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#LastYoungRenegade - out July 2nd, 2017

Who is the Last Young Renegade?

After all this time writing music, playing in a band- checking moment after moment off the bucket list- collecting mistakes, making memories, I wondered what it might be like to write about myself if I wasn’t the one standing in my shoes. Who am I from the other side of the mirror?

I tried to change perspective in my approach to writing and center in on all of the different versions of me that other people might have met over the years, through the ups and the downs, in the public eye and behind closed doors. Would I like this person? Do I like this person? Do I even recognize this person anymore?

I realized that there’s a lot more to me than I’m usually ready to acknowledge, both good and bad. In that realization, I noticed a common thread. We are who we are, even when we try our hardest not to be.

It’s a challenge to accept it sometimes. I gave those other sides of me a persona, and a name– then came the stories like a flood. It was a way for me to confront demons without having to sit at the dinner table with them.

That’s the journey on this record: a story of self-realization. Of growing into your own skin through the eyes of someone watching it all unfold on the big screen, wearing a ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. Like watching an old familiar movie, but suddenly you’re Marty McFly.

We tried a lot of new things on this album, all within the context of what we love so much about All Time Low– There’s no denying that we were binge watching Stranger Things at the time, while also reflecting on the loss of some of our favorite musicians; Prince, Bowie, George Michael… I think the influence comes through in the best ways. We all felt pulled to exciting and different places as we searched for inspiration, approaching something that’s become so familiar to us from a new direction.

I truly hope everyone listening enjoys this record as much as I do. It’s been an amazing journey.The album comes out June 2nd and will be available for pre-order on Friday, Feb 24th. We’ll also be posting some pre-order merch bundles, so stay tuned! Pre-order options will be up on

Last Young Renegade
2. Drugs & Candy
3. Dirty Laundry
4. Good Times
5. Nice2KnoU
6. Life of the Party
7. Nightmares
8. Dark Side of Your Room
9. Ground Control (feat. Tegan and Sara)
10. AfterglowxoAlex


TY’s cute reaction when he realized all their songs got promoted on the 1st radio appeareance

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So I interpret it as bts having the choice to walk away from the perfect happiness of their youth and into the unknown world of adulthood. The short story alludes to the idea that the people who walk away from the city might not have anywhere to go, but they seem to know where they're going anyway. So it's basically the boys on the cusp of adulthood. That's my interpretation!

From what I read I kinda formed that idea too. The running theme for bts’ stories is youth and becoming an adult. 

As a child you’re sheltered from the world by your parents, and live in this bubble. At least this counts for most children, not everyone has a happy childhood. But anyways, once you get older you come to face the harsh realities of the world, and learn of how cruel it can be. When you grow up you leave your bubble and have to face an unknown future. You work towards your goal that you’ve set, but you never know what could come into your path, be it good or bad. But you have the people around you to support you, so you never walk alone.


The Avengers as music albums.