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Alchemical Planetary Sigils for Evocation

This post is going to be a sort of follow-up on my Planetary Decagram post. However, where that post focused on the invocation of Planetary Influences, this post is going to focus on the evocation.

Though the two words are often mistakenly used interchangeably, invoking refers to the calling upon or appealing to some power outside of the practitioner, whereas evoking refers to the act of summoning a power within the practitioner, for example: Simon performed an invocation to summon the presence of Artemis, while Samantha performed an evocation to summon within herself the attributes of Artemis, for use in her Craft.

As such, this post is going to focus on the evoking of Planetary Influences from within, so as to affect the actions and inner workings of the practitioner.

The above sigils (taken from my grimoire) are that which i have created, using the astrological glyphs of the planets, and the alchemical glyph for the process of amalgamation (which is the upper-most glyph pictured). I have created these sigils by melding each planetary glyph with this alchemical symbol to create ten unique and useful planetary sigils.

The reason i have chosen the above alchemical amalgamation symbol, is because these sigils are intended to be inscribed upon the skin, thus amalgamating that planet’s attributes and influences with that of the practitioner. In so doing, the practitioner is able to call forth within themselves the power of that planet, for use in their Craft and in their daily life.

So, say you wanted to evoke within yourself the powers of Neptune. Perhaps you wish to delve further into your subconscious, strengthen your intuition, or are planning on doing some serious dream work. For whatever reason, you require the attributes and powers of Neptune, and wish to summon those attributes within yourself:

• Sit yourself down at your altar or working area, and, with a suitably smudge-proof ink, inscribe the amalgamative glyph of Neptune (pictured above) upon your skin. Anywhere on the body is fine.
• Dip your finger into some good quality olive oil, and anoint the sigil on your skin, all the while focusing on what aspects of Neptune you wish to evoke.
• Take a small sprinkling of dried, ground Neptunian herb, and sprinkle it onto the oiled sigil, further infusing those properties into your being. (A list of planetary herbs is given below).
• Sit in quiet contemplation for a few moments, and, using whichever method you normally employ, finish up the ritual and dab off the oil/herb with a clean cloth. Your method of closing a ritual might include blowing out any candles you burnt for the working, saying any words of power you choose (“it is done,” “make it so,” etc.), snapping your fingers or closing your circle, and so on.
• Congratulations, you are now a Neptunian badass with all the planetary power you could possibly need. Have fun and kick ass!

Planetary Herbs:

Sun - Frankincense, Camomile, Cedar
Moon - Myrrh, Jasmine, Lemon
Mercury - Lavender, Geranium, Marjoram
Venus - Rose, Ylang-ylang, Lilac
Mars - Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Basil
Jupiter - Sandalwood, Oak, Clove
Saturn - Cypress, Patchouli, Hemlock
Uranus - Coffee, Black Mustard, Anise
Neptune - Willow, Mugwort, Lotus
Pluto - Poppy, Dandelion, Belladonna

- Brigitte

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