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Preditory Love

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Dipper loved his sister. Even after he’d become a vampire, he’d loved her. That’s not to say she couldn’t be petty…

Like right now. Something was bothering her and she wouldn’t tell him what. Also she had started wearing silver and gold. Silver was just painful to touch for all mythical creatures. Gold was the alchemical symbol for the sun. Basically it was hands off and that was a problem because he not only depended on her for blood but he missed hugging his sister. Though he’d never tell anyone that. He had a manly reputation to uphold after all.

“Mabel, are you going to talk to me?” He asked from the threshold of the attic. He wasn’t allowed in until he was invited.

“No,” she responded.

Great. She was mad. How would he fix this?

“Whatever I did, I’m sorry,” he offered.

“Dipper, you didn’t do anything,” she said curtly.

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

“Dipper just drop it!” she hissed with venom. Dipper felt his heart drop.

“Fine.” He turned and walked. Mabel was left alone with the realisation of what she had just done.

It was hours later and Dipper still wasn’t back. That was bad. Sunrise was in a few hours! She should look for him but what if he came back and found she wasn’t here? She should leave a note! Oh yeah, just write down ‘sorry i’ve been avoiding you bro bro, i’ve just had the hots for you and couldn’t take it any more ‘

“What kind of freak loves their own sibling?” she wondered to herself.

“Oh… I didn’t know you knew about that,” came a hurt voice from behind her. Mabel whipped around to see her brother. There was so much pain in his eyes… Oh God, she’d done that to him.


Found out about that?

Dipper loved her too!!

And she’d just called him a freak for it.


“NO!!!!!” She screamed, holding her hand out for him as he turned to run. He froze

“Dipper, no. I was talking about me,” she said quietly, though Dippers vampire ears would easily pick up on it. “I love you.”

“Mabel,” he said. There was a pause. This was it. He’d tell her he felt the same way and then she’d finally have that vampire boyfriend she’d always wanted and they’d both be happy and- “you don’t have to lie to me.”





“Dipper? you think I’m lying to you?”

“Well yeah. I mean, you’d have to be. How could you love-”

“Nonononono! Shut up. I have been fantasising about this for years since the bubble and you are not ruining this with your bad self esteem so here’s what’s gonna happen: I’m gonna take all this,” she ripped the jewelry off her body, “-off of me and then my cute bite me sweater is gonna go then you’re gonna stop and I’m going to rock your vampiric world and you are GOING TO LOVE IT! AM I CLEAR??”

“Yes ma’am,” he squeaked as Mabel tackled him to the ground, kissing him as she held him down.

“Good. Now, get big Dipper out because I think it’s time you feel what it’s like to have the person you love suck on you,” she said with a dark smile that reminded Dipper of a predator staring at it’s prey.

He had never been so turned on in his life.

As my dad gets older, he’s trying to look a little more intimidating in the hopes that people don’t think of him as an easy target. He was joking about getting meaningless tattoos and suggested random Norse runes on his knuckles.

“Scandinavian imagery is really getting adopted by Neo-Nazis,” I said. “Look as tough as you like, but don’t accidentally channel a skinhead.”

“Oh, good point. What about alchemical symbols? I could get the symbols for all eight planets on my knuckles, with the moon and Pluto on my thumbs.”

“You’ll look like the world’s toughest wizard,” I said.

Alchemical Planetary Sigils for Evocation

This post is going to be a sort of follow-up on my Planetary Decagram post. However, where that post focused on the invocation of Planetary Influences, this post is going to focus on the evocation.

Though the two words are often mistakenly used interchangeably, invoking refers to the calling upon or appealing to some power outside of the practitioner, whereas evoking refers to the act of summoning a power within the practitioner, for example: Simon performed an invocation to summon the presence of Artemis, while Samantha performed an evocation to summon within herself the attributes of Artemis, for use in her Craft.

As such, this post is going to focus on the evoking of Planetary Influences from within, so as to affect the actions and inner workings of the practitioner.

The above sigils (taken from my grimoire) are that which i have created, using the astrological glyphs of the planets, and the alchemical glyph for the process of amalgamation (which is the upper-most glyph pictured). I have created these sigils by melding each planetary glyph with this alchemical symbol to create ten unique and useful planetary sigils.

