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  • Someone else did this but this is my take on the album messages/stories of the albums.
  • AWKIF: We're kids in an adult's world. Our lives are changing, relationships are breaking down, we're far from home, and it's scary.
  • Riot!: We feel all our emotions without shame and we're gonna speak our damn minds.
  • Brand New Eyes: We believe in love even though it's sometimes hard and scary. Sometimes it's hard to like the people you love, and you gotta be honest even if it's painful and have an open mind to keep on loving those people.
  • Paramore: It's okay to grow up. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to be happy.
  • After Laughter: Sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom before you can start to build yourself up again. It's time to wipe the slate clean, start over, and fight your demons. Forgive, but don't forget.

monsta x: this is the most effort we’ve ever put into something… in our entire lives…! our first full length album and it has wonho’s songs on it! please anticipate it lots!

monbebe: oh… in that case… maybe it’s time you guys finally get your f-

music show digital sales criteria:

Hey Tay! You’ll probably never see this but just in case you’re lurking, I’m Chloe! I’m 17 and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m currently in the middle of my last year in school and I’m hoping to attend dance college next year. Throughout the years, your music and your speeches have helped me so much! I don’t enjoy school at all but your music has helped me through it. I don’t know what I would have done without you Tay! I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for me even when nobody else was. I know I can always count on you to put a smile on my face if I’m feeling down. I hope I can say this to you in person one day but until then I hope you see this message! I’m hoping to get a tattoo of ‘nothing safe is worth the drive’ I’d love to have it in your hand writing 😍 that would mean so much. You are so beautiful Taylor. Remember that you are loved and appreciated.
Love always, Chloe ❤

Chapter 16 - Lesson 2
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“Play a simple chord progression for me.” He complied, looking a little confused at how this was going to assist in learning English. “Now fit an English phrase to the chord progression you just made.” His eyes widened while he tried to wrap his head around it. He played the chords again and hummed a melody. Then you watched as he worked out where to put the words. You waited patiently while Chanyeol figured out all of the parts before he tried to sing along to it.

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On this day in music history: November 30, 1979 - “The Wall”, the eleventh album by Pink Floyd is released. Produced by Bob Ezrin, David Gilmour, James Guthrie and Roger Waters, it is recorded at Super Bear Studios, Studio Miraval in La Val, France, CBS 30th Street Studios in New York City, The Village Recorder, Cherokee Studios and The Producers Workshop in Los Angeles, CA from January - November 1979. The progressive rock bands’ follow up to their previous release “Animals”, is a concept album exploring themes of abandonment and isolation Waters feels. Never having known his own father, who is an RAF pilot during the second World War, is killed before he is born. It also explores the poor treatment Waters received at the hands of school teachers, feeling oppressed by his over protective mother, and the end of his first marriage. The concept for what becomes “The Wall” has its genesis in the 1977 “Animals” tour, with Waters feeling that there is an increasing barrier growing between himself and the bands’ fans. The albums’ minimalist artwork is designed by artist Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters. When the band play the album for their US label CBS Records, they are initially “unimpressed” and are reluctant to release the ambitious twenty-six track two LP set. Waters eventually prevails in the project being released as intended. It is a huge critical and commercial success upon its release, becoming the largest selling album of 1980. It spins off three singles including “Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2” (#1 Pop) and “Run Like Hell” (#53 Pop). Pink Floyd launches an equally ambitious tour to reproduce their masterpiece on stage. The show features the band performing part of the show behind a forty foot tall wall of white cardboard bricks, that is gradually built up during their performance, as well as elaborate lighting and other stage props. Various animated sequences created by Gerald Scarfe are projected on the wall during certain songs. Because of the prohibitively high production costs, it is only performed in four cities (Los Angeles, CA, Uniondale, NY, Dortmund, West Germany and London, UK) on multiple nights, for a total of only thirty one performances. In spite of every show being sold out on the tour, Pink Floyd still loses nearly a million dollars on the venture. Plans to release complete footage of the concerts have been continually scotched by the band over the years, and to date only excerpts have been seen by the public. Audio from the London shows at Earls Court are released as the album “Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81” in March of 2000.  Reissued numerous times on CD and vinyl since the 80’s, it is most recently remastered and reissued on 180 gram vinyl in August of 2016. “The Wall” spends fifteen weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 23x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, earning a Double Diamond Certification.

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are people really lana fans if they're just complaining about her concerts? id be happy regardless if she sang the same songs bc they're iconic, just saying.

Obviously.. I’d go to every concert and hear the same thing gladly.. Lana could just stand there and wave and I’d cry tears of joy.. and honestly all of the hardcore fans would be happy to see her regardless..

But it’s exciting to hear the new songs.. It bums people out to NEVER hear the majority of her last 2 albums live.. Like to hear our favorite songs live for the first time is so much more exciting than the ones we’ve heard 1,2,3,4  times before. It’s even exciting to see videos of newer songs being performed live.

  • Roadhog: Don't do it.
  • D.Va: Aw he gon' do it!
  • Roadhog: Don't listen to her. She's just an an instigator.
  • Junkrat: IMMA DO IT ANYWAYS!
  • Roadhog: No!
  • D.Va: YES!
  • (Fuckhuge explosion)
  • D.Va: I think he's dead.
  • Roadhog: He'll live on in our photo albums.

Cellar Darling reveals title and release date of their debut album

△△ Album title & release date! △△

Our first album, entitled ’This Is The Sound’, will be released through Nuclear Blast records on the 30th of June, 2017.

This is it: this is the result of nearly one year of incredibly intense creativity, of ups and downs, of loss and gain. In less than a year we’ve formed a new band, written an album, and defined our sound. This is the most personal work of our lives: This Is The Sound.

We can’t wait to share it with you.

[run river north || run river north (self-titled album)]

i woke up this morning and turned on my tv to vh1 and started working on emails in bed like i do every morning. at some point, “monsters calling home” came on and i stopped what i was doing and looked up expecting to see some new interpretation of “of monsters and men” but my jaw dropped when i saw six asians armed with violins, guitars, keys, and drums making beautiful music.

run river north is a group of korean americans from the san fernando valley, and got their big break from jimmy kimmel last year and were eventually signed to a canadian label. this is their debut album for your streaming pleasure. 

guitarist daniel chae says: “Our parents sacrificed their lives for us, and I think that’s why there’s such a strong sense of family in each of us. There is that expectation of, ‘Because we did this for you, we hope you have a good job. We hope you can live the American dream.’ And we finally find that in music now.”

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Hey taylorswift ! This is Kati and I! We love you so much! We have created the most amazing memories driving all across the country to see you! The 1989 album is the current soundtrack to our lives, we could dance to this beat forevermore! 💕✌🏻️ we will see you night one in Columbus! Can’t wait! We will be in the B Stage pit! 😘