• What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do you know how hard it must've been for Killian Jones to stop drinking and gambling in his pre-navy days? to claw out of the hole he was in? a man with so little self-worth would've literally drank himself to death and squandered every penny he had. a man with such supposed weakness in the face of darkness would've backslid right into drinking even after joining the navy, just as alcoholism affects jobs. a man with as much self-loathing as he had would've self-destructed and embraced every demon. but he didn't. he got his fucking act together during his time as Lt. Jones because his brother was his world and his light and his inspiration and his love and the source of hope for him. and then, that light DIED––due to machinations by the system that fucked them over in the first place. it wasn't just understandable for bright and starry-eyed Lt. Jones to fall so far after his brother's death. it was inevitable.

According to this, Karamatsu’s feelings and behaviors are like pieces of mirror that reflects whatever stand before them. There are also too many sides (not 1 complete mirror), and we don’t know for sure what is inside. That’s deep.
The same goes for others. And ichimatsu is confirmed to be a tsundere, cinamon roll, needs protection and a cautious sign for fragile items :))))
Also, i have this head canon where kara and ichi would be good drinking buddies, seeing how ichi is always pouring more alcoho for kara :)))))

CHARCOAL (M) | kth

“The thing with Taehyung is that he use his hands a lot while drawing and get his fingers stained with charcoal, a lot. But when I come back home later, I love to see the same black prints all over my body.” 

+Pairing: Taehyung x femlale MC ft Seokjin
+Genre: College!AU, Artist!kth
+Warnings: sexual assault victim
+Note: GUYS! This is an adaptation of the book “Easy” by Tammara Webber. I decided to start like this because im not sure of my writing skill yet, so enjoy!

01 02 03 04 05


“Kim T,
I’m having more trouble with the current material than I let on, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to make it to one of your tutoring sessions. Too bad for both of us that my ex didn’t dump me early enough in the semester to drop this class! (No offense. You’re probably an econ major and like this stuff.) I’ve started researching online journals for the project. Thanks for decoding Dr. Park’s notes before sending them to me. If you’d have forwarded them without a translation, I’d be searching for a tall building/ overpass/ water tower from which to yell “goodbye cruel world.”

Please, no leaping from towering structures. Do you have any idea how much damage that would do to my tutoring reputation?? If nothing else, think of the effect on me. ;) I create worksheets for the tutoring sessions. I’ve attached the past three weeks’ worth. Use them as study guides, or fill them in and send them back to me, and we’ll see where you’re getting confused. Actually, I’m an engineering major, but we have to take econ. I think everyone should, though – it’s a good starting point for explaining how money, politics and commerce work together to create the total chaos that is our economic system.
PS – How did the regional competitions go? And btw, your ex is obviously a moron.”

I downloaded the worksheets, turning over his last statement in my mind. Whether my tutor knew Seokjin or not—unlikely, given the size of the university and their differing majors—he’d taken my side. Me, a girl so absurdly unhinged by a breakup that she’d skipped class for two weeks.

He was smart and funny, and after only three days, I already looked forward to his name in my inbox, our back-and-forth banter. All of a sudden, I wondered what he looked like. God. Just yesterday, I’d left class telling myself to ignore the brooding stares of a guy in class because I needed time to get over Seokjin’s desertion.

It didn’t matter. I needed time to recover, even if Kim was right. Even if Kennedy was a moron.

I clicked on the first worksheet and opened my econ text, and breathed a sigh of relief.

The worksheets are definitely going to help. I already feel less scared of failing this class. I did the first two - when you have time, could you look them over? Thank you again for wasting your time on me. I’ll try to get caught up quickly. I’m not used to being the student who’s a pain in the butt.

I had two freshmen from rival schools in competition with each other at regionals. Both asked me, separately thank God, who was my favorite. (I told each of them, “You are, of course.” Was that wrong??) They were very smug with each other when they came to get their basses from my truck, and I prayed that neither would mention the favorite status in front of the other. BOYS.

Engineering? Wow. No wonder you seem so brainy.


The worksheets look great. I marked a couple of minor mistakes that could trip you up on an exam, so check those.

Ah, sounds like your freshmen have crushes on you? Not surprised. A bass-playing college girl would have rendered me speechless at 14.

Of course I’m brainy! I’m the all-knowing tutor. And in case you’re wondering - yes, you’re my favorite. ;)


Saturday night, Elee was once again threatening to drag me out of our room, ignoring my protests and reluctance. This time, three of us were heading to the strip to hit some clubs with our fake IDs.

“Don’t you remember how the party last weekend went for me?” I asked when she shoved a clingy black dress into my outspread arms. Of course she didn’t remember; I hadn’t told her. All she knew was that I’d bailed early.

“Y/N, babe, I know this is hard. But you can’t let Seokjin win! You can’t let him make you a hermit, or keep you scared of falling for someone new. God, I love this part of it—the hunt for a new guy, everything unknown, untried—the mass of hot prospects in front of you, waiting to be discovered. If I didn’t lust after Jongkyung so hard, I’d be jealous of you.”

The way she described it, the process sounded like an expedition to an exotic continent. I didn’t share her feelings, not in the least. The idea of finding a new guy sounded exhausting and depressing. “Elee, I don’t think I’m ready—”

“That’s what you said last weekend, and you did fine!” She frowned, thinking, and for the hundredth time, I almost told her about Junmin. “Even if you did leave early.” She rehung the black dress I didn’t intend to wear, and I held my tongue, losing my chance again. I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t tell her. I was mostly afraid she’d be infuriated. More unreasonably, I was afraid she’d be disbelieving. Neither response was something I wanted to contend with; I just wanted to forget.

I thought of Taehyung, annoyed that his presence in econ was making that process impossible, because he was irrevocably connected to the horror of that night. He’d not looked at me at all Friday—as far as I knew. Every time I snuck a look back at him, he appeared to be sketching rather than taking notes, his black pencil held low between his fingers, a concentrated expression on his face. When class ended, he stuck the pencil behind his ear, turned and walked from the classroom without a backward glance, first one out the door.

“Now this will show off the goods,” Elee said, breaking into my reverie. Next up was a stretchy, low-cut purple top. Yanking it from the hanger, she tossed it to me. “Put on your skinny jeans and those badass boots. This fits your tough, I’m-a-challenge mood better anyway. You have to dress to attract the right guys, and if I make you too cute, you’ll flick them all away with glares and irritated rolls of your eyes.”

I sighed and she laughed, pulling the black dress over her own head. Elee knew me far too well.


I’d lost count of the number of drinks Elee had pressed into my hand, telling me that since she was the designated driver, I was required to drink for two.
“I can’t touch any of these hotties, either—so I have to live vicariously. Now finish that margarita, stop scowling, and stare at one of these guys until he knows he won’t lose a limb if he asks you to dance.”

“I’m not scowling!” I scowled, obeying and tossing the drink back. I grimaced. Cheap tequila refused to be concealed by an abundance of even cheaper margarita mix, but that’s what you get for no cover charge and five dollar drinks.

Still relatively early, the small club we decided to occupy for the night wasn’t yet overcrowded with the hundreds of college students and townies it would hold soon. Elee, Mina and I claimed a corner of the near-vacant floor. Having downed the drinks and dressed the part, I moved to the music, gradually loosening up while laughing at Elee’s cheer poses and Mina’s ballet movements. The first guy to interrupt us approached Elee, but she shook her head as her lips mouthed the word boyfriend. She turned him toward me and I thought: That’s me: SINGLE. No more relationship. No more Seokjin. No more You’re my Kkul.

“Wanna dance?” the guy yelled over the music, fidgeting as though he was ready to bolt if I turned him down. I nodded, choking back the pointless, almost physical pain. I was no one’s girlfriend, for the first time in three years.

We moved to an open space a few feet from Elee and Mina—who also had a boyfriend. It didn’t take long to figure out that the two of them planned to point every guy who asked one of them to dance at me. I was their pet project for the night.

Two hours later, I’d danced with too many guys to remember, dodging wandering hands and turning down any drinks not handed to me by Elee. Crowded around a tall table near the floor, we leaned hips on the barstools surrounding it, watching the surrounding hookup activity. As Mina returned from bopping and pirouetting her way to the bathroom and back, I asked if we could go yet, and Elee fixed me with a look she usually reserved for ill-mannered steakhouse patrons. I smirked at her and sipped my drink.I knew when the next guy walked up behind me, and that Elee and Mina approved, because their eyes widened simultaneously, focusing over my shoulder. Fingers grazed the back of my arm, and I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly before turning around. 

Good thing, too—because it was Taehyung who stood there, his eyes dropping to my cleavage for a split second. He crooked an eyebrow and gazed into my eyes with a faint smile, unapologetic for looking. The heels on my boots were killing my feet, but they weren’t tall enough to bring me eye-to-eye. Rather than raising his voice like everyone else, he leaned close to my ear and asked, “Dance with me?” I felt his warm breath and inhaled the scent of his aftershave—something basic and male—before he withdrew, his eyes on mine, waiting for my answer. An enthusiastic nudge between my shoulder blades told me Elee’s vote: go dance with him. 

I nodded, and he took my hand and made his way to the floor, maneuvering through the crowd, which parted easily for him. Once we reached the worn oak floor, he turned and pulled me close, never letting go of my hand. As we found the rhythm of the slow-paced song, swaying together, he took my other hand in his and moved both hands behind my back, gently holding me captive. My breasts grazed against his chest and I struggled not to gasp at the subtle contact. I’d barely let anyone else touch me at all tonight, adamantly refusing all slow dances. Dizzy from weak-but-plentiful margaritas, I closed my eyes and let him lead, telling myself that the difference was the alcohol in my blood, nothing more. A minute later, he released my fingers and spread his hands across my lower back, and my hands moved to his biceps. Solid, as I knew they would be. Tracking a path, my palms encountered equally hard shoulders. 

Finally, I hooked my fingers behind his neck and opened my eyes. His gaze was penetrating, not wavering for a moment, and my pulse hammered under his silent scrutiny. Finally, I stretched up toward his ear, and he leaned down to accommodate my question.
“S-so what’s your major?” I breathed.From the corner of my eye, I watched his mouth twitch up on one side.
“Do you really want to talk about that?” He maintained the closeness, our torsos pressed together chest to thigh, ostensibly waiting for my answer. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so full of pure, unqualified desire.I swallowed. “As opposed to talking about what?” He chuckled, and I felt the vibrations of his chest against mine.
“As opposed to not talking.” His hands at my waist gripped a little tighter, thumbs pressing into my ribcage, fingers still at my lower back. I blinked, one moment not understanding what his words implied, and the next knowing unreservedly.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I lied. He leaned closer still, his smooth cheek whispering against mine as he murmured 
“Yes, you do.” Struck again by his scent—clean and subtle. I felt an impulse to bring my fingertips to his face and trail them over his jaw. His skin would feel so soft againstt mine now if he kissed me, hard.
I would feel nothing but his mouth on mine—and maybe that slim ring at the edge of his lip…The errant thought made my breath catch. When his lips touched just south of my earlobe, I thought I might pass out.
“Let’s just dance,” he said. Pulling back just far enough to stare into my eyes, he drew my body against his, and my legs obeyed where his said to go.

“Bitch, who was that hot guy?” Elee carefully maneuvered her daddy-furnished Volvo sedan around the people weaving drunkenly through the parking lot. “If I wasn’t stone cold sober, I’d think he was a figment of my sex-starved imagination.”

“Psshh,” I mumbled, eyes closed, my spinning head lolling back against the headrest. “Don’t even talk to me about sex-starved.”

A minute later, Mina piped up from the back seat. “You haven’t answered the question, Y/N!” Her speech was almost as slurred as mine, my name pronounced in distinct syllables. “Who was that beautiful guy, and more importantly, why didn’t you solve your sex-starvedness with him? Holy hell, I think I’d be willing to boot Jinyoung outta bed for a night with him!”

“Slut,” Elee said, rolling her eyes into her rearview mirror.

Mina laughed. “In this case… Hell. Yeah.”

They both grew quiet, staring at me, waiting for me to reveal who he was. I mentally sorted through everything I knew about him. He’d saved me from Junmin’s attack, which I hadn’t told anyone about. He’d beaten the crap out of Junmin, which I likewise hadn’t told anyone. He’d stared at me all through economics on Wednesday, and then ignored me completely on Friday, which I hadn’t told anyone. He worked at the Coffe. And he kept asking me if I was okay… but he hadn’t asked me that tonight.

Tonight had been something else altogether. By unspoken agreement, we’d danced several dances without stopping—slow, fast, and everything in between. His hands never left my body, triggering an upsurge of longing I’d not felt in a very long time—longer than four or five weeks ago. His hands hadn’t wandered inappropriately, his fingers not even teasing beneath the fabric of my top at the waist, but they’d seared the skin beneath regardless. 

And then he disappeared. Bending, his lips next to my ear, he thanked me for the dances, led me back to my table, and vanished into the throng of people. I hadn’t seen him again, and could only assume he’d left the club.

“His name is Taehyung. He’s in my economics class. And he draws stuff.”

Mina began giggling and slapped the leather seat. “He draws stuff? What kind of stuff? Naked girls? That’s pretty much the extent of most guys’ artistic endeavors. Usually not even whole girls. Just boobs.”

Elee laughed along with her. “I don’t know what he draws. He was just… sketching something in class Friday. I don’t think he listened to the lecture at all.”

“Oh no, Elee!” Maggie leaned as far up as her seatbelt would allow. “Sounds like that god of a man is a bad student. We know what that means for Y/N.”

I frowned. “What does it mean?”

Elee shook her head, smiling. “Come on, Y/N—have you ever in your life been attracted to a bad boy? Or a boy who’s, um, academically challenged? In other words, a boy who isn’t—gasp!—a brainiac?”

My mouth fell open. “Shut up! Are you saying I’m an intellectual snob?”

“No! We didn’t say you were—we don’t mean that. We just mean… you sure didn’t look indifferent to this Taehyung guy tonight, while you two danced together for like ever, and it sounds like he’s maybe not your usual type—”
“My only ‘type’ has been Seokjin for the past three years! Who knows what my type is?”
“Don’t get huffy. You know what I mean—you don’t even crush on dumb guys.”
“Well, who does?” I rebelled against the idea that Taehyung was dumb. Maybe he was unmotivated in economics, but nothing about him seemed unintelligent.

“And all of this talk is for—?”

Elee grinned at me. “You’re ready for a new man, my girl.”

“Ooohhh,” Mina sighed.

“Um. I don’t think—”

“Exactly. Don’t think. You’re gonna seduce this Taehyung guy and rebound the hell out of him. That’s the thing about boys—they don’t have any qualms about being the rebound guy because they don’t hang around for long anyway. He probably lives for being the rebound guy—especially in a situation like this, where he’ll get to teach you all sorts of naughty stuff.”

Mina endorsed Elee’s crazy idea with one heavily sighed word. “Lucky.”

I thought of Taehyung’s hands at my waist, his mouth grazing my ear, and I shivered. I recalled his penetrating gaze Wednesday during class, and the breath in my lungs went shallow. Maybe I was experiencing alcohol perspective, and everything would look different tomorrow—but at the moment, Elee’s crazy idea was starting to sound almost not crazy.

I was a ball of nerves as I approached the classroom Monday morning, unsure if I should initiate the man-snaring strategy I’d agreed to test on my unsuspecting classmate, or abandon it fully while I still could. He walked into the room ahead of me, and I watched his eyes flick over my recently assigned seat, and the vacant one next to Seokjin, who was already seated, thank God. I had about thirty seconds to reconsider the whole thing.

Go time.

I took a deep breath. I had three minutes until class started. Elee said I needed one minute, no more than two. “But two is pushing it,” she insisted, “because then you look too interested. One is better.”

I slid into the seat next to him, but perched on the edge, making it obvious that I had no intention of remaining. His eyes snapped to mine immediately, dark brows disappearing into that messy hair falling over his forehead. His eyes were almost colorless. I’d never seen anyone with eyes so light.

He was definitely startled by my appearance next to him. Good, according to Elee and Mina.

“Hey,” I said, a subtle smile on my lips, hoping I appeared somewhere between interested and indifferent. According to Elee and Mina, that impression was a vital part of the strategy.

“Hey.” He opened his econ text, concealing the open sketchbook in front of him. Before he obscured it, I caught a detailed illustration of the venerated old oak tree in the center of campus.

I swallowed. Interested and indifferent. “So, it just occurred to me that I don’t remember your name from the other night. Too many margaritas, I guess.”

He wet his lips and stared at me a moment before answering, and I blinked, wondering if he was purposefully making my loosely-sustained indifference more challenging to maintain. “It’s Taehyung. And I don’t think I gave it.”

In the next moment, Dr. Park entered noisily near the podium, catching his handled case in the door. An audible, “Dammit,” echoed through the lecture hall, thanks to the planned acoustics of the room. Taehyung and I smiled at each other as our fellow classmates tittered.

“So… you, um, called me Kkul, before?” I said, and his head tilted slightly. “My name is actually Y/N…”

His brows drew down slightly. “Okay.”

I cleared my throat and stood—surprising him again, judging by his expression. “Nice to meet you, Taehyung.” I smiled again before turning away and darting to my assigned seat.

