Hey !! 

Maybe you already have seen some research and background I did for this project in this tumblr. I made it last year, in 3 months. ALONE. IT WAS HARD.

Maybe one day I will finished it ! But hey, I have the courage to post it here tonight. 

Now I go to drink my soup.


Egbert van Heemskerck - An Alchemist in His Study

17th century

oil on canvas

Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia

S Y L V E S T E R    J O N E S’   J O U R N A L 

18th Century AD.

Worn leather journal, with a broken metal clasp at the opening. 

Known as the father of paranormal alchemy, Slyvester Jones, a mad scientist in every sense of the word, was a man of many strange paranormal talents. He spent his entire life fanatically researching in the field of paranormal and psychical activity. He conducted his experiments and recorded the results in a fortress-like laboratory that eventually became his tomb when one of his experiments went horribly wrong.

A few centuries later when England was at the peak of the Victorian era, two descendants of Sylvester the Alchemist, discovered his laboratory tomb—or rather it’s ruins. Gabriel and Caleb Jones, two intrepid and inquisitive men with paranormal genes of their own discovered that their ancestor’s most dangerous secret was a formula that Sylvester believed could not only enrich a person’s psychic abilities but also grant the user a lot of power. To their surprise, Sylvester hadn’t been a complete lunatic though he did blur the lines sometimes. His unusual concoction seemed to work. But as the two Jones cousins learned through research of their own, the potion was also a rather lethal one as it had the tendency to produce some terrifying side effects in the subject that dared to consume it. This formula however is not one that is easy to decipher. As one would expect from a man of Sylvester’s degree of eccentricities, the legendary alchemist wrote in a language that is entirely of his own complete with occult symbols and diagrams. But if one does manage to crack the code, they may have within their hands a recipe for eternal power which many would kill for. 

This item currently resides in the possession of Jenna Sommers who found it in the wreckage of her basement among other memorabilia that once belonged to Trula Tallentyre.


Hey, so now that I know this game’s development was canceled, I can share these with you guys.

Island of Wargod was a point and click game idea, I was invited to work on by a friend of mine. I’m kinda sad that he had to stop working on it, but I guess it’s also understandable, since the financial backup was also somewhat limited, being an indie project and stuff. But it was a fun time to work on it, nevertheless!

I did the lineart and the flat colors, (and some objects wich we intended to hide on these bgs in the game to be found) but I also included my friend’s lightning/shading touch ups, because I think they look cool. The first one, the alchemist laboratory was the toughest tho, since I also had to do the concept and the sketch for that one.

TL;DR: Anyway yeah, funny fact, that my arch nemesis are the backgrounds, and I still managed to pull out these, so in short, I was proud af

An alchemist in his laboratory. Engraving from Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae, 1609. Reproduced in Ian Macphail, Alchemy and the Occult. New Haven: Yale University Library, 1968.