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Starfall Celebration 2016

This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Starfall Celebration. This festival celebrates the arcane flight. Our most prized possessions, Magical Shards, can be found by using any gathering profession in the arcane territories this week. Neutral and arcane-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may be crafted at Baldwin’s Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents. Click here to read more about this update.

But we’ll start with my new shiny website!
Added a whole batch of gorgeous crystally photos and some of my non crystallized photography. There’s even an events page where I’ll be listing upcoming shows, pop up shops and thrash chaches. There’s a little treat for all of my KC homies coming up.
Check it out, let me know what you think! Music will be added soon and so many blogs I’ve been itching to hash out.
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Now Is the Time of Monsters - Elywyngirlie - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 31 up. 2 more left! 

“Stop,” Kylo’s low voice commanded. She froze and watched as the mist parted around them to reveal a rocky hard ice covered field. With spikes. Dozens and dozens of spikes stuck through bodies, driven into the ground. The bodies were preserved, lifeless eyes staring at nothing.

Until all of a sudden, all the heads shifted and looked directly at her.

Rey shivered, feeling the buzzing of a hundred insects on her skin. Snoke’s power.

“I can see you, little girl,” came a voice, grey and vaporous, over the hills. 

Well, it’s no vampire fish, but it will do just as well!

No fishing skill and a wish to create a Bottled Vampire’s Bite call for a stop at the wishing well.  

I’ve decided Java’s hobby is alchemy.  Not only does alchemy include the mixing of elixirs, but it also extends to the collection of ingredients, from gardening to fishing to collecting insects, metals and gems.

Alchemy mod progress. Friend sent me the cauldron sprite today. I was able to animate its spawn and idle animation well. I’m happy with the results.

To This Chaotic World, I Give My Soul (1/?)

Summary: Emma Swan is an expert alchemist searching for the Holy Grail in order to right a mistake she made years ago. When she comes into contact with the Misthaven military’s reckless flame alchemist Killian Jones, sparks fly–literally. But when mysterious figures with dark intentions and interest in the grail begin crossing their path, Emma and Killian must learn the true meaning of partnership and alchemy’s universal law of equivalent exchange, or risk paying the ultimate price. (Inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist but you don’t need to be familiar with it to read)

Rating: M

Art: Thanks to the super-awesome and talented @shady-swan-jones for creating the photoset!

Note: The first five chapters are already written. I’ll be reposting them, one per week every Sunday. (New chapters to follow.) 

Read on Ao3 or FF

Chapter One: Equivalent Exchange


   From the hands placed in the center of the circle-a complex design encompassing the large room-light bands began to creep across the floor, growing longer, faster, steadier, like greedy fingers reaching closer to the edges, trying to escape the confines of the spiral.

   She pushed her hands harder into the dirt floor, sinking her fingers further and staining them with the blood that already covered the floor in a strange pattern-a cane with a line and a star-and gritting her teeth against the forces pushing her back.

   “Veni Foras. Factus. ” She chanted the words under her breath, beginning to vibrate with the motion of the circle, the lights becoming a vortex around her. Her golden hair whipped around her head and shoulders, bouncing off the ribbons of light. The air crackled with energy and the fire of a thousand suns.

   “Transmutare. Factus. Veni Foras!”

   The room was awash in sound and light, fury and hope, darkness and greed. She felt the creeping of the light, the dark shadows beginning to emerge from the vortex. The fear was real then. Ingredients were swallowed by the shadowy shapes, and just when she thought it would be enough…it came for her.

   The shadow had morphed itself together and she could not pull her hands away, sunk deep in the bloody dirt, rooting her to the floor. She had planted herself in this seed of evil and would pay the price.

   Fingers, long and thin, like spiders’ legs, spindly and feeble, yet menacing, reached for her. She felt them closing in a vice around her, cutting off the light.

   “Magis ” it hissed in its wispy voice. More.

   She would be devoured. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. She had gathered the ingredients, everything should have worked. Why hadn’t it worked? What had she missed? She’d gone over the process a thousand and one times, made no mistakes, so why…?

   It didn’t matter. Mistakes meant nothing in the face of death. She had failed. It was just as well, she’d had nothing left to live for anyway.

   She closed her eyes and waited for death.

   The sound of ripping, the tearing of skin, pain, so much, so much at once.

   Blood splattering everywhere.

   Broken, then dark.


Emma Swan slipped through the doors of the train just as they were about to close, pulling her suitcase roughly behind her and dusting off her long leather coat in the wake of the puff of air that hit her in the train’s wake. This time it was the train station at Balin, one of the outlying towns in Misthaven. She’d come searching for yet another lead, but didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

   They never did.

And she would know. She’d been following trail after trail for the better part of 10 years, trying and failing to gather some semblance of information about her quarry, but it was becoming hopeless. The only reason she hadn’t given up was because she had nothing better to do.

Bit sad, really.

She strolled through the station, ignoring the curious stares of passersby, couples on holiday–Balin was considered a romantic getaway to those from the central city–and families greeting each other at the check-in stations. She always seemed to make a stir, and she knew she cut a striking figure, tall enough, with a good figure, long golden hair and bright green eyes, she appreciated her appearance. It was one thing she could use to her advantage in a world that had been more unkind than just to her.

She liked to pretend sometimes that she was meeting someone–a lover, perhaps–she’d had a few of those–or a family member. The fantasy would play out until she left the station, where she would remind herself that she had a mission to complete, and anything else would just complicate matters. She was better off alone.

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anonymous asked:

some tattoos could be a watercolour crescent moon, some stars, maybe a sun? but like those old timey alchemy suns

Stars are a definite, I’d what kind of suns u mean but they sound cool


A nautilus shell I spent way too long crystallizing for an awesome client!
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many an edgelord has observed that morality is purely a human creation, and has thus concluded that it must be fake, and lame, etc.

this, of course, misses the whole point- morality is social technology.

imagine a prehistoric community of hunter-gatherers. they’re doing decently for themselves but they have a problem- conflicts in the community keep escalating to violence, even killing. so a moral edict is created- “do not spill blood”- and people following this edict helps to keep conflicts from spiraling out of control, increasing the overall welfare of the community. decades go by, and with the help of the social technology of morality, the hunter-gather community has settled down, developed agriculture, and formed a small early city.

then someone in the community figures out how to drain poison from snakebites, or some other early form of surgery- and a problem emerges, because according to the moral edict, this practice is banned, since it spills blood.

so an underground develops, of people using these banned practices. and the society struggles to stamp this out, and the underground surgeons struggle against this repression- until as a result of the struggle, it is realized that the moral edict is flawed, and is preventing well-being, rather than encouraging it. so the moral edict is revised to “do not spill blood involuntarily,” legalizing surgery, and further improving the well-being of the community.

through this process- a dialectic between hegemony and counter-hegemony, an alchemical process of the conjunction of opposites- the social technology of morality is refined and improved.

both moral realism and moral nihilism stymie this process. we must not fall into the trap of thinking morality is One Definite Unchanging Thing. and we also must not fall into the trap of thinking morality is Fake And Lame And Nothing Matters.

we must remember that morality is social technology, which must be continually revised and rectified, through a repeating process of revolutionary struggle.