other girls: drink alcholol, stay out latte, don’t read book, hold hands with a boy, support PETA
me: has my arms out in a cornfield, wearing country girl clothes, my body feels like hay, it’s a fucking scarecrow again

Prompt time; Drunk phoebe sends Max a text and soon regrets it

Hey guys so I just posted a prompt on here and I’m re posting it so its on my page and not just a reblog. I really tried and hope it came out somewhat decent. Anyway, here it is again. Let me know what you guys think on THIS post. The print is from OTP prompts “Person A has a crush on Person B and drunk texts them then the next day trys to get person B’s phone to erase the text. This is my take on it with a twist

Word count : I have no fucking clue lol

The morning sun shone through the blinds, Illuminating the room awakening her out of a deep sleep. Her head pounding, the room still spinning. She quenches her extreme thirst with the big cup of water sitting on the nightstand to the right. She throws a pillow over her face blocking out the sun, tossing and turning hoping to fall back asleep, to no avail. “Ugh fine I’m up I’m up!” She groggily sits up accepting the sun rays of defeat.

Reaching for her phone she checks the messages and notifications until she comes across a text she sent to someone last night, clicking and opening said text her eyes grow wide at the realization. “Oh shit!”

Last nights events came peering back through her mind, what she hoped would be a blur like water on ink suddenly came back clear in full. She had made the biggest mistake of her life.

She was a good girl, always did the right thing (most of the time), and never really got into too much trouble that was her other half’s job. Her night started out like any other, she went to her besties, they met up with the guys, then things got intoxicating.

Oyster walks in 36 pack in hand. “let the party begin.” he smiles opening the box passing them around. She didn’t want to be an outcast, and maybe she was a little curious about the taste. “You’re gonna drink? you do know that’s beer, as in alcohol right?” Her annoying womb mate questions shocked to see Phoebe of all people with a cold beer in her hand. “shut up Max, I am very aware of what it is and I wanted to try it. Can’t be a good girl forever.” She lowers her eyes seductively using his signature facial expression against him before taking a drink catching him by surprise among other things he may or may not have felt. “Alright,” he puts his arms up surrendering to her answer. “cheers.”
he smirks raising his beer to her. She rams her can into his “cheers” she smiles before finishing her first of many drin.

The group sat around still drinking beers and having a good time catching a nice buzz talking nonsense. They door opens in comes the foreign drummer of their former band followed by the overly hormonal engraged keyboard player, do I even have to say his name? “Wolfgang!” announcing himself holding a handle of some other type of alcoholic beverage. “You guys ready to get giddy?” he wiggles his eyebrows smiling creepyly. “Trust me no ones getting giddy tonight, we’re getting fucked up my friend.” Max smacks his shoulder moving past him grabbing the bottle from him.

One beer turned into 2 turned into 3, ending in a handle of rum and a room full of plastered teenagers.

Re entering the room with shot glasses in hand. the alcholol starts pouring, She brings the small glass to her lips studying the dark liquid inside and getting a wiff that tingles her nose. “Dont smell it just drink it ” he instructs her. Complying she gulps it down as the others do. The rum burns it’s way down esophagus into her stomach. A warm sensation taking over. Suddenly she became hot and dizzy. She was drunk.

The night went on, shots continued until she could no longer see straight. she stumbles down the dark hallway, she runs into someone along the way. “Pheebs you okay?” He asks her with genuine concern. “Yeah yeah I’m fine I just,” she heaves unable to finish her sentence rushing into the bathroom where she empties the contents of her stomach falling to her knees. He follows behind pulling her hair back “that’s it just let it out” he awkwardly rubs a hand on her back. “Went a little overboard tonight huh?” She laughs. “I just wanted to have fun and let loose for once” she responds before putting her face back in the toilet. “You’re never gonna let me live this down are you?” She stands to her feet facing him. “If you play your cards right I just might.” She stares blankly. “Kidding, don’t worry this happens to everyone it’s not a big deal. He smiles. she smiles back.

