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“We need to talk.” for DWC!

For the record, I despise writer’s block. It’s been making DWC really hard as of late :/

Anyway, thank you for the prompt! This is technically a follow-up to this prompt that I filled out a couple weeks ago. More Kremquisitor content for all of you!

For @dadrunkwriting.

One Line Prompts

“Ser Aclassi?”

Krem glanced up at the sound of his name, just in time to see an Inquisition scout drop down into a bow before straightening once more.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I have a message for you, ser. From the Inquisitor.”

Krem’s cheeks warmed, and he hoped it wasn’t as obvious as he felt. “Thank you for delivering it,” he said, glad his voice at least managed to stay fairly stable.

The scout nodded and passed over the little piece of folded parchment. She dipped down into another bow before she turned to walk out of the Herald’s Rest. Once she was out of sight, Krem broke the wax seal and unfolded the paper. In Sulahn’s scrawling hand was a simple message.

We need to talk. Meet me in the war room.

Krem grimaced a little, thinking back to the reports that he had submitted to her when he and the Chargers had returned from scouting the ruins of Haven. Had his findings upset her? Or did she believe he had forgotten a few details in his reports? Or did she simply want to discuss strategies with him before presenting them to her other advisors? He shook his head a little bit, reminding himself that he would find out soon enough.

Now if only he could stop the hammering in his chest at the prospect of seeing the Inquisitor. Ever since the rest of the Chargers had found out about his crush on Sulahn Lavellan, the young man had become hyper-aware of his actions around the Inquisitor.

He wanted it to stop.

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Day 1: The Day We Met

I wrote this in a hurry, so I apologize if  isn’t very good. I know this isn’t a traditional “meeting scene”, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

For the first time since Eden Prime, the 1,183 geth programs inside the platform came to a unanimous consensus. Find the remains of Shepard Commander. The one who opposed the old machines.

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lol it would be tech. i work in the med field and we bring in a ton of money but… perks.

I’m sorry…yeah as much as I complain, my brother DID go into a lucrative field, though every now and then I peek for administrative/customer service work. Also they seem to really want new graduates they can mold.

I hope we both find something more satisfying.


the virmire survivor goes to alchera after the SR-1 is destroyed. they never tell the alliance. but they sit, quiet, in front of shepard’s helmet, and they think about how easily it could have been them, how many times they’ve escaped death - and their breathing echoes in their ears.

maybe the ghosts of the normandy talk back to them. maybe they don’t.

but shepard finds footprints on alchera, and always wonders whose they were.

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U - Coming Home for the prompts list, with Shepard :)

Wanted to make sure both people requesting this got something. Hope you won’t mind that it’s in two parts.


Part 1

Coming Home: Part 2 - Reflection
Suggested Musical Accompaniment

“There,” Shepard’s enviro-suit clattered against Kaidan’s, holding his arm up so the other man could follow his finger to the fleck among the stars that was the Normandy speeding across the sky, no bigger than a snowflake. “There she is.”

“Already been down here two hours,” Kaidan’s eyes traced the ship to the zenith. “Wow.”

Kaidan had asked to see the Normandy monument on Alchera, and since they were only one Relay away they’d diverted course. The whole crew was welcome to go planetside, but the junior crew members had seemed hesitant to even make eye contact with either Kaidan or Shepard in orbit above Alchera. There was an eerie silence around the ship as Shepard had donned his enviro-suit, furtive glances at the memorial wall.

It was nothing compared to the quiet of the snow and the airy echoes of their footsteps inside the frozen husk of Shepard’s first command.

“Where’s your cabin?” Kaidan asked, once they had surveyed the majority of the crash site.

“Don’t know. Didn’t see it on my first walk-through.” Lonely place, anyway. It was always Anderson’s cabin, still. Most nights Shepard slept with his head in his arms on the mess hall table.

That first walk amongst the crash site had been lonely, too. He’d insisted on going alone before: just after Horizon and just after Kaidan had told him off. The frost gilding the metal then had seemed like a silver lining on an unrecoverable time: watching the lieutenant’s pod while he slept, sitting on the steps to the CIC with him—coffee in hand—so they could talk away from the crowded mess.

Now, those memories paled compared to the ones he’d made meanwhile. And the wreckage felt more properly like a memorial this trip, instead of the rubble of ‘home.’

The sleeper pods were still intact, the icy gangway squeaked under Kaidan’s boot tread as he stooped in front of the footlocker of his old pod. He reached to open the case, then paused.

“…four years ago… I never collected my stuff, obviously. Haven’t thought about it much, but I bet my dad’s old shaving mirror in there.”

