Sparkling Star of Hope: Recipe

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AKA Pink Twink. A wonderful twist on a Champagne Spritzer to serve to your cafe coworkers or your awful big brothers~💗 Perfect in this month of the Totty!! Yes, yes i know what you’re thinking, “But you already did one for him right Apollo!!??!” Well yes, but that was a hot drink so how about a cold one especially during these hot summer months!! Without further ado lets get to it!!

You will need: Korbel Sweet Rosé Champagne/Lemon-lime soda/Grenadine/Fresh strawberries/Pearl dust-gold/and a champagne flute! This recipe is less about measurements and more about estimations so no need for all that here!

Step one: Wash and chop up your strawberries! Try chopping them in different styles for some variety

Step two: Add your pearl dust, be generous

Step three: Add your strawberries!

Step four: Add your champagne, about 1/3 of the glass

Step five: Fill almost completely with the soda (see the shimmer? cute huh~?)

Step six: Finally add you’re Grenadine and some lovely aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking!!!


By Twisted_food on Instagram 💝