They stay frozen in place, looking into each others eyes until he breaks the silence. “Uh, we should probably get back out there, and I I promised Allison I’d call her.” hearing that name pierced her heart in a way she couldn’t even explain. “oh yeah, yeah let’s go.” She proceeds to walk with him. “Actually, you know what you go ahead I’ll be out in a few minutes realizing she needed to clean up before leaving the bathroom. “You sure?” He felt an all of a sudden need to be with her. “ yeah I’ll be fine.” She smiled. “Okay if you’re not out in 5 minutes I’m coming back.” he walked off.

She stands in front of the sink looking at her reflection before her. Rinsing her mouth a face before heading back out in the living room. The “party” ended and everyone was passed out, everyone except her.

Unable to sleep she grabs her phone until she lands on a contact, she hits the text button and begins typing, sober thoughts takeover her drunken mind.

Heyy, youbpronably aren’t awake, but I just wanted to say thanks for helping me earlier
I didn’t get to tell you before bevaue you just had to call your little girlfriend why are you even with her to begin with? She’s a lunatic and you don’t even see her mosft of the time. she droesn’t need you like I do, she doesn’t love you like I do. I know I’ve never said it because how the hell can I? I love you Max like love love you. More than she ever couldd its unfair to hidge my feelinhs ncjfk. I’m sorry if I’m being rude I just really wanted you to knoe.

Once she hit send there was no turning back. she passed out as soon as her hands released her phone.

*End of flashback*

“Omg no no no I have to get his phone!” She jumped out of the bed, running down the hallway looking for him only to see him asleep sprawled out half way off the couch and on the floor. She tried using her telekenisis to get his phone, but he was laying on it. She hovered over him trying to reach for it. Stirring in his sleep
Her eyes widen, brows scrunch together as he grabs her in the process, holding her tight in his arms grinning in his sleep stroking her hair. she trys to reach for his phone seeing the message icon and lets out a sigh of relief.

Trying break free of his grip she squeezes her eyes shut hoping he was still Asleep which he was, but not for long. He woke up with her nearly on top of him. “Phoebe, what the hell are you doing?!” He didn’t let her go. “I uhh, well I was trying to get your phone cause I I thought it was mine, yeah I can’t find it must have lost it last night have you seen it?” nice going phoebe that’s real believable she thought to herself. “You thought this was your phone? Why would I have your phone?” He was confused not to mention still trying to wake up. Realizing he was still holding her waist he quickly let go. “Sorry” he rubbed his hand over his face. “Its okay” she blushed looking away.

The remainder of the day she would glance over whenever he was on his phone hoping he still didn’t see her text. She sits on the swing in the backyard not knowing what to do. Feeling the swing shift she looks to her left to see someone sitting next to her. “Hey, what are you doing back here? And when the hell did we even get this thing? He looks up at the bars above their heads.

“Max what would you do if you made a huge mistake and there was no way to fix it?” She finally spoke in desperation. “Hmm depends what the mistake was,” he answered. his eyes lit up at what she had said
“what’d you do?” He smiles excitedly asking almost in a sing song tone. “Well, I can’t exactly tell you let’s just say it will change everything if a certain someone finds out, and I dont know if I can face that.” her stomach was in knots could also be the hangover, but the problem she was facing definitely had been to blame.

They stayed silent for a few moments until he came to a realization; He knew. “Well I guess I would face the situation head on, maybe talk to the person or use the brain melt that will solve your problem.” he mentally smacked himself for basically giving her the idea to erase his memory. Way to go Max. “On second thought, the brain melt’s a bad idea don’t do that.” He quickly changed his response.

“ I can’t talk to yo- THEM about it, it will ruin everything and I just I’m such an idiot, he will hate me forever and, wait why do you care? Why are you even talking to me about this shouldn’t you be with Allison? I mean you didn’t see her last night or the night before that or-” He grabs her face in his hands, his lips cut her off. their mouths open and close over, under, and against each others moving perfectly in sync she puts her hand on his arm, moving closer he slowly slides his tounge in her mouth, she mimicks his actions tilting her head slightly to the right, their tounges dance in each others mouths,the push and pull of the kiss like waves of the ocean, the feeling of pure ecstasy rushes through their bodies as the kiss deepened. He takes her bottom lip between his teeth tugging slightly, his for head resting against her, his gaze falling into her big dark brown Irises. Her lips recaptured in his milliseconds later. A loud smack escapes their separating lips.

