Harry Potter thoughts

What if Harry’s magic had presented itself a bit more obviously when he was younger. Young Lily and Snape, for example, were able to purposely manipulate magic to make flowers grow, things like that.

What if little Harry discovered he could do such things.

What if little Harry were playing with magic happily in a park one day, only to be found by Dudley and his gang. What if they beat him so fiercely he was too terrified to used magic again. Except it kept building inside him, and he couldn’t control when it would burst out. 

What if Harry became just like Ariana.

What if Dumbledore failed again. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of witches and wizards to grow up with, that is if you grew up in the 90s-2000s. Some of our favorite characters are also our favorite famous humans in general as well. Hermionie knows her potions and facts like the back of her hand while Emma Watson aims to fight the good battle of women’s rights.

Harry, the chosen one, fights to save the wizarding world and humanity while Daniel Radcliffe is busy being 4ft0 and acting in plays that will never add up to Harry Potter glory.

Ron or Rupert Grint, well he is basically the same on and off screen plus or minus a little modeling. In real life or in the movie, which version of these stars/characters, would you want to be friends with?