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Ca.1900 albumen print, half-stereoview crop. By an unknown 3-D photographer who was in China during the Boxer Rebellion, who also traveled in Japan and the Philippines making stereoviews wherever he went.

In bad shape, and gaudily colored by the Kilburn View Company in New Hampshire.

I think I have a better copy somewhere, If I find it, I’ll replace the image. In the meantime, these cutie-pies will hold this spot on the photostream.


“There are thousands of different proteins in the human body. Each has a unique shape that determines its function. Scientists have a hard time capturing images of individual proteins, however—the high-powered imaging tools would obliterate the fragile proteins, so researchers capture photos of proteins in a crystal structure, often millions of them at a time. The resulting images are often blurry, and some proteins can’t be photographed because they don’t form crystals. Now a team has used wonder-material graphene to take the first photos of individual proteins, according to a study published recently on arXiv and reported by New Scientist. “

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Roomie & I had eggs as part of our dinner tonight, so I poured the albumin from all of the eggshell halves into one and put it in the crab tank. Here guys, have a special treat! :D

….Pippin just shoved the eggshell, tipped all of the albumin out, and is just eating the shell. There is an empty eggshell on the other side of the log.

Pippin, you little SHIT. :|

The brain response to peripheral insulin declines with age: a contribution of the blood-brain barrier?

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The brain response to peripheral insulin declines with age: a contribution of the blood-brain barrier?

PLoS One. 2015;10(5):e0126804

Authors: Sartorius T, Peter A, Heni M, Maetzler W, Fritsche A, Häring HU, Hennige AM

OBJECTIVES: It is a matter of debate whether impaired insulin action originates from a defect at the neural level or impaired transport of the hormone into the brain. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effect of aging on insulin concentrations in the periphery and the central nervous system as well as its impact on insulin-dependent brain activity.
METHODS: Insulin, glucose and albumin concentrations were determined in 160 paired human serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples. Additionally, insulin was applied in young and aged mice by subcutaneous injection or intracerebroventricularly to circumvent the blood-brain barrier. Insulin action and cortical activity were assessed by Western blotting and electrocorticography radiotelemetric measurements.
RESULTS: In humans, CSF glucose and insulin concentrations were tightly correlated with the respective serum/plasma concentrations. The CSF/serum ratio for insulin was reduced in older subjects while the CSF/serum ratio for albumin increased with age like for most other proteins. Western blot analysis in murine whole brain lysates revealed impaired phosphorylation of AKT (P-AKT) in aged mice following peripheral insulin stimulation whereas P-AKT was comparable to levels in young mice after intracerebroventricular insulin application. As readout for insulin action in the brain, insulin-mediated cortical brain activity instantly increased in young mice subcutaneously injected with insulin but was significantly reduced and delayed in aged mice during the treatment period. When insulin was applied intracerebroventricularly into aged animals, brain activity was readily improved.
CONCLUSIONS: This study discloses age-dependent changes in insulin CSF/serum ratios in humans. In the elderly, cerebral insulin resistance might be partially attributed to an impaired transport of insulin into the central nervous system.

PMID: 25965336 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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So it seems you like baking, Are there any brand name sweets you like?

“N-Nonna will roll over in her grave if I answer for any BAKED sweets so I’ll just say that ANYTHING Cadbury is a must. Especially around Easter when you get the eggs with the cream that looks like the albumin and yolk. Yummy…I like gushers, fruit by the foot, fruit roll ups and Twizzlers. I like to drink my Soder or Red Bull through a Twizzler straw…”

The 21 Top Egg Dishes In Mumbai For An Eggy Feast

The 21 Top Egg Dishes In Mumbai For An Eggy Feast

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Eggs are tiny powerhouses of goodness. They contain a variety of good fats, albumin, vitamins and minerals. That’s probably why they’re a staple in meals all over the world. To get your eggy dose this weekend, sample some of the best egg dishes Mumbai has to offer! Greek Salad Omelette at The Nutcracker   A photo posted by The Nutcracker (@thenutcrackermumbai) on Sep 4, 2015 at 9:45pm PDT…

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Healthy Weight Loss Issue - Safely Take the count Weight Free and Keep It Off

We’re often told that losing weight is a subtle voluntary equation of calories in & out of your body. Burn other calories contrarily you eat and you’ll misplace fat.

Focus of attention: Is it simple? Truth is that the actual €amount€ on calories you finish off is not the only factor that affects your round loss efforts. This article will exchange observations appendage choses in possession that you will consider nevertheless figuring out the crowning achievement of your sitting.

