albums to get snowed in with

album feelings

no phun intended: loneliness, unrequited love, self discovery, light pink, going to therapy for the first time, fidgety hands, staying in your room for too long, crying in the shower, panic attacks before church, playing piano until your fingers ache, the feeling deep in your heart that something is not right, feeling constantly uncomfortable, not being enough, staying up until the sunrise, avoiding mirrors, bandaged arms, pulling on your hair, avoiding friends, craving attention, sobbing in your basement at 2am, scribbled poetry in the margins of homework, uncertainty towards the future

self titled: fog, the silence of cold winter nights, an out of tune piano, snow on the beach, aches in your bones, the bareness of the trees in winter, that ache in your chest late at night, scribbling nonsense in your journal, zoning out in class, crying so hard you can’t breath, pale colors, driving to school half asleep in the dark, the numbness of your feet after being in the cold for too long, head aches, emptiness, picking at your skin, biting your nails, boots crunching on snow

regional at best: brownish orange, blue, red, laying in an open field, oversized shirts, road trips, playgrounds at sunset, the early days of summer, sitting outside at night even when it gets too cold, holding it all in, visiting your old elementary school, the first fireflies of the summer, cracking knuckles, road trips, grass, stargazing, riding bikes, cuts on your hands, that feeling that’s not quite happiness or sadness, photo albums, uncertainty, real laughter, crying in your car, the beginning of something, pushing friends away, wandering in the woods, bruised knees

vessel: cold air filling your lungs, crying yourself to sleep, the aches of your wrists in the morning, regret, headlights in the distance, driving alone down a long road in the dead of night, painful nostalgia, the first snowfall, a well needed hug, midnight walks, not sleeping for days, trying to get better on your own, laying in bed for hours at a time, finally admitting you need help

blurryface: trembling hands, anxiety in your throat, repetitive thoughts, wanting to cry but not being able to, playing piano in the dark, going back to therapy, falling in love, distant lights outside your window, hope, a bloody nose, the last days of summer, bruises you don’t remember, coming home, fighting with your friends, gasping for breath, long talks by a pool at midnight, laughing until you cry, determination

Y’all aren’t ready for this 2k of angst…


“And the award for album of the year goes to…”

“Ed Sheeran!” I stand up along with the rest of the people in the crowded facility. Clapping my hands slowly, I rest my gaze on my boyfriend sitting next to me. He looks disappointed and I can’t help but feel bad for him knowing how much he wanted the award. Shawn loved Ed - yes - but he had put countless hours into the album in the hopes of living up to a moment that would no longer exist.

“Hey” I place my hand on his shoulder while he stares at his shoes outstretched in front of him, “I’m proud of you” I tell him as he brushes my hand off and proceeds to walk towards the restroom.

Shawn continued to ignore me for the majority of the night. And although I understood that he was disappointed, I didn’t have anything to do with the results of the award and could not understand why he was ignoring the person who had supported him the most. I would occasionally sneak glances in his direction, my eyes following his movements carefully throughout the room. I would catch him talking to some music representatives with a smile plastered across his face, and it would soon turn to a frown once he made eye contact with me.

I was getting fed up with his actions and made the bold decision to approach him myself. Shawn was standing in front of an older man and a girl who looked much younger than him while speaking and gesturing with his hands. I snuck up behind him and rested a hand on his upper back.

He quickly looked in my direction, his smile quickly fading.

“Who is this beautiful young lady, Shawn?” the older man asks me with a grin on his face. I take a step forward and shake his hand.

“This is y/n. She’s a friend.” he simply states with a monotonous voice while leaning down to my height to quickly whisper in my ear.

“Don’t mess this up for me too” He bitterly says, backing away and pushing my hip gently while motioning me to leave.


Eventually it came time to leave the awards show and I greeted some of my friends, thanking them for accompanying me while saying goodbyes to them. I had agreed to meet Shawn at his car so he could drive us home earlier that night and I quickly grabbed my coat to layer on top of my dress that only reached mid-thigh. The air had been growing cold recently and I wasn’t taking any chances when it came to being cold.

I quickly walked out of the enormous building and walked to the parking garage, my heels rubbing against my blisters and my arms crossing over my chest in an attempt to keep some of the heat in my body. The parking garage is only half full, taking into account that most of the guests had come with drivers rather than driving themselves. I walk through the garage and make a mental note of the sections before I spot him.

Shawn is standing, scrolling through his phone in one hand and leaning against the driver’s door of the car. I can tell that he’s tired and annoyed just be the way that he stands and also by the way he tiredly rubs his face and sighs occasionally.

“Hey, I was looking for you” I quietly say, but I know he hears me. I decide not to create conflict by mentioning the introduction as a “friend” earlier in the night and the complete negligence on his part throughout the night.

“Get in” He bluntly states as he gets in the car and quickly turns it on. I hop in the passenger’s seat and take off my coat, throwing it into the back seat of the large jeep.

He pulls out of the garage and pays for the parking. There’s quite a bit of traffic before we can make it on the highway and the tension in the car lingers through the air.

“It was a good show” I tell Shawn, who sits in his driver’s seat unphased while his head is propped up against his elbow. The car rarely scoots forward due to the cramped cars at this time of night.

“Yeah.” He simply states as he keeps looking forward.

“Justine was there” I tell him and this time he doesn’t even bother to reply.

“I spent the most of my night with her. You know, since you barely acknowledged me” My words finally seem to catch his attention as his turns his head to look at me.

“Is there a problem here?” Shawn asks as he rubs at his eyes.

“No, not really. My boyfriend just brought me to an event that I didn’t even want to go to and told me to fuck off the entire time we were there. Not a big deal.” I tell him with an annoyed glare.

“Not everything is about you, y/n. Calm down.” He clutches the wheel harder and I can see the veins that outline his forearms.

“I know that. But when you basically force me to go to an event and then refuse to say more than 3 words to me the entire night, I think I have the right to complain.” I point out. “And you blamed me for not winning the album award. What’s up with that?” I ask him.

“That album wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. I knew it, Andrew knew it, and the whole team knows it. I was distracted, and since it’s really the only album i’ve written since I met you…”

He trails off. I can’t tell whether he regrets it or not considering he isn’t apologizing yet.

My voice cracks slightly as I try to process what he’s implying.

“Are you - are you implying that i’m the reason why your album didn’t win the award?” I ask him and he stays silent. I sit in outrage due to the ridiculousness of the statement he’s just thrown at me.

“That has got to be the most ridiculous bullshit i’ve ever heard in my entire life” I say, startling him.

“Excuse me?” He looks taken aback.

He turns the car out of the traffic mess and we’re finally on a more empty highway with a smaller number of cars. He occasionally looks over at me, opening his mouth as if he’s about to say something before quickly closing it.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with you not winning that award! Shawn, I have stuck by you through every step of your career. When you couldn’t think of song lyrics, I was the one sitting there and talking to you until you finally figured them out. I attend every concert I possibly can and give you as much support as I possibly can. This album went platinum, for god sakes!”

I throw my hands up in an angry fit and his pale complexion develops a red shade.

“Are you kidding me? You’re a distraction! You’re always bothering me when i’m writing songs, giving shitty input I didn’t ask for” I feel a flash of hurt hit my chest but I assure myself that he’s just mad and we’re caught up in a moment.

“You bring me useless things to the studio as an excuse to be with me more. Newsflash y/n, if I need food while i’m writing, I can just walk to the Panera next door! You always find excuses to be around me and it’s affecting my music. Maybe you should just stop being so fucking clingy!” His voice booms in the car and there’s a sudden pause and a moment of quiet.

The car is going at a fast pace given that there are almost no other cars on the highway and I now notice that small flakes of ice are falling from the dark sky. It’s snowing, something I would’ve thought of as beautiful in any other situation, but the intensity of the argument seems to distract from the beautiful snow.

“Maybe your album just wasn’t all that great” I coldly reply. I know it’ll hurt him, but he hurt me first. And while I could choose to be the bigger person, in this situation, I choose to fire back instead.

I’m taken aback slightly when the car comes to a slow halt. I freeze, panic rushing through me at the possibility of the car malfunctioning but it is then I realize that Shawn has pulled over to the side of the road.

