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I'd be curious to hear more about "symbolic representational language" and how that might work.

There’s probably an existing piece of anthropological jargon that I’m blanking on but a couple examples would be plant symbolism (e.g. white lilies = purity) or symbolism in Renaissance art (e.g. pomegranates signifying the Fall). Systems of communication that aren’t language based, images with commonly agreed upon meanings. So when you look at a piece of alchemic art you know everything in that picture was chosen to communicate something specific. But because they’re images, there’s more room for ambiguity and interpretation than there is in language. It’s something that really appeals to me.


these are some icon arts I’ve drawn for my aoi account over on twitter this year!! the xmas one was for use in december, the middle one was done in about may or so, and I just did the last one now (that’s also what I figure his hair does when he’s not pinning it back, it fluffs EVERYWHERE)

consistency in line width what’s that

She was unfortunately skilled in the alchemical art of atramancy, the enchanting of inks. Most people would have considered it a blessing to be able to craft a pen that would never let its user write a lie. But as she noticed her wife’s recent notes failed to end with “I love you”, instead leaving scratches where the nib gouged the paper and deposited no ink, she wondered if she would have preferred the deception.

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