Keeping my attention on the lecture and defying the compulsion to peek over my shoulder was excruciating. I was sure I felt Taehyung’s eyes boring into the back of my head. Like an out-of-reach itch, the sensation nettled me for fifty minutes straight, and it took herculean effort to refrain from turning around. 

Unknowingly, Jungkook helped by making distracting observations on Dr. Park, like tallying the number of times he said, “Uuummm,” during the lecture with marks at the top of his notebook, and pointing out the fact that our professor was sporting one navy and one brown sock.

Instead of lingering at the end of class to see what Taehyung would do (speak to me or ignore me?), instead of waiting for Seokjin to leave (funny, I’d paid scant attention to him for the past hour—that was a first), I swung my backpack onto my shoulder and practically sprinted from the room without looking at either of them. Emerging from the side door into the crisp fall air, I sucked in a deep breath. 

When Elee and I joined the line at the Coffe, I didn’t see Taehyung.

“Rats.” She craned her neck, making sure he wasn’t one of the people behind the counter. “He was here last Monday, right?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, but his work schedule is probably unpredictable.”

She elbowed me lightly. “Not so much. That’s him there, right?”

He came through a door to the back with an industrial-sized bag of coffee. My physical reaction to him was unnerving. It was as though my insides all clenched up at the sight of him, and when they unwound, everything restarted at once—my heart rate accelerating, lungs pumping air, brainwaves running amok.

“Ooh, Y/N, he’s got ink, too,” Elee murmured appreciatively. “Just when I didn’t think he could get any hotter…”

My eyes fell to his forearms, flexing as he sliced the bag open. Tattooed designs wrapped around his wrists, contiguous symbols and script running up both arms and disappearing into the sleeves of the gray knit shirt, which were shoved above his elbows. I’d never seen him without his sleeves pulled to the wrists. Even Saturday night, he’d worn long sleeves—a faded black button-down, open over a white t-shirt.

Now, I wondered how far the tattoos spread—just the sleeves of his arms? His back? His chest?

Elee tugged my arm as the line moved forward. “You’re botching our carefully crafted indifferent act, by the way. Not that I can blame you.” She sighed. “Maybe we should bail now before he—”

I glanced at her when she fell silent, and watched a devious smile cross her face as she turned to me.

“Keep looking at me,” she said, laughing as though we were having an amusing conversation. “He’s staring at you. And I mean staring. That boy is undressing you with his eyes. Can you feel it?” Her expression was triumphant.

Could I feel his stare? I can now, thanks, I thought. My face heated.

“Hoe, you’re blushing,” she whispered, her dark eyes widening.

“No shit.” My teeth were clenched, voice tight. “Stop telling me he’s—he’s—”

“Undressing you with his eyes?” She laughed again and I’d never wanted to kick her more. “Okay, okay—but Y/N, do not worry. You’ve got this. I don’t know what you’ve done to him, but he’s ready to sit up and beg. Trust me.” She glanced in his direction. “Okay, he’s starting a new batch of coffee now. You can do your own staring.”

We stepped closer; there were only two people in front of us. I watched Taehyung replace the filter, measure out the coffee, and set the controls. His green apron was haphazardly secured in the back—more of a knot than a bow.

He turned then, eyes on the second register as he punched buttons and brought it to life. I wondered if he planned to ignore me as I had him during class. It would serve me right, playing this game. Just as the guy in front of me began his detailed drink order to the girl at the first register, Taehyung’s gaze swung up to meet mine.
“Next?” The steel gray of his shirt set off the gray in his eyes, the blue disappearing. “Y/N.” He greeted me with a smirk, and I worried that he could read my mind, and the devious plans Elee had implanted in it. “Americano today, or something else?”

He remembered my drink order from a week ago.

I nodded, and he flashed a barely-there grin at my bemusement, ringing up the order and printing the cup with a sharpie. Instead of passing it to a coworker, though, he made the drink himself.

He added a protective sleeve and a lid and handed me the cup. I couldn’t read his trace of a smile. “Have a nice day.” Looking over my shoulder, he said, “Next?”

I joined Elee at the pick-up counter, confused and sulking.

“He made the drink for you?” She retrieved her drink and followed me to the condiment counter.

“Yeah.” I removed the lid and added sugar and milk while she shook cinnamon over her latte. “But he just handed it over like I was any other customer and took the next guy’s order.” We watched him interact with customers. He didn’t once glance my way.

“I could have sworn he was so into you he couldn’t see straight,” she mused as we left, rounding a corner to join the mass of people flowing through the student center.

“Hey, baby!” Jongkyung’s voice pulled both of us from our thoughts. He snatched Elee out of the flow of people and I followed, laughing at her delighted squeal until I noticed the guy standing next to him.

My face went hot, blood pounding in my ears. As our friends kissed hello and began talking about what time they each got off work tonight, Junmi stared down at me, his mouth turning up on one side. My breath came in pants and I fought to keep the rising panic and nausea under control. I wanted to turn and run, but I was immobilized.

He couldn’t touch me here. He couldn’t hurt me here.

“Hey, Kkul.” His piercing gaze roamed over me and my skin crawled. “Lookin’ good, as always.” His words gushed flirtation, but all I felt was the threat underneath, intended or not.

The bruises had faded from his face, but weren’t entirely gone. One yellowish streak ringed his left eye, and another brushed along the right side of his nose like a pale smear. Taehyung had given him those, and only the three of us knew it. I stared back, mute, the coffee clutched in my hand. I’d once thought this boy handsome and charming—the all-American veneer he wore fooling me as thoroughly as it fooled everyone else.

I raised my chin, ignoring my physical reaction to him, and the fear causing it. “It’s Y/N.”

He cocked one eyebrow, confused. “Huh?”

Elee grabbed my elbow. “Come on, hot stuff. Don’t you have art history in like five minutes?”

I stumbled slightly as I turned and followed her, and he issued a soft, taunting laugh as I passed him. “See you around, Y/N” he teased.

My name in his mouth sent a tremor through me, and I trailed behind Elee into the sea of students. Once I could move, I couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

Elee: Do you still have your coffee cup?

Me: Yes?

Elee: Take the sleeve off


Elee: His phone number?

Me: How did you know???

Elee: I’m Elee. I know all.

If Elee hadn’t texted me during class, that cup, and his number, would have been pitched into the hallway wastebasket.

So… Taehyung wasn’t writing an unnecessary drink order onto my cup, he was giving me his phone number. I entered it into my phone, wondering what I was meant to do with it. Call him? Text him?

I thought about what I knew of him: He’d come out of nowhere the night of the party. After putting a stop to the attack, some further protective trait had obliged him to see me safely back to the dorm. He’d somehow known my name that night—my nickname—but I’d never noticed him before.

He sat in the back row in economics, sketching or staring at me instead of paying attention to the lecture. Saturday night, the firm touch of his hands as we danced made my head swim, before he disappeared without explanation. He’d undressed me with his eyes, Elee said. He was cocky and self-sure. Tattooed and too hot for words. 

And now, his number was programmed into my phone. It was as though he knew all about my desesperation to see another dick, and he was as willing and eager to cooperate as my friends believed he’d be.

Promise Me: Part 4 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Hey everyone! So sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for an update to this!! I know I’ve taken too long to finish this and I am so sorry! I really hope you guys aren’t too mad at me, but I really hope you enjoy this guys <3

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader, Platonic Phillipa Soo x Reader

Word Count: 5394 (the word most said was Anthony lol)

Warnings: Lots of cursing, a smidge of sex talk, embarrassing moments for reader lol

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


The music was loud when you and Phillipa stepped into the venue where the party was being held.

“Let’s go look for Lin.” Phillipa shouted to you over the noise.

You nodded your head and followed her as she walked around looking for her cast mate. You watched as she greeted almost every person she walked past, and you occasionally said a hello to some people too. Phillipa stopped in front of one group of people. Lin stood in the middle of them, with his arm around his wife.

“Lin! Vanessa!” Phillipa shouted as she opened her arms out to Lin’s wife. She hugged Lin after, and then turned to you.

“This is my sister, Y/N.” Phillipa said.

Lin reached out a hand for you to shake, which you took (all while trying not to freak out, since you were meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of your inspirations). Vanessa opened her arms out to give you a hug.

Phillipa began introducing the other people in the circle.

“This is Daveed, Oak, Anthony, Renee, Jasmine.”

Each person gave you a big smile and shook your hand. When you got to Anthony, the both of you looked at each other then awkwardly grabbed the other’s hand, shaking for a little too long. With an awkward chuckle, the both of you let go.

Everyone each gave you and Anthony a look at how weird the both of you had acted. Phillipa didn’t seem like she noticed anything. Lin and Vanessa both excused themselves, and walked around the venue.

“Where’s Leslie?”

“He’s with Nikki, over by the bar.” Daveed answered.