“What are yo-”

“Get out” He quietly replies, not an ounce of emotion laced in his voice.

“Shawn I-”

“Get out, y/n. I don’t want to talk to you right now” He says, louder this time.

“Shawn, please. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” I desperately call out. I hear the drivers door open and I realize he’s stepping out. For a split second, I think he is walking away from the car and leaving me. But just as I’m about to open my door and run after him, I realize that he is walking to my side of the car.

He opens the door to the passenger’s seat of the car and I immediately feel the cold wind on my forearms. I’m wearing a spaghetti strap dress than only reaches - at lowest - to my mid-thigh. It barely covers my body and without my coat I feel like i’m freezing.

Shawn repeats himself another time, “get out of my car”.

“Shawn, please” I shake my head and warm tears are quickly filling my eyes.

“It’s so cold out there and it’s so late. Shawn, I don’t know where we are, please.” I plead. For a split second I think I see a hint of remorse in his eyes but he proves me wrong as he harshly grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the car. I fall onto the frozen pavement, my heels falling off of my feet with my tears spilling out of my eyes. He stares at me one last time before angrily getting back into his jeep and storming off.

And while I sit barefoot on the freezing pavement, staring as his car becomes nothing more than a silhouette in the distance, all I seem to do is beg him for mercy.

137 Winter  Writing Prompts!

1. “Come out in the snow with me!”

2. “I can’t believe it’s already snowing,”

3. “Want some cocoa?”

4. “I’m baking!”

5. "I can’t feel my legs.”

6. “Don’t open those till later!”

7. “What’d you get me?”

8. “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?”

9. “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.”

10. "I’d rather stay inside.”

11. “The house is so warm.”

12. “It’s warm inside.”

13. “There’s no way I’m going out in that weather!”

14. “Is this the first time you’ve seen snow?”

15. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

16. “Happy New Year’s Eve eve eve eve eve eve eve!”

17. “It’s New Years, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

18. “I wonder where that mistletoe came from.”

19. “Do we have to kiss at midnight?”

20. “Hug me so I can Get warm.”

21. “You’re like a heater!”

22. “Bah humbug.”

23. “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”

24. “Why did you get this for me?”

25. “Merry Christmas, you dork!”

26. “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.”

27. “I hate waiting.”

28. “Let’s listen to Christmas albums and get drunk off of eggnog.”

29. “Eggnog sucks, fight me.”

30. “Eggnog rules, bite me.”

31. “You’re as red as Rudolph!”

32. “Christmas hats are the bomb, okay?”

33. “Let this be over now.”

34. “No, you can not start listening to Christmas albums before Halloween.” - “Well I disagree.”

35. “Halloween is better.”

36. “Let’s have Hallowmas!”

37. “Isn’t the snow just amazing?”

38. “No white Christmas this year…”

39. “Let’s see who can catch the most snowflakes with their tongue!”

40. “Snow angels!”

41. “Do you wanna Build a-” - “Absolutely not.”

42. “You look cute when you’re cold.”

43. “Let’s sit by the fire.”

44. “Up to roasting marshmallows?”

45. “Come on! Can I open just one?”

46. “You have flour on you face.”

47. “Who knew making cookies was this hard?”

48. “Easier said than done.”

49. “Let’s go get some pre made dough.”

50. “We burned it all…”

51. “Ginger bread people are very serious!”

52. “Cookie frosting contest!!!”

53. “I think I’ve has enough cookies for two years… Wait is that pie?”

54. “Let’s have an all pie Christmas!”

55. “What do you mean ‘too many cookies’?”

56. “Can you reach that spot on the tree?”

57. “We have to get that tree!”

58. “Did someone spike the eggnog?”

59. “Yes I have four trees. Don’t judge me.”

70. “Where’s the topper!”

71. “The tree looks… Nice…”

72. “Oh wow.”

73. “We must win the house lights contest!”

74. “I think we need glitter.”

75. “I made too much tea. Didn’t i?”

76. “Want some tea?”

77. “Did someone eat half of the cookies?!?”

78. “Just because it’s Christmas/New Years doesn’t mean I have to dress up.”

79. “It’s New Years/ Christmas! Of course I need to dress up!”

80. “What the hell do I get them?”

81. “That’s perfect for them!”

82. “Light the candle!”

83. “Why is it so damn cold?”

84. “Happy Hanukkah!”

85. “Let’s watch stupid Christmas movies and get wasted.”

86. "It’s too cold to do anything!”

87. “thanks for the gift… I guess.”

88. “Hey, at least you tried.”

89. “Snow ball fight!!!”

90. “Our ginger bread house is just… Sad.”

91. "My cookies are far better than yours.”

92. “Oh my GOD how did you make these!?!”

93. “This is the best cookie I’ve very eaten.”

94. “This is the worst cookie I’ve ever eaten.”

95. "How could someone make food this badly?”

96. “tea is so much better than cocoa!”

97. “Cocoa is superior to tea!”

98. “Why are we fighting over beverages!?!”

99. “Sit down and eat the damn food!”

100. “We need to make food for how many people?!?”

101. "You’re cute when you’re freezing.”

102. “All I want for Christmas is you!”

103. “No way you’re going out in the snow in that!”

104. “Did you actually get a Santa suit?”

105. “Catching snowflakes with your tongue is harder than it looks…”

106. “I may die if it gets any colder.”

107. “Finally! Snow!”

108. “Happy Festivus!”

109. “So you’re telling me that you got everyone dollar store makeup for their gifts?!?””

110. “It’s Christmas! You’d think at least someone would be selling trees!”

111. “Wake me up when it’s Christmas.”

112. “Wake me up when Winter’s over.”

113. “Winter is my favorite time of the year!”

114. “Who stole all the gifts!?!”

115. “There’s so much snow in my boots.”

116. “We’re snowed in!”

117. “Are you sure you want to get me a gift?”

118. “I don’t deserve you…”

119. “So… Looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh.”

120. “Wanna kiss?”

121. “I’m alone on valentines day. What could get worse?”

122. “Looks like we’re stuck here until all the snow blows over..”

123. “Seriously!?! The powers out?”

124. “Who sent these chocolates and flowers?”

125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.”

126. “I think eating Chocolate alone on a holiday is completely normal.”

127. “Did i actually sleep through Christmas/New years/ Hanukkah?”

128.1 ‘Did you actually dye your hair red and green?”

128.2 “Seriously did you dye your hair blue for winter?”

128.3 “How is it possible to dye your hair gold for new years.”

129. “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. i won’t allow that!”

130. “I’m bringing the holiday party to you!”

131. “Please come over. I don’t want to be alone on Christmas.”

132. “Yes i’m out clubbing on new years. Please just pick me up!”

134. “I think i love you. Wow that sounds so cliche.”

135.  “I know that people usually kiss under mistletoe but.. I had other things planned.”

136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date.”

137. “You know i could never leave you alone on your favorite holiday.”

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Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 1]

F.T. Island 

Fave Songs: “Pray”“To the Light”“Puppy”“Memory”

Reasoning: Honestly bands aren’t acknowledged enough in the Kpop world, not that there are many to begin with. They are an extremely talented group. And Hongki’s voice is amazing. It’s so unique and different. You really need to listen to him. 


Fave Songs: “Don’t Flirt”“She’s Mine”“Someday”

Reasoning: Seriously I feel like so much could have been avoided had U-Kiss had more popularity. I mean I won’t talk about all the member line up changes and stuff here but honestly I think things would have turned out better for U-Kiss if people didn’t sleep on them all the time. Their vocals were/are really good and their songs are good too. [Well maybe not so much their earlier stuff but you know..]

Highlight/previously Beast

Fave Songs: “Beautiful Night”“Yey”“Good Luck”“Breathe’“12:30″“Shadow”“Gotta Go to Work”“How to Love”“Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Reasoning: Seriously if you are still sleeping on Beast/Highlight…I don’t know what to say to you. Amazing songs, amazing talent like….what else could you want. Sadly Beast is no longer Beast and now only 5 members but in my heart Beast is still Beast and I’ll forever be a Beauty. 


