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I took a walk to listen to this album and it was perfect. It’s raw, it’s open, tracks seemed to play seamlessly. #FLOWERBOY is out & you should go peep that! Tyler is the first carefree black boy I probably ever saw when I think about it. Never gave a f*ck but did at the same time. Heres to you🌼✨#sffb

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Aww but you guys, I really want the old gang and the new gang to be family. Grover making some amazing vegetarian chili with Piper in the Mess Hall (”Is this… uh, G, is this half a soda can?” “That’s just what it comes in, you don’t have to eat it. Actually, I’ll take care of that, hand it over.” “Hey, no, get your own!”) Juniper sitting with Nico near that quiet grassy stretch near the trees, teaching him how to busy his shaking hands by twisting the delicate stems of flowers into crowns.

Reyna and Clarisse hanging out in the armory, dusting, reorganizing, sharing trade secrets and favorite ways to completely mess up a dude. Also? Clarisse has so many embarrassing stories about Percy. Reyna’s never laughed so hard in her life.

Dakota and Travis and Connor wreaking havoc–triple the trouble, triple the, uh. Trouble. They’re in trouble. Chiron’s coming and they should probably run. Frank lining up a shot at the archery range, holding the tension in his arms, breathing in, standing steady, and–”Hey, so, I heard you stole my little brother’s job over in New Rome?” His shot goes wide, and Thalia laughs. “Let me show you how it’s done, kid.”

Rachel and Hazel listening to old jazz albums, humming along together and sharing an easel, just covered in paint and giggling. Butch helps them make stained glass sculptures that dance and glitter in the wind. Tyson and Leo as partners whenever there’s a game of Chicken in the Sound; Leo’s got skinny little arms, but nobody can knock Tyson down. “We are the champions!”

Reyna and Annabeth sitting together on the beach, listening to the waves, soaking in the sun. There’s not much they need to say–and the press of their shoulders speaks loud enough, anyway. Percy and Jason facing off in the arena, a clash of titans that somehow ends up in a ridiculous dance-off. Piper and Thalia sharing earbuds and singing dramatically at one another. Will and Hazel tearing through the forest together, unlikely Capture the Flag partners, small and silent and deadly. Frank and Clarisse racing up the climbing wall. “No cheating, little brother!”

Just a big cross-country family. Late night Iris messages. Postcards sent from around the world: Love from yet another death-defying quest, wish you were here! Orange and purple tye-dyed shirts. E-mails and selfies and road trips and slumber parties, sharing drinks and eye-rolls as they hover near the buffet during Official Olympus Celebrations. Trading stories and keeping secrets and knowing one another’s scars, the violence that cut them deep, the exact touch to ease a nightmare. Stolen hoodies and kisses to cheeks and warm hands to hold, a solid weight to lean against, and too much laughter, always. 

Seeing comments/confessions like “I know Little Mix are grown women and they can be sexy if they want, but I think they need to tone it down because they do have younger fans” or “Glory Days is great but where are the inspirational songs? Like it’s all about sex now, they should really think about their younger fans”. And all I keep thinking is. What about their older fans? What about the fans that have literally grew up with LM? Why can’t they get the music that appeals to them as well? Why do the girls have to cater only to the younger demographic and completely ignore their older demographic?.

Glory Days might not be the most inspirational album they’ve done. But it still has killer songs that help make you feel empowered, like Power and Shout Out To My Ex. It still has stunning ballads, like Nobody Like You and F.U. It still sounds like Little Mix only they’ve experimented with what’s current on the charts now, which is the EDM sound. What I’ve always loved about LM is their ability to create something new, that us fans, wouldn’t expect but still keep the essence of LM.

I get the girls have a lot of younger fans, but there aren’t the only fans they have. And it gets really frustrating to see LM getting hated on (by their own fandom) for growing up and becoming confident, strong, young women. I really hope LM keep the mature vibe for LM5, perhaps even a mix of Salute/Glory Days because it’s absolutely ridiculous that majority of their fans are trying to stop them from growing up. When some of you grow up and become young women/men, I’m pretty sure you’ll be thankful to Little Mix for creating an album like Glory Days. But just because you can’t relate to any of those songs now, doesn’t mean in the future you won’t be able too.

People really need to stop treating Little Mix like they are still teenagers and start respecting/supporting who they are now as women. You may not wear the clothes they do or feel comfortable with showing that much skin but Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy do. And if I had a small portion of their confidence and if I had even one of their amazing figures, you know what, I’d probably be flaunting it too.

Little Mix are women. And they should be able to make music for all their fans, not just bubblegum pop for the younger demographic. I grew up listening to LM, and each album has helped me in their own way through different stages of my life, even if it’s just a handful of songs from their albums. Glory Days is no different and LM5 will be no different.


