The Transformation Of Water Into Infernal Amniotic Fluid To Gestate Embryonic Lilin

Within the prepared Ritual Sanctum the Satanic Alchemist places a vessel upon the Altar containing fresh natural water, she places it within the centre of four gemstones which resonate with the current of the Demonic Beings Lilith, Unseere, Rashoon and Taroon, she then places a stone of the same kind within the water in the centre of the vessel saying:

“The waters of the earth are as the bloodline of the Demiurge Lilith, the flowing current of Queen of Hell … with this Crystal Consecrated in Her Sacred name I empower this water with Her Infernal energy … awaken its natural energies to be as the waters of life … ”

The Satanic Alchemist then meditates on the energy of the Demonesses flowing into the water form the stone within it and those without the vessel, visualizes the darkened energy from them drifting into the water … infusing it with Black Alchemical power … when satisfied with the infusing of the water at this stage the Satanic Alchemist now summons the power of Lilith within her, opening herself as a gateway to the energy of the Demonic Queen of Sorcery, meditating upon the Sigil of Lilith while doing so … when the current is rising she issues the following Invocation:

“Goddess of the Shades … Veiled Mother of eternal night … Mother of the Incubi, Succubi and the Lilin …  who are born in your aspect … I Invoke your power within me this night … open my body as a Temple of your ineffable energy … call your essence to imbue my being with your majestic energy … I stand here as your Daughter … Serpent Child of your Mysteries … Pythoness Priestess of your sacrosanct Rites … enter me this night … honour my flesh with your presence … infuse my blood with your ancient life force … breathe your gestating source of Darkness into this body … this Temple forged in your honour … that my blood shall be as the sacred wine of your hidden Grail …  ”

The Satanic Alchemist meditates on the current of Lilith flowing into her, allows herself to become at one with the ancient and all consuming power of Her current … when ready she then takes a small blade and cuts herself allowing some of her blood to fall into the water within the vessel and then says:

“Awaken waters of the mortal sphere … be transformed into the birthing current of the Queen of Hell Lilith … transform upon this blessed Altar … morph into the sacred blood and waters of the Black Womb of the Dark Mother … my blood is Her blood … my essence touched this night by Her Demonic energy … by this the sanguine lifeforce of which is eternal in the ancient lineage of Hell I make complete this alchemical transformation … bring alive this vessels waters as the amniotic tides of the Black Womb of Lilith … the sustaining waters of the fiery sea of Acheron …  of the bloodied womb of Demonic Queen!”

The Satanic Alchemist now takes time to meditate upon the alchemical transmutation of the water into the amniotic birthing fluid of the Black Womb of Lilith.
When ready the Black Alchemist removes the stone from the water and then carefully transfers the alcemical amniotic fluid into a jar … she then takes a number of Crystals she has already prepared and places them at the centre of the Altar saying:

“Crystals born of the earth be as the Lilin born of Lilith … you are as seeds to impregnate the darkened womb … as embryos yet unformed that shall be born as children of Lilith … I place you now into the waters of rebirth … the flowing Infernal current of Lilith …  that Her energy may awaken you to life … ”

The Satanic Alchemist places the crystals into the jar of empowered water and seals it in readiness for use in further Ritual, in closing she says:

“The Vessel of Birthing is sealed … the embryos of Our Infernal Queen Lilith await their awakening in the Black Womb of the Earth … the sacred Grail of She of who is Consort of Our Lord Satan and Demiurge of the Infernal Gestation!”


The Satanic Alchemist stands before the Pit of Gestation (dug within the earth) holding the Vessel of Birthing meditating on the summoning of Lilith into the Sacred Site of Working … .
She kneels down and places the vessel upon the ground at the edge of the pit saying:

“I call upon the Dark Mother Lilith to bring her force into this Demonic Space … into the spheres of this Infernal Site … I summon Her gestating powers into the Black Womb of the Earth … that it may be awakened as the Womb of Lilith Herself … and give gestation and birth to the Vessel before me … give life to the embryonic Crystals within it … that they may be born as Embryonic Children of Her Infernal power … ”

The Satanic Alchemist places the Vessel of Birthing into the earthen pit and says:

“The seeds of gestation our awakened by the darkened waters of the Queen of Hell … and now shall be nurtured in Her darkened womb … the Black Womb of manifestation which gives birth to all creation … may the current of the Leviathanic energy awaken within the land for this is the bloodline of Lilith Herself … may it uncoil and stretch forth throughout the lines of Her Legacy and bring life to this Darkened Womb of Her making … bringing the unseen Magick of Her Dark Lineage into this Pit of Gestation that these unformed embryos may awaken with Her Infenal power … this I decree as truth … this I command by Her sacred Name … by the Name of Lilith … and the Decree of Her Lord Satan!”


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The lily was the Minoan sacred flower, a special attribute of the Great Minoan Goddess Britomartis (Dictynna), goddess of mountains and hunting. She passed through the Mycenaeans’ culture into classical Greek mythology. For the Greeks, Britomartis was a mountain nymph (an oread) whom they recognized also in Artemis and in Aphaea, the “invisible” patroness of Aegina.

The lily was also dedicated to Hera, the goddess of women. Legend has it that when Zeus fathered Hercules with the mortal woman Alceme, he wished his son to partake more fully of divinity. To this end he had the baby brought to Hera after he drugged her to sleep. He had the baby placed at her breast and Hercules nursed. Hera awoke in horrified surprise and flung the baby from her. Some of her milk gushed across the heavens and formed the milky way. A few drops fell to earth and from those drops sprang the first lilies.

Roman legend has it that when Venus rose from the sea-foam she saw a lily and she became jealous of its beauty. Seeing it as a competitor she caused a huge and monstrous pistil to spring from the lily’s snow-white center. This myth accounts for the the lily being associated with Venus and the Satyrs who are the personification of lustful ardor.

The magical property of this herb is protection, it is used to remove love spells.