Fave Songs: “The Eye”“Bad”“Back”“Last Romeo”“Be Mine”“Before the Dawn”“Destiny”“Request”“Man in Love”“That Summer”“Hey Hello”“Paradise”“Come Back Again” [I have second hand embarrassment from this last song though….like why did they debut this way hahaha]

Reasoning: UGH WHY SLEEP ON INFINITE!!!??? They are amazing, all members can sing well. They are literally known for their synchronization. Their songs are amazing. Like what is there not to like? And all their personalities are different so I promise there will be one that you like. Also check out their non title songs as well. I swear that list of fave songs is so long like I can’t even put them all on there. LOVE INFINITE I’M BEGGING YOU! Also check out their sub units: Infinite H, Infinite F, and Sunggyu’s solo albums and Woohyun’s solo album. 

Teen Top

Fave Songs: “Miss Right”“Rocking”“Ah Ah”“Crazy”“I Wanna Love”“Love Fool”“Walk By”“Snow Kiss”

Reasoning: Honestly Teen Top is so underrated. Like they are super talented, their songs are really good and like still they hardly ever get noticed at all. 

The Boss/DGNA

Fave Songs: “Lucky Man”“Rilla Go”“Why Goodbye”, “Love Power”

Reasoning: Well….have you heard of them? I honestly happened to just stumble upon them and fell in love with them. Sadly their sales are pretty much shit in Korea and so they mostly promote and release songs in Japan which unfortunately are not as much of my taste. I like that one that I listed. But their Japanese singles don’t fit them as well as their more manly Korean ones. But whatever money talks and they do what sales. That’s why you won’t see them promoting much in Korea.Sigh….if only they were more popular. 


Fave Songs: “Breathe”“The Ghost of Wind”

Reasoning: Honestly has anyone even heard of them? Do you know them? Most people don’t. Except maybe now with Hyunsik making waves in the acting world. But still….they are relatively unknown. Unfortunately they are on hiatus, there was a statement that the group disbanded but members themselves have said that’s not true. So maybe when they eventually come back more people will know of them. 


Fave Songs: “Solo Day”“A Lie”“Lonely”“Beautiful Target”“Sweet Girl”“Tried to Walk”“What’s Happening”“Baby Goodnight”“Baby I’m Sorry”

Reasoning: Truthfully they are much more popular than most that will be on this complete list. But they honestly don’t get the amount of recognition they truly deserve. They are so talented; Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful. CNU and Gongchan are talented as well despite not being the main vocals. Baro’s rapping is great as well. Their songs are all amazing and a lot of them are upbeat and cute and playful and I love it. They are so adorable you should honestly listen to and love them. 


Fave Songs: “Witch”“Bounce”“Janus”“I-Yah”“On & On”“White Out”

Reasoning: Boyfriend is one of the most looked over 3rd generation idol groups. [that’s debatable but in my own little system they are 3rd generation] Anyway point is they aren’t very popular, you hardly ever see them on any variety shows, they haven’t even had a proper comeback since 2015. Their company screws them over and has basically thrown them in the basement not to see light of day while they focus on their other more popular groups. Someone support Boyfriend please omg! 


Fave Songs: “Just Tell Me”“Too Very So Much”“Baby I’m Sorry”“Just That Little Thing”

Reasoning: Have you heard of them? Probably not. They aren’t very popular, aren’t promoted well. And basically no one hears of them. But I really like their songs and they are really talented so you should at least give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Excalibur”“Black Out”

Reasoning; I’ll be honest I’m not like stanning them in the sense that I know their names or personalities or anything like that. But I do enjoy their music and when they do come out with new stuff I always make sure to check it out. You should too. Honestly they deserve more popularity. 


Fave Songs: “Hey You”“Still 24K”“U R So Cute”“Secret Love”

Reasoning: Again I don’t know their names and all but seriously they are worth a listen to. At least one good listen. They are far more talented than they get credit for. 

Big Star

Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Moonlight Sonata”“I Got the Feeling”

Reasoning: I swear no one has heard of them, they are never on any shows. I seriously only know one member because I’ve only ever seen them on one show. So I haven’t really got to know them. But what I do know is they are talented and I like their music so you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Movie”“I’ll Be Your Man”“Wow”“You’re So Fly”“The Winter’s Tale”“Insane”“2nd Confession”“Remember That”“When I Was Your Man”“You Can Cry”

Reasoning: Seriously BTOB gets mistreated and underrated all the time. Even some music shows don’t like to have them because of their unpopularity. It’s so ridiculous I just don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They are adorable and cute and sweet and talented. They are versatile too. Originally being a normal kpop group but they have transformed into an absolute beautiful ballad/pop group. Honestly they are amazing you should love them. Everyone should love them. 

The Disney Princesses as Taylor Swift Songs

  • Snow White - How To Get The Girl

Upbeat and happy, this song matches Snow’s cheery disposition. You could easily picture her humming this song while cleaning the dwarfs’ cottage. Snow White many have been intially shy when meeting the Prince, but by the end of the movie she knows she wants to be with him (I want you for worse or for better/ I would wait forever and ever). She also had to wait a while for her Prince to find her (Say it’s been a long six months).

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  • Cinderella - Enchanted

So this one is pretty self explanatory. It honestly surprises me that this song isn’t on a Disney Princess soundtrack. Like Snow, Cinderella always finds a reason to smile. But she has endured some shit in her life (Same old tired lonely place). But then she goes to the ball with a little help from her fairy godmother (This night is sparkling). The night she meets Prince Charming is the climax of the story (It was enchanting to meet you). The morning after the ball, Cinderella is actually shown dancing and humming to herself as she does her chores (I’m wonderstruck/ dancing around all alone).

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  • Aurora - Wildest Dreams

This one is also pretty self explanatory, at least the title is. Once Upon A Dream/ Wildest Dreams. Other obvious similarities is that Aurora does have “red lips and rosey cheeks”. And Phillip is “tall and handsome as hell” and a badass. Swifites often compare Wildest Dreams to Enchanted. I agree that Wildest Dreams is more mature, and Aurora is definitely the most mature and classy of the first three Princesses. Both songs portray a sense of longing. But while Once Upon A Dream is romantic, Wildest Dreams is hauntingly sad. So why this song for Aurora? If you will recall, Briar Rose gleefully tells her “aunts” (the fairies) of a wonderful boy she met and fell in love with. It is then that they tell her of her Princess status and therefore she could never marry a peasant boy. So at this point of the movie, you could say Aurora was only able to see Phillip in her wildest dreams.

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  • Ariel - Love Story

Yes, I know that The Little Mermaid is not the same as Romeo and Juliet. But both stories are similar in that they are about star crossed lovers with disapproving families. And King Triton definetly disapproves of Eric at first (My daddy said “stay away from Juliet”). Ariel persuades Ursula to turn her into a human so she can spend time with Eric (take me somewhere we can be alone). Even after discovering that Ariel is a mermaid, he still fights for her because he’s fallen in love with her (this love is difficult but it’s real). In the end, Triton decides that hey, maybe all humans aren’t assholes and he turns Ariel into a human so she can be with Eric forever (I talked to your dad/ go pick out a white dress).

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  • Belle - Ours

The opening of this movie starts with Belle longing to get away from her peers in the village (but right now my time is theirs). She feels this way because the villagers judge her too harshly and don’t understand her (seems like there’s always someone who dissaproves). Belle eventually falls in love the Beast, despite his flaws (Your hands are tough but they are where my belong in). And despite the fact that everyone else irrationally hates him (People throw rocks at things that shine). Belle doesn’t let what people say about her or the Beast affect her love for him (This love is ours).

  • Jasmine - I Know Places

So this track is very different than the previous ones I’ve picked, and probably not the first song that comes to mind when you think of the Disney Princesses. But I think this song fits Jasmine very well. For one, she’s very sassy and clever, much like the writing on 1989. In the beginning of the movie, Jasmine feels trapped because she isn’t allowed to marry someone she loves; she has to marry someone the Sultan approves of (they got the cages/they got the boxes). This mirrors how Taylor sings about dating someone that society may not approve of (I can hear them whisper as we pass by/ it’s a bad sign). Fed up with this, Jasmine decides to disguise herself and run away (I know places we can hide). It is then that she meets Aladdin and they are both chased by the palace guards (they are the hunters/ we are the foxes/ and we run). Never mind the fact that Aladdin’s eyes aren’t green. Focus on the fact that Aladdin’s offers his hand to Jasmine when he asks “do you trust me?” (Just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it).

