i bet harry potter kept that tiny hungarian horntail from the first triwizard tournament on his bedside table forever

years later lily luna is like “daddy, what is that dragon toy?”

“well, child, it’s a brutal reminder of the time i was forced into the wizard hunger games because dumbledore can’t tell when there’s a death eater working at hogwarts”

How the beginning of The Cursed Child should have gone
  • Hagrid:Yer gay Scorpius
  • Scorpius:I'm what??????
  • Hagrid:A Gay. And a thumpin' good one, I'd wager, once you've trained up a little
  • Scorpius:No you've made a mistake, i mean I can't be gay?!- I mean I'm just Scorpius, just Scorpius
  • Hagrid:Well just Scorpius yer fuckin gay
  • dumbledore:i know what voldemort's deal is. he has seven horcruxes keeping him alive, we need to get rid of them all.
  • mcgonagall:so you want me or severus or any of the other capable adults in the order of the phoenix to find and destroy them?
  • dumbledore:nah, i'll just give potter some incredibly vague instructions and send him on his way. that should be enough, right?

The Laughing Snape …

Unfortunately, a sight to be found only behind the scenes! Unfortunately, humor was no prominent quality of Snape…besides, Snape with a laughter is a very nice sight…                                            And Alan had the nicest laughter of the world…