I’m not very good with intros and you know, “words”, but all of you that have been following this blog since the very beginning; even though I’m stupid and annoying most of you guys like itsjustdesire my very first best friend, (I love you and thank you for the wonderful times, it’s been what? Almost 2 years??? I REALLY appreciate your friendship and understanding, I’ve told you that you are talented, beautiful and a great person, ‘cause it’s true, you are an amazing human being and the list goes on lol. And the fact that you’ve put up with me AAALL this time, it really means A LOT. NEVER CHANGE. And lord, I hope this friendship keeps going till forever and I hope we get to meet VERY SOON) you guys are still here sending me lots of love which is very sweet and to the new people that I’ve met throughout the year and all the friends I’ve made; thank you for being there and I love you guys, I really do! Even though some of these blogs are not active anymore, they are still the best and of course the new ones too so yeah this is for all of you that fill my dash with the best.



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