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FUNimation Escaflowne Review

I made some posts about the Vision of Escaflowne yesterday, and they just straight up VANISHED ON ME, so I’m going to post it again.

Just watched the recent FUNimation dub. It was … actually, it was bad. 

A fair amount of the voice actors were miscast, the pronunciations of character names, terms, and places were HORRENDOUS (keep in mind, they had a cheat sheet with the Ocean Dub, yet no one went back to look for pronunciations) and they took liberties with the dialogue to change the content presented…

TL;DR: If you want to do Esca, sub is the most consistent in content and voice acting. If sub is not your thing, Ocean dub is also good, though the nuances in the voice acting can be a bit wonky. That being said, the Ocean dub is still far more superior than the FUNimation’s dub, in my honest opinion.


Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna by Olga