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s the second part to Vegas! You know that part in a concert where all the music just stops mid-song, and then it resumes after a couple of moments and it’s super awesome and amazing? Yeah, that’s what I tried to describe in this fic, but I don’t think I did it that well. Oh well. I did my best.

Word Count: 2782

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT, car sex, the usual bad language

“No.” Daveed said for the third time.

“Why not?” You asked, groaning a bit.

“Because I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come. It’s dangerous for you. Shows can get out of hand sometimes.”

Tonight, clipping. was scheduled for a pop-up show at a local bar and you were trying to convince Daveed to take you with him. The both of you had become friends with benefits after he ‘broke your curse’ of not being able to orgasm during sex with anyone else. You both satisfied each other’s needs when it was necessary, and you enjoyed this relationship that you both had, but there were certain things that you didn’t enjoy: he was overprotective.

“C’mon, D. I’m a grown woman, I can handle myself. You don’t have to treat me like a damsel in distress all the time.” You said, leaning against the counter. He wasn’t going to make you bring out the puppy dog eyes, was he?

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Beside You- Luke Hemmings Imagine

Summary: Luke and (Y/N) have always had feelings for one another, but were always to blind to see it. Thanks to some help from the other boys, and the music video producer for the boy’s latest song, the feelings between the two are easily discovered.

A/N: This is one of my longest imagines I have done, but I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have followed me, I have now reached over 100 in the short time that I have started this blog. It would really mean a lot if I could get some comments about my writings, so if you have a quick second, leave me a little note! 

P.S. Possible part 2?

“You want me to what” you asked incredulously.

“We want you to be in our new music video” Ashton said with a large grin.

“But aren’t you supposed to get super hot models for these sorts of things? Even with a make-up crew I won’t look half as good as those type of girls” you said with a frown.

“Will you stop (Y/n), you are one of the most beautiful girls we know.” It was Luke who spoke this time, his voice was soft, sincere, and possibly one of the most serious tones you have ever heard him use.

You tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you break your eye contact with the boys and look to the floor. The boys can tell that you’re thinking of other reasons why you shouldn’t do the music video, but for once your mind was blank.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I mean it’s mainly going to feature you guys anyways, right?” you said, mainly trying to convince yourself. “What song is it for anyways?”

“Now that’s a surprise. But don’t worry you’ll see tomorrow when we start filming.” Calum chimed in. Your mouth opens in protest but closes shortly after realizing there is no way the boys would give it up.

The rest of the day consisted or you just hanging out with the boys as they talked about how great their tour was. You watched carefully as each of their eyes lit up while talking about some of their favorite memories. As it grew darker, the boys started leaving one by one until it was just you and Luke.

Luke was undoubtedly your best friend. He has been there for you for every hard time. Whether it was when your dog died when you were 13, or when you were being bullied in high school. He was your rock, and dare you say, your knight in shining armor. However, you never told him how you felt, for fear that he doesn’t feel the same. Of course, all the guys knew, but they also knew something you didn’t: Luke felt the same.

Once all the guys were gone, you and Luke just sat next to one another in a comfortable silence. The warm summer breeze touched your skin as you gazed into the night sky.

“Hey Luke, since it’s almost tomorrow anyways, can you tell me what song the music video is for, or at least what we will be filming?” you ask giving the puppy dog eyes.

“You are so stubborn, you know that right?” he says through breathy laughs.

“Come on, pleaseeeeeee” you ask.

“Honestly I don’t know that much myself. I do know what song it is, but that’s about it.”

“Oh come on, you are totally holding out on me!” you insist. You sit so that you are facing Luke, each of your small hands on his shoulders so he can’t turn away from your gaze. “Just give me something to go off of.”

“Alright, well it’s for our new song called Beside You, and I think there are other three more females joining us on set. But that is about all I know” he confessed.

Your hands leave his shoulders as you try and think as to what you will be filming tomorrow. Unfortunately, you haven’t gotten to listen to all of the boy’s new album so you didn’t know the meaning behind Beside You.

“I can see the wheels turning, but I guarantee you it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll have a blast. Promise” he mentions while holding out his pinky. You intertwine your pinky with his and shake them, something you have always done ever since you were little.

“Okay Lucas, if you insist” you say with a laugh. “Well it’s getting late so I’m going to head off to bed, got to get my beauty sleep for my filming debut tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I should probably head out too. Don’t want the star of the video to look like crap” he says giving a wink.

Before even thinking, words left your lips that you wouldn’t usually say.

“Why don’t you just spend the night” you say quickly and quietly, hoping that Luke may not have heard you. But when your gaze met his, you can tell he heard your question. “I mean, it will just be like when we were younger. Just don’t hog all the blankets this time.”