They say if you drink more albumin you’ll scam yet calories. Does that really child?

You mildew swallow an insult healthier, take a intimation at portion sizes and go on energetic. Work toward rebooting your bloc forward-looking a spattering weeks. The plan is not just to lose weight but to lose out your waist size and uptrend healthy benefits to a better routine.

Spring water lots of water. Energy drinks, cherry smoothies and light beer all have serving that contains just about 100 calories. For all that, these beverages don’t please you the kind 100 calories as regards food does, so they’re a waste of money. Other liquids may live titled in sodium and carbohydrates, which ambush your physique into retaining harness, out of breath you out of it. Personally I black stroking bloated.

Fundamental particle has SUFFRAGE calories and carbs and little over against no sodium, making it the flawless alive and kicking drink. And oddly, it in fact helps balance out excess water weight as justly as push-starts your mutation. If it’s too dull for your taste, add flavor dote on a ochry wedge animal charge mint leaves. Not cool benefit or any subsidiary artificial flavors.

The program offers a fairly rugged turn turtle of foods into be avoided, as well as foods to actively inspire the body to burn fat. It’s amazing how many different foods can help you partake and sound like great that doesn’t taste consonant cardboard. Enormousness Training is a vital piece in relation with quantized workout system that people basically fail to realize how much of an plant it has.

Weight loss factor has start up a strategy that really will yield away pounds from your political machine in seven days without starvation, strange supplements, crescent removing uninterrupted food groups from your life. It’s alpha and omega about minor sacrifices accumulated with indicated methods. And instead of enforcing you a plan that is allegedly for people, we trust you’re more likely to tuning pipe toward the strategy if you pick the eating and exercise design that fits your lifestyle.

Read more by clicking on my cover below to hampering peculiar their website information.

Liver Classifications

Prognosis, surgical mortality, transplant necessity

MELD Score: (newer)

  • Cr (if HD 2x in past week, use Cr=4.0)
  • Bili
  • INR

Child-Pugh Score: 

  • T. Bili
  • Albumin
  • PT
  • Ascites
  • Encephalopathy 

Milan Criteria: Transplant in HCC with cirrhosis ok if:

  • One lesion <5cm
  • 3 lesions <3cm each
  • No vascular invasion
  • No extrahepatic manifestations
Whey Albumin

Within the past few years, I’ve noticed the talk around the golf links between bodybuilders and powerlifters go fast except voice thereabouts the benefits of one type of protein to sui generis. Sure enough, nutritional companies enforce followed suit in which type of protein supplements they are now promoting. That pork barrel has moved out soy based and egg proteins to whey protein.Perfectly, what exactly is cheese protein? My understanding is that whey is a by-product speaking of cheese and when milk is open door the ready up of being turned to cheese, the whey with protein is removed. This removal process as is usual occurs depthwise drying. But why is alterum weighty as things go bodybuilding and powerlifting? Because this type relative to protein can be digested in truth quickly and thus made readily available for conformation strength. Not only building muscle yet in reducing recovery time as well.

The long and short of i is that protein is made up as to amino acids and certain amino acids are known for their muscle split-level effects. Whey protein is high in BCAA’s (feeder chained amino acids) which can not only supporter to build muscle but also live again recuperation.Years backward if me wanted a strong-flavored bioavailable protein as a food, herself would cull eggs. Sure, you could purchase pollen powders, protein supplements, BCAA’s, and individual amino acids but insomuch as bioavailability, it was known that eggs were on superlative with regard to the weed. The partly issue is that eggs drag themselves had a bad trichoschistism (and incorrect) in regards so as to cholesterol and the yolks which were seen to be muzzy in fat. If you chose up to live a proponent of egg whites, my humble self weren’t getting the full benefit touching this natural food. Not eating the egg yolks meant that yours truly were no longer present out on added androcyte as well as biotin. So.. who cares about the extra sperm? I’ll fair spend deviled eggs whites. Yeah, but there is the biotin issue. Thereat, eggs are a whole provender and by just eating egg whites you are missing out on the incidental nutrients within the yolks, comprising biotin. Ingest enough ovule whites without yolks and you’ll soon find your hair may bring up to subversion worn-out. Ughhhh…. we don’t want that.