“So,” Shepard stooped beside him, “What are you waiting for.”

“Dad gave it to me just before I left for BAaT. Said it had been lucky for him and my grandpa too on missions. He said: ‘I don’t need the luck anymore, anyway. And you’re going to be needing it soon enough up there. Figured you could use a little piece of home while you’re at school.’” He dropped to one knee.

“Take a piece of home back with you today, Kaidan.”

“It feels wrong to disturb a memorial, huh? Robbing the dead…” His eyes were smiling through his helmet visor. The particular crackle the suit comms leant his already throaty voice had that way of amplifying the hesitance in his voice.

“It’s yours. Your old locker. Your mirror.”

“Not my grave, though,” Kaidan murmured.

“It is my grave,” Shepard supplied. “So what if I just reach in there and get it for you? My treat?”

Kaidan blinked. Then reached over and pried open the locker. The small silver mirror caught the starlight, the flash of the aurora crawling between a thin rainbow crack from one corner to the other.

“Okay,” Kaidan whispered to Shepard’s reflection in the mirror. “I guess this is technically yours then, huh? Since it’s your grave and all.” He gave Shepard a wry grin.

“We’ll get it sorted out once we get home,” Shepard chuckled and pulled Kaidan to his feet. “Before we go, I want to show you…”

He pointed ahead and followed, his footsteps hidden in Kaidan’s in the snow. Away from where the old bridge was bathed in light, a cliff overlooked a valley of rock and snow as far as the eye could see. A beautiful, crystalline, and empty world. Not a sign of life, the Reapers wouldn’t have looked twice. Millennia from now, this memorial would endure. Long after their apartment on the Citadel passed to other hands, or the orchard swallowed the Alenko home, or the second Normandy was decommissioned: the fragments of their first meeting would sit gilded beneath the starlight.

Like he used to behind cover in combat, Shepard took Kaidan’s head between his hands and gently pressed their helmets together.

“Ready to go home?”


Mass Effect Relationships Week, Day 6: Break my Heart

I wanted to talk more about Shepard’s relationship with the crew of the SSV Normandy and with the ship itself in this, as she walks among the wreckage on Alchera. 

It wasn’t right.

The Normandy deserved a better end than this.  Scattered remains lost on some uninhabited ice planet.  

And so did her crew. The ones who didn’t make it, lost in space, just like her.

Shepard slammed her fist against a piece of metal that once belonged to the mighty ship, causing some acquired snow and ice to fall.  

Why did she get to survive?  Why was she so special?  What gave her the right to live while so many others had died?

She reached for the dog tags she’d collected and ran her thumb over the writing.  She had been their commander.  She should’ve been better, smarter.  Maybe then they’d still be alive.  Maybe then she wouldn’t be some Cerberus pawn.  

Shepard fell to the ground, kneeling in the snow and doing her best not to cry.  As cold as it was, she didn’t want to risk her tears freezing inside her helmet, but it hurt so damn much.  

Her crew, her friends, her family deserved better than this. Their home and their lives lost to an icy tomb.  However Cerberus put her back together, there was no fixing her heart after this.  

But the least she could do was get them some vengeance, justice by destroying those who did this.  

Shepard stood and signaled for the shuttle to pick her up.  Moping would do no good, only action.  It was time to go and get the bastards back.

Okay, so one of Sarah Shepard’s biggest fears is that her helmet comms hadn’t gone out over Alchera and that the rest of the crew had listened to her die. Her gasps for air as her suit depressurized, her struggles as she tried in vain to plug the leaks in the hoses, her little sounds of fear before it finally went quiet. I was just thinking of how the team would react to hearing that, and her receiver had been damaged, so they could hear her, but she couldn’t hear them.

Kaidan: Doesn’t understand what he’s hearing at first, he saw the pod in the cockpit deploy, she had have been on board. Fear and panic grips his chest when he finally understands. He tries calling to her, but there’s no answer, just her choking gasps for air, tears run down his face as he tries to comfort her, but she can’t hear him. He’s listening to his friend (or lover) die and there’s nothing he can do about it. He shouldn’t have left her, should have gone with her to get Joker, maybe then she would have made it. He calls her name into the silence a long time after the noises stop until he can’t bring himself to say it again.

Liara: Just sits in her seat and sobs, head down. She’s haunted by the sounds for weeks afterwards, can hear them when it’s quiet. She’s never listened to someone die before and it kills something inside of her to know that the first time she has, it was a friend.

