alchemist bottle


“The days I can never return to,
Still being powerless,
Another fragment of your memory
Goes and disappears

Should I disappear in this world alone?
I don’t want to forgive you,
but even now, I still love you.”

-Ray of Light/Shinigami Record (Nakagawa Shouko/Lia)

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anonymous asked:

do you have any rebelcaptain fic recs that you’ve read recently?

Recently? Yes! 

Indigo, by the awesome jplus, is about pirates, conspiracy, and chemistry (both in the alchemist’s bottle and in Captain Andor and Miss Erso’s conversation ifyaknowwhatImean)! Extremely well written and compelling AU, and also hilarious in an understated way. (WIP)

I fought the war (but the war won), by @incognitajones just finished up, with 2 endings for the price of 1! A loosely-connected series of moments between intrepid/outspoken war photographer Jyn Erso and dedicated Doctor Without Borders Cassian Andor. (I’ll be real, I have only read the happy ending. I am a weenie and I am not ashamed of this) (complete)

Once You’ve Tasted Flight, by @justkeeponthegrass, a WW2 AU wherein Jyn is a pilot and Cassian is…well, pretty much exactly the same, but on Earth instead of space. Extremely well researched and well written, although beware, it’s WW2, and some parts of this story WILL rip your heart out and twist it into a pretzel. (WIP)

One of a Thousand Lifetimes, by JackOfSomeTrades, a post-Scarif story about Jyn and Cassian feeling their way towards some kind of real relationship. The premise may not be unique but the style, the level of detail, and the really lovely characterization are Top Quality and I adore it. (complete)

And of course, my personal favorite fic in potentially the whole fandom, per ardua ad astra, by @anghraine, which you’ve probably heard of if you’ve been around the fandom for, say, an hour. A really beautiful and thoughtful AU wherein Jyn, Cassian, and Bodhi make it off Scarif and end up on the Death Star. my fave part (aside from everything) is how anghraine works in things like language headcanons, SW world building/history, and even a touch of politics. 

These are just the ones I’ve read that have updated most recently that I sort of collapsed on the floor afterwards, but my friend, let me tell you, this is an incredibly talented fandom and there are just a ton of cool fic to check out. Try @brynnmclean, @thestarbirdfromtheashes, @lyresandlasers just as a starter if you’re hunting around on tumblr. 

(also, every one of the authors I mentioned above have other works, all of which are great, this is just a short list off the top of my head of rebelcaptain stuff I’ve read that updated recently).

While playing Pathfinder, our alchemist throws a bottle of acid at the enemy, and rolls a natural 1 for the attack. DM asks him to roll again to see how bad the damage is going to be, and he rolls a natural 20. So our party ends up with acid damage, and there is a giant hole in the wooden floor, while the enemy is entirely unscathed.

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.”

A quick scribble of the my other favourite Elric because I felt bad just drawing Ed…

My wishlist for housing stuff in the future:

  • Rugs that can be dyed.
  • Solid color wallpapers.
  • A wider variety of wall-mounted items.
  • Partitions to match current wallpapers.
  • DotH-themed items like potion bottles for alchemists, piles of gemstones for goldsmiths, cloth bundles for weavers, etc.
  • Brighter and more varied light sources for walls.
  • More dyeable couches.
  • Dyeable glade/oasis/riviera walls/partitions.
  • Arched doorway partitions.
  • The option for orchestrions to simply replace the default BGM.
  • More item slots.
  • More exterior housing options.
  • Guest rooms for people who share your personal house with you.
  • Lots more I’m probably forgetting.

I’m just really passionate about housing okay.