Epilogue to "Magnificent Seven"

The “Tit in charge” eventually drank himself to death which actually was surprisingly upsetting. He turned from being a rather ineffective but jolly oaf and family man into a pickled corpse alone in a flat terrifyingly quickly.

My mom had been sober for a week, Today she was nice to me.. She got us dog food cause we wouldn’t afford it, She offered me money. she even came to visit my wife and I.

For the first time in seven years.. I seen my mom again. 

But then she went and got another bottle. So i guess i can say goodbye to her again. Maybe ill see her again in a few years ? 

orangeisthenewblue asked:

So I saw your tag about drunk Bren, so random headcanon question of the day, what do you think Brendan is like when he's drunk? :)

That’s an interesting question. I believe that the type of alcholol affects the way people act when they are drunk. So I think if Brendan drinks hard alcohol, whiskey or vodca or something like that, he will get grumpy and even more possesive and jealous. He would be ready to fight with every guy who comes close to his Steven, and he would act really scary. And because the time when he got really drunk and out of control in HO he did hit Ste, I don’t think he would risk that :/

But if he would get drunk after drinking wine or champagne etc, he would become all clumsy and loosen up, like in those gifs, and he would cling on Ste and grope him in public, make him all embarassed with his drunken declarations of love and telling loudly what he would like to do with his boy. He might even dance and things would go wild in the dancefloor. Maybe drunksex in toilets, without caring who hears. If he’s really hammered, Ste would be the one who helps him home and to bed, where Brendan would lie with all his clothes on and very loudly tell how he’s going to fuck Ste in a minute, and would pass out right after that. Ste would naturally make fun of him next day and Brendan would deny everything.

Wood & Alcholol

My sister asks me what wood and alcohol have in common, and after about three seconds I say that I can’t think of anything. She says that she came up with three and that I should keep thinking of some things. I eventually come up with three things:

Both Wood and Alcohol can be used to kill people

They both have hard and soft versions

They both hurt a lot if you rub them on open wounds

Needless to say none of these were the three things she came up with