album: bounce

yo real talk for a damn moment, bon jovi are straight up one of the best bands of all time and i am tired of us as a species pretending like they’re only good for karaoke classics like love urself and blast the new jersey album next time ur driving and then get back to me


Lil’ clip of the DJ competition I won for a set at the @Coorslightuk @mixmagmagazine #coorslighticebar closing party in #Brixton last night !❄️✌️💽🔊🏆

Literally the #Coldest gig i’ve had to date!

S/O my team 💙 @lyssarrgh @shaunmacca7 @rj.hill @consciouslