#10- Dalbert Presents: Magic Varnish - Better Wood

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

Crafted by a renowned Dwarven alchemy shop, the Dalbert family presents the solution to wood! Unlike metal and stone, wood is week and bendy, no good for any real use, but no longer! With our new Magic Varnish, you can turn that splintery old club into an arcane weapon of legends. Just apply a single layer of Magic Varnish on any wood object and it will be imbued with magical energy, preventing it from being destroyed by normal means! Now available at Dalbert’s Alchemy Emporium.

A single bottle has 5 uses for tools or 1 use for a medium sized object. When used on a weapon or other item made of wood, it becomes magical, meaning it can’t be broken or burned by normal means. Any attack done with a varnished wooden weapon also deals magical damage. This formula has no effect on non-wooden objects.