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  • Pocahontas - Change

Unlike the songs I’ve chosen so far, this one isn’t a love song. I know that Poca does have a love interest, but her love for her people is stronger. Pocahontas isn’t one to go with the flow. She isn’t one to do something for tradition’s sake (repeating history and you’re getting sick of it). She stands by John Smith despite her family viewing him as a vilian (I believe in whatever you do/ and I’ll do anything to see it through). Change is a song about fighting against the odds. And while Poca and John’s people fight against one another, Change reflects the struggle of bringing them together (these walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down). Change also reflects the main theme of the movie, that “the right path is not always the easiest” (You can walk away and say we don’t need this/ but there’s something in your eyes says we can beat this).

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  • Mulan - Sweeter Than Fiction

While a lot of people might think Change better suits Mulan as it has imagery of war and fighting, Mulan’s story is really about the main character coming into her own. Mulan has to face a lot of adversity before earning her happy ending (seen you fall/seen you crawl on knees/seen you lost in a crowd/ seen your colors fade). When Mulan first joined the army, she didn’t set out to be the best. She just wanted to survive. But she does have to prove that she’s worthy of her place in the army during the I’ll Make A Man Out of You sequence (prove me right when you prove them wrong). And she ends up accomplishing something she never thought she could (this life is sweeter than fiction). Of course, her main goal in life was to bring honor to her family (Look at you now…you made us proud).

  • Tiana - State of Grace

State of Grace can be interpreted as a bittersweet song, but I’m going to interpret it as a happy song for this. Tiana is introduced to the audience as serious and hardworking She’s so dedicated to her dream that she misses out on the other aspects of life, like relationships (busy streets and busy lives/and all we know/ is touch and go/ we are alone with our changing minds). Tiana doesn’t start to change until she meets Naveen (I never saw you coming/ and I’ll never be the same). They are both very different from one another. Naveen preferred to spend his time partying with numerous women (so you were never a saint) and Tiana’s fault is that she never opened herself up to other people (and I loved in shades of wrong). They have to put aside their fears in order to allow themselves to commit to each other (This love is brave and wild). In the end they realize that their love for each other is the most important aspect of their lives (this is the worthwhile fight).

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  • Rapunzel - Fearless

Rapunzel may not be who a lot of people consider the bravest Disney Princess. She is timid and apprehensive at the beginning of her movie. So why Fearless? As Taylor once said, “Fearless is being afraid to jump but jumping anyways”. The song Fearless is about falling in love again even though you’ve been hurt by love in the past. This fits Rapunzel perfectly. For her entire life, Rapunzel was manipulated into believing that Mother Gothel loved her, when in reality was using Rapunzel for selfish reasons. Despite this, Punzie isn’t closed off or bitter.She’s sweet and happy, just like the feeling of Fearless is (You know I want you to ask me to dance right there/ in the middle of the parking lot). She’s open and friendly to every single person (or horse) she meets. This includes Eugene, who is a bit closed off himself even though he pretends to be cool and charming (but you’re just so cool/ run your hands through your hair absentmindedly/ making me want you). She allows herself to fall in love with him even though Gothel tries to convince her that he is going to hurt her (You take my hand and drag me headfirst/fearless). The love Rapunzel and Eugene have for each other is fearless.

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- Disintegration, 2nd May 1989 -

And here we are. The masterpiece, The Cure’s opera magna, Disintegration. It’s quite a weird name for an album, if you think about it. I consider it a jump to another level, leaving behind Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me like a few years before they had left behind Pornography. Robert actually said that they did KMKMKM to reach a level that would have allowed them “to be listened to”, even with an album like DIsintegration. Because, let’s say it, this is not an easy listening; out of 12 songs, maybe two could make it to a radio station. But its beauty is that once you fully understand it, once it gets inside your heart, you’ll never be the same person again.
All the themes are very intimate; Robert proposed his ideas to the others already determined to make the album, with or without them… he really wanted to pour everything out, and this need shows a lot, seen how honest and passionate are the songs. He was going through a deep crysis, and it showed also later, during the Prayer Tour (listen to Faith from those concerts, the extra lyrics and his general attitude will leave you without words.).
A thing I absolutely love in all the songs is Robert’s  voice, because it shows how intensely he felt every word. In some songs it sounds so fragile, in others it explodes in frustration… in the previous albums he often played with it, but here it’s just the listener and the lyrics, with no tricks. Every song speaks to my soul in a language I never thought I could understand, and that makes me feel safe, in some ways. He just sounds so honest about what he’s singing about that the lyrics become even more transparent and true, almost in a scary way, Yep, it scares me to feel so naked, face to face with my inner self, but I think it’s also a positive thing, especially when you’re confused about what you feel.

The chords are surrounded by majestic synths, every note seems to resonate in space, cristalline and pure. The most evident example of this feeling is Plainsong, the opening track. The windchimes before the song are pure genius, they give me goosebumps every time, filling the listener with anticipation. Despite the very few lyrics, this song is poetry… Simon’s bass is almost singing here. It’s this song that builds in me the idea of an impetuous wind blowing through all the album, not only for the lyrics (“and the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world, you said”), but for the general atmosphere of the song. In some ways the whole album is like a thunderstorm, that builds up with songs like Prayers For Rain, Fascination Street, and the astonishing title track, and fades away with Homesick and Untitled. It’s the final thunderstorm, another feature that contributes to make Disintegration an emotional masterpiece. 
I could write about this album for hours, I’m not joking. The famous South Park line “Disintegration is the best album ever!” couldn’t be more true, and still, there’s so much more than that. The only reason why it could’ve been defined as a “commercial suicide” is because it was being released after Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, a totally different album. But this doesn’t mean Disintegration doesn’t have its big hits. Lovesong, that despite being the perfect lovesong fits perfecty in the general atmosphere of the album, and Pictures Of You, that as you might have noticed at this point, is (and will be) my favourite song EVER. For me it’s the enbodiment of three feelings at once: freedom, sadness, and happiness. (And also snow, a lot of snow!). 
Ok, this is getting way too long, I knew it… we’re all aware of huge singles like Lullaby and Lovesong. But I would love to just talk about the title track, Disintegration, it’s so powerful it really hurts. Robert pours everything out in this song, it’s like the ultimate rant before the disintegration of everything. All the album leaves you like everything disintegrated while listening to it… Untitled it’s a perfect frame for the sense of uncompleteness that fills you at the end of the story. Argh, this is getting so frustrating, I could fill PAGES about every single song on this album and I know I can’t…
Anyway. I must put this clear: this is definitely  NOT an easy listening. The first time I heard The Same Deep Water As You I stopped listening after the third minute, I found it almost boring. After the fourth listening, that song taught me what a good 9-minutes-song is. First listen to Lullaby, Lovesong, Pictures Of You, and I can assure you that when you’re ready to listen to it from start to finish you’ll know it deep down in your bones. At least, for me it’s been like that… I was completely lost and confused, and this album made me understand.

(If you want to open a discussion over it, feel free to send an ask ;))

Genre of Taylor Swift's albums/singles:

I. Taylor Swift (Studio album): Country

1. Tim McGraw: Country
2. Teardrops on My Guitar: Country pop
3. Our Song: Country
4. Picture to Burn: Country rock
5. Should’ve Said No: Country, Pop rock

II. The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (EP):
Christmas, Country pop

III. Beautiful Eyes (EP): Country pop

IV. Fearless (Studio album): Country pop

1. Change: Pop rock
2. Love Story: Country pop
3. White Horse: Country
4. You Belong with Me: Country pop
5. Fifteen: Country pop
6. Fearless: Country pop

V. Speak Now (Studio album): Country pop,
Country, Pop rock

1. Mine: Power pop, Country pop
2. Back to December: Country, Country pop,
Orchestral pop
3. Mean: Country, Bluegrass
4. The Story of Us: Pop rock
5. Sparks Fly: Country pop, Pop rock
6. Ours: Country

VI. Red (Studio album): Pop, Country, Rock

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back
Together: Bubblegum pop, Dance-pop
2. Begin Again: Country
3. I Knew You Were Trouble: Electropop,
Dubstep, Pop rock
4. 22: Pop
5. Red: Country
6. Everything Has Changed (ft. Ed Sheeran):
Folk pop
7. The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody of
Snow Patrol): Alternative rock, Folk rock

