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How the actual fuck did you get into a MJ music video? I mean that doesn't just happen by accident. you must have put some serious effort into that!

It’s one of the videos that was done after his death. They were asking for people to send them video clips of fans doing certain things and eventually the music video was created from 1600 (I think?) most suitable clips out of some dozen thousands sent in. I sent in a handful and they chose to use two. The song is called Behind the Mask and the video used to be called that, but when an another version of the got leaked, they changed the one with fan content to “Behind the Mask Project”. You can see me holding a Finnish flag at 0:13 and later doing peek-a-boo around 3:33. (Mind you this was six years ago and I look hideous.)

It’s definitely not a great video and it’s not the best song either, but it’s an official MJ video nonetheless.

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Life takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and we know we cannot live within - James Baldwin

Part 6

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A/N: Aye..It’s back lol thanks for being patient :)

Single!Jensen x Reader

As soon as it hit you, you couldn’t face Jensen. You were a stuttery mess and you hated yourself for it. So, you did the best thing possible. You ran.

You couldn’t even call it a run - more like a clumsy fast walk with a bunch of little trips thrown in there. And that wasn’t even the worst part. No, the worst part had to be Jensen’s confused sort of sad look on his face as he watched you try to get away from him. 

But you couldn’t handle being in front of him especially now that you knew that it was him at the ball. 

Did he know it was you? 

Of course not. He’s got way better things to do then to worry about some stranger he met at a work party. 

Dropping your plans on the table in the warehouse, you sighed. A deep, aggravated, ‘I can’t believe I made a fool of myself in front of Jensen Ackles’, sigh. This is just great.

You weren’t even going to tell Marissa. You knew how that was going to turn out. She’d scream with excitement, tell you you had to tell him or at least talk to him, and if you didn’t she’d find a way to get the two of you in that awkward situation where’d you have to talk to each other.

Oh-ho-ho no, that wasn’t going to happen. So, you kept everything to yourself.

“She ran away from you?!” Jared exclaimed in disbelief, his eyebrows shooting up and his hand immediately covering his mouth to hide his amused smile.

“Shut up.” Jensen grumbled. “I don’t know what happened. Everything was going well, we were talking and then suddenly I was looking at her back as she ran off.”

Jared chuckled, leaning forward and sniffing at Jensen. “Did you take a shower today?” 

Jensen shot a glare towards Jared making him raise his hands in surrender. “I’m just saying, there had to be a reason she freaked out.” Jared smirked. “Maybe you’re just scary looking.”

“Jared-” Jensen whined .

“I’m kidding.” Jared hushed him. “But seriously, there had to be a good reason for her to do that. Don’t go thinking the worst.”

Jensen sighed. “You’re right.”

For the rest of the day you drowned yourself in your work. Anything to get your mind off of Jensen - not that it helped but for some reason it did make you work faster. Not only did you get everything done needed for tomorrow but you even started on the Men Of Letters bunker set.

The squeaking of the warehouse door made you look up. “Hey Y/n/n, I’m heading home.” You smiled at Marissa.

“Okay, I’m almost finished here- I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Marissa smiled and waved. “Don’t work yourself too hard.” She laughed as she walked out the door.

You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head as you went back to your work, you were almost done with this one prop and you thought it was a good stopping point once you finished.

The familiar squeak of your door disrupted your comfortable silence once again. “Marissa, you were in here for what? 20 seconds?” You yelled out. “You couldn’t have forgotten anything-” Your sentence cut short when you finally tore your gaze away from the prop in front of you and landed on the familiar green-eyed man standing there with his hands shoved in his pockets.

Jensen gave you a small crooked smile - looking down at his feet in nervousness. “I take it you remembered me from the ball?”

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Behind The Mask: Meeting Someone in the 22nd Century or Until The Gears Quit Turning

While I have been loving the fantastical worlds of superheroes presented throughout this book, Jennifer Pullen’s story “Meeting Someone in the 22nd Century or Until the Gears Quit Turning,” in addition to having a name long enough to be used as a song title by an emo band, is not a superhero story so much as it is superhero adjacent. That is not to say that it lacks in fantastical elements, there is science fiction in this story, but it is only one step away from our reality, rather than the other stories eight or nine steps.

While it contains none of the spell flinging magic you might expect from our spandex clad friends, it does come with a more mundane sort as it follows a couple falling in love, getting married and having a baby. While the romance starts off with hints of the dreaded “manic pixie dream girl” Sandra swiftly develops a personality beyond being quirky and attractive and the initial infatuation transforms into something more lasting. There are hints of who the lovers were in the beginning littered through the story, and hints that they haven’t grown as much as they thought they had.

It is fascinating to find a romance so deliberately written from only a single perspective, with so few clues as to what is happening inside the other person’s mind. Between the removal of involuntary displays of interest by the speculative element and the glib humour that characterises Sandra we are left with a character who may very well be faking her interest. The story takes the fundamental crisis of confidence found in any successful dating; does my date like me as much as I like them, and amplifies it. The fact that our hero Greg’s love interest may be quite literally heartless exaggerates this even further.

Later in the relationship even after most of that matter seems settled, the same inherent power imbalance still persists, with Greg unable to deny her anything or acknowledge his own feelings for fear of alienating her and losing her affections.

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This story, I am not typing out its title again, is a nice palette cleanser between the saccharine sweet worlds of superheroes in Behind The Mask and the romance-with-doubts is an unexplored genre that I wouldn’t mind spending a little more time in.

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I just downloaded the kindle version of Behind the Mask and I can't wait to read it, but right now I'm also reading The Foxhole Court on your recommendation and so far I am having too many feelings to put it down.

OH MAN 1. Thank you so much for getting Behind the Mask! I hope you like it! 2. YEAH ITS SUPER DIFFICULT TO PUT DOWN I DO NOT BLAME YOU come chat with me if you need someone to dhekfnaks with over it~

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I know u r having a stressful night with the election in BC, but I wanted to let u know that I bought the anthology with ur story, and I am vv excited to read it.

OH MY GOSH thank you so much anon! I hope you enjoy it, it’s a great anthology, and that my story doesn’t disappoint!

If you want to, please take a pic of you with your copy and tag me. This goes to everyone! I wanna reblog all your lovely supportive faces!

(Or if you spot it in a bookstore or a library! Snap a pic!)