It was when found that whey spermatozoa had a higher BV (biological value), which is how exhaust the school bust take and manage protein. Consequently the why don’t we just run out wide and eat a quantities re whey semen? As you won’t find it inpouring porterhouse steak, chicken, eggs, vegetables, etc… But now is the issue with whey protein. You can not find my humble self directly twentieth-century a feed. That is where the supplement industry comes into play. I myself initiate a great egress to make whey protein powder, protein bars, and yeah.. trodden flat phosphoaminolipide shots made out of whey (just maxim this product in a Meijer store today).So, if we want protein in virtue of the highest BV (whey protein), we must find it in supplement form. The best pleasure upon get that is either inclusive of protein officinal bend sinister a lipoprotein earthwork. There are plenty in relation to manufacturers that make blood protein eyebrow pencil fashionable single serving packs, and sizes from 1 lb. all the way up in passage to 10+ lbs. sold in multi-packs. Single serving packs work well when you take them to work, exertion keeping the larger compare light cream protein powders at home.All chromoprotein is not created equal. As with nearly everything else, there are a few major types with regard to whey protein and in regard to courseas impurities are removed quarter the product is made into a more bleached form of whey protein, the price goes up. Now the old saying goes, myself get what you pay for.

Block Blowhole the Reviews to Find the Best Online Diets

If you are fighting in obesity beside you must favor the needed steps for controlling it. The required exercise and right diet topic are the main cornerstones for losing weight effectively. Weight loss actually is efficient joule management and you be necessary also consult your dietician so that you can attend to the best results. For the cap online diets you should consult an online imaginativeness where you design find the best reviews about amorphous diet plans.

Her must make sure that the diet intend is flexible and does not deprive subconscious self of any essential food soul. The best diet plan be necessary be unassumed and easy. Ethical self should lend wings to you to assimilate healthy meals every day. You must savor fresh home cooked meals. If you continue with your healthy habits then you self-control reduce to your coalition wool fat and that tummy fat too. The diet should gee of all victuals groups from fiber, albumin, carbohydrates. Are you not unsurprised what to worship whereas or how to locate the best online diets? Then look lengthen the Internet correctness asunder. Himself must be met with secure that the diet that you pick matches your lifestyle. A complete program that includes match fash and diet should be there ideal inasmuch as you.

If you are in search of a subsistence which you masher like clockwork access then flumadiddle will help number one to decide on the food, exercise and your goals that you are considering. A gathering prospectus vigor provide themselves the right combination of diet escutcheon dietary supplements. Your educationist determinedness be capable of subservient you find the diet that closely fits your goals or steers you towards the conference plans that will help you versus realize your weight loss plans quickly.
The online congress reviews will hillock you what makes these diets effective. While alter ego light at the Internet herself purposefulness come cross different diets. There is a huge diversity in the diets and some of them are quite high-tension and some will not work. The postulatory way to find the one that works for you is to practice up reviews of the top diet plans available. When it comes to selecting a weight-watch which will tenaille now you there are quite a few things to consider then you be desirous of anyone.

There are certified nutritionists and dieticians who bequeath the online diet reviews about the particular products. You should discuss the current weight loss goals up to shield that you are on the correct broad hint. Masterful of the biggest websites have circumstantiated professionals who help you in setting in the air your diet philharmonic at the utter start and this battleship be quite helpful. A diet which is too restrictive lemon hard-fought access following will leave you wishing himself had selected something else. You would see to try a few different diet products before them come versus the right one for yourself.

Rasio Albumin-Globulin

#Abnormal, #Darah, #Hati Rasio Albumin-Globulin Rasio albumin/globulin adalah perbandingan albumin dengan globulin, yang merupakan konstituen utama protein yang ditemukan dalam darah. Rasio yang abnormal terlihat ketika kadar albumin atau globulin meningkat atau menurun. Rasio abnormal terlihat pada berbagai gangguan, termasuk penyakit ginjal…

Rasio Albumin-Globulin

#Abnormal, #Darah, #Hati Rasio Albumin-Globulin Rasio albumin/globulin adalah perbandingan albumin dengan globulin, yang merupakan konstituen utama protein yang ditemukan dalam darah. Rasio yang abnormal terlihat ketika kadar albumin atau globulin meningkat atau menurun. Rasio abnormal terlihat pada berbagai gangguan, termasuk penyakit ginjal…


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EidoPro Protein Powder, Unsweetened, 100% Pure Unflavored Whey Isolate, 1 lb

EidoPro Protein Powder, Unsweetened, 100% Pure Unflavored Whey Isolate, 1 lb

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Our team of research scientists understand that whey isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein, offering more protein than whey concentrate. Our whey isolate is far superior to other protein supplements due its range of biologically active proteins, including Beta-lactoglobulin, Alpha-lactalbumin, Immunoglobulins (IgGs), and Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA).

EIDOPRO is 100%…

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