VII. 1989 (Studio album): Pop, Dance-pop,

1. Shake It Off: Dance-pop
2. Blank Space: Electropop
3. Style: Nu-disco, Funk-pop, Synthpop
4. Bad Blood: Pop
5. Wildest Dreams: Dream pop
6. Out of the Woods: Pop, Synthpop
7. New Romantics: Pop, New wave,

Other Songs:

1. Two Is Better Than One (by Boys Like
Girls ft. Taylor Swift): Pop rock, Soft rock
2. Today Was a Fairytale: Pop, Country pop
3. Half of My Heart (by John Mayer ft.
Taylor Swift): Pop rock
4. Safe & Sound (ft. The Civil Wars): Folk,
Alternative Country
5. Long Live (ft. Paula Fernandes): Country
6. Eyes Open: Alternative rock
7. Both of Us (by B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift):
Alternative hip hop, Conscious hip hop,
Country rap
8. Ronan: Country, Soft rock
9. Highway Don’t Care (by Tim McGraw and
Taylor Swift): Country
10. Sweeter Than Fiction: Synthpop, New
11. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (by Zayn and
Taylor Swift): Electro-R&B

Katy’s Christmas Drabbles

You guys did it!! I’ve hit 3300 followers, and as suggested I’ve picked Christmas drabbles. This is super exciting, and I’ve already considered this a birthday present to myself. I’ve thought long and hard about how to do this, and this is what I’ve come up with.

I’ll Have a list of prompts that you can pick from. Pick the prompt, pick the pairing and I will write it!!


Pick a prompt and a pairing, and YOU write them. 

There is no limit as to how many drabbles you can do!! As many as you want!! I want to read all the Christmas stories I can!!


Please Follow me :)

Drabbles are due by Christmas! 

Tag Me, and use the tag #katy’s christmas drabbles

They have to be under a thousand words. I know that’s a little long for a drabble, but I wanted to have a little working room. So 1000 words or less!!!

I will write any character, and you are welcome to, too!!



1.) Looking at Christmas Lights

2.) Decorating the Christmas Tree

3.) Making Cookies

4.) Watching Christmas Movies

5.) Go to a Local Christmas Festival

6.) Go Sledding

7.) Start a New Family Tradition

8.) Go Ice Skating

9.) Picking out a tree

10.) Listening to Christmas Music

11.) Christmas Drinks(Hot Chocolate, Eggnog…)

12.)Christmas Eve

Sentence Prompts:

1.)  “Don’t open those till later!”

2.)  “Bah humbug.”

3.)  “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”

4.)  “Let’s listen to Christmas albums and get drunk off of eggnog.” 

5.)  “You look cute when you’re cold.”

6.)  “I think I have enough cookies for two years… Wait is that pie?”

7.)   “Let’s have an all pie Christmas!” 

8.)  “We have to get that tree!”

9.)  “Did you actually get a Santa suit?”

10.)  “We’re snowed in!”

Distress Tolerance: Big List of Ideas and Examples for Practicing the Self-Soothe Skill

When using the Distress Tolerance Skill of Self-Soothe, the goal is to create small, physically pleasurable or calming or stimulating experiences for your senses.  Here is a substantial list of some examples of pleasurable or engaging experiences for each sense:


  • If a lot of your breakdowns happen at night, go outside and look at the stars. Sometimes it’s nice to be accompanied by a stargazing app on your phone that helps you identify constellations and other astral features.  This is a personal favourite of mine because you also get the benefit of fresh air.
  • Look at pictures you like in a book of illustrations, a book of artwork by favourite artists, look at the complex designs of adult colouring books (and colour them!)
  • Create and compile a tag on your tumblr or a board on pinterest of calming or visually stimulating images/gifs (or a photo album of good memories or images that remind you of good moments)
  • Go to a craft store and buy one (or many!) beautiful silk flower(s), or, go to a florist/flower shop/grocery store and buy an interesting live flower or plant. Terrariums make particularly calming things to look at.
  • Light a candle and watch the flame.
  • Shake up a glitter jar or snowglobe and watch the glitter or snow swirl and settle (there are many different “recipes” for making a glitter jar so if you’re interested in learning how, just google it and try different methods until you get a result you’re happy with. You can also probably buy one on Etsy if you don’t want to do the DIY thing).
  • Go people-watching.
  • Walk in a pretty part of town or a nice park. Look closely at any interesting architecture or beautiful nature.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Watch the clouds, notice shapes they form that may look like animals or objects.
  • Watch a fireworks display.
  • During holiday seasons like Halloween or Christmas, drive or walk around your area to look at the decoration displays. Look up images or videos of impressive and ambitious and extravagant Christmas light displays.
  • Go to a nature park, bird or butterfly sanctuary and watch the creatures.
  • Watch dance performances on YouTube (there are SO MANY good ones in all different styles, solo or with a partner or in a group, dance battles, street performances or TV performances like So You Think You Can Dance… you can find incredibly amazing things)
  • Watch YouTube videos of martial arts demonstrations (Tai Chi is soothing to watch, Capoeira is really visually interesting, HEMA/WMA rapier or longsword or sidesword drills can also be rhythmic and the repetition can be enjoyable to watch) or some practice or tournament sparring (NO MMA bloodsport, that’s not soothing!)
  • Watch YouTube videos and clips of gymnastics competitions, or figure-skating performances/competitions.
  • Watch sports highlight reels on YouTube or on a sports TV channel like SportsNet, TSN, ESPN, etc.
  • Watch YouTube tutorials: make-up tutorials or hair tutorials, cosplay tutorials, drawing or painting tutorials (or speedpaints or timelapses), etc.
  • Watch cute animal videos or gifs (another personal favourite of mine).
  • Read comics, graphic novels, or manga.
  • Watch a visually intricate, interesting, calming, or stimulating TV show or movie.  Animated movies or shows are particularly nice, like Miyazaki films or some Dreamworks films or the Legend of Korra series are some examples that come to mind.  Movies with a lot of well-done visual effects are also nice, or movies and TV shows that have excellent costume or set design, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy or period movies/shows.  If you download movies and TV shows, perhaps keep a special folder of go-to calming or visually engaging shows that appeal to your sense of vision.
  • Watch nature or science documentaries like shows on the National Geographic Channel (or website), the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the BBC, etc.  My top recommendations are anything narrated by David Attenborough, and Cosmos narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 
  • Watch educational YouTube channels (personal favourite is TheBrainScoop, a natural history channel out of the Field Museum in Chicago).  I know some people really dislike the vlogbrothers, but SciShow and the various field-specific incarnations of SciShow are also interesting to watch and are visually engaging because of high production quality.
  • Put up Christmas lights in your room but keep them there all year around and turn them on/plug them in when you want something pretty to look at.
  • Decorate an area of your room, or make one area of your room pleasant to look at.
  • Re-read letters or kind messages people have sent you over the years.  If they’re online or on your phone, take screenshots of them and keep them in a folder so that you can look through them when you’re feeling down about yourself.  For especially special ones, print a few out and either pin/tape them up on your wall where you can see them regularly, or fold them up and put them in your wallet or your bag (purse, backpack, briefcase, etc) so you can read them anywhere you go if you need to.  (You can also put these in your Self-Soothe Kit)


  • Listen to soothing, invigorating, or empowering music.  Create specific playlists for this purpose.  Don’t include music that makes you feel negative emotions or brings up negative memories.
  • Listen to ambient noise makers, especially ones that are customizable. If you’re having too much of a breakdown to play with customizable ambient noise makers, you can always find 3-10 hour loops of ambient noise videos on YouTube.
  • Pay attention to the sounds of nature (waves, birds, rainfall, leaves rustling, etc).
  • Pay attention to the sounds of the city (traffic, human chatter, street performers, the sound of the wind whistling down streets or around buildings, etc)
  • Sing to your favourite songs and blast your music super loud.  If you have a good sound system, lie on the floor and feel the bass.
  • Listen to the discography of your favourite band or musician or artist
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Listen to lectures or podcasts (iTunesU is a great place to find free lectures of full university courses or lecture series on a particular subject.  TedTalks is also a good place for this stuff.)
  • Listen to (and watch) educational YouTube channels (my favourite, as previously stated, is TheBrainScoop, a natural history channel out of the Field Museum in Chicago, and previously a zoological museum in Montana)
  • Watch/Listen to documentaries narrated by David Attenborough (his voice is incredibly soothing, seriously, if you watch the Life documentary series, watch the version he narrated, not Oprah’s version because Attenborough’s is much more soothing). The documentaries are also usually a very high quality so they’re visually soothing as well.
  • Listen to musical soundtracks, or watch the shows on YouTube, or watch YouTube-specific musicals like the musicals created by StarKid (Starship is particularly good).
  • Hum or whistle.
  • Call/Skype a friend or loved one to listen to their voice.
  • Play an instrument or learn to play an instrument (you can watch tutorials for this on YouTube too)
  • Make playlists for different emotions or ones that achieve different effects.  One that’s relaxing, one that’s upbeat and happy and makes you want to dance, one that makes you want to rock out or pumps you up, one that’s instrumental (movie and video game soundtracks are good for this), etc. 
  • Make playlists with certain themes, like traveling, or city life, or the sea, or songs that remind you of someone you love.  Include songs that inspire you or comfort you (three of my go-to songs for that are I Stand Alone by Van Canto, Good to be Alive by Skillet, and Battle Cry by Angel Haze, for example) and songs that remind you of your goals, things you want to accomplish, things you still want to do and experience because that can really help you look past the pain of the now and look towards the possibilities of the future.
  • Note: when making playlists, try to only include songs you really like and would want to listen to all the way through.  You don’t want to be skipping a lot of songs, or skipping any at all.  The ideal is to be able to put on a playlist that is at least a couple hours long and be able to just continuously listen.


  • Use your favourite soap, shampoo, aftershave, cologne, lotions, body wash, shaving cream, body spray or perfume.
  • Light an aromatherapy candle or just a scented candle.
  • Burn incense.
  • Make a cup of a particularly aromatic tea.
  • Open a container of loose tea and inhale the scent, or open up a new bag of coffee and inhale the fresh coffee.
  • Put lemon oil on your furniture (I’ve never done this, I dunno what it smells like, but this is listed in the Manual so obviously some people find it beneficial).
  • Bake something, because baking always smells good.  Baking bread is really nice and could be fairly easy if you have a bread-maker.
  • Cook a particularly delicious smelling meal (personally I’m partial to the smell of cooking turkey bacon, but also the smell of onions being cooked always smells good to me).
  • Put potpourri or an aromatherapy oil in your room.  You can get those air freshener/room scents that plug into the wall and put one of those in your room.
  • Rub an aromatherapy oil on the insides of your wrists (I do this and have a few different scents and I keep some in my self-soothe kit)
  • Wear a scent locket necklace (a necklace with a locket that has a piece of fabric inside that you dip in a scented oil so the locket continuously gives off this scent).
  • Boil cinnamon or heat up vanilla.
  • Go to a flower shop and literally smell the roses! (or your favourite flower or herb or choice)
  • Keep dried herbs in your house, ones you particularly like
  • Buy a small spice kit or a travel spice kit and carefully smell them (don’t inhale too deeply because otherwise you might get powder up your nose!)
  • Open a window, walk outside, get some fresh air.
  • Go to a wooded area or a park or a garden and mindfully breathe in the fresh smells of nature.
  • Buy a special soap or face wash or body lotion or body spray just to be used for the times when you need to self-soothe, as a treat for yourself.


  • Eat some of your favourite foods.
  • Drink your favourite soothing drink, such as a special tea, a particularly rich or flavoured hot chocolate, a fancy latte, or a smoothie (JugoJuice is particularly good on the soothing smoothie front).
  • Order a very special and extravagant drink at Starbucks or your coffeeshop of choice.  Make sure it’s an order that you only get on rare occasions so that it remains special.  As for extra whipped cream, be completely indulgent. This is one of my favourite things to do.  Make a list of special drinks and flavour combinations that you enjoy that are not on the standard menu, keep the list in your wallet or your bag so that you’ll be able to remember a more complicated order at times when your memory might be failing you due to too much distress.
  • Go to a fancy bakery (or the bakery section in your local grocery store) and get a slice of cake, or treat yourself to a similarly special dessert.
  • Go out for dinner to a place you enjoy, either a place that’s a special treat for you, or a place that is comforting and familiar.
  • Eat a food or candy that is strongly associated with your childhood (like fruit rollups or dunk-a-roos or gummy bears, or cereal like Froot Loops or Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, for me).
  • Go to your local convenience store and indulge yourself with a chocolate bar.
  • Sample flavours of ice cream at an ice cream parlour. 
  • Buy a special ice cream cone with more than one scoop or flavour, with toppings like sprinkles or crushed nuts or chocolate drizzle. Give yourself permission to have something special and out-of-the-ordinary.  Alternatively, go to the grocery store’s ice cream or frozen yogurt section and buy yourself a tub or box of ice cream in your favourite flavour.  Try to get small containers so you don’t end up eating too much and feeling sick afterwards. That would be counterproductive.
  • Suck on a piece of hard candy.
  • Eat a very chewy candy that takes a long time to eat.
  • Chew your favourite flavour of gum.  Go out and get a special flavour of bubblegum and blow bubbles.  The repetitive motion of chewing gum is also soothing and can prevent you from clenching your teeth and jaw.
  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.
  • Drink a carbonated, fizzy drink or put fizzy tablets in your drink and notice the sensation of the bubbles in your mouth.
  • Eat slowly, to savour and enjoy what you’re eating.  Try to eat Mindfully, using the skills Observe, Describe, Participate, and One-Mindful.  Make sure you’re being Non-Judgmental of yourself for eating a treat or something special.  If eating can be triggering for you or affect your self-esteem or will make you feel guilty, then it would be best to not choose this sense to stimulate. 


  • Take a long hot bath or shower, or sit in a hot tub.
  • Pet your dog or cat.  Cuddle with them close, feel their heartbeat, feel their chest expand as they breathe.  Pay attention to the texture of their fur or coat and how it feels on your hands.
  • Have someone give you a massage or a back rub. 
  • Massage your own hands and feet, shoulders and calves, neck and forehead/temples.
  • Rub a lotion over your entire body, feel how soft your skin is.
  • Put a cold compress or damp cloth on your forehead or the back of your neck.
  • Wash your face, either just with water or with a special facial scrub.
  • Follow all the steps of a skincare routine.
  • Brush your teeth, paying attention to your gums, the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. It can be surprisingly soothing if you do it methodically and take your time and do it Mindfully.
  • Sink into a comfortable chair in your home.
  • Lay down, comfortably in bed, surrounded by pillows (maybe make a pillow fort?), and pull the covers up to your chin or over your head, and tuck yourself in or have someone else tuck you in.
  • Put fresh, clean sheets on your bed.  Alternatively, buy special, high-thread count sheets for you to put on your bed on special occasions like when you need to self-soothe and feel comforted.
  • If you’re going to be out in public and may need to self-soothe, wear an article of clothing that is particularly soft or silky or pleasant to touch (like a scarf, for example), or wear a really soft or crisp shirt, a snuggly hoodie, a very smooth blazer of fine wool, a satiny or silky blouse or jacket, or a garment that has an interesting texture that you can run your hands over (I’m a huge fan of textured fabrics so most of my clothes are made of fabrics with interesting textures precisely for this purpose). 
  • NOTE: Make sure every part of your outfit is comfortable and not itchy or constricting, make sure the tags on the garments don’t irritate you and that the seams are also not irritating or abrasive.
  • If you’re at home, put on your comfiest, softest pajamas or fuzzy socks or fuzzy/cushioned slippers.
  • Take a drive with the car windows rolled down (or, if in a convertible, with the top down), and feel the wind blow through your hair and the feel of the wind on your skin.  This is another personal favourite of mine.
  • Run your hand along smooth wood or leather, or feel the details of a wood or leather object that has been carved or embossed.
  • Run your hand over a worry stone.
  • Grip a stress ball/toy.
  • Play with a fidget toy (like a spinner ring) or a stim toy.
  • If you’re a crystal person, hold a crystal in your hands and feel the energy within it, along with its smoothness and sharpness.
  • Hug someone.  Feel that physical closeness, notice and feel their heartbeat and the rise and fall of their chest while you’re hugging them.
  • Cuddle with someone.
  • Cuddle a stuffed animal, especially a particularly comforting one from your childhood.
  • Hold someone’s hand.  Notice the feel of their skin, the texture, the temperature, how you’re holding hands (are your fingers interlaced? If they are, how so? Etc)
  • This one is kinda weird, but put liquid glue on your hand, let it dry, and then peel it off.  It’s an interesting sensation.
  • I don’t know if this counts as touch, but paint your nails.  Do your makeup.  Style your hair.  Experiment with your makeup and your hair, do something different or wacky or straight up wild, for the tactile experience of working with your hair and the make up.
  • Pluck your eyebrows.  Some people may not find this pleasant or soothing, but I do.  Maybe I’m just weird.
  • Go for a run and concentrate on the feeling of your feet connecting to the pavement or the trail or the treadmill, feel the sweat accumulate on your body, if running outside feel the wind in your hair and on your face.
  • Go for a swim, feel the water on your skin as you move through it.

Other Senses:

  • There are other senses like your sense of pressure. Using pressure like a weighted blanket or a heavy quilt of comforter laid over your body can be a very pleasant and calming sensation and is commonly used by people who experience sensory overload, such as autistic people.  
  • Yet another sense is our perception of temperature. Here you could basically use the T in the TIP skill, or a milder form of the T skill which could be putting a cool, damp cloth on your forehead or the back of your neck.  You could also take a warm bath or sit in a hot-tub.
  • While there are many more, the last sense I’ll mention is our sense of motion. It is soothed by repetitive motions, like tapping fingers or feet, bouncing your knee, or sitting in a rocking chair.  I personally find rocking chairs to be especially soothing.

This list is far from exhaustive, so you might come up with something that isn’t on this list that really works for you.

Further Reading: The Self-Soothe Skill, Intro to Distress Tolerance, The TIP Skill, Intro to Mindfulness, The Mindfulness “What” Skills (Coming Soon), The Mindfulness “How” Skills (Coming Soon)


Compromised touch

And another question for rus Ask UnderTale

Q: I’m ready to buy out    all hot dogs and hot kats.
Q: Sans, where do you get so much money for renting such a chic house?

A little more fun theories, from chat discussion about near-Mafia AU, with the smuggler Moldsmal (whom you are already familiar with) drug dealer Pet Rock, who produces and sells “powdered sugar,” bootlegger - Undyne and a small rascal and blackmailer Sans.
In any case, in the game itself, Sans repeatedly touches in conversations with the protagonist of the question of money ( in the bar, or with roasted snow), let it not reach the real taking-away. Yes, and photo collects in his album in the basement.
And therefore here are a few quotations in a slightly free interpretation

Favorite Lyrics from Ed Sheeran's album "Divide"

Eraser : The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow.

Castle On The Hill : I found my heart and broke it here. Made friends and lost them through the years.

Dive : I could fall or I could fly, here in your aeroplane. And I could live, I could die, hanging on the words you say.

Shape Of You : I’m in love with the shape of you. We push and pull like a magnet do, although my heart is falling too.

Perfect : I found a lover to carry more than just my secrets. To carry love, to carry children of our own.

Galway Girl : I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine.Our coats both smell of smoke, whisky and wine as we fill up our lungs with the cold air of the night.

Happier : Cause baby you look happier, you do. My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too. And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth, but I know I was happier with you.

New Man : You’re still a young girl trying to be loved, so let me give it to you.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here : Well, I found love in the inside the arms of a woman I know. She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home, and I’m not scared of passing over or the thought of growing old.

What Do I Know? : I’ll paint the picture let me set the scene. I know, I’m all for people following their dreams, just re-remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, it’s love and understanding positivity.

How Would You Feel (Paean) : How would you feel, if I told you I loved you? It’s just something that I want to do. I’ll be taking my time, spending my life, falling deeper in love with you. So tell me that you love me too.

Supermarket Flowers : Oh, I’m in pieces. It’s tearing me up, but I know a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.

Barcelona : I fell in love with the sparkle in the moonlight reflected in your beautiful eyes, I guess that is destiny doing it right.

Bibia Be Ye Ye : My heart is breaking at the seams and I’m coming apart now.

Nancy Mulligan: From her snow white streak in her jet black hair, over sixty years I’ve been loving her.

Save Myself : Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels. I drown it with a drink and out of date prescription pills. And all the ones that love me, they just left me on the shelf, no farewell. So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself.


170128 Letter from Ryeowook (1)

To my beloved ELF,

Are yu doing well? Everyone~ ^^ Are you feeling blue because you guys are going to be a year older or are you liking the thought of being a more matured person? k This oppa’s morning as a 31 year old… TT I difficultly woke up and I couldn’t see the sun well so I welcomed it gloomily (?) kkk As I was writing, I realized I write informally,eh? ~ I’m an oppa so it’s okay right? ^^ I am 31 years old! When I came into the army, even thought I don’t have a firsthand access to what’s happening in the society, I could know it through TV, internet and through our E.L.F.’s letters~ Thank you~ Are you being comforted by watching ‘Voice’ after finishing 'Goblin’? kkk Us too (army band members), we soften our hearts while watching it kk I was once a drama fanatic ~ I heard that Yesungie hyung’s drama is now out~ I’m extremely happy~ kk Anyways, drama is love~kk Time flew fast and after my letter last November 6, this is the first long letter I’ve written since then~ I also want to write more often~ But I realized I really need to have time to adjust when I came to the army band~ I am also assigned to play an instrument so I am practising alto saxophone~ There were also lots of events, we have events here and there~ That’s why kkk Oppa also sings, right? I also sing sometimes~ Eunhyukku hyung told me I’d be singing The Little Prince for more than 100 times but I haven’t done that yet~ kk Maybe I’d do it a little by little then? Anyways, I am doing well~^^ Our E.L.F. could only know news about me through my letters… but I made you wait~ I’m sorry~ Now I will write letters once a month~! Wait for it~ Okay?^^^! (Promise) Ah! I have my 5 successors~ kk They are kind and they are also soldiers who do their duties well~! Thanks to them, I who’s still lacking, could confidently live here! Wah! We need to gather now to eat kk I will write again after eating~kk Please wait for a moment~ I love you still (needlessly loving~ kkk)

170128 Letter from Ryeowook (2)

Is everyone receiving lots of New Year luck? January has almost gone by~ and February is coming! From Private Kim Ryeowook, I’ll be moving to private first class kkkk If we come to think of it~ I was just Trainee #40 then~ and before we knew it I’m already private first class~ kk I don’t know if it’s because I can adjust so well that’s why I am living well here~ Don’t worry ^^ Consciously or unconsciously, I know that everyone is worrying about me~ But I’m doing very well that my predecessors are surprised~ kk My predecessors are younger than me except for one so I nicely get along well with them! When I write to you in a rolling paper style, I will also send to you the stories of my senior and junior colleagues~ you will feel like 'Ah, our Ryeowook oppa is getting along well with these kind of good people~’ Ah! Few days ago I got a call and knew that they had a Lotte Fanmeeting… did they do well~?! It would have been better if I was in that event~ Now there’d be more places that we could meet~ Just cuddle and be well with our hyungs~! Okay?! During the year-end, I herd that S.E.S. had their concert… and they released an album… you informed me through letters… an that Bada noona is getting married and you asked if I am okay with it~ kkkk To our E.L.F. who consoled me… kk…. I’m okay … ;; TT kkkk Should I use my vacation day on her wedding day~ kkkk Anyways, congratulations Bada noona on your wedding~ ^^ I am really envious, I only wish you much happiness

