Epilogue to "Magnificent Seven"

The “Tit in charge” eventually drank himself to death which actually was surprisingly upsetting. He turned from being a rather ineffective but jolly oaf and family man into a pickled corpse alone in a flat terrifyingly quickly.

I wanted to imiate and adapt Aine’s work. I saw how she chose to explore Pedophillia within the story Alice in Wonderland. For my piece I have chosen to take Aines ideologies and adapt it to show Alice (who is portrayed by myself) as a older girl who is addicted to drugs and alcholol. I did this by putting on my prom dress which is a dark blue and looks like a more sophisticated version of Alice’s iconic blue dress (from the Disney Adaption of Alice In Wonderland) then I put on red lip stick. The lip stick is a deep red, which connotes sexualisation. The fact that I have a child like body, I think really adds to the effect of exploitation.  I used many different symbolic codes, for example the hip flask to show alcohol and the tea bags to make refrance to the mad hatters tea party.

For this image I chose to take the photograph with my GoPro because I wanted to use the fish eye lens to give the image the warped effect and enforce the surrealism. I show Alice to be lying down on my green carpet which I think looks a lot like a field of green grass, I then surrounded my self with tea bags, cigars, tea cups and a hip flask. The tea cups are all from a children’s play set and I think that when they are combined with the cigars and Hip flasks it gives them a more chilling and scary meaning.  This Photograph I made in colour because I wanted to make the green background stand out. I edited the photograph and increased the vibricity to help make the image seem more powerful. I wanted this photograph to clearly show that Alice is in another state of mind. I think that I could have improved upon this image by blurring the edges and background.

  For this photograph I chose to have Alice sitting by a door with the hipflask. I did this because I wanted to show Alice intoxicated. This was achieved by making my expression vacant, my body limp and my lipstick smeared. I chose to make the image Black and White because I felt that it brought out emotions in the photo. I then Increased the contrast of the image so as to make my dress stand out against my skin. I think that the GoPro’s fish eye lens really worked with excellent effect for this because it made my surroundings warped. The pale colouring of the hipflask really stands out against the darkness of the dress and I believe that this helps to give the photograph narrative. The viewer builds up a story that Alice has been drinking. To improve upon this image I think that I could set up the GoPro on a tripod so as to not have the selfie stick included in the image.

  For some of the images I was in the bath (as shown in the images above and below) I did this deliberately to give the photographs a narrative. I wanted these images to show the latter part of the fabricated story that I had created with modern day Alice, She has woken up in a bath in a stranger’s house after being intoxicated and high the night before. I think that the fish eye lens really worked to show her disorientation and was very effective in conveying the narrative.  For the above image I wanted to make Alice appear gross, manky and depressed. This image shows the darkness behind the story. I increased the definition on the skin and face to emphasise the flaws around my skin. I then darkened my eyes to convey Alice’s tiredness. I look directly at the GoPro for this image and I think that that really adds power and narrative. Alice appears to be unnerving and there is something slightly odd about the eyes that give a different story.  For the image below I chose to show a more lighter side of Alice, while she is skill intoxicated ( I really like that word) she appears to be coming out of the bath, just waking up after a disorientating night of drinking and smoking. Her lipstick is still remaining on her face however I smeared it across her cheek to show that she has had a rough night. I think that combined with the previous it really gives the photos narrative. Both of them together give the story real meaning because of my use of binary opposites ( the lighter photograph compared to the darker photograph) I think that if I had to improve upon these images I would have perhaps worn more eye makeup and showed it to be smeared from crying. 

For this image I chose to make it Black and White to show the depression that Alice feels. The eyes I edited to make the pupils dilated to show that she has too much dopamine and may hint at Alice suffering a mental health issue such as schizophrenia. (although Dilated pupils may also be a sign that she is high on drugs)  I then added definition to the eyes to really emphasise the confusion and her current space of mind. This Photograph is combined with the previous two and I think that it really shows Alice’s journey. My direct stare here I think conveys Alice’s attitude of defiance and vulnerability. I then improved upon this image by adding quotes from the book to help give the audience clues that I am in fact trying to portray Alice.  The real struggle however, with this image, was finding the correct quote that would combine with the face to give my desired effect. 

I’m getting so wine drunk and it’s storming outside this is gr8 I missed alcholol

this is the third nioght in a row ive been drnk but this night is special cause im drinking alone cause im sad thx alcholol