Hayley finally began to relax and she closes her eyes in contempt before the knocking of her bathroom door broke the silence. She sighs before turning her head. “Yes? Who is it? I’m kind of in the bath right now, but I suppose you can come in if you really want to, I have a lot of bubbles to cover me up so you’re not going to see any indecency.”

Alex’s Follow Forever

Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaaaal!

My Babies


How could I not tag this gem? This absolute lamb? This precious friend of mine. You have listened to so many of my rants and rambles about life, society, love, and countless other topics. Woman, I will write you another essay any day. Piece of cake. I can’t wait for us to build ironic snowmen, sandcastles, and farm together. We have so much in common and it blows my mind how you’ve endured so much in your life.. and yet you’re just so strong. Not only that, but you willing take on the burdens of others atop your own, no matter what it is that you’re currently struggling with. You are strong and brave and beautiful. How blessed I am to know you and call you my dear friend, you sassy thing, you.

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My darling dearest Yagmur. My Turkish Delight. My Rain. One of my best friends. How I love you so. You’ve done more for me than I could ask of a friend. You, my sweet, gorgeous girl, hold such a special place in my heart (as you very well know and if you didn’t, where have you been?)  You are so wise beyond your years. You are so kind, patient, caring, and understanding. You’ve taken very good care of my heart for the past several months. When I first stumbled upon your blog, I honestly had not anticipated that you and I would have developed such a close friendship. Nor that I would be friends with someone who is the real life Black Widow tbh.  You are so, so talented and you have such a beautiful and bright future ahead of you. I can feel it. Love you, nerd.


This is the greatest Sam Winchester I have ever written with. This is the greatest Sam Winchester I’ve ever met, to be perfectly frank. Never have I seen the demeanor captured so beautifully or written so eloquently. Not only this, this lovely lady is so full of empathy and kindness. Her smile expresses her personality as how I’ve come to find her. Soft, patient, gentle, and wise. I’m honored to know this woman and call her a friend. I know things have been a bit nomadic for you lately, to say the least, among other things. I’m always praying for you and thinking of you, love. I am so, so proud of you for being in school and having the opportunity and blessing to learn all you can. xo

My Honies

My beloved Stephanie (Who does not want her URL to be announced). You are that friend in real life who knows about my Tumblr, follows me, sees all my nonsense, and continues to be one of my dearest friends both virtually and in the real world.  We’ve been on many adventures, you and I. I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans we get into this year. Hopefully nothing quite as terrifying as last November, but.. You opened exciting worlds for me and taught me to embrace my inner Beyonce, wear that purple lipstick, and drive fast. I’ll see you soon, my flower.


A fellow thespian. A true friend. You’re honestly one of the few Canadians that I actually love and care for so genuinely and completely (save for like four others I knew from when I lived in Toronto.) You are so positive and encouraging. You always keep such a high spirit when talking to me. I can’t tell you how many days just seeing your messages has brightened my entire mood. I hope to continue talking to you often and for a long time, whenever you’re able to, of course.


I adore you. You are dry, adorable, sassy, and just wonderful. I’m blessed to know you and speak to you so often. Thank you for listening to all my shenanigans, rambles, ideas, and overall nonsense. You care so deeply for me and value what I have to say. I honestly can’t ask for much more than that out of anyone.

My Ragtime Gals
I feel as though I know so little about each of you, and yet I cherish you squish nuggets. I hold each of you in the highest regard. I wish for nothing more than to be more of a friend to each of you. I want to learn more about each of you and strengthen our bonds not only as writers, but as true companions. From what I have gotten to know about you, you must know that I just adore you and I’m always here to talk about anything serious, silly, or any shenanigans. xoxo





Group Hug Friday!

Hey everybody! Soooooo yesterday, huh? I thought y’all could use a post-trailer hug. I know I could. Tagging some folks to get this thing going, and everyone is free to join in on the love whether you’re tagged or not. Free hugs for everyone. <3 Happy Friday, and have a great weekend. 

And if you don’t like being tagged, apologies… But why don’t you like group hugs??? ;)

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