170128 Letter from Ryeowook (3)

Ah~ While doing training in a cold weather, I had many thoughts~ When it snowed, we sweep it away~ because it’s cold~ I have always thought that I should live while being thankful for the smallest things~ But then I felt that I should have live with a more, more, more thankful heart~ Our ELF too, whenever you see a soldier passing by, could you think about us too!! kkk While contacting our members, our hyungs, Kyuhyunnie and Henry~ and Zhou Mi hyung too, I felt sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of them more~ ^^ I should reflect more and feel it~! (I am reflecting~) Anyways, whenever I see the activities of our members on TV, it’s weird but I’m touched~ kkk I am more confident and proud~ I am now a baldie so I live forgetting that I am a celebrity haha. Now I divide my time, I study~~ I exercise~ I practice singing too and I also take care of my skin well~ Our ELF too, you know that have to be prettier, smarter and healthier too, okay? You drink Vitamin C, right? Yoo also have to drink Omega 3 and Vitamin E (I added~ kk) Don’t forget it~!! To those ELF who are drinking alcohol, please only drink a little~ You have to take care of your future~ (End of nagging~ kkkk) There are many starts in the skies of Jeungpyeong~ While looking at the stars one by one… if I am on duty, it was just a few months ago when it seemed that I haven’t thought of looking at the sky~ It was amazing~ If you incidentally look at the stars in the sky every night, (we will be) looking at the same star~ ^^ ~ (Like a star you’re my angel~) Let’s meet in our dreams too tonight~ I have so many things that I wanted to say~ Wah~ I grabbed a pen and it was a bit too awkward so it’s not neat~ Please understand me~ ^^ Receive many blessings in 2017~ Thank you for reading my first letter in the new year~ I want to do a voice message or video message (needlessly … again~kkk) I love you everyday~ You can’t catch a cold! (My current body condition is very good~ kkk) Love yourself!

P.s. Our senior and junior colleagues are so cute, right? There are people who haven’t written yet, they will write in  February~  kk Annyeong

2017.01.25 Ryeowookie

Translations by tinyyhae

SnOw BeLoNgS WiTh BaZ

Simon entered his dorm, slamming the door shut behind him. He had just gotten into his third fight with Agatha this week. This one ended worse than the others, and they decided it was best to break up. Simon had managed to keep his magic at bay. He didn’t go off at all today and he was quite proud of himself.

He headed towards the bathroom but was stopped when he realized the door was shut. He huffed and sat down on the edge of his bed. Football practice must have ended early today. As Simon sat and listened to the sound of the water running, he noticed he could hear something else as well. Baz was singing… very off key too. It took Simon a moment to realize what exactly he was singing. Eventually, he recognized it as ‘You Belong With Me,’ by Taylor Swift. Simon couldn’t hold back the smirk that grew on his face. He never expected Baz to be the pop music type. He had always pegged his roommate as the type of person to listen to boring, classical music. After a few more minutes of listening, Simon noticed Baz had replaced the word you with something else. A name. Only, Simon couldn’t figure out what name it was. 

After a few more minutes, Baz exited the bathroom, humming the same song. He sensed someone else in the room and turned around swift-ly. His eyes met with Simons. Baz could feel the blood from all the rats he drained this morning creeping to his cheeks. ‘Did he hear me singing?’

“Hey. So, who were you singing about?” Simon giggled. Baz’s cheeks were burning red. (Taylor pun Intended)

“None of your business, Snow,” He sneered. 

Snow… Something clicked in Simon’s brain and he jumped up at the word. 

“Snow!! That’s what you were singing! ‘Snow Belongs With Me?’“ Simon stared in disbelief. Baz shook his head.

“N-no. I wasn’t– I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Simon rolled his eyes and stepped closer, closing the gap between the two. 
“You should have just said something,” he whispers, before leaning in and placing a kiss on Baz’s lips. 

Needless to say, it turned out to be both the best(day) (Plz someone get that reference) and worst day of Baz’s life.

Years later, he was married to Simon.

 But, Simon never let the story of their first kiss go. He put it on his resume. He bought Baz all the taylor swift albums for Christmas. He even mentioned it in his wedding vows. And he insists they name their first born child T-Swizzle.


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Merry Little Christmas

Word Count: 1231

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None. Just fluff. 

A/N: Written for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall Challenge. My prompt was First Snowfall. Also written for @winchester-writes SPN Christmas Song Challenge. My song was Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and my object was Snowflake. Also written for Kari’s quickie challenge which I forgot to tag or even mention cuz I’m the worst.

This can be read as a sequel to Trust but you can probably also read it on its own. It’s set in the same universe though. 

Thanks to @sis-tafics for the aesthetic that just coincidentally happened to match up with this. I love love love love it! 

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MONSTA X as things I associate with wintertime
  • Shownu: rolling snowballs to make a snowman, buying pretty wrapping paper, sprinkling cinnamon on top of fresh eggnog, the feeling of new warm mittens, the charity bells ringing in the mall to ask for donations.
  • Wonho: sparkly holiday eyeshadow and red lipstick, finding the perfect Christmas tree, the foam from melted marshmallows in hot chocolate, warm bubble baths, fuzzy sweaters.
  • Minhyuk: sledding down a big hill and feeling your stomach drop, flashing Christmas lights decoration a tree, the sleigh bells in the back of every Christmas song, finally finding the perfect Christmas present, hanging the stockings on the mantle on Christmas Eve.
  • Kihyun: getting holiday cards from family, making the perfect snowball, the cold first lick of a candy cane, how every morning seems to be gray but peaceful, painting your own Christmas cards for friends.
  • Hyungwon: hanging the last ornament in the perfect place, waking up earlier on Christmas morning than any other day, making fresh cinnamon rolls, catching snowflakes on your tongue, old Christmas albums crackling on the record player.
  • Jooheon: the sound fresh snow makes under heavy boots, bundling up in an oversized scarf, the red glow that the cold air gives your nose and cheeks, hanging "emergency mistletoe" in every doorframe, stealing one of Santa's cookies before bed.
  • I.M: someone giving you a present you adore, the smell of snickerdoodles in the oven, the warmth of a fireplace, watching old Christmas movies with your whole family, drawing in the fog on car windows

About twice a year I manage to get back to my hometown of Syracuse, New York. I’ve always been an avid pedestrian, so inevitably I end up taking some long walks around the neighborhood. The past couple years, my soundtrack has become The Wonder Years, because as I’ve gotten older, my relationship to home has changed dramatically. Like most angsty teenagers, all I wanted was to get out, and now that I have, there are many times when I desperately want to be back. Home is complicated, it can be suffocating, but it’s familiar. I spend a lot of time aching for the cold and snow of a Syracuse winter, but realistically would I ever be able to live there again? I don’t know. That question has gotten a lot harder to answer the longer I’ve been away.

And so, while The Upsides is about getting out, Suburbia, I’ve Given You All… is about coming back and learning the reasons you might want to stay, even if things aren’t the same as when you left them. In the intro for today, I talked about the three songs that really tie the album together, but there are moments throughout the whole album that really exemplify the truly complicated relationship that can exist between a person and where, or what, home is.

“Summers in PA” is about the nostalgia we feel for fleeting moments that have just passed. The late summer nights we remember from our youth, and how the recreation never lives up to the memories, but it’s because you and your friends change, hopefully for the better. The bridge screams “We’re sick of running away/We’ll stay,” and it’s a line that calls back to the end of “Bar Bands.” Getting out didn’t solve all the problems Campbell thought it would, and coming back isn’t the end of the world.

“Coffee Eyes” is the winter of “Summers In PA.” It’s the darker memories, friendships falling apart, spending the night in the hospital, all centered around a townie diner. It’s the places that gave you sanctuary when you needed it the most, and knowing that no matter what, they’re still there for you after all these years. For Campbell, this diner is an anchor, a comfort in knowing some things never change.

And finally, “Hoodie Weather,” the penultimate track, which sees Campbell finally accepting his home as a flawed, probably fundamentally broken place. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying to save. All the friends from “Bar Bands” are still here, working their shitty jobs, struggling with addiction or poverty or both. The kids graduating from high school have the same itch he once did, eager to leave and see what the world has to offer, a journey that changed who he was, maybe for the better, maybe not. But the trip was worth it.

The refrain of “I’ve got my grandmother’s veins in the back of my hands and just a hint of a South Philly accent/I was born here/I’ll probably die here/Let’s go home,” is acceptance. Campbell’s finally made his peace. This town made him the person he is, made him strong enough to handle being out on his own, and it has made him strong enough to come back, “I won’t run away/Cause as fucked as this place got it made me me.” It doesn’t mean he can never leave again, he can and will, but this place will always be here.