alchemist bottle

Mimic Rogue: Hmmm… I wanna pick the Satyr’s pockets.

DM: Okay… Go ahead and roll.

Mimic Rogue: *Rolls natural 20* Well, what exactly does he have?

DM: *Sigh* He has a gun, 228 gold, 7 empty vials, 2 vials of acid, 2 bottles of Alchemist’s Fire, the flute he’s currently playing-

Mimic Rogue: I take everything except the gun.

DM: *Scoffs* …Even the flute-?

Mimic Rogue: *Cutting him off* I know what I’m about. Yes. The flute. *Smiles proudly in silence*

DM: *Shaking his head* As he’s playing the flute, all of his items except for his gun, including his armor, vanish in thin air… [Cont.]

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.”

A quick scribble of the my other favourite Elric because I felt bad just drawing Ed…

My wishlist for housing stuff in the future:

  • Rugs that can be dyed.
  • Solid color wallpapers.
  • A wider variety of wall-mounted items.
  • Partitions to match current wallpapers.
  • DotH-themed items like potion bottles for alchemists, piles of gemstones for goldsmiths, cloth bundles for weavers, etc.
  • Brighter and more varied light sources for walls.
  • More dyeable couches.
  • Dyeable glade/oasis/riviera walls/partitions.
  • Arched doorway partitions.
  • The option for orchestrions to simply replace the default BGM.
  • More item slots.
  • More exterior housing options.
  • Guest rooms for people who share your personal house with you.
  • Lots more I’m probably forgetting.

I’m just really passionate about housing okay.