“Wait, Max we can’t do this” she breathed heavily. ‘Here we go’ he thought to himself rolling his eyes. “What about Allison?” She finished. Not what he was expecting he thought for sure the words following would be of what they are doing is wrong, and blah blah, typical phoebe but damn was he wrong. She wanted it just as much as he did. She was even the first to say it. “I broke up with her last night ” he played a piece of her hair. “You did?” she was shocked to say,the least. “Mhmm” He nodded his head. “Why?” Never did she think Max would have broken up with his girlfriend who had been crazy about. “Well, she’s a Lunatic, I don’t even see her most of the time, and she doesn’t love me like you do.” He spoke softly knowing exactly what he was doing. Her eyes widend, slightly horrified that he had in fact seen her slurred text from the night before.

“Plus it’s unfair for you to hidge your feelings.” He playfully adds leaning in smiling into her lips “shut up” she smacks his arm lightly smiling back until their lips met again.

Well there it is guys, only took 3 ½ hours lol. I added a twist and changed up the ending a bit I’m going to post the other ending to see which one works better. Hope you liked it.

yoongi; maybe, maybe, maybe (1/2)

❝maybe you’re right, you think. you’re fucking right, yoongi says.
►5394 words // scenario, vampire!yoongi, (½) 
/this is more of a backstory to how they met ; w ; (i hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i did writing)

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anonymous asked:

I was never drunk before. (I drinked alcholol but nothing happend :( ) What is it feel like? Also, thanks for the story, liked it :D

depends on the person, for me its just being more relaxed and i become 200% more affectionate and emotional and the same time in my brain im like ‘’im drunk right now but at the same time i am aware of what im doing?? ‘’ 

tbh hanging out w ur close friends and getting a little drunk in a safe place is one of my fav ways of hanging out lmao

 i was drunk like 4 times in my life, the rest was more like ‘’uhh a lil dizzy but overall i feel the same’’

also glad you liked it :’)))

Get to know the blogger

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Tagging: nobody I have crippling anxiety, but if you see this and want to do it, feel free to say you were tagged by me, I’d love to see yálls posts

what should we call you : Eldritch / Ciarán / Cia 
birthday :  July  29th
gender :   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Male
orientation :  Aro-ace? Gay tho
age :  adult
languages you can at least somehow communicate in : English, Spanish, ASL, Swedish, I can vaguely understand most romance languages

favorite cocktail/drink: Zero-sugar Coke (Cant have alcholol unless I wanna die lmao)
favorite candy : Chocolate caramels or these one nut clusters with cream filling and coated in chocolate 
favorite pizza : Cheese (I’m boring)
favorite meal : Stuffed shells

best memory :
best friend : ???? Its a mystery, I’m horrible at knowing who my friends are
best relative : My brother
best pet :  I have a doggo named Samuel Leo, he’s a 7yr old bishon poodle mix
best celebrity : uhhh. Tbh the McElroy brothers (I’m going to 2 of their shows this weekend eeyy) or LMM or John Oliver

one random fact about you : I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and it’s lowkey ruining my life lmao
one random fact about your day : I drove 30 minutes to my morning lecture and our professor told us one thing and 15 minutes later was like “yeah no that’s all” and me and a bunch of my classmates sat there far another 30 minutes awkwardly in an attempt to justify coming to class
one random fact about your muse :  Kyrahn was heavily inspired by a) me rewatching FMaB and b) Chirrut and Baze from Rouge One. Malik was originally a lot whiter, but I decided to step out of my cultural comfort zone and learn more about Tibetan and Congolese culture.

one random fact about your job/school : the elevators on campus are wicked tiny, they can hold like one (1) wheelchair, one (1) service animal, and one (1) caned person but that’s even a squeeze. Also people are massive dicks and have made me and my friend in an motorized wheelchair wait for the next elevator.

one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t : honestly idk, probably I wish I had my shit together or my joints didn’t always subluxate or disloacate  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

one random fact about you that you’re proud of : I’m alive?? I didn’t think I’d get this far and there’s been no shortage of things that could have killed me so yeah.