“Well, aren’t these the Schuyler sisters?” A man asked from behind you and Phillipa.

Renee, Phillipa and Jasmine all turned towards the man and answered with a yes.

“I’m a little bored of the music here; maybe we can get a wonderful song sung by these sisters?” The man said, holding a microphone up to them and pointing towards the stage.

Each girl laughed.

“We’d love to.” Renee answered.

The man began walking towards the stage to set them up and Phillipa turned to you.

“Stay with the guys, don’t get lost. Boys, watch out for her.” She pointed a finger to them then ran off to follow the other women.  

You turned to the guys and smiled.

“So you’re the girl Anthony’s always talking about?” Daveed asked.

Your smile faltered. “Uh…”

“Diggs, what the hell?” Anthony said, hitting him on the arm.

“I’m just asking a question.” Daveed said, raising his arms up as if to say I’m not sorry.

You smirked. “Always talking about me, huh?”

“Naw, I don’t talk about you, Daveed’s just always grabbing my phone and looking through my text messages and shit.” Anthony rambled nervously.

Oak laughed loudly and said, “Yeah, sure, we grab you phone and look through it, not you show us your texts.”

Anthony hit Oak on the arm too and looked at him angrily.

Both Daveed and Oak just laughed.

“All he ever does is show us your guy’s texts and ask if what you’re saying is flirty.” Daveed said.

You start laughing as Oak continues. “He’s constantly asking us what he should text back to you.”

“Oh,” Daveed interrupted. “And that one time he sent you a picture of his outfit, we were there, and we watched him take picture after picture, then ask us afterwards which one was the best one. I swear we looked through 100 photos.”

You were bent over as you laughed. “Oh that’s great.” You said.

You turned to look at Anthony and saw his face was completely red. You laid your arm on his shoulder. “Aw, its fine, baby.” You cooed, pinching his cheek.

He swatted your hand away but smiled. “I swear to you, none of that happened.”

“Yeah, I definitely believe you.” You said sarcastically.

“Moving on from Anthony’s embarrassing crush on you, how come we haven’t met you earlier? Phillipa’s been telling us all about her wonderful little sister, but we never had a face to match the description.” Oak asked.

“Oh, I spent a year backpacking through Europe after high school. I only got to the States a couple months ago, and spent most of that time with my parents before coming here.”

“Really? How was it?” Daveed asked.

“It was great. A lot of fun.”

“What was your favorite place?” Anthony asked, looking down at you where you were standing next to him.

You thought about if for a second. “Probably Italy or France. They had the best parties to go to there.”

“Ah, a party girl. A woman after my own heart.” Daveed said. Oak laughed and Anthony stayed silent. He was giving Daveed a warning look. Daveed only smirked, already planning on how to flirt with you and further antagonize Anthony.

“Ha, yeah. But it was really fun, even when I wasn’t partying. The food was phenomenal and the weather was beautiful everywhere I went. I’d recommend it if you guys weren’t so busy working.”

“Yup, that Broadway schedule’s crazy sometimes.” Daveed said. Oak and Anthony mumble agreements.

“You never wanted to get into theater or any entertainment?” Oak asked.

“Not really. I don’t like to do the performing thing. Being up on stage is scary.” You answered.

“She likes writing.” Anthony said. You turned to give him a dirty look. “What?” he asked. “You do.”

“What do you write?” Daveed asked.

“I don’t really wri-” You started before Anthony interrupted.

“She likes writing poems, songs, but she’s been writing a musical recently.”


“Its actually pretty good.” Anthony said as he continued to ignore your protests.

“Oh that’s so cool! What’s it about?” Oak asked.

“It’s about nothing and if Anthony says another word, I’ll kick his ass.”

“I’ll take it. Its about a small town girl who moves to New York looking for her mom.” Anthony said. You stomped on his foot and he shouted out in pain.

“Sounds cute.” Daveed said.

“It’s stupid I know, it’s a work in progress.” You stuttered.

“No, no. It’s not stupid. It’s good that you’re writing something. And if you need any help, I’m pretty sure Lin would be more than happy to help you.” Oak said.

“She’d like that; she’s, like, seriously in love with Lin.” And with that, you hit Anthony behind his head, making an audible thump.

“Jesus, what the fuck?” he shouted.

“You idiot, why would you say that?” You said, your face red with embarrassment.

“Its true,” he mumbled, rubbing his head.

Oak and Daveed both giggled at the exchange between you and Anthony.

“Y’all two are adorable.” Daveed said. “But yeah, Lin could help out, and if you need help with the music, I’d be happy to help too.”

“Oh that’d be awesome.” You said.

“She probably has a crush on you too.” Anthony mumbled. You stomped on his foot again.

“Don’t be annoying.” You warned. Anthony just smiles. You noticed Daveed and Oak are just giggling to themselves.

“How’d you react when you found out Pippa was going to be in Hamilton?” Oak asked when his laughter died down.

“I cried.” You said. “Mostly because I just got to Europe and I didn’t have any money to fly back to the States.”

“You want to go meet someone?” Daveed suddenly asked. He smiled at you.

“Uh, yeah sure I guess?” You said, glancing at Anthony. He only shrugged.

Daveed grabbed your arm and begun  to drag you away. You quickly turned to Anthony and reached out for him to grab your hand. He looked surprised for a second but his surprise turned into a smile and he gripped onto your hand. Daveed navigated the three of you across the venue. Daveed continuously looked around, as if he were looking for someone.

“Aha.” He said when he’d found who he was looking for. He tapped on a man’s shoulder and you gasped when you saw who it was.

Chris Jackson stood in front of you, smiling as he greeted Daveed and Anthony. You’d yet to meet Chris Jackson yet, despite the fact that you’d visited the Richard Rogers theater twice already.

“Chris, this is Y/N. She’s a big fan of In the Heights.” Anthony said. You gripped onto his hand harder and reached your other one to shake Chris’s hand.

“Hi, its so great to meet you. Benny is my favorite character in the show so its such an honor to meet you.” You stammer.

Chris smiles. “We’ve heard a lot about you, you know? Phillipa just wouldn’t bring you around.”

You chuckled nervously. “Ah, yeah. I’ve been getting that a lot.”

Chris nods his head. “Did you ever get to see the show live?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Nope. I was pretty young, so I didn’t get into In the Heights until it was too late.”

“Oh that sucks. Well maybe one day some of the cast can get together and perform something for you.”

You nodded your head enthusiastically. “That’d be so great.”

Chris smiled again, before he looks at something behind you. “Well, it looks like my beautiful wife is calling me for something. It was nice finally meeting you Y/N. See you both later.” He said, before walking away, giving Anthony a friendly pat on the shoulder before walking away.

You turned to Anthony. “You stayed.” You said.

Anthony’s brows furrowed. “Of course I did. Why would I leave?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. Daveed did.”

A look passes Anthony’s face before he smiles again. The look passes by so quickly, you can’t help but think you made it up. “I’m not Daveed.” he mumbled.

“Yup.” You said, smiling at him. “Wanna go get me some alcohol?”

“Sorry, you’re too young.” He said, shrugging a shoulder.

“Don’t be a prude. Get me-”

“Y/N, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Phillipa said, walking up to you and Anthony. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” You and Anthony answered at the same time. She looks between the two of you before dropping it.

“I want to finally introduce you to the girls.” She said. You nodded your head.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s go do that.”

Phillipa smiled before walking away, expecting you to follow.

You turned to Anthony. “Get me that alcohol now.”

“Jaz and Renee aren’t that bad.”

“I don’t doubt they’re not sweet. I would just prefer to stick with not having to keep up conversation with strangers.”

“You’ve been speaking with strangers all day.”

“Only Daveed, Oak and Chris. Three is my stranger quota. I don’t go over.”

“Well, you kinda have too.” Anthony laughed. “You’ll be fine. Those girls can ramble on and on about anything. You won’t have to do much talking.”

You nodded your head and hurried to meet up with Phillipa before she asks too many questions about why you’re suddenly buddy-buddy with Anthony.

Renee and Jasmine were sweet, just as Anthony said, but you still wished you were talking to Anthony, Daveed and Oak again.

Or maybe just Anthony. You could talk to Anthony for days without getting tired of him.

Renee and Jasmine are suddenly dragged away from yours and Phillipa’s conversation with them.

“I’m going to go get a drink. Want to come?” she asked.

You shook your head. “I think I kinda want to go look for Daveed, Oak and Anthony.”

Phillipa nodded her head. “Remember what I said about Anthony. I don’t want you getting hurt okay?”

“Yes, mom. I remember.”

Phillipa laughed at you and walked over to the bar. You found Anthony, Daveed and Oak not too far away from where Phillipa walked to. You walked up to them.


Daveed smiled at you. “Welcome back.”

Oak gave you a smile too. “We were just talking about what we wanted to do tomorrow. Wanna join?”

