Ich bin kein besonders politisch gebildeter Mensch, aber ich finde, wenn ich schon das Sprachrohr hab’, so viele Menschen hier zu versammeln, dann kann man kurz einen winzigen Appell daran geben, dass einfach niemand von uns jemals wieder irgendwen irgendwie benachteiligt wegen seiner Herkunft oder seines Aussehens. Vor allem nicht irgendjemanden, der von ganz weit her kommt und hier ein weiteres Zuhause sucht, weil seins kaputt gebombt wurde. Und dass es uns scheißegal ist wer wen liebt, solange er ihn wirklich wahrlich und ernsthaft liebt. Können wir bitte jeder alle beide Mittelfinger in die Luft strecken gegen diese ganzen engstirnigen PEGIDA-Arschlöcher!
—  Casper

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A. American - Lana del Rey
M. My Adress is Hollywood - Adore Delano
P. Partition - Beyonce
H. How can I - Charli XCX
A. Anus - Alaska Thunderfuck
R. Radioactive - Marina and The Diamonds
O. Old Money - Lana del Rey
X. XO - Beyonce (but i hate it so..)
I. I Am The Best - 2ne1
C. Cruel Angel’s Thesis - Neon Genesis Evangelion OST B)

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Answer these 10 questions and tag 10 more people

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1. What was the last movie you saw? Cabaret
2. What was tee last song you listened to? Young and Beautiful-PostModern Jukebox ft. Robyn Adele Anderson
3. What was the last show you watched? Jeopardy
4. What was the last book you read? We-Yevgeny Zamyatin and currently working on two others
5. What was the last thing you ate? Oreos and Milk
6. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? In Ireland-i would love to live there at least briefly because i fell in love with it last summer
7. If you could pick a decade to travel back in time what would it be? The 80s. Good rock. Awesome Cher. Musicals (especially Sondheim).
8. If you won the lotto and won millions in cash what would be the first thing you would do? Pay for my college education up front
9. Which fictional character would you want to hang out with for a day? Does Jinkx Monsoon count?
10. What was the last fandom you Joined? Drag! (Even though its been two and a half years i only “joined” it on Tumblr a few months ago)

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First Kpop song you’ve ever heard:  Tell me goodby - BB

First group you liked: BIGBANG

First bias: TOP

Current bias: T.O.P

Song you know all the words to: Depends of the language….but many nonetheless *-*

Favourite girl group: 2NE1(from kpop)

Favourite boy group: Big Bang ( again, from kpop)

Favourite solo artist: if it’s kpop, no….don’t do this to me. i can’t ……

First Kdrama: Faith

Favourite Kdrama: I have a list *-*

Least favourite Kdrama: don’t like, don’t watch it

How long have you been a Kpop fan: about ……four years now

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This was literally the most amazing moment. When she started talking I was literally like, wait, what??? 

Starling: Chapter Seventeen

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Roy had approached Earth from orbit more times than he could remember anymore, and it struck him that Empyrean beaches were very wide. The pale, crinkly border of sand was much fatter than he was used to, like the bold outline on a children’s map made into living land. But then again maybe it was his imagination, because the beach they were bearing down on looked normal.

They made egress into the same kind of commercial spaceport Roy would expect to see on Earth, if it weren’t for all the aliens bustling around amongst the brisk-walking, dressed-up humans. As he followed his classmates in a big clump, he was overwhelmed by a general tall brightness, which was somewhat offset by wide-brimmed hats and ugly rolling luggage. He spotted a pair of knee-high raptor children, feathers dull and downy, following an adult and hefting matching pink backpacks, and remembered with a jolt that Elliott must have once looked like that, but that Elliott certainly didn’t look like that anymore.

Customs was expedited, but it still seemed to take an age. Roy shoved his passport at the agent and hardly even felt awkward getting stared at. “Welcome to Empyrean, Mr. Calabi,” the person said. If they craned to stare at him, he was definitely looking the other way

He scanned every blue face he could see. He’d hoped to meet Elliott at some point, of course, but he hadn’t known it was going to happen at all, let alone so soon. What on Earth—so to speak—was he supposed to say?

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