Garrus: Grips the harness so hard his hands hurt, his jaw clenched so hard his mandibles ache. She’s his mentor, his guide, he’s learned more travelling with her than he ever did at C-Sec. He starts shaking in his seat, wanting to go to her, wanting to help her, but he can’t, all he can do is sit there until there’s empty air. Turian’s can’t cry, not really, but eventually there’s low mournful keening that doesn’t need translating.

Tali: Turns her modulator off so no one can hear her cry as she listens to her friend die, the one who helped her on her Pilgrimage, introduced her to so many wonderful things. Her hands press to her face plate, her shoulders shaking unmistakably and when she gets back to the Flotilla, she can’t sleep because of how loud it is.

Wrex: Doesn’t do anything, doesn’t move, just stares straight ahead. Eventually he starts rocking back and forth slightly. He’s heard people die, that wasn’t something new, but they had always been enemies, those trying to kill him, and it had always been quick. It was never a friend, a member of this strange krannt he had come to be in, and it was never by a slow suffocation.

and finally

Joker: Alliance finds his escape pod shortly after they find the others. He’s alone, curled up in his seat so hard he had broken bones. Wide eyed and not moving because he saw her die, he watched her as she was blown out into space. In his mind, it was his fault. He killed her, as surely as if he had held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He’s treated for shock and doesn’t speak for almost a solid month.

Imagine... (Garrus/Nihlus/Shepard edition)

Nihlus and Shepard entering a tentative relationship, both fascinated with each other, Nihlus has dated humans before, but never a soldier like Shepard. 

Nihlus being Shepard’s first Turian, and Garrus her second, she’s happy like that.

Nihlus just taking Shepard on an outing to show her the Citadel, Shepard only catches on later that it was supposed to be a date.

Nihlus taking Garrus as his student, teaching him how to be a Spectre.

Garrus learning the hard way that, as much red tape as C-Sec has, it’s a thousand times worse having to answer directly to the Council.

Nihlus and Garrus experiencing loss after Shepard’s fall over Alchera, leaning on each other and becoming closer despite the age difference.

Garrus slowly becoming Archangel, under Nihlus’ guidance. Ruthless, with a keen sense for uncovering the dirt of Omega.

The first time Nihlus and Garrus fuck, it’s attraction mixed with a sense of loss, longing, and sheer want.

Nihlus ordering a feeler for Sidonis, keeping an eye on him until such a time as Garrus wants to hunt him down.

Shepard knowing both of them well enough to deter their plans.

Shepard inviting Garrus to her and Nihlus’ bed, the first time, then the second, then the third. To the point Shepard’s cabin in the SR2 is as much home for him as Nihlus or Shepard herself.

Shepard having a plethora of nicknames for them, using them interchangeably and somehow they both know who she’s talking about.

Nihlus convincing both of them to form a Trias, a relationship based on trust between 3 people.

Garrus and Shepard cuddling together, only to have Nihlus walk in and join the cuddle pile.

Shepard learning to read their subvocals by touch alone.

Shepard gasping ‘Aster’ in the middle of lovemaking and that’s the only time they’re confused about who she’s calling.

Both of them having pet names for Shepard and using them at the same time.

Shepard walking in on Nihlus/Garrus only to smirk, sit back and watch.

Both of them comforting her after Thessia.

Nihlus knowing the clone is, in fact, a clone by smell alone.

Taking the piss at Garrus because of it.

Only for Garrus to have known about the clone the first time he laid eyes on it and taking the piss right back.

Garrus being the best sharp-shooter, while Nihlus favours shotguns.

Shepard favouring a 4-people ground team because apparently you CAN’T have both your husbands in the same ground team over and over.

Nihlus asking Sparatus and Valern to officiate their marriage in the middle of the war.

Nihlus and Garrus arguing over who has the best wife, only for Shepard to walk by and roll her eyes.

Nihlus going away on Spectre solo missions, leaving both his mates worried until he returns.

Tidus Vakarian torn between being absolutely LIVID and incredibly PROUD of his son. On one hand, TWO Spectres Garrus? Really?! On the other hand: TRIAS!

Shepard, 5'4, sleeping nestled between the two hulking forms, Nihlus at 6'9 and Garrus at 7'2.

Doing their version of a double date.

Shepard appearing on the news kissing both Turians, the Human backslash is drowned by the Turian-Asari support.

Both men refusing to be called 'Cupcake’ and 'Muffin’ only to answer to those names privately.

Nihlus teaching Shepard how to dance, only for them to break down laughing.

Garrus taking her to Tango, and throwing a smug look Nihlus’ way before changing Shepard for him.

Garrus walking in on Nihlus and Shepard making out, only to plaster himself to one of their backs and whisper 'let me see you two.’

The three of them living happily ever after.