“Alright, yeah if that’s alright with you. It would be nice to not have to wait for a cab to get here, and that way you and I can just drive to the studio together in the morning.”

The two of you walk up to your bed room, laughing and reminiscing in old times the whole way up. Sure, at first you’d be nervous that this would be awkward, but the moment you both were laying in your bed it felt like old times. You two stayed up for a few more hours just talking about everything that came to your minds. As your eyes grew heavy, you snuggled into Luke’s chest, while soft hums escaped his lips as you drifted off to sleep.

“She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you” he lightly sings. This is exactly where Luke had longed to be, with you fast asleep in his arms. He never thought you looked more beautiful, even with a bit of eyeliner left on from earlier in the night, your hair fallen onto your face, and soft snores escaping your lips. All Luke wanted, was to be beside you.


The loud beeping of your alarm woke you up. Bright light was shining through your curtains as you notice that your head is still on top of Luke’s chest. His eyes were still closed, typical Luke, not waking up easily.

“Hey, butt face, wake up.” You say while poking his nose. His face scrunches as his eyes flutter open trying to adjust to the brightness. “Come on sleepy head, get up!” A groan escapes Luke’s lips as he is adamant about staying in bed. “Alright you asked for it” you begin as you take a pillow and smack it onto his face.

“That’s not even fair!” he protests.

“Then get up sleeping beauty” you say while landing another hit on him.

The rest of the morning was pretty quiet between the two of you. You each quickly showered and then drove off to the studio. The entire ride over you kept insisting that Luke play the song for you, so you have an idea of what to expect, but the stubborn boy kept refusing.

As you walked into the studio you saw the other three boys standing next to three gorgeous girls. You immediately felt insecure and Luke could sense the shift in your attitude. His arm ran across your shoulder as he guided you to where the group was standing.

“There you guys are, you were supposed to be here nearly a half an hour ago” Ashton said.

“Sorry but princess Luke takes forever to wake up” you said while rubbing your hand through Luke’s hair. He playfully swats your hand away, all while still keeping his arm around your shoulder.

“Well since you guys are late, the director already assigned parts.” Michael mentioned.

“What do you mean” you question.

“Well, if you can’t tell there are four girls and four guys, so we are being divided into pairs. Calum is with Shelly, Michael is with Kristen, I’m with Morgan, and so Luke and (Y/n) you’re obviously together.” Ashton answered.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be filled in more while they are doing your hair and make-up” Michael said.

Shortly after talking with the boys, a crew came to take you and the other girls to hair and make-up. You got to know the other girls better and it turns out they weren’t uptight models and actresses that you expected them to be. All the girls were very down to earth and had their own hobbies and interesting life stories.

“Okay ladies, so here’s how today is going to work” the direct said as he entered the room. “You are going to hear the song a few times right now before we start filming, just so you can get a better feel for the song, and then you each will be taken to your own set with the boys and film your stuff there.” As he left the room music began to play. The lyrics were beautiful and you could tell they came for the heart.

“Miss (Y/n), are you alright?” the makeup technician asked you. You hadn’t even realized that the song has played 3 times already, and now here you were with tears falling down your cheeks.

“Oh yeah, sorry, the song just means a lot” you say with a weak smile.

After you were finally done getting ready for filming you were lead to a set of a kitchen. When you walked in you saw Luke in a similar outfit to you which consisted of plaid pajama pants and a black V-neck. Your outfit consisted of pajama shorts and a grey t-shirt.

“Wow (y/n) you look amazing” Luke says as he pulls you into a hug.

“Thanks” you answer shyly.

“Alright, Luke and (Y/n), so here’s what I’m thinking. So, all of you guys have your girlfriends and each pair has their own thing going on. Your scene is that you guys just woke up to make some breakfast with one another. But don’t just be boring and go through the motions, you aren’t just cooking. Basically, we are showing how each of the couples are before the life of fame and touring takes the guys away. So you two are supposed to be in love so that’s what we need to see. There’s going to be more to the video, but let’s just focus on the emotions in this part first. And just remember the cameras aren’t here, just be how you two normally are together, okay?”

“Sounds good” Luke chimed in.

To say everything felt awkward was an understatement. Neither of you two were entirely sure what to do, and it didn’t help that there was a crew of at least 10 people focused on you. Once the director said action, you each tried to act as naturally as possible. You went and grabbed a box of pancake mix and asked Luke to grab out a pan. You start reading the instructions and pay no attention to Luke who is standing right next to you.

“Alright umm let’s cut for a moment” the director said. “Luke, (Y/n), you guys are best friends, just act like you normally would, okay? Don’t be so dry and pretend none of us are here.” The two of you nod your heads in understanding. You don’t know why this was so hard for you and so awkward. You’ve literally known Luke your whole life and are best friends, so why can’t you just have fun with this scene.

