Queen Sugar Week - Day Four : Favorite relationship, non-romantic 
Ralph Angel Bordelon and Blue Bordelon

furuta-s  asked:

Are you realized? The way Ishida draws Furuta It's curious. He removes Furuta left eye. And those spots that look like blood on the left side of him too. Maybe a foreshadow of Furuta's death? I'm not just pointing about Ishida's last illustration, he's even doing this before.

No, I haven’t realized. Thank you for tipping me off. Normally you could discount that kind of one eye focus is due to the fact that Furuta is a one eyed ghoul, but curiously enough Furuta’s left eye is consistently drawn obscured in official art.

Furuta’s Kakugan eye however, is in his right eye. The same as Eto, Mutsuki and Amon.

I have two theories on this, one it could indicate blindness in his left eye. Arima was drawn a similar way on the last volume cover. Furuta is also a garden child who could be slowly dying due to those same health problems. 

My second thought, though is that eventually Furuta and Kaneki will have a showdown similar to Arima and Kaneki had. However, as the one eyed king this time Kaneki would be standing in the place of Arima. It would be interesting then, if Kaneki’s opening blow to Furuta was the same as the one dealt to him. It would even be an injury to the same eye.