You looked to the other two men. “Yeah sure. If everyone else is cool with it.”

Anthony and Daveed nod as if they can’t believe you would ever say something like that.

“You’re always invited, Y/N.” Anthony said, giving a light punch to your shoulder.

Daveed takes out his phone. “Give me your number.”

“Excuse me?” Anthony sputtered out.

Daveed smirked before saying, “I was just going to add her to the group chat, man.”


You gave Daveed your number. He typed on his phone before your phone dings with a message.

You saw you were added to a chat named “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”

You giggled. “Boys with big cats?”

Daveed grinned. “Well it was originally something a lot more inappropriate, but when Renee saw it she almost slapped me in the face so I had to change it.”

You shook your head. “Well, I think you need to change it again if I’m in it now.”

“Oh no. You being added right now is your audition. You need to prove you’re entertaining enough to stay in the chat. If you’re not, we give you the boot.” Oak said.

“Am I seriously being discriminated against? Because I’m younger? Because I’m a woman?” You asked, faking your exasperation.

“Oh shut up, Y/N.” Anthony laughed. Everyone laughed along too.

The rest of the night was fun. You and the boys got a lot closer that night. The minute you and Phillipa announced that you were leaving to go back home, the boys started to spam the group chat with messages. Daveed would write things letter by letter, then would start over if Anthony or Oak interrupted the flow. Anthony sent in different lyrics of the song that was playing at the party. Oak just kept sending emojis that were related to whatever song Anthony was sending.

On the cab ride home, you giggled at the messages.

“What are you giggling at?” Phillipa asked with a smile.

“Daveed added me to some group chat with him, Ant and Oak, and they keep spamming it with stupid messages.”

Phillipa laughed and you showed her the messages until you reached home.

When you were ready to go to bed, you had to silence your phone because the boys kept sending too many messages.

“Ok im gonna go cause you guys keep sending too many damn messages.” you texted.

No don’t go!!” Anthony said.

Yeah your audition isnt over yet” Oak sent.

“Tbh dont care. You guys are sending too many messages lol”

Naw, youre just too lame to stay up with us cool kids” Anthony said.

“Good night”

“We decided at the party that we’re hanging out tomorrow at a diner that Oak found the other day, wanna come?” Daveed asked.

“Yeah sure, sounds cool”

We’re meeting up at noon” Oak said.

Daveed sent the address. “Dont be late, if you are, youre not our friend anymore

“Yeah yeah yeah, see you there. Good night”

The boys all texted good night and you tucked your phone under your pillow, a bad habit that made your phone overheat, but you still did it anyway.

The next morning, you woke up at 11. Phillipa was already awake.

“Morning. Glad you finally decided to join the living.”

“Phil, we got home at like 1 in the morning. I needed to sleep in or else I wouldn’t get a good night’s rest.”

Phillipa rolled her eyes. “I woke up early and I feel fine.”

“Yeah but you’re old. Old people like waking up early.”

“Shut up. I’m not old.” Phillipa laughed, throwing a pillow at your head.

You dodged it and stood up from the bed.

“I’m going out with Daveed, Anthony and Oak in about an hour.” You called to Phillipa as you walked to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower.

“Alright cool. Where are you guys going?”

“Some diner.”

“What’s the address of this diner?”

“I don’t know. It’s in my phone somewhere.”

“Okay, when you get out I want it.”

“Sure mom.” You chuckled. You grabbed your toothbrush, put toothpaste on and began brushing.

A moment of silence passed. “How long are you going to be out?”

“I don’t know.” You said while you brushed the back of your teeth.

“They didn’t say how long you guys would be out? I’m gonna call them and ask.” she said. Through the doorway, you could see Phillipa grabbing her phone and unlocking it.

You spit the toothpaste out of your mouth. “Phill, I lived in Europe for an entire year. I’m pretty sure I can navigate through New York on my own, and especially with the boys, who would protect me.”

“That’s not the point, I want to make sure you’re safe. And Daveed and Oak are much older so they might go too fast for you. Maybe you shouldn’t go out with them. They’re way too old.”

“Phillipa, I’ll be fine. I promise. If anything happens, I’ll call you.” You said.

“Maybe I’ll go out with you guys, at least for an hour to make sure you-”

“Phillipa. I will be fine. We most likely won’t even make it out of the diner. We’ll be there, for god knows how long, and we won’t move. If it makes you feel any better, if they suggest going out to someplace else afterwards, I’ll tell them no and just come back home. Sound good?”

Still looking unconvinced, Phillipa nodded her head. “But I’ll walk you there, since it’s on the way to the little shopping plaza. And I will walk you back home, okay?”

You rolled your eyes, an action that, thankfully, didn’t catch Phillipa’s eyes. “Fine.”

When you guys finally left, Phillipa walked you to the diner. It was a 15 minute walk, and you got there only 5 minutes late.

When you opened the door to walk in, you noticed Phillipa was trying to follow you in.

“I’m good now Phil.” You said.

“I’m just gonna say hi to the boys.”

“As long as it’s that, and you’re not going to lecture them.”

“Yeah, I swear it’s that.”

Except it wasn’t that.

“You boys better not buy her any alcohol. You better make sure she’s safe, and she is not allowed to leave this diner, understand? You will stay here until I come, just to make sure she makes it home with me, and only me.” Phillipa said, waving a finger at Ant and Oak, since Daveed hadn’t arrived yet.

“Yes, sir.” Anthony said. Phillipa rolled her eyes, and walked away after saying goodbye.

“Jesus Christ.” You mumbled under your breath, as you sat down in the booth next to Anthony. “She’s a monster.”

“She’s just looking out for you.” Oak said, giving you a pat on the shoulder. “Be happy you have someone like that.”

“No, yeah. That’s fine. But she’s crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a tracker in my phone.” You said, staring suspiciously at your phone.

“You wanna order something to drink?” Oak asked, beginning to wave down a waiter.

“Yeah, can I just get some Coke, please?” You said to the waiter. He nodded then walked away to get your drink. He came back with your soda and Anthony and Oak’s refill.

“Where’s Daveed?” You asked.

“Had some last minute clipping. things to handle. He’s coming in a couple minutes.” Anthony said.

Ten minutes later, Daveed walked in. By that time, you, Ant and Oak were already having a conversation.

“Hey guys.” Daveed said to the boys. To you, he gave you a cheek kiss and sat down next to you.

Anthony gave a dirty look to Daveed, though you didn’t see it. When Daveed looked over and saw Anthony, he smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

“What?” Daveed mouthed.

Anthony only shook his head in response, and focused his attention back to the conversation.

“So did you bring your musical over Y/N?” Daveed asked, putting an arm around the back of your chair.

“I, uh, no. Why would I bring it?”

“We want to read it.” Oak said.

“Just talk to Ant, and he’ll tell you how shitty it is.” You said, pointing over at the him.

“Shitty? That thing is fucking brilliant.” Anthony said, sitting up taller in his chair, getting ready to praise your writing. “She’s only halfway done with it, but I can already tell it’s going to be a smash. The storyline is so good, and compelling, the way she writes about the girl being angry with her mom for leaving her but desperate to still know her anyway. And the music she has written for it is crazy good. The lyrics are mesmerizing and there are some raps in it too, good raps at that. And her voice is just… ” Anthony trailed off when he noticed you staring at him with you mouth wide open. “Yeah, no. The musical is okay I guess, yeah.”

“Ant…” You said, unsure of what to say.

“Well, now we have to listen to it!” Daveed said. “Just sing us one little line, please?” he asked, intertwining his fingers under his chin and giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Ah, no. I’m good. I don’t like singing in front of people.”

Each one of them nodded their heads, understanding.

“We’ll get a tune out of you one day.” Oak said. “If Ant shook it out of you, we will too.” He said, giving a wink.

You giggled.

The conversation was led into other topics, and it never faltered once.

“Y/N’s told me about some of her embarrassing stories.” Anthony said, after having admitted his own (a sex story, a different one from what you’ve heard before.) “They’re priceless.” Daveed and Oak looked at you expectantly.

“Oh no. Jesus, no.” You said, laughing.

“Come on, we all shared our own, Ant shared one that none of us really needed to hear, but he still did it. Now you need to.” Oak said.

“Ah. Fuck it, fine.” You said. “So I had a crush on this guy one time and my friend gave me his number, and I was really annoyed cause she kept insisting I text him. So I started typing out this really long and intense text, talking about how I’d been in love with him and what I really wanted to do with him and shit as a joke, and I accidentally sent it to him.”

“Oh no.” Daveed said. Suddenly all the boys burst out laughing, and you couldn’t help but join along with them. Even though at the time it was a tragic thing to happen, looking back at it now made you realize how stupidly funny it was.