“And action” the director says.

An awkward silence fills the room as you and Luke go through the motions for making breakfast for the two of you once again. You try and reach for a bowl on a shelf but come up just too short. Looking to Luke for assistance, he comes over with a small laugh, and is easily able to grab the bowl. When he sets it down on the counter in front of you, you become fully aware of how close he is to you now. His breath is hitting your neck as you stand there for what feels like an eternity.

“Cut” the director yells. “Alright team here’s what we are going to do. Let’s set up two cameras on tripods in separate corners, and then let’s place two more in other locations. Then we will step out, and you two can just be alone and do what you do best. I just feel like we aren’t getting anything from you guys and so I’m hoping this will help.” The camera team quickly moves around the room setting up multiple cameras in various locations.

“I’m sorry I suck” you say softly to Luke.

“You don’t suck. Trust me, my first music video was super awkward too. Don’t worry, by the end of filming it will look great, and soon every director will want to star you in their video” he says with a wink. The rest of the camera crew clears out so now it is just you and Luke on set. Before they left, the crew turned on some music to play softly in the back ground.

“Okay so I’m totally going to try and make pancakes, and so you better help me” you say with a smile.

“Sure just direct me around and we will make the best damn pancakes you’ve ever had” Luke replies.

“Okay so first we need two cups of flour” you say as you read the directions. Luke listens and scoops out two cups of flour and pours them into the bowl.

“Hey (y/n)” he asks.

“Yeah?” You turn around to face Luke only to be met with flour being sprinkled on your head.

“Oh, you are so dead” you say with fake anger. Taking your hand, you reach into the bag of flour only to smack your white hand across his clean black shirt. Luke let’s out a gasp of fake hurt as his face lights up with a smile.

To stop you from doing more damage he grabs each of your wrists and raises them above your head. You two just stand there for a moment, the only sound coming from the music the crew turned on. Before you had a chance to fight back, Luke’s lips crash to yours.  As the kiss grows deeper he removes his hands from your wrists and moves them to your waist. He carefully picks you up and places you on the counter, placing his body in between your legs. Your hands make their way through his hair as you two have yet to stop for air. A soft chuckle escapes from you as Luke’s fingers unknowingly tickled your side.

“We should still try and make some pancakes too” you say through kisses. This time it was Luke who laughed at your comment. After he nods his head in agreement he helps you off the counter, keeping his hands on your waist.

The two of you continue to make pancakes, sneaking kisses in every chance you get. Luke follows each of the instructions you give him, and is surprised when he sees that the finished result actually looks delicious. As you two sit and eat, Luke tells more embarrassing jokes of the boys from tour. Everything is perfect until you hear a loud voice that you didn’t expect to hear back so soon.

“There’s my two favorite love birds” the director jokes. “Well we definitely got the footage we needed from the two of you together, so now there is just a couple of individual things we need to get today, and then it should be all done. So (Y/n) why don’t you head back to hair and make-up so they can clean you up a bit. Luke you’re going to meet up with the guys. Once again great job, and Luke I had no idea you were such a great actor.”

“Thanks” Luke says with a laugh. “That’s what happens when you’re a Rockstar I guess.” The moment Luke finishes speaking you feel your heart break a little bit. Of course, Luke was just acting, he’d never be into you like that. You walk away, trying to contain yourself from crying, until you hear Luke call your name. You take a moment to compose yourself and put on a happy façade for when you speak to him.

“Hey (y/n) I just wanted to say you did a really great job.” Luke says while flashing a smile.

“Thanks, looks like you should consider acting more yourself” you say with a weak smile. Before either of you could say anything else a crew member comes and pulls on your arm to get you back into the dressing area. A small sigh escapes Luke’s lips as you leave, wishing he could have gotten to tell you what he has been trying to say.


After you finished filming you went straight home, not bothering to talk to any of the guys. Today had been a long and trying day and all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. When you go and check your phone you see 8 missed calls from Luke and a handful of messages.

“Great” you mumble. What could he possibly want? Sure, you didn’t directly let him know that you were leaving, but you told Ashton to pass the word. You were drowning in your thoughts of the day’s actions until you heard a light knock on your door.

“Shit” you mutter. You didn’t really feel like answering the door, and had silently prayed that whoever was on the other end would just go away. But to your dismay, the knocks got increasingly louder and more adamant, as if that person needed to get inside right now. With shaky hands, you take a deep breath and open the door.

“Luke” his name comes out as more of a question from your lips as you’re surprised at his arrival.