The reason i have chosen the above alchemical amalgamation symbol, is because these sigils are intended to be inscribed upon the skin, thus amalgamating that planet’s attributes and influences with that of the practitioner. In so doing, the practitioner is able to call forth within themselves the power of that planet, for use in their Craft and in their daily life.

So, say you wanted to evoke within yourself the powers of Neptune. Perhaps you wish to delve further into your subconscious, strengthen your intuition, or are planning on doing some serious dream work. For whatever reason, you require the attributes and powers of Neptune, and wish to summon those attributes within yourself:

• Sit yourself down at your altar or working area, and, with a suitably smudge-proof ink, inscribe the amalgamative glyph of Neptune (pictured above) upon your skin. Anywhere on the body is fine.
• Dip your finger into some good quality olive oil, and anoint the sigil on your skin, all the while focusing on what aspects of Neptune you wish to evoke.
• Take a small sprinkling of dried, ground Neptunian herb, and sprinkle it onto the oiled sigil, further infusing those properties into your being. (A list of planetary herbs is given below).
• Sit in quiet contemplation for a few moments, and, using whichever method you normally employ, finish up the ritual and dab off the oil/herb with a clean cloth. Your method of closing a ritual might include blowing out any candles you burnt for the working, saying any words of power you choose (“it is done,” “make it so,” etc.), snapping your fingers or closing your circle, and so on.
• Congratulations, you are now a Neptunian badass with all the planetary power you could possibly need. Have fun and kick ass!

Planetary Herbs:

Sun - Frankincense, Camomile, Cedar
Moon - Myrrh, Jasmine, Lemon
Mercury - Lavender, Geranium, Marjoram
Venus - Rose, Ylang-ylang, Lilac
Mars - Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Basil
Jupiter - Sandalwood, Oak, Clove
Saturn - Cypress, Patchouli, Hemlock
Uranus - Coffee, Black Mustard, Anise
Neptune - Willow, Mugwort, Lotus
Pluto - Poppy, Dandelion, Belladonna

- Brigitte


four different sigil requests from one ask- starting from the top going left to right, they represent:

1: vagina dentata (fairly self-explanatory)

2: androgyny (based off the alchemical symbol for salt, as well as several existing symbols for angrogyny)

3: transfemininity (the alchemical symbol for “to resolve” represents resolving the contradiction between authentic self and how one is perceived, within a  downward pointing triangle, which represents femininity)

4: a counter-chaoskampf symbol, wherein the chthonic force devours the ouranic force, achieving synthesis


A new attempt at symbols for the four fundamental forces - my other ones were personal sigils off the top of my head but these are formed from relevant alchemical symbols. I omitted dark energy from this version since I already used the “fifth element” symbol and there’s not enough properties known about it to associate specific alchemical processes.

The components are as follows (also in captions!)

  • Electromagnetism: Air, Magnet, Quintessence
  • Gravity: Earth, Precipitation, Wax/Sealing, Glue
  • Weak Nuclear: Fire, Rotting, Acid, Flashing Gold
  • Strong Nuclear: Water, Amalgam, Cement, Crystal

I figured using alchemical symbols might be more of an official way of doing things, just to test out if I like em better. As always lemme know if you want me to explain my reasoning or have suggestions for improvement!

Edit: whoops, had to fix weak nuclear :v

Blessings come to you when things that used to bother you start to become more and more trivial. But first you must endure; first you must learn how to see underneath the surface; almost nothing is ever as it seems and layers hide inside other layers…sometimes you’re going to feel like you can’t go on, other times like you’re melting away or dissolving, strangely these are all good signs; old resistances will start to become obvious and then depart; a new sense of the self will emerge while you’ll get to see that the ‘elixir’, the solution or savior was never far away from you neither too near…
Vera Bousiou

The White Swan as the alchemical experience of the etheric body.


these are some icon arts I’ve drawn for my aoi account over on twitter this year!! the xmas one was for use in december, the middle one was done in about may or so, and I just did the last one now (that’s also what I figure his hair does when he’s not pinning it back, it fluffs EVERYWHERE)

consistency in line width what’s that