alchemist's closet

FYI: There are 5 of these zines currently available from the Alchemists’ Annex, which is a queer, trans, punk and anarchist zine distro that has been around since 2008. 

Handsome Boy Pilot was debuted at the recent New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival. This issue contains new writing from me, and is available at The Alchemist’s Annex store for $3.95 USD. 

More info: This full-color, full size zine is about outer space and queers. It’s full of artwork, collage, and stories. 

Contains adult content. 

This zine is mostly by me, Z. Dylan Moore, with a short story by Gregory William and an artwork contribution by Shanti Flagg. Funded in part by New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival.

This zine explores a queer outer-space aesthetic. It’s by turns reverent and gleefully inappropriate, somber and ebullient, and it’s designed to capture a certain slice of ideas: That queers and outer space travel have always had a relationship, that heterosexuality has provided the symbolic language of space travel, and that conquest and domination, manifested so clearly in the space race and the planting of flags on other worlds, can be turned on their heads and made into experiences of awe and vulnerable exploration- that is, queer experiences…

16 pages/Color/Full size.