“I’m really sorry” his shaky voice says. You make room for him to come inside but he just stays where he is. Your gaze keeps to the ground because you know if you look into his eyes your walls will come crumbling down. “(Y/N) I wasn’t acting” he stated plainly.


“I wasn’t acting” he said. And with that said Luke closes the gap between your bodies and places his lips onto yours….


Part 2?



WELL. Here it is. One of… the three Shallura amvs I’m randomly making with some of the manips I’ve done. Honestly, this one kind of just showcases the edits I’ve made and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as I’d hope for it to be. I had to end up cutting the song at points just to finish the damn thing, because my will to continue working on it is nonexistent now. lmao. I should probably stick to shorter videos. 

This song doesn’t scream Shallura to me, but I just happened to be listening to the new Gorillaz album at the time I started this. It’s what sparked some of the edits, like the fireworks gif. So, whoops. But I hope you guys enjoy it anyway!! <3 

On B.A.P’s “Blue” and what makes a good album cover

So the album cover for Blue was released last night, and while I have my doubts about the design I’m not all that surprised that this is what we got. K-pop in general has a lot of album covers of questionable quality, due to the incredibly high amount of album/single releases the industry has every year. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to criticise them rather than ignoring them.

Still, instead of making more memes about the unmotivated album covers TS has given us in the past year, I thought I’d make a quick post on what makes a good album cover, and why TS’ album covers are worth criticising.

All general rules of graphic design aside, there are some key qualities an album’s cover art should have in order to do an artist justice, and here they are:

  1. The cover art should be easily discernible/stand out.
  2. The cover art should be memorable.
  3. The cover art should describe the artist or the album in some way (either the sound or the message promoted).
  4. The cover art should be minimalistic/uncluttered (this is not so much a rule as it is a tendency found in good modern examples. Minimalism has become highly favoured in media today and it’s easier to make a piece of album art that has the previous qualities using the minimalist approach).

So with that in mind, let’s have a look at the cover art TS Entertainment released for Blue, and keep the desired qualities in mind:

Now, on a personal level I actually don’t mind these designs. I think they’re quite pretty and soothing to look at. From a design perspective, however, these have flaws. So let’s look at how they pertain to the points I mentioned earlier.

The cover art should be easily discernible/stand out. Imagine if you were in a record shop and you were scanning the new releases for something to listen to (already I’ve dated myself, but bear with me). Would this design pop? If you were standing 10 meters (or 30 feet) away from this cover would you be able to see what it was? It’d probably just look like a vague blue blob, and unless the other albums were completely devoid of colour and blue happened to be your favourite colour, you probably wouldn’t pay this cover art much attention. 

The cover art should be memorable. If the cover art has caught someone’s eye in the first place it needs to have some part that is visually memorable.Some part that sticks with them so that they’ll have an image in their mind when they think of the album. Personally and on a wider scale, I don’t think there’s anything in this cover that has that ability, but for individual people it might be different.

The cover art should describe the artist or the album in some way. This is what this album cover does best. We can’t assume anything entirely until the album has been released and we’ve heard the songs, but from the teasers and descriptions we’ve gotten it seems like the album resonates quite well with the cover art. The fresh and breezy blue works with the summer-y feel of the album and the sky matches the message about freedom that we’ve heard this album will be about. Additionally, the crescent moon/eclipse theme works with the title song’s name, Honeymoon, and the release date of the teaser.

The cover art should be minimalistic/uncluttered. The art is definitely minimalistic, which is what I think a lot of people like about it. It’s got that relaxing summer aesthetic feel going for it which is nice, but this point was more of a means to an end, and I don’t think the design reached the end.

So why do I think this design is disappointing? 

The purpose of any album cover is to advertise the album in question, it’s a part of an artist’s marketing scheme. We know that TS Entertainment fumbles a lot when it comes to marketing their artists and this is no different. Good cover art will stand out and become imprinted in people’s minds, making them more likely to buy the album or share it with friends, which is why I dislike the fact that TS has given us very little as far as cover art goes in the last year.

This is not something that is B.A.P’s fault, or even the people hired to design the album cover. It is completely to blame on TS. We know TS has more than enough money to promote and invest in B.A.P, because B.A.P is a famous group that makes a lot of money for their company. But the truth is that TS aren’t willing to invest more than the bare minimum in B.A.P (this isn’t really a good business strategy for them, but they’ve always been bad at running a company). Pointing out and reflecting on what we dislike about the album design is just another part of being willing to criticise things we think aren’t good.

If someone got through this post and is interested, I’d be happy to add onto it and talk about some examples of album cover art done well (both from B.A.P and other groups), because I think it’s a fun opportunity to learn and discuss it.

