albumen silver

“Interno del Colosseo” by Giovanni Battista Altadonna

Italian, 1850s

albumen silver print from glass negative

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Temple of Hephaestus, a Greek temple lined with columns around all four sides. The temple has a plain pediment and is surrounded by grass and large succulent plants with pointed leaves. A man is sitting on the front steps of the temple, while a second man in a top hat stands along the side.

Artist unknown, Athens, about  1865 - 1880, albumen silver print. The J. Paul Getty Museum.

Colourisation from a albumen silver print. 1881, Yokohama, Japan, by Franz von Stillfried-Ratenicz. Courtesy of the Capital Collections

Image Caption: “A portrait of a Japanese soldier from the waist up. He is standing facing his left whilst wearing ornate armour consisting of a chest plate and chainmail undershirt. His hair is swept back and is dressed in a topknot.”

“Fragment from Balustrade of the Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens” by William James Stillman

c. 1882

albumen silver print from glass negative

Gillman Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art