”


“It’s important.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“Some help, please?” She looked at you and you narrowed your eyes. “I see. This was a waste of time.” Elektra grabbed her beer and started walking towards the door. “You know, I’m not letting this go.”

“You should,” Matt said.

“See you tomorrow.”

The door clicked shut and Matt exhaled, turning around to pull you close.

“She seemed nice,” you said and he laughed amidst his heavy breaths.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He placed a hand on your chest, frowning. “Hey, I’m fine. Let’s not talk about this, okay?”

Matt sighed. “Alright.”

“Besides, talking about exes is never fun.”

He smiled. “Come on.”

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Can you gove me a description of what happens in be more chill? More specifically what happens at the fire and why rich set a fire?

yayyyy i’m getting be more chill asks. send me more asks yall

basic synopsis of be more chill, if anyone’s wondering: (i honestly will write a detailed synopsis if people would like me to) the musical follows jeremy heere, a social outcast and awkward high school junior. he’s got one good friend, retro video game loving michael mell, and a long time crush on the adorable theatre nerd christine canigula. he’s relentlessly bullied by a kid named rich, who one day offers him a pill (called a SQUIP) from japan that supposedly instructs you on all the right decisions to make and how to be cool. (it’s some “top-secret-can’t-even-look-it-up-on-the-internet shit,” as described by rich.) jeremy’s life from then on completely changes. ONTO THE FIRE

later on during the play, there’s a halloween party hosted by jake dillinger, who is described as “high school awesomeness personified.” now, the squip cannot function when you’re drunk, and rich and jeremy both get drunk, causing their squips to deactivate. rich starts acting really strange at the party, and starts freaking out a bit at the end of “halloween.” later that night, as the party winds down, rich asks everyone if anyone has mountain dew red, because he really needs him some mountain dew red. (we later find out that mountain dew red makes one’s squip completely shut down.) when jeremy’s squip turns back on after the alcohol wears off, his squip tells him to IMMEDIATELY leave the party. so they do.

the next morning, the entire school’s been informed that “RICH SET A FIRE AND HE BURNED DOWN THE HOUSE!” jeremy’s squip tells him this, and we don’t have really any other explanation in the musical as to why the fire happened: 

“Rich was under a lot of pressure at home. With his squip disabled due to the alcohol, it seems he lacked the proper…coping mechanism. “ 

Nate knew the curfew was still in place and he shouldn’t be out partying, but he was dying to get out of the house and away form his dad. Things had been awkward with them ever since he got his powers and he’d much rather go get wasted than head his dad ask if he was okay one more time. Sure, he’d replaced his letterman with a leather jacket and had been talking to himself recently, but he was totally fine. His dad didn’t seem to understand that. None of the teenagers cared about the curfew, since there were still parties going on almost every Saturday night. Nate, being himself, had to be there of course. After a long night, he was stumbling home from the party, since he wasn’t gonna let himself try to drive home drunk and none of his friends cared enough to make sure he got home. He had gotten lost somehow when suddenly he heard someone following him. He stopped dead in his tracks and laughed, then slurred his words. “Hey… Do you know where you are? Or, where I am? I dunno..”

Homestuck Character Nicknames According to the Fandom:

John “Not a Homosexual” Egbert

Dave “Huge Adorable Dork” Strider

Rose “In the Lesbians” Lalonde

Jade “Punished for Existing” Harley

Jane “Nobody Gives a Shit About Jane” Crocker

Roxy “lol I have no personality other than being an alcoholic” Lalonde

Jake “Lacking But Packing” English

Dirk “Yaoi Sex God Seme” Strider

Terezi “Blind BAMF” Pyrope

Vriska “Badass Bitch, Emphasis on the Bitch” Serket

Nepeta “Cute Innocent Child Who Loves Cats and Ships Everything” Leijon

Eridan “Whiny Selfish Asshole Hipster Prick” Ampora

Tavros “KAWAII BABY” Nitram

Kanaya “Gigantic Raging Beautiful Lesbian BAMF In Lesbians With Rose” Maryam

Gamzee “Misunderstood Baby, Druggie and/or Murderous Psychopath” Makara

Wayward “The Pet Mayor” Vagabond

Karkat “Karkles” aka “Karkitty” aka “Karkitten” aka “Karkalicious” aka “Karkahontas” aka “Kittykat” aka “Car cat” aka “Beep Beep Meow” aka “Tsunderekat” aka “Fucking Dave/John”


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,450

Request: Could you do a Bucky request based on the song Flares by The Script? I’m too lazy to write it lol.

Warnings: Angst, nightmares, fluff, a bit of corniness

Author’s Note: Based on the song Flares by The Script. Thanks to @fandom-imaginesfromalmostanyshow for requesting this. It suited my mood this week. Enjoy!

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