Someone Buy Me Roses

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “could you do an imagine where the reader works at a florist and is really shy and sweet and desolation row gerard has THE BIGGEST CRUSH on them? xx”

A/N: I’m just gonna tag @chemicalimagines because there have been too many mentions of both Desolation Row and florist AUs on her blog for this to not be her fault. 

You were standing behind the counter, debating whether to start straightening the calla lilies on display, when the bell rang, drawing attention the strange, black-haired man who had just walked into the flower shop.

He was wearing a leather jacket, and he had a bandage just above on eye. You wondered what he was doing here. He looked like the type of guy who was more likely to buy Black Flag tickets for his girlfriend than a bouquet. Assuming he had one. But, why wouldn’t he? He was gorgeous, in a bad-boy sort of way.

He looked nervous. You knew you should probably ask him if he needed any help, but you were too shy. Maybe I’m a bad fit for the customer service industry, you thought with a frown. I opened this shop because I’ve always loved growing plants, but if I can’t talk to people who come into the store, I’ll never sell anything.

Then, suddenly, you heard sirens in the distance. It sounded like they were getting closer by the minute. The man jumped.

“Hey!” he said, running up to the counter, taking you aback. “Listen! If you let me hide in the backroom, I’ll buy every damn rose in this place, alright?!”

“Wha…..” you gaped, unsure what to say. Why did the man want to hide here? You realized that the police must be after him, and he was trying not to get caught.

“Please,” the stranger pleaded. “I’m serious. I have the money, I’ll do it. Just help me!”

If he did have money for all of your roses, you wondered where he had gotten it from. For all you knew, he could’ve robbed a bank.

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Vinyls [Namjoon x Reader]

Genre: Some sorta fluff. God knows                                                               Words: 2.4k                                                                                                         Summary:

You visit a record store after school one day after practically years of your friend recommending it. But just as luck would have it, your crush, Kim Namjoon, happens to be a regular there.

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young b livestream 9.6.17
  • he’s begging ppl to watch his mic swagger HAHA “ please leave if you havent watched and come back after you do”
  • no:el appeared in the comments and young b said that everyone should listen to his new album because it sucks 
  • olltii appeared in the comments too;; young b: “olltii hyung is probably thinking of something funny to say right now to make everyone laugh” olltii (after a few moments): “i give up this is too stressful” HAHAHA
  • young b thinks olltii can be a comedian if he wasnt a rapper
  • young b is going to his studio rn so he left!
  • bonus: no:el started a livestream right after young b ended and in the comments young b asked “you started right after i stopped are you trying to fight me”
hey guys! if you’re feeling a little down or perhaps would like to discover new music, feel free to check out my Gillian related playlists on spotify - links below.

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I thought this was a Gorillaz blog? I don't want to see black lives matter or lgbt activism, i thought you blog would be my safe space from all these things????

YOU need a safe space? Please explain to me how oppressed you are by black and LGBT people.

Yes this is a Gorillaz blog, then again it’s also MY blog and at least to me, almost everything, including this band is political as fuck

If you really have a problem with discourse about love an acceptance for each other, with discourse about politics and justice, you should probably listen to the Gorillaz albums once again and please: don’t hesitate to unfollow me and go fuck yourself if you have a problem with my support for people of color and the LGBTQIA community.

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Question of the day: I know we have done this question before, but it's been so long. What is your favorite song on each mars album?

This is impossible to answer, because it depends so much on my mood and what I need to listen to. Basically, I love pretty much all of them! But I’ll try…

ST - Fallen (because that one got me so hyped for Mars!!!)

ABL - R-Evolve (so beautiful sad!)

TIW - Stranger in a Strange Land (because I’m strange!)

LLF&D - Northern Lights (again, I’m strange!)

Ugg! Ask me tomorrow and I will probably name other songs 😂 What about you @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @boughtmyfate, @fyeahproudglambert, @hazeleyedleto … I’m so sorry! I have to make a list with everyone I should tag, I’m a bit over my head and keep forgetting names!!! So feel all free to participate! You are more than welcome!

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Hey I've been watching your recent streams and I love the music you listen to while working do you have a playlist of the songs you listen to? If so can we see it? hope you do more streams and love your doodles! - malteaser1310

UHHHHHH…. sadly I don’t cause I just download all the music so I can play it off in my itunes…. but I can list a couple of bands we been listening to from the streams!

