albus the squirrel
Am in love with a squirrel blog

So this all started when I decided to create a Pinterest account for the UCLA Fund (oh yeah, I should tell my boss this. Oh well.) Anyway, Oberlin College’s Ma'yaan Plout has done a really excellent job with her school’s account, so I decided to look at it to figure out ideas for setting up my own pinterest board. Well, well. She had a board dedicated solely to Albus the Squirrel. I thought, GEOFF GRAHAM.

Pic from AlbustheSquirrel’s tumblr blog.

You see, Geoff used to make guest appearances at Squirrel Safari, a CTY activity, to tell students about albino squirrels at Oberlin, his alma mater.

So I had this vague knowledge that Oberlin had albino squirrels. I just had no idea I would happen upon a social media presence for such a thing.

This gives me LOTS of ideas.


God, Oberlin was so amazing. I got to meet so many awesome students at both the College and the Con, and a whole bunch of other Prospies! The campus was beautiful, and the town was small, but cool. I finally got to meet Albus the Squirrel in person too! I got to go on some really cool tours of the campus, of the gym, of the language lab, and during my over-night stay, I went to a whole lot of places.

There really is so much to do there, and I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m even more in love with this school than I was before!