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Alceria casually walks up to An'belor, reaching over and lightly reaching to give a gentle tug to the chain connected to both his ears.

An'belor gasped and stumbled backwards before turning to face his attacker, only for the frustration on his face to melt away into a broad smile. “Alci?!”


Walking out of the inn and out onto Murder Row was not the best idea Wyiledrel would have, but considering what she had she could stand it. Walking up the ramp, she set her shield on her back before stopping in front of The Sanctum.

She patted her bag for a moment before walking inside and to the first person she saw that looked to be a part of The Sanctum itself. “Excuse me, but who would I need to talk to regarding recovered tomes?” she asked as she reached into her bag, pulling out what appeared to be several well worn tomes.


Valzier is wearing a shirt that probably isn’t his (it’s too big, yo), a pair of pants, and boots. He’s got a cinnamon bun in his mouth as well. [Oh nooo his ear that’s permanently all foldy is giving me feels]

Alceria is a lion tamer! I will add a lion soon enough. I’m just needing reference pictures for a very specific one ;)

Coppelia’s most expensive clothing is that leather get up (boots included) that she had made out of a rare leather. Also that giant ass wrench is pretty pricey. Then the most expensive piece is that tiny vial of her mother’s ashes. (Valzier has the actual urn at their house and he also has a tiny vial he tucks away and takes with him when he actually travels).

These were all from this meme. I DO plan on inking and coloring these as well. But i at least wanted to throw up these sketches to show that I’m actually doing this! (For once in my bloody life).

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☻ for An'belor and ✈ for Allendria

  • ☻ A drabble of our muses on their wedding day

Everything had to be perfect, and for the first time in his life, he was not satisfied to let Allendria arrange it on her own.

He’d mostly let his sister and Alceria put it together on their own, but now, on their wedding day, An'belor was rushing around himself, wanting everything to be exactly in the right place.

It hurt every time someone told him how much he looked like his father.

But he managed. Everything was working out, and now, he was waiting for her.

He almost didn’t recognize Alci when she walked up, draped in reds and golds and sheer fabric. She glowed like a phoenix, and it was only Allendria nudging him in the ribs that made him remember to breathe.

The ritual went by too fast, and yet seemed to drag on forever. When they finally were allowed to embrace, nothing else existed. It was as if the Sun itself was pouring love upon them.

Their wedding night would be even better.


  • ✈ our muses on a flight together


Alceria groaned and swept the board, then started rearranging the pieces again.

“You almost had me that time,” Allendria smiled, “That brings our score to 23 to 22. How much longer is this flight?”

Alci laughed as Allendria took the first move. “No idea. I think the goblin driving this thing got lost, I heard him cursing when I went up to see where we were. We’ve been over the Barrens for hours.”

Alci took her turn, then looked over the board again. Dammit! She’s using that tactic again! Allendria smiled serenely, but Alci knew, she could even the score again.

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✚ ♆ ϡ

  • ✚ for one of my muse’s prized possessions.

Rau doesn’t really have any possessions, per se. His most prized possession is his second chance at life.

  • ♆ for something my muse hates.

He hates the entire Black Dragonflight. Especially Deathwing.

  •  ϡ for a sleep headcanon.

He’s uncomfortable sleeping in a humanoid form, but he does it simply to go undetected better.