Lemon Demon

Diablo Swing Orchestra

Max Raabe

Breaking Benjamin

Three Days Grace

Julian Smith

Abney Park

Man Man

Chris O’Neil (Realm of Roses album)

yeah thats all I can think of thats been showing up :P I probably should make a playlist of some sort since I get asked this a lot haha :D

exist†trace : Goddesses Opening a New Door (FOOL’S MATE, May 2009)

Interview: Yuki Sugie

Beyond just their handsome appearance, this band has a powerful heavy sound and live performance combined with the sensitivity and beauty than only women possess, making them a recent topic of discussion in the streets.
Their name is exist†trace. If you’re one of our core readers, you may remember them from the many times they’ve appeared in our supplement issues of FOOL’S MATE EXPRESS.
After closing out a brief period of underground activity, since last summer they’ve set out once again into energetic action.
On April 22nd, they released their first original sound in a while, “VANGUARD -of the muses-” (mini album), and this year you can expect more and more efforts from these 5 as their most recent activity is revealed!

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When will people who work with Harry remember that Louis exists? Or is it fair only for Louis and people who works with him to praise and promote Harry constantly?

They don’t have to remember that Louis exists. They don’t have to like him, praise and promote him, they don’t even have to acknowledge his existence.

Do you ever watch a Justin Timberlake video on youtube and then quickly, out of fairness, watch the videos of his former bandmates? I don’t. I don’t even remember what band he was in, and if any of the other members have solo careers, and I really should because I was young in the 90s. But I don’t care. We all dislike artists for the wrong reasons. We don’t like their face, their image, the gossip press is mean about them and we believe it, they had that one hit that was not representative of their music, and we simply don’t invest the time to treat them fairly. That’s fine. It’s not about fairness. Life is short.

My point is: nobody has to love all the boys equally, or support them. Harry’s collaborators don’t have to talk about Louis or about Liam or Niall. I don’t hear them talk much about anything so I’m not sure if I agree that it’s unbalanced. The point is, it doesn’t need to be balanced. Besides, I think lot of people in the music industry root for Harry because he is doing something really rare and remarkable. He’s made an album full of risks and they love that from a guy in his position. They are allowed to love that without mentioning the other 1D members.

This fandom, and I mean larries in particular, suffer from tunnel vision so badly that we forget how lucky we are. Because of Syco’s bullshit, we are very focused on how our heroes’ careers are managed, and in itself that is great. We root for them in a way that not many fandoms do. But we also go overboard. I’d really love for Louis to be as much appreciated as Harry is, but he may never be. And that’s perhaps not ‘fair’, but nobody is in charge of how others spend their time and money so there is no authority to complain to, here.

And also, we are so fucking lucky! We have all members in the charts right now. All of them! Do you know how bizarre that is? Should I point you towards my post about waiting for Lindsey Buckingham’s solo album for eleven years? This is what life is like for fans of other bands! We get whiplash from everything that’s being thrown at us! Here, another hit single! How about a world tour? You know what, have three! I don’t even have time to listen to all the radio interviews. We are pigs in shit and yet we complain. We complain not for ourselves, but for our faves, and that comes from a good heart, but some people take it way, way too far. All the boys are doing so well and we should probably enjoy it more. Even if we want Louis to do even better.

How to get into Japanese shoegaze

Start with Paint in Watercolour’s “Velocity” and just move on to any of these other albums. Seriously, just throw a dart at the board. I’ll list my favorite track from the albums in parentheses

  • Clams - Clams (P-NUT BUTTER IRONY). Probably one of the coolest songs recorded within the last 20 or so years
  • Sugar Plant - Trance Mellow (Impure). I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys before
  • Cruyff in the Bedroom - Ukiyogunjou (Ukiyogunjou). The best
  • Cosmicdust - Snow Noise Assemblage (Sunday)
  • Coaltar of the Deepers - Robot EP (My Speedy Salah)
  • Kinoko Teikoku - either Eureka (National Highway Slope) or Long Goodbye EP (Paranoid Parade)
  • Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai (Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai). One of my all time favorite opening tracks
  • My Dead Girlfriend - Ixtab (12gatsu, Poolside, Ukabu Shita). Tbh this entire album is a 10
  • Dive - Freeze Frame EP (listen to the whole fucking thing)
  • Nanocycle - Something Burning (Elliott Carnival). This is another one of my favorites. Don’t let the lame album art turn you off
  • Hartfield - True Color, True Lie (Girl Like You). If you just got out of a relationship, you’re welcome. Great dream pop that transcends the language barrier. I think this one’ll speak to any materialization of melancholy
  • Plastic Girl in Closet - Cocoro (Collage Flowers). Good god damn. I’d honestly tell you to save this one for last. This album is so refined. It’s pretty much perfect
  • Plastic Tree - Ammonite (either Thirteenth Friday or Duet). I think this album is pretty polarizing and tries a lot of different things. I really like it but I could understand the B-side being pretty uncomfortable
  • The Pillows - Fool on the Planet (the whole damn thing. If I had to pick two for this list, it’d be either Swanky Street or Carnival). I have a hard time calling this shoegaze even though they toy with a shit ton of fuzz and reverb. Regardless, this is one of Japan’s most important records IMO and you should probably listen to it if you haven’t already. PSA: you might recognize some of the tracks from Fooly Cooly. Shoutout to Kazuya Tsurumaki
  • Burrrn - Blaze Down His Way Like the Space Show (Coming Place)
  • Serial TV Drama - Ginger (Happy Packing and Ginger are great closers). Not shoegaze but I love to recommend this band. Check out this one and The Band Apart if the other albums are annoying you
  • Supercar - Highvision (Otogi Nation). Supercar and Hartfield are the best Japanese dream pop bands
  • Pasteboard - Glitter (Flipper)

