My favorite jazz record of all-time—Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges’ Side By Side. Duke’s only on it for a few tracks; most of it is Hodges leading the small combo assembled for the record. Lots of sweet, swinging tracks that are very accessible to a non-jazz guy like myself.

The top copy is an original on Verve from the 1950s, and it sounds great. The bottom one is a repressing on Speakers Corner from a few years ago. Pretty nuts—I bought American Jazz on a German repressing in a Hong Kong record shop! It, too, sounds great, though a bit more spacious; you can hear the separation between the individual instruments more clearly.

Soul Punk hidden message

Certain letters in the lyrics of the the album booklet were highlighted a different color, spelling out a hidden message in Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk album. This is what it says:

Fear is killing us. - Explode

But true love can survive. - This City

If we cooperate. - Dance Miserable

We can beat doubt. - Spotlight

But first rebuild trust. - The “I” in Lie

Take responsibility. - Run Dry

Happiness is still free. - Greed

Though not always apparent. - Everybody Wants Somebody

When it’s right in front of us. - Allie

So keep calm. It’s gonna get better. - Coast

When to listen to certain green day albums
  • 1039/smoothed out slappy hours:when u can't stop thinking about a special someone/crush
  • Kerplunk:when u feel lost or lonely
  • Dookie:when u feel full of teenage angst
  • Insomniac:when u want to prove yourself to someone
  • Nimrod:when you're angry
  • Warning:when u feel like u don't like the public
  • American idiot:when u want to rebel against the government
  • 21st century breakdown:when u want to set things on fire
  • Uno:when u feel sexual tension
  • Dos:when u want to party
  • Tre:when u feel sad