Exposing Double Identities with @alcimarverissimo

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21-year-old Alcimar Veríssimo (@alcimarverissimo) has a double identity. By day, he serves in the Brazilian military in his hometown of Recife. By night and on the weekends, he is a passionate photographer who organizes InstaMeets in his community. “They are two completely different worlds, and that is perhaps my biggest challenge: reconciling everything without losing my focus,” he says. In some ways though, Alcimar’s military experience helps his community work. “The leadership skills acquired in the military have helped me successfully organize InstaMeets,” he says. Still, keeping everything in focus, both in photography and in life, remains a constant priority. “I take one art form at a time. Whether it’s my visual art or the art of war.”

Alcimar’s opposing worlds influence his photography, as he always tries to incorporate new worlds by playing with different perspectives and colors. “My photos are a mix between the obvious and the unimaginable,” he says. “Sometimes, I try to confuse the observer by introducing new perspectives. I also love blending the city’s colors and street art in my shots.”

In the near future, Alcimar dreams of a life of creativity. He imagines himself doing what he loves: “losing track of time, writing screenplays and thinking of creative projects for the future.” In the meantime, he is making Recife shine through his photographs. His parents are proud of his work, which recently took him out of his hometown for the first time and then out of the country. One of his biggest fans is his grandmother. “When she hears me coming through the door, she runs to her room to choose a dress and strikes a pose,” he says.