I know I left out some staples like Luminous Orange, Tokyo Shoegazer and Pastel Blue but whatever. I doubt anyone’s gonna read this anyway

larrylarrylovee  asked:

Hey! I saw your list of your 10 favorite love songs and I was wondering if you could expand it to like 10 more? it would be much appreciated :)

I can try! I don’t know if I can come up with ten more good ones but I’ll do my best 4 u. These aren’t like the “best ever” or anything, just some of my favorites.

The first ten are here, if anyone else cares, but I’ll do ten more.  

1) A Case of You by Joni Mitchell. This is one of the best written songs in existence in my opinion. Like, the lyrics are enough but her voice is so beautiful and her runs are crazy. I think it’s more bittersweet/nostalgic but if you squint it’s definitely in part a love song. James Blake does a cover that is gorgeous too, but Joni, oh Joni.

2) Just Like Heaven by The Cure. This is my favorite song of all time. It’s happy and it’s fun and it’s well written and it’s by The Cure. All is well. 

3) Chateau Lobby #4 by Father John Misty. I think it depends on if you like his Americana kind of style of music, but his latest album is full of pretty love songs. “I haven’t hated all the same things as somebody else since I remember,” is essentially all that love is, probably. Who knows. Idk. 

4) The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields. Okay, so they have an album called 69 Love Songs. This is just one of the gems on it. It’s kind of incredible. Listen to all 69 of them. 

5) La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong. Everyone should know it. Everyone should feel inadequate and untalented when they hear it. I think it plays in every love scene that takes place in France.

6) Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I know it’s kind of cliché but it’s so pretty and simple and sweet. The simplicity and brevity of the lines are what makes it so nice. Also what a line “I need your grace to remind me to find my own” is.

7) More Than A Woman by the Bee Gees. Look. I don’t know. Falsettos get me. 

8) 400 Lux by Lorde. Lorde is just so cool and so talented. I want to make a list just about Lorde’s music so I can rant about how cool and talented she is. This song is so endearing and honest. Using “and I like you” as a punch to the end of every line is everything. I like her.

9) I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People. A chorus consisting of “oooh la la I’ve fallen in love” and then a bridge just repeating “I’d do anything for you” makes for a nice love song by default, I think. 

10) God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Sometimes you have to stick with the classics. There is a reason this song will never die. It’s about forever, man. As long as there are freakin’ stars above you. 

How BTS would react to a girl being added to their group.(request)

Seokjin: This freaking awkward gentleman would always make sure that she was okay and that she felt like she belonged but, very awkwardly would ask her.  “Oh, I’m sorry was it your turn to sing? Do you need water or… no okay I’m sorry please continue.” 

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Yoongi: Would always help her if she needed help with something. They would both constantly be in the studio listening to each others new ideas for the up coming album.                                                                                                                      “Do you think I should move this line over here instead of having it here? Don’t you think that would flow better when you are rapping?”

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Hoseok: This ball of sunshine would be so excited! He would want to show her around, would help her with dancing whenever she asked for help, and probably highkey have sing-offs.                                                                             “You’re doing great (Y/N)! Keep it up!”

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Namjoon: So nice and kind! Would always have long conversations with her about anything and everything. Always ask each other about fashion advise while they work in the studio.                                                                                 “Okay so this lyric is more meaningful so sing it with a lot of passion, but heres the real question can you help me with #kimdaily?”

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Jimin: This mother freaking angel! He would make her feel at home always making sure she has what she needs and if not he would go and get it. He would help her with singing in the studio.                                                             “Do you need anything before we start practicing? Food? Water? Do you want to sit or stand?”

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Taehyung: This smiley little shit would introduce her to EVERYONE and take her everywhere going on little adventures at two in the morning. Would defiantly goof off while singing in the studio.                                                                       “Hey (Y/N) there’s a new ice cream place downtown we should go check it out!”

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Jungkook: This boy would be so shy!! He would most likely do what he did in the early stages of BTS wait till she’s asleep to eat and shower. Once he warmed up to her it would be hard to get them away from each other.                “Is (Y/N) coming with us to go to the bathroom? What do you mean no?!”

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