alchemist collection

Mom said “bring all your makeup.” So.

And this is just the palettes (not counting Naked Smoky, After Dark and Brunch PRO, which stayed behind). Eek.


The evolution of my amazing pokeball shelf. My dad & I built this over Christmas and I absolutely adore this thing cx

Also this is my first official post on here. I have no idea how to get into the tumblr culture so please envelop me in your wonder and teach me your ways 😍😍

I call this one Homos, cinnamon rolls and husbandos, all of the embarrased e3e.

Finally got to scan the no-reference-doodles I did on my uni notebook (on classes) the last week and a half, and colored them (all of this fitted on a A5 page, it’s hard to believe).

I’m just glad to see I got better at tradi too. I’ll see what I will do for next week :3c

(first time trying to draw germany and Italy OTL I will get better eventually I guess. Also they have Amestris military uniform because that’s the only uniform I know how to draw :3).

Restore Steppin'
朴 璐美・釘宮 理恵
Restore Steppin'

A little gift for my followers, it’s the Elric brothers’ adorable duet from Al’s Brotherhood character song CD! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! I’ve included the lyrics in Japanese, romaji, and English. (Though my Japanese is pretty bad, so I don’t know how accurate the translation is, but I tried.)


エド:遥かそびえる山々 越えてゆくたび
アル:傷が増えても ワガママ言ってる時間はない!

エドとアル:空っぽの記憶も 身体の記録も

エド:離れていても想いを 巡らすだけで
アル:側に感じる背中は 大きく見えるよ

エドとアル:あぁ 見えなくても
あぁ 言えなくても
Brother, brother

希望の向こうに 彷徨える肉体(からだ)
一人じゃないさ 歩き出そう


Ed: Torenai bandage tou ni nareta
Mada hayai asa
Al: Sukunai baggage katsugi ageta
Futaribun no sorrow
Ed: Haruka sobieru yamayama, koete yuku tabi
Al: Kizu ga fuete mo, wagamama itteru jikan wa nai!

Ed + Al: Karappo no kioku mo, karada no kiroku mo
Chanto torikaesu hi made
Asu e no michi wa tsudzuite yuku

Ed: Fukai tsumi wo seoutteru to
Tachi sukumu hi mo
Al: Tsuyoi kizuna otagai ni sasaeatteita ne
Ed: Hanareteite mo omoi wo, megurasu dake de
Al: Soba ni kanjiru senaka wa, ookiku mieru yo

Ed + Al: Aah, mienakute mo
Aah, ienakute mo
Brother, brother

Ed: Tomo ni tachi mukai
Al: Tomo ni tsuyoku naru
Ed + Al: Kattou kurikoshi nagara
Futari no michi wa tsudzuite yuku
Kibou no mukou ni, samayoeru karada
Kitto torimodosu hi made
Hitori janai sa, aruki da sou


Ed: I got used to this permanent bandage a long time ago
It’s still early in the morning
Al: The little baggage we put up with
Two people’s sorrow
Ed: Those distant towering mountains, we’ll cross over them
Al: The pain is growing, we don’t have time to be selfish!

Ed + Al: Our hollow memories, our bodies’ records
Until the day we completely recover them,
We’ll continue on the path towards tomorrow

Ed: This deep burden of sin I carry
Makes it hard to stand some days
Al: The strong ties between us help us support each other, right?
Ed: We’re a long way off, I just keep thinking about these feelings (?)
Al: I can sense your back near me, it looks big (?!)

Ed + Al: Aah, we still can’t see it
Aah, we still can’t say it
Brother, brother

Ed: We face it together
Al: We get stronger together
Ed + Al: While marching through conflict
We’ll continue on our path
Our hope for the future, our wandering bodies
Until the day we surely get them back,
We’re not alone, and we’ll keep walking