“I’ll have a mojito if it’s not too much trouble,” says the blond guy. Aaron nods and sets to work making the drink. He hates mojitos; first, the fresh mint takes ages to muddle correctly, and then the sugar and lime juice always made his hands sticky.

alchemy (ao3)
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Mint uses

*What Is It

Mint ( Mentha piperita )

*What Does It Do

Aids with anxiety, colic, flatulence, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome.

*How Do You Use It

The leaves may be used to flavour teas, other drinks, and foods. They may also be used to make a salve to be worn externally.

*Where Can You Find It

A common herb, found in most groceries and many gardens.

*Magical uses

Money, healing, strength, augment power, luck, travel.

Witchcraft is…

  • Listening to chants and witchy music while studying schoolwork
  • Watering your plants while telling them or singing to them how beautiful they are
  • Placing crystals in your garden to help your plant babies be happy
  • Drinking mundane tea and making it magick
  • Recycling whatever you can to become part of your craft
  • Seeing the message the butterfly or animal gives when they pass you by
  • Writing sigils and symbols in your shower for a cleanse and all good things
  • Giving your loved ones protection charms
  • Taking care of all the stray animals in your neighborhood
  • Sending loving energy to your friends and anyone who needs it
  • Listening to the wind and feeling the earth under your feet
  • Gazing up at the stars
  • Picking up trash in the woods for the environment
  • Leaving pretzels or other snacks for the birds in the parking lot
  • Singing or dancing to uplift spirits
  • Seeing everyone and everything as connected

It’s important to know witchcraft is more than dancing in circles while chanting with a coven, it’s so much more than having your entire home covered in crystals, herbs and other things. Witchcraft is something that happens every moment, every day. Even when some don’t know they are doing it.


Dandelion uses

*What Is It

Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinalis )

*What Does It Do

Useful for treating constipation and ailments of the liver, jaundice.

*How Do You Use It

Leaves may be eaten raw or cooked. A wine may be made using the flower petals. Roots may be roasted and brewed like coffee.

*Where Can You Find It

A very common herb, may be found in both specialty groceries and backyards everywhere.

*Magical uses

The dandelion is masculine in action and associated with the planet Jupiter, the element of air and both Pisces and Sagittarius. It is also associated with any solar deity, Hecate, Brigid and Belenos.

A tea of the flowers and leaves may be drunk to increase psychic ability while pouring boiling water over a bowlful of roots will aid in calling spirits.

Make a wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion head!

I know we used to make “Fucking Alchemists” jokes whenever someone freehanded a perfect circle but nothing beats what happens in the actual show?

Like Mustang literally takes a scalpel and carves a perfect circle and all of its little matrices and geometries into THE BACK OF HIS HAND? He literally had one shot at it and he was in the process of bleeding to death so its not like he could practice or anything just… He went for it in one.

Like How Even

Just a friendly reminder that Tokyo Ghoul wouldn’t have happened if Kaneki didn’t wan’t to go on date. 

Ok, your’e welcome.