albumen photograph

“Fragment from Balustrade of the Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens” by William James Stillman

c. 1882

albumen silver print from glass negative

Gillman Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Woman Riding a Red-crowned Crane 1890s by Blue Ruin 1

are your thousand years ending today? song of the crane

Issa (b. 1763 – d. 1828)

Albumen silver photograph, 7 1/4″ high x 9 1/2″ wide, from a glass plate negative of the Temple of Neptune in Pesto (Paestum), Italy. Photo by Edmondo Behles, 1841-1921. Born in Germany, Behles moved to Italy as a young man and spent the rest of his life there, for a time working in partnership with another German-born Italian photographer, Giorgio Sommer. Photo circa 1866. Note the figure of a man standing next to the third column from the left. A figure was often included to give an idea of scale.

“Interno del Colosseo” by Giovanni Battista Altadonna

Italian, 1850s

albumen silver print from glass negative

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Trees covered with snow. Holes drilled in card to fasten into book. Handwritten on card front: “Winter scene at Tamarack Mines, near Red Jacket, Mich., near Calumet.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Portrait of ex-slave Nancy Anderson who went by the name of “Old Boss” in Lexington, Kentucky, c. 1800′s.

Source: University of Kentucky.