Hey, so now that I know this game’s development was canceled, I can share these with you guys.

Island of Wargod was a point and click game idea, I was invited to work on by a friend of mine. I’m kinda sad that he had to stop working on it, but I guess it’s also understandable, since the financial backup was also somewhat limited, being an indie project and stuff. But it was a fun time to work on it, nevertheless!

I did the lineart and the flat colors, (and some objects wich we intended to hide on these bgs in the game to be found) but I also included my friend’s lightning/shading touch ups, because I think they look cool. The first one, the alchemist laboratory was the toughest tho, since I also had to do the concept and the sketch for that one.

TL;DR: Anyway yeah, funny fact, that my arch nemesis are the backgrounds, and I still managed to pull out these, so in short, I was proud af

An alchemist in his laboratory. Engraving from Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae, 1609. Reproduced in Ian Macphail, Alchemy and the Occult. New Haven: Yale University Library, 1968.