The waiter came and took you guys’s orders (You and Ant ordered a burger and fries, Oak ordered pasta, and Daveed ordered steak.)

The conversation changed again.

“The professor was just a massive asshole. He’d announce a test like only two days before, and then give you a study guide that had nothing to do with what were were learning. The tests were like 10 questions each, so you couldn’t get more than 2 wrong because he didn’t consider a 70% a passing score. It was hell. College was horrible.” Oak said. He then looked at you. “That’s not to say not to go to college, definitely go to college. Education is important.” He finished.

You rolled your eyes. “Not going to college is in no way an option. Phillipa and my family would kill me. Well, mostly Phillipa but yeah.”

The waiter came around and gave you all your food. The conversation started up soon after the waiter left.

“No, no. Please explain when this crush started. This is gold.” Daveed laughed when the conversation shifted from when you all first started liking musicals to your crush on Lin.

“Shut up, don’t make fun of me.” You said, giving Daveed a hard punch on his shoulder.

“I’m going to throw you a bone, and give you his number.” Daveed said, taking out his phone and typing stuff into his phone.

A message came through “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”, and you opened your phone to read it.

Daveed had added Lin to the chat and wrote “Here, have fun Y/N.”

“What in the hell was I just added to?” Lin typed.

“Hey, Lin. Y/N is totally in love with you and would love for you to help her with her musical”

“Anthony, what the fuck?” You shouted out loud in horror. You started to push and hit Anthony, making him bump into Oak multiple times.

“What?” He shouted, trying to push you away from him. You sat back and stopped hitting him.

“Why,” you asked calmly. “The fuck. Would you say that?”

“Because I love embarrassing you.” Anthony responded.

“Oh wow. Yeah, no that’s a great excuse. No I completely understand now, thanks.” You said in a monotone voice.

Anthony smiled as wide as he could. “Sorry?”

You didn’t respond, and only took a couple of Anthony’s fries and shoved them into your mouth.

“Hey!” Ant shouted. “Don’t take my food!”

“Then don’t take my dignity!” You mumbled, your mouth too full of fries to speak clearly.

You and Anthony started having a little cat fight, giving light hits to the other’s body. Oak reached over and broke up the fight.

“We are in a public place. Stop fighting.”

You and Anthony sat back in your seats, having a stare off. Anthony quickly moved to your plate and took a big bite of your burger.

“No!” You shouted.

Daveed and Oak both looked around the diner, trying to make sure no one was staring at you all making so much noise.

“A fry is nothing like a burger! I can’t believe you just ate my food!”

“Well, I had to punish you for being bad.”

“There are other ways to punish a bad girl than by taking her meat away.” You said. You grabbed a fry, from you own plate this time, and ate it, unaware of the boys all giving you shocked looks.

When you saw their faces you said, “Get you mind out of the gutter guys. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well, Anthony sure thought you meant it like that.” Daveed said. “I think he’s prepared to give you some meat now.” You didn’t hear that last comment.

“Jesus, if I knew hanging out with you guys was going to get dirty, I wouldn’t have come.” You shook your head. “Not come as in come. Come as in like arriving at this diner to hang out with you guys.”

“Yeah, we understood you that time Y/N.” Oak chuckled.

You looked back down at your phone to see that Lin had sent a message to the group chat during your fight with Ant.

“Oh hey Y/N! :) I would love to help you with your musical. I didn’t know you were writing one! Im busy today and tomorrow, but after that you can call me whenever you have time and I’ll help you with whatever you need :D”

You were giddy to learn that Lin was an emoji type of guy. You were actually texting Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man you’d been obsessed with for almost five years, about your musical. Life was too good.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks Lin!!” You texted. You looked back up at your phone to see the boys staring at you.

“See, that wasn’t so bad right?” Daveed asked.

“Shut up,” you laughed.

You and the boys spent another hour at the diner before Oak said he had to leave to meet his girlfriend before their date.

After that, Daveed left too. You and Anthony were the only ones left in the diner. You texted Phillipa to tell her that you were ready to go home.

Anthony yawned. “Jesus, I’m so tired.”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure being annoying can be very tiring.”

“Yeah it really is, but I’m pretty sure you understand.”

You nodded your head. “Oh, yeah I sure do.”

Anthony shook his head and laughed. “Today was fun.”

“Yeah, it really was. It’s nice to just sit down and chill.”

“Pippa say when she was coming?” Anthony asked.

“She’ll be here in like 30 minutes. She found some old friends and they went out to a bar, which is kinda far from here.”

“Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?”

“Trying to get rid of me?”

Anthony laughed. “No, never.”

“I’ll just text Philli and tell her you’re walking me.”

You texted Phillipa and she responded quickly. “Just Anthony? No Daveed or Oak?” she texted.

“Yes, Phillipa. Just Anthony. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

She agreed and you closed your phone.

“Let’s go.” You said, nodding your head towards the door. Daveed and Oak had already paid their part of the bill, and Anthony insisted on paying yours.

“Anthony, I have money.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m still paying for you.”

“Ant, let me pay you back.” You said as he stood up and already started heading for the door.

“No, don’t worry about it. It was literally just 20 bucks.”

“20 bucks that could go towards your very large and impressive comic book collection.”

“Don’t make fun of my comic book collection. I could very easily make fun of your collection of Smurf figurines.”

“I wasn’t making fun. I was just stating that those 20 dollars could have very well have gotten you a third copy of a Wolverine comic or a sixth copy of Batman Begins.”

“Only one comic is doubled. Stop exaggerating.” Anthony said, giving you a light push.

“I love exaggerating though.”

“I know you do. Its another very annoying thing you do that I love.”

You laughed. A breeze blew through, making you suddenly very cold. Cursing yourself for not bringing a thicker jacket, you hugged yourself.

“You cold?” Anthony asked. Before you could answer, Anthony wrapped his arm around your shoulder, bringing you into his embrace.

You instantly felt warmer and snuggled in closer to him.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much.” You said. You both stayed like that the rest of the way, only letting go when he opened the door to your apartment building.

You started rubbing your hands together when you both got in the elevator.

“Why the fuck is it colder in here then outside?”

“It’s always like this.” You answered. Anthony started rubbing his own hands together.

“You should get that fixed.”

“Yes Anthony. I’ll just fix the entire AC unit in this entire building by myself, with absolutely no knowledge of how to do that.”

“See, there’s a trooper.” Anthony clapped his hands. “I love how ready you are to solve problems.”

“Mhm. Why don’t you fix it then? Don’t you brag about how you’re perfect at everything? Here’s your chance to prove just that.”

“Oh no. I think I want to give you a chance to actually be good at something.”

“Mhm, sure.” You said, sarcasm dripping from your tone.

“Here’s something you could fix. How come the elevator hasn’t moved?”

Grocery time flirt

A/N: I knew I wanted to do another fluff month piece and I suffer with dialogue so I did a pure dialogue exercise! I rewrote this four times and now I put it on queue and I have until it posts to edit it. 

Comments and critiques are super helpful!


Handwritten grocery list. I didn’t know adults were allowed to do that publicly anymore.”

“Adults aren’t allowed to make bad puns without children around either.”

“Well, I guess neither of us are adults.”

“Oh shoot, now how will I buy all this alcoho—OOH HELLO!”

“Um, hi? I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“You—nah! I S-saw you and realized you’re more intoxicating than my basket of liquor. No, wait—I mean.”

“Wow, that was a fast recovery.”

“Girls tell me  that in more intimate settings. No, shit, I did not say that.”

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Masterlist for Sinners

Originally posted by natashasromanoff

Hi darlings! so as requested, here is my mobile masterlist!

thanks to @jcmesbuuckybarnes for the headers! 

MCU - The Avengers 

Bucky Barnes

1. The Perfect Picture

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex, adult themes.

Summary: Being an Avenger comes with it’s perks. Having Bucky Barnes as your texting buddy and meme competitor is number one on the list. It’s hard, burying your feelings for the complicated but lovable Winter Soldier while also being the spawn of Tony Stark. But somehow, it all works out. For everyone.

Excerpt: Known for being mischievous, it had become a tradition to tease your colleagues with memes you had collected from the Internet at absurd hours of the day. Overly-attached Girlfriend, Sarcastic Willy Wonka, The Strutting Leo, Kim Kardashian Ugly Sobbing, you had a gallery saved to your phone and delegated to each Avenger, though it made them grumble and cringe, they loved you nevertheless.

But out of all of the Avengers, though, you texted Bucky the most. 

2. Feel Again

Warnings: Language, Unprotected sex, hair play, angst, references to past psychological torture.

Summary: Bucky Barnes is as cold as the strange reflective metal that spills from his shoulder. That’s what he’s allowed himself to believe. And then she comes along with her soft, soft heart and paints a world of color within the walls of his grey, gloomy world. She draws over his scars with her nimble fingers. She makes him Feel Again.

