Stolen Art: Help me out?

Okay i am literally shaking right now. I saw my  own art on my dash and, naturally, was super excited, but i noticed it looked more washed out than the picture i posted. I checked out the notes and saw there was a couple thousand, while my original post only has around 50. Turns out, someone took a screenshot, put a shitty filter over it,and reposted it as their own. 

The repost can be found here, while my original post can be found here (on my main blog). The reposter’s username is alchemicalascension.

I never though something like this would happen to me. Is there something/anything I can do? I’m literally just sitting here dumbfounded that someone would even do this

I just had a spontaneous dance party by myself at work and I just feel so blissful! The black moon brought so much into perspective, but most of all the moon magick brought clarity and peace to my mind in recognizing and reminding myself that I am on an ascending path and that despite the prior setbacks, I am making the proper choices to align with a vibration where even more clarity and knowledge are available to me. This is part of the psychological and physiological clearing I’ve been going through since 2012. The worst is over and I’ve become so much stronger because of these lessons, all these blessings in disguise. So just know if you’re struggling, keep going and keep working on aligning with your path of highest good. Don’t lose sight of who you are and turn those goals to gold as you become stronger and more resilient than ever before! The black moon brings new beginnings. Embrace the change and move with the seasons! Don’t forget to celebrate as often as possible! Much love guys! Happy October!! 🎃🍂🐲🎉 #blackmoon #halloween #october #fall #happy #love #alien #starseed #ascension #alchemicalascension #orioncouncil #pleadian #sirian (at The Indian Teepee)

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It feels right, I must be headed home. I’ve lost the ego now I’m free to roam. The streets of wonder paved for me with trickling waves of ecstasy. No alter, no mask I’m free at last. To walk the road now paved in gold as I see it comes from me, I Am you see, the secret to infinity. Not from self but from thy own true heart this is only the beginning a fresh new start… #alchemicalascension #thricegreat #hermes #thoth #ohm #alchemy

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The link is live guys! For everyone living in the United States its only live for today! So if you wanted to watch this is the only way you can atm! I haven’t seen it yet & I am dying too! I’m just waiting for @mpharaohs to get home from work so we can cry together when we see our lameness. Keep in mind this was filmed in 2011 much had changed since then & we are planning on making our own little follow up series on YouTube! Follow my best friend & husband @mpharaohs <3 thanks for sticking around through it all! Especially my tumblr friends who’ve been with me for years on this journey of young love & self realization. So grateful to have been able to document such an important time in my life. #documenteverything #youngandmarried #mtv #tumblr #alchemicalascension 🙏🎉🎆💘💍✌👋😆👍

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