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getting ready in the morning is such a therapeutic experience for me someone asked how i don’t get bored when i put makeup on bc it takes me almost an hour like no this is my morning coffee or whatever else wakes u up at 6am this is how i greet the day i put on old jlo albums and high coverage concealer and im good

5sos: *releases 3 new songs, an ep, an album for preorder, more new merch, a new book and talk of a second tour*

Me: *is a broke ass bitch who can’t afford shit*

Me: *cries*

the signs as halsey tweets

aries: There’s a song on my album called “Young God” and I hope every single one of u loses your virginity to it.

taurus: Yo calling me “fat” and “chubby” is not going to create a force field around that pizza headed for my mouth. I like the way I look. Get bent.

gemini: The hardest part about having my own place is that I already know what snacks are in the cabinet and don’t get to be surprised :(

cancer: I know I’m not some hot male rockstar but if you guys wanna throw bras on stage at my shows, feel free I could use some.

leo: Throw some glitter on that bitch. Done.

virgo: I have cotton eyed joe stuck in my head why do things like this happen to me.


scorpio: I have tied my hair up with my underwear way too many times in my life.

sagittarius: Female. 20. Sad. Selfish. Seeking Time Machine.

capricorn: subtweet: ur not even a joke ur a dad joke.

aquarius: I’d sell my soul for a 10 piece…McNugget.

pisces: I’m so happy I’m not allergic to shellfish cause god I fucking love scallop

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Not gunna lie I definitely have googled award shows and events etc... They have been to sooooo many of the same ones and never met its crazy, like it literally was fate aligning for them to meet at the right time!

NO BUT ON THE REAL I THINK ABOUT THIS SO OFTEN, ANON. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. not only have the been at the same events for years probably and never met, but they’ve also been talking about each other since 2012

obviously calvin said he wanted to see her all the way back in 2012 and does the cutest lil giggle when he does

then said he wanted to work with her in 2014 around the time his album came out because she’s quote an amazing songwriter unquote (taylor also liked this quote on tumblr)

in november 2014 he did the so-infamous-i-don’t-even-have-to-link-it tinder interview lmao

around the same time taylor guest hosted the american top 40 for ryan seacrest and at 10:53 said SHE ALWAYS FELT REALLY CLOSE TO CALVIN HARRIS (because of their tallness lol) and said she would have enjoyed seeing his set at the iheart radio musical festival had it been on the same night as hers. 

and just because i want to–let’s count down the things i find interesting about the american top 40 in particular: 

  • first, taylor KNEW what he looked like by then despite having not met him because she knew for definite that he was really tall and no offence to calvin but not a lot of people probably knew what he looked like last year so that’s actually kind of significant imo; 
  • second, she remembered quite clearly that he had been at the iheart radio festival despite him being one of 25 artists there and not even on the same night as her
  • third, she would have enjoyed his set. a fan of his, yes??
  • fourth and finally, i listened to the whole countdown a while back and honestly?? taylor basically talks about him for longer than any other artist on the whole countdown. i’m pretty sure she talks about him for longer than she does ed sheeran, one of her best friends
  • conclusion: taylor was lowkey crushing on him even then. am i reaching? probably but idc that’s my theory!!

man. i really do feel like it was the universe finally aligning when they met in february. i really do. kinda the perfect timing really :)

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I really wish the boys would do an acoustic show with this album. Just sit down and sing, and let us hear their voices without the big stadium/arena and without all the fan screaming. Like Little Mix does all the time. Let us hear those naked voices.

Just the thought of this is bringing tears to my eyes.

Please oh please oh please can this happen.  Give me acoustic.  Give me acapella.  Give me all the beautiful harmonies.

Imagine if they did this and filmed it or livestreamed it.  I’d spend the entire time sobbing.  And then watch it on repeat for a week.

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harry looks so beautiful in that photo of a photo i'm dying and now i'm curious about augustana ??? what do you recommend?

how does he manage to look so beautiful in such low quality???? what kinda sorcery??? anyway, augustana! they’re great. 


TAYLOR!!!!! Hi! My name is Mason (the super tall one) and I’m going to both of the shows in Denver next weekend! (HOW IS IT ONE WEEK I CANNOT COMPREHEND THIS WHAT WASNT IT 200 DAYS LIKE YESTERDAY I HAVE NO CHILL) For the first night, I’m going with my dad and my sister, Hannah. Our seats are section 114 row 14. On the second night, I’m going with my mom and my sister. We’ll be in section CCC (!!!) row 13! My best friend, Rachel is also going that night, and her seats are in CCC row 7!

Today, hours of laughing ensued during our photoshoot (Thanks to my mommy!) After over 30 hours of hard work, I finally finished my costume! The top of my outfit is inspired by the 1989 album cover shirt, with the New York skyline around the bottom. I outlined it with small pieces of tape, painted black beneath them, and then peeled them off. The airplanes around the waistline are inspired by “Two paper airplanes flying….” and “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.” All of the airplane trails are made out of lyrics from 1989! For the shoes, my sister and I both took some white Keds (hers are pictured on the left, mine on the right) and wrote the names of all of the songs on 1989. Finally, she, my cousin, and I (my cousin is going night 1) divided up all of the songs and made a city, where each store is named after a song. Rachel made her outfit based off of the Billboard Awards performance of 22.


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I'm really pleased these past few days with the progression of Larry regarding their acknowledgement toward our speculations about RBB, a teensy bit of stage interaction, the M&G photos.. I feel like things are gonna start going our way more and more as time goes on and if we think they're gonna come out in November bc the album, that's now only a few months away!! I'm so excited :DDD