Excerpt: You knew exactly what he wanted, you saw the words strung together in the depths of his inky pupils, those saddened blue eyes. After pulling the sheets back from your form, you laid on your back and welcomed him in with open arms, inviting him to crawl beneath the sheets and nestle onto your chest. Bucky did just that, taking your invitation and curling by your side, metal and flesh latching onto you with a grip of desperation. Your fingers snaked into his soft mop of hair and he relaxed into you, as though he were an instrument of nerves and you were gently strumming his strings.

He just needed someone to be there for him, someone who understood. You understood. It was why he would creep into your room, slip into your bed, and curl against you like a comma because he needed something to cling to when everything around him was an intangible web of lies.

3. Roses

Warnings: Language, unprotected sex, a little bit of angst.

Summary: It’s been a year. One year’s worth of Bucky Barnes and all his perfect flaws. All those edges that fit together so perfectly. Those imperfections that make him him. You love him unconditionally. And he proves to you on the night of your anniversary just how much he loves you too.

Excerpt: Bucky was not what most would call ‘the perfect boyfriend.’ Bucky is a hurricane. A storm of emotions, twisting your world into a whirlwind. He is the growl of thunder and the clash of lightening. He is howling winds and turbulent skies. Rain clouds follow him like shadows and soak him in crimson raindrops. Then again, you weren’t exactly the ‘perfect girlfriend’ either. And that is what made you perfect for each other. 

4. Stay

Warnings: Language, unprotected sex, shower sex, angst.

Summary: Fighting Bucky is like fighting yourself. He is both your lover and your worst enemy and you just want to release the scream threatening to tear your throat in half. Instead, you find yourself crying in the shower, droplets of water washing away your tears. And then he finds you. He heals you.

Excerpt: You fought as though you were stuck in a war zone that you never asked to fight in. But at the end of the day, regardless of the wounds inflicted by your exchange of sharp, bitter words, you always fell back into his bed and allowed him to heal you…Sometimes, he held you like he was trying to merge your souls together. Other times, he pushed you away and kept you in the dark. You stumbled in the shadows that he kept you in, but you always came back for more.

Peter Parker

1. Just the Way You Are

Warnings: Language, Insecure reader

Summary: If there was one thing you weren’t, it was jealous. But when your Spider boyfriend decides to ogle at a pretty upperclassman, prancing around in pretty little clothes, you can’t help but feel a little jealous and a little insecure about your plain Jane appearance. That is when you conceive a plan, a plan that has a devastating effect.

Excerpt: You were not the jealous type, you never had been. And you were determined not to become the overly clingy girlfriend who demanded daily worshipping, the paranoid attachment that needed consolation by scrolling through her boyfriend’s contact list. No you were definitely not that type of girlfriend. But when your best friend of 10 years and boyfriend of two months ogles at a much prettier upperclassman, it makes the insecurity itch beneath your skin and the jealousy boil in your veins.

Steve Rogers

1. Close to You

Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Angst, Language

Summary: Being Steve Roger’s girlfriend was more complicated than it looked. While the world saw him as Captain America, the inspiring symbol of the nation, you saw him as the old soul dwelling inside the body of a young man, struggling with loss and PTSD. You had stood beside Steve’s shield, united by love. But when the Civil War struck, you stood as his enemy, divided from your lover.

Excerpt: His mind was a battlefield, littered with sharp shrapnel and stained with blood. But he wore his bravery like his shield, confident and calm and always self-sacrificing. When he wasn’t on a mission, his mind was at war with itself, always fighting against the skeletons in his skull. But he always considered everyone else’s needs before his own. He was so complicated, in ways that no one else could even begin to understand, yet he hid his wounds so well, cast them beneath the shadow of his reassuring smile whenever he gave warm comfort to others.

War had woven itself through his veins; the battle always streamed through his blood like rivers that meet an ocean of red. But now, he holds you like his sweetest surrender because he is a soldier but he is also a shattered shield. He’s close to you now. And he never wants to leave you again.

MCU: Real Person Fiction

Chris Evans

1. The Sweetest Devotion

Warnings: Language, Unprotected sex.

Summary: It’s Chris’s birthday and the pressure is on. Not only because you want to treat your man to the best birthday ever, but also because this was the first birthday you would share with him.

Excerpt: Chris Evans is a lot of things to a lot of people. And over these past eleven months, you have grown to love him as all of those roles and more, especially when he treats you like a goddess and worships you in the bedroom. But that was beside the point, because love, love in its entirety conquers all.

And you are 12749373028274930109% certain that you are in love with Chris Evans.

Sebastian Stan

1. Hold On, We’re Going Home x

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, Oral sex, Mild Language.

Summary: You never wanted to be here. Never wanted to leave your couch behind with your fluffy cat sleeping ontop of it. Never wanted to slip into a short, black dress that revealed more than you felt comfortable with. Never wanted to be in this club with your friends, who were far too occupied with each other lips to give a shit about you. But, here you were. Until he comes along and makes all of this worth it. Or: That time when you start the night as a third wheel and end as something else… ;)


Third Wheel


The unfortunate soul who is dragged out of their cozy, New York apartment and forced to socialize with sweaty, drunken strangers in a club while the two people who pushed them into the situation are comfortably tucked away into a corner and sucking their lips off in a passionate make out session.

Then he comes along. And suddenly you’re the one ditching your friends to explore New York City with Sebastian Stan on your arm.

2. I Hate You, I Love You x

Warnings: Smut, Language, Implied/Referenced Alcoholism, Angst.

Summary: You had sworn to yourself a very long time ago that you wouldn’t let yourself fall the way you had when you were with him. You had every intention in keeping that promise so that you wouldn’t have to feel the pain that drowned you when he had left. That is, until you have to work with him. And all those feelings return to hurt you.

Or: That time you had to star in a film with your ex, Sebastian Stan, and some feels are revealed in the process.

Excerpt: You were sure that if you and he were the last people on earth and you were on fire, you would rather burn than let him extinguish the flames. A hatred for him took deep roots in your heart and weeds grew through the holes he had left behind. It was a very rough break up. The type that Hollywood wants to wring like a blood-soaked towel until it was dry and flaky.

And now, you had to star in a film with him.


How Deep is Your Love x

Warnings: Mild Language, Alcoholism, References to a past abusive relationship.

Summary: Love is a war-zone. There are land mines embedded beneath it’s soil of deception. It leaves scars that run like canyons in your soul. And you’ve fought enough battles. Until he comes into your life and shows you that the only war you’re fighting is one against yourself.

Or: that time when Sebastian Stan tries to woo you on several occasions and you, you stubborn little cinnamon roll, won’t allow yourself to fall in love. Cue rose petals and boom boxes.

Excerpt: The first time you met Sebastian Stan, you had no idea who he was. He was just a stranger in a crowd of faces, invited to your best friend’s wedding. A wedding that made your love life feel ridiculously barren and worthless.

After crawling out of a war-zone of a relationship, you had made a promise to yourself that you would never let another man hurt you in the way that your ex had. Too many tears were shed into soaked pillows over a man who wasn’t worth the pain that followed you like a shadow. So with alcohol flooding your veins, you decided that you would live the solo life, that you would soldier on as your own hero.

And that was going fine. Until the wedding.

Until him

When You Really Love a Woman x

Warnings: Mild Language

Summary: Sebastian Stan is usually the smooth one. He charms the crowds with his smile, his bright blue eyes and husky voice. And that hair that makes you wanna rake your fingers through it and tug tightly on each chocolate thread. But tonight, he finds himself stumbling over his words as though he were a teenage boy again. And it’s all because of you

Excerpt: At the slightest mention of your name, he feels a fluttering in his chest, like the wings of a million butterflies beating against his rib cage. He felt like a lovesick puppy, doting over a woman he had only met in his dreams of you, that he had only seen when you danced across the screen and into his heart.

He had no idea what was coming for him.

Into You x

Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Mild Language.

Summary: Crushing on your co-stars was dangerous, in a way. It made it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything other than crushing your lips against his in a passionate make-out session. It’s worse when you actually do have to kiss your co-star in a passionate make-out session, for the sake of the movies plot and not because it was in the heat of passionate lust.

Or: that time you had a heated, onscreen kiss with Sebastian Stan and the rest of the cast highkey ship the two of you together because of it.

Excerpt: You realise that your crush on your co-star, Sebastian Stan, was blossoming into something else when you kissed him for the first time. The force of the emotions that had thrived in your ribcage since the night you met him at one of the Russo’s cast dinners had blown you away. With a single kiss, you feel yourself collapse into the feelings that held your heart hostage.

You feel like the luckiest girl in the world. And, well, you are.

Thinking Out Loud x

Warnings: None. Just fluffy stuff :)

Summary: Sebastian Stan never thought he’d fall in love. But he never thought he’d meet someone as amazing as you. There weren’t any words in the English, German and Romanian dictionary to describe you, and as far as he was concerned, there never would be. Because you’re indescrible. And the only words his mind and heart can summon are three small ones, strung together and whispered in a way that shocked the both of you. 

Or: That time Sebby has something very special to say while you’re watching TV.

Excerpt: He is in love with you, the you that only he gets to see; the you that is shy and sweet and soft. While he wholeheartedly believes that you are an exquisite creature of beauty, humor and intelligence, Sebastian loves what blossoms beneath the surface of your charming Hollywood façade.

No one said a damn thing. And yet some part of him knew all along and fell in love with you regardless.

Touch x

Warnings:  Language, Mild Alcoholism, and last, but most definitely not least: Unprotected SMUTTTTTTTTT (Wrap it before you tap it peeps!)

Summary: It had been a while since you had a good lay. In fact, it had been exactly a year. The last time had been with a certain, Romanian actor who’s touch still ghosted over you, who’s eyes still haunted you in your sleep. Alas, you had thrown all that potential away when you had decided to place your professionalism before your love life. And now, you were desperate for release.

Or: That time you’re in the hotel room next to Seb’s and things get a little heated one night when you cant sleep

Excerpt: You cursed yourself under your breath as you glared at the glowing red numbers taunting you with the time. You had been restless for hours now, tossing and turning between the crisp, Egyptian sheets that marinated you in your own frustration. You knew who the source of your insomnia was and you grumbled, burying your face in your pillows as you felt the heat rise through your body.

Sebastian fucking Stan.

Earned It x

Warnings: Smut, kinky shit, Daddy!Seb, Dirty talk, oral sex (Seb receiving), Vaginal fingering, masturbation, Unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap that willy!), A little bit rough?, Swearing and…I think thats it.

Summary: It’s Sebastian’s Birthday and you can’t think of a better gift to give him other than his biggest sex kinks that reward the both of you.

Excerpt: Now that it was his birthday, you were determined to please him in every way you knew he would enjoy. So you turned his bedroom into a church for lustrous sin, a cathedral where you would worship him instead of him worshiping you.

weinerman-tested  asked:

you fool you've stumbled into my trap ! write me a chibita ficcc the title is um dead weight i guess

My immediate mental image is of me falling into a cleverly-concealed pit and you maniacally cackling that, haha

Title: Dead Weight

Summary: In order to become an official oden vendor with his very own oden cart, Chibita has to pass a rigorous interview complete with a glowing recommendation from a former employer.  The best choice among his bad choices for the latter is Iyami, right?  A practiced con man who could probably talk them into accepting Chibita as long as he was in the mood for it, right?  And what better way to get him in the mood for it than to ply him with alcoho—oh.  Oh, shit.  Iyami, wake up.  You didn’t have that much to drink.  Iyami.  The interview is in ten minutes, Iyami.  YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, IF I MISS OUT ON THIS FUCKING ODEN CART BECAUSE OF YOU—

Tags: Chibita & Iyami, Humor, Alcohol, Language, Post -kun / Pre -san, it’s basically Chibita dragging Iyami’s body around and trying to use him like a ventriloquist dummy, that’s it that’s the plot

Bonus: After a fair amount of ventriloquist dummy shenanigans, Iyami’s limp body slumps onto the floor and the interviewers can no longer doubt that he’s unconscious.  Chibita’s freaking out.  Then Karamatsu bursts through the door (he knew all about this for some reason) dressed to the nines and lilting out overdramatic praise for Chibita.  The interviewers find it too painful and reject Chibita (the unconscious man ventriloquist schtick was one thing but Karamatsu was just Too Much).  Chibita throws a tantrum, wrecks the place (Karamatsu and Iyami included) and storms out in tears.  Then later he finds an abandoned cart in the dump, chins up, repairs it and stocks it on his own dime and goes out as a rogue unofficial oden vendor (but since his temper tantrum decimated his competition, this is actually a better ending for him…now he’s the only game in town)

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8, 9, 10? ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

8:A song about drugs or alcohol
Theres a lot of songs about that… but I love The A team by Ed Sheeran so i go with it

9:A song that makes you happy
Already answered honey

10:A song that makes you sad 
Damn this. My playlist is full of sad songs so everything haha I’ll be seeing you by Billie Holiday, it reminds me of the people I already lost

send me a number! ☆

‘Brokenhearted’ Drabble

Requested by @deafeningcatphilosopher: Umm how about brokenhearted by karmin?

Summary: You had a wonderful time with James Buchanan Barnes, but he hasn’t called you back yet.

Pairing: 40′s Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1667

This is more than the typical kinda thing

Felt the jones in my bones when you were touching me, uh oh

Didn’t wanna take it slow

“Why haven’t I seen you around before?” you heard a sultry voice call to you. Oh come on, you thought. You were at a bar, getting you and your friends drinks, and the last thing you wanted was to be hit on. With rejection on your mind, you turned to see a handsome brunette with a charming smile and a well-defined jawline. He was almost too perfect to be true.

You motioned to your group of friends who were sitting at a booth across the room. “My friend just turned 18 today. Youngest of the group, so this is our first time going to a bar together,” you stated.

“So you never gone to a bar before?” he questioned. You shook your head no, a small smile on your lips.

“Dancing?” he asked inquisitively.

You quirked your lips, then smiled again. “Nope,” you simply stated.

“Well,” he informed. “you have not lived yet.” Your eyebrows rose in confusion. “That’s it,” he continued, slapping his hand in the counter. “We’re going dancing.”

You laughed open-heartingly. “I don’t even know your name,” you accused.

“James Buchanan Barnes, but you can call me Bucky,” he introduced, lifting a hand.

“Y/N L/N, but you can just call me Y/N,” you responded, raising your hand to meet his.

He laughed at your response. He asked, “So are we going dancing, Y/N?”

“I’ll have to ask my friends,” you explained. Usually, you wouldn’t do this. Usually, you would just roll your eyes and head back to your friends, but something about Bucky made you want to stay.

You walked to your group of friends. “Y/F/N, I’m going to bounce. This guy just offered to take me dancing,” you informed.

“What?” she exclaimed. “And who caught your eye? This is so unlike you.”

You motioned to Bucky who was still standing by the bar, watching you and your friends.

“You owe me big time,” Y/F/N demanded with a smile.

“Thanks Y/F/N!” you said. “You’re the best. Have a great birthday. I’ll see you guys around.” You headed back towards Bucky.

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Originally posted by linheys

character: Yoongi x Y/n 

dedicated to : @jamlessvanny for all the torture she gives me 

genre: angst , hints of smut , and fluff at the end ?? idk 

description : You were his already and if giving him your body made him yours then so be it 



Scared my love, you’ll go

Spend my love, heart broke

How did it turn to this? A simple night of lust and alcohol had turned to your constant heart break.You gave him all of you, your thoughts were his , just as your body. You shouldn’t have fallen for a member of bangtan, you were just one of the many workers for the company. No matter how much you gave you ended broken. Yoongi was everything you wanted but also everything you couldn’t have. It was innocent night, but a night out with the guys and co worker that had lead to an endless night of confessing your love you had held for him and as he kissed every inch of your pure body tainting it with his lust he held. He hadn’t confessed but just mumbled a ‘me too’ into your neck, but when the morning sun light passed through the hotels curtains and his warmth not found besides you you knew you had spend your love for a broken heart.

So my love don’t show

Scared my love, you’ll go

You refused all calls the boy had made trying to reach you, what had yoongi told them of that night. God you felt stupid, used, disgusted. As you tried to wash away his touch he had left. Scrubbing away, hoping the marks he had left claiming you as “his” he said. You began to cry. Remembering it all over again.

“Mine.” Yoongi repeated over and over as he placed marks on the skin your dress had failed to cover. “Got it.” Yoongi bit down your shoulder. And what you said next drove him insane, “prove it”

You made sure to prevent any way of seeing him. You hoped to let this die down, to get over it. You were scared of him leaving you behind as a night of the past.

You were scared that if he showed up in front of you,

he would walk away.

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2 years 3 months 5 days

On Moderation:

Moderation doesn’t work for me.  I can’t do it.  It’s a fact.  a lot of people struggle with this.  I can’t do it with certain foods.. I can’t do it with booze.  Once I accepted this, it became a lot easier… no more struggles to try … just not drinking.  done.. no what if.

I’m doing a little sugar detox.  I noticed it’s a lot easier for me to say no completely then to just a little.  it makes me think about a lot of things in my life… I’m pretty binary.. I’m all in, or all out.. if I do things half assed, I crash and burn.

I learn new things about myself everyday… it makes life interesting.