albums: mystery to me

Beatles Albums Explained
  • Please Please Me: the Beatles like sex
  • With the Beatles: the Beatles like sex part 2
  • A side of A Hard Day's Night: glamorous 60's pop
  • B side: bitter country music?
  • Beatles for Sale: the Beatles are a country band now in a good way
  • Help!: the Beatles remember they're a rock band but they like flutes and violins too
  • Rubber Soul: 4/5 stars songs coming together to make a 6/5 stars album
  • Revolver: hello we're the Beatles and we're ascending
  • Sgt. Pepper: the Beatles straight up dictate what pop is gonna sound like now and everyone takes notes
  • Magical Mystery Tour: "hello we're Paul and the McCartneys I mean "the Beatles" and here's the music from "our" new movie
  • The Beatles: We Are Tense
  • Yellow Submarine: idk here's some singles and new songs and a bunch of scoring from the last movie we have to make (not)
  • Abbey Road: wHOa ThERe FRiEnD
  • Let It Be: among a few orchestral pieces, the Beatles return to their roots of straight single track rock n roll that you can actually perform and they BEAT IT UP
The Beatles eras

Their first era: The rock ‘n’ roll era
•please please me
•with the Beatles
•a hard day’s night
•Beatles for sale
Number two: The transitional era
•rubber soul
Number three: The psychedelic era
•Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
•the magical mystery Tour
•the white album (partially)
Number four: The “Back to Basics” era
•the White album
•abbey road
•let it be (get back)

Emerald Eyes
  • Emerald Eyes
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Mystery To Me

Emerald Eyes - Fleetwood Mac

Favorite song from my favorite album by one of my favorite bands, and the reason behind my name. This record is hanging on my bedroom wall.

Find, emerald eyes in the night
Gleamin’ shiny and bright
As if covered with silver
She’s still a mystery to me
The way she sails away slow
Makes your day to day life easy

i remember first seeing the tracklist for blurryface and thinking like what the heck…are these songs……and that feeling of being so unfamiliar with the titles but now all these songs mean so much to me