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On Moderation:

Moderation doesn’t work for me.  I can’t do it.  It’s a fact.  a lot of people struggle with this.  I can’t do it with certain foods.. I can’t do it with booze.  Once I accepted this, it became a lot easier… no more struggles to try … just not drinking.  done.. no what if.

I’m doing a little sugar detox.  I noticed it’s a lot easier for me to say no completely then to just a little.  it makes me think about a lot of things in my life… I’m pretty binary.. I’m all in, or all out.. if I do things half assed, I crash and burn.

I learn new things about myself everyday… it makes life interesting.

Drinking in Korea

I’m going to start this off by saying, you are not allowed to drink in the Ewha dorms. If caught you will receive 5 demerit points. If you get 10 demerit points or above you will be evicted from the building so please be responsible with where and when you drink. I don’t think there are any rules about having alcohol in the dorm, just don’t keep the bottles out in the open, and don’t drink it on campus.

That said: drinking in Korea is dirt cheap. So yes it’s cheaper to buy it from a convenience store but if you’re wanting to be safe about your consumption then just pair your alcohol with food and buy it directly from the establishment for a few dollars more.

A regular bottle of soju ranges from around 20% alcohol. You may think that’s fine but I’ve found that drinking in Korea can be very fast paced so keep that in mind when you realize that you’ve suddenly surrounded by empty bottles. The drinks I’m mostly going to focus on have less alcohol in them and can really only be found in Korea. I also, unfortunately, won’t be covering rice wine/makgeolli at all as I didn’t have the chance to try any on this trip.

1.  Iseul Toktok (이슬톡톡)

This peach fizzy drink is only 3% alcohol but it’s on my love list. If I could bring a box of 12 back to Canada without them exploding in my suitcase then I would. I just wish the alcohol content was higher, but if you’re not wanting to drink and just wanting to sip on something or still play drinking games with friends then this is an excellent option because I think it’d be nearly impossible to get drunk off of. Apparently IU does the CF for this drink as well if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

If you’re not a fan of peach or carrying around a bright pink can then try Brother Soda (부라더소다). It’s supposedly soda flavoured soju. It’s only 3% as well and tastes like Milkis. Personally, I was much more likely to reach for a can or bottle of Brother Soda over Toktok, but Toktok was a group favourite.

2. iCing Sparkling Wine: Grapefruit and Watermelon

For only 4% Alcohol level these aren’t winning any awards. It’s apparently a sparkling rice wine. They’re fairly large bottles and the taste isn’t great. For being the same size as a soju bottle it’s not really worth buying, but it was an interesting experience. I’d recommend the limited edition: Watermelon flavour if you really enjoy the taste of watermelon juice.

3. Flavoured Fruit Soju (자몽에이슬)

Fruit flavoured soju varies in terms of alcohol content but one that I really enjoy is  자몽에이슬 (14%) because I’m a sucker for grapefruit but the Apple is also amazingly good. An entire bottle on an empty stomach can you make you feel a queasy so just be careful when, how fast, and how much you’re drinking. It’s a lot of sugar. If you hate the taste of regular soju or want to stay fairly sane during drinking games then I’d suggest opting out to take shots of this instead.