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motivational zevran

Zevran would have been rocking slightly in place as he waited for you, gnawing on one uplifted knuckle to focus his mind. As you turned the corner of the hall he looked up with a bright smile and let his hand drop, only to reach out for you with both hands, if you are comfortable with touch, drawing you close and kissing both of your cheeks. “Ah, but I am so very proud of you today, my dear, no matter if you are not. I know how very hard it is to fight those urges to seek out ways of dulling yourself to the world when things become difficult to beat, yes?”

He would lift that hand to his mouth again, this time to trace the rim of his lips. “But, and this is the second most important of buts, I assure you, even if you give in to those urges today, I shall not be angry or disappointed. That just means that we shall have to prepare for the next time you get such urges, yes? In the meantime, please do remember that you are stronger than these feelings, than the things or people that inspire them, and that there has never been, can never be, anyone who makes my heart gleam with love so much as you. You create that love anew every day, filled with pride and wonder at all that you do and are, and today, ah, but she is hardly an exception, now is she?”