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I'm curious--regarding Oswald's parents, were they abusive to him at all in your canon, or were they the well-intentioned, but ill-equipped kind of parents?

Oswald’s parents loved him, but they were wealthy and somewhat detached. Not faults of their own, mind, they had more “important” things to do with their time than handle the nitty gritty of parenting. So yeah, they loved Oswald, but it wasn’t the soft, caring love one would hope for a parent.

There was no real emotional damage done to Oswald until after his father, William Cobblepot, was gunned down in London during a labour dispute. Uta suffered something of a breakdown at this, and Oswald immediately volunteered as the “Man of the House”. Despite being only nine, Oswald had responsibilities heaped upon him from “Mother Dear” – but responsibility brought him mother’s love, so he gladly bore it.

Oswald’s protective nature came to light when he and his Mother were robbed at knife point – turning the knife from Oswald to Uta was the thief’s biggest mistake. When police found the offender, his hand had been bitten off at the wrist (Oswald didn’t EAT his hand, he just gnawed through the wrist).

From that point on, nobody would threaten Uta Cobblepot – fewer still would dare insult her (save for a certain, headstrong Mayor of Gotham City). When Oswald returned from school, the Cobblepot family moved to Gotham City, expanding their industry (and influence).

Uta Cobblepot is 97 and it still very much alive.

I just want to say sorry to Reaves. He came to a new team hoping to make new friends/family with the penguins and they do this. I can only begin to imagine he terrible he feels. And yes, I know the team is probably welcoming him with open arms but for him knowing that his management team cares more about tradition then basic human rights for PoC is a most likely a terrible feeling for him. This goes for all PoC in the NHL not just him. As a PoC who is a huge fan /supporter of the Penguins, I am very VERY disappointed by them and this decision. Words can’t even describe disappointed I am.


Penguin laughs when tickled

more good stuff

  • Oswald: From now on we'll be using code names. You will address me as "Eagle One"
  • Oswald: Jim. Code name: "Been There Done That"
  • Jim: ...
  • Oswald: Ed is "Currently Doing That"
  • Oswald and Ed: *high five*
  • Oswald: Zsasz is "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Zsasz: *winks*
  • Oswald: Freeze. Code name: "If I Had to Pick a Freak"
  • Freeze: *grins*
  • Oswald: And Ivy is "Eagle Two"
  • Ivy: Oh thank god