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This song is dedicated to the giant orange idiot who’s getting a lot of screen time in the US at the moment.
—  Dan Smith before playing “Power”

panic! at the disco lyrics + dance

20 Bits of Ed Sheeran Interview Round Up

EdBits: Cool Stuff From Ed’s Interviews

UPDATE: List compiled from Ed’s interviews on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio1Xtra, Capital FM, Absolute Radio, Zach Sang and more.

1. Ed visited 10 countries during his year off (Iceland, Ghana, Japan, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Ireland, Liberia). 🇦🇺🇫🇯🇬🇭🇮🇸🇯🇵🇱🇷🇳🇿🇺🇸🇨🇮🇮🇹
2. Instead of going to Grammy after parties Ed flew directly to Iceland.
3. Shape Of You was written as an appreciation song for the female form.
4. John Mayer has an uncredited guitar solo on Divide 🎸
5. Ed has 2 more math symbol albums and 5 more albums after that. 7 more Ed albums in our future! ➗✖️➕➖
6. Ed recently purchased the Lego version of The Simpsons house
7. Ed has a song in the Ghanaian dialect Twi
8. Ed has the flag of Ghana tattooed somewhere on his body. He has not revealed the exact location of the tattoo.
9. Ed had a studio built on the Queen Mary 2 so he could work on the new album. Apparently Benny Blanco doesn’t like to fly✈️✈️ 🛳🛳🛳
10. Ed painted the album cover for ➗
11. Ed is featured on the most recent Eric Clapton album under the pseudonym Angelo Mysterioso. The pseudonym was one that Clapton and George Harrison used.
12. Everything in the song Castle on The Hill is true except the broken leg line.
13. There is one more single release before Divide is released in full.
14. Divide should be released in the next 2 months.
15. Ed learned to ski⛷⛷
16. Ed has just started watching The Walking Dead
17. Ed threw out 7 songs for Divide and the songs are now in “song jail”.
18. Ed fell asleep during the first half of Rogue One. 🎟🎟
19. Ed is godfather to one of Big Narstie’s children.
20. Ed tried to get over his fear of heights by bungee jumping. It didn’t work. He still has bad dreams about it.

“She had a little Taylor guitar, she got it out and she was like, ‘I had this idea for this song’ and she pretty much had the verse, bridge and chorus done, but we argued about that one chord — 'I just want to know you, better know you’ — she didn’t like that, and I kind of forced it upon her. It was quite a funny situation. It’s like [her room is] surrounded by Grammys; she has like seven or eight and like Billboard Awards and Songwriting Guild. And I’m like, ‘this chord,’ and she’s like [pointing to her awards]”
- Ed Sheeran

'Everything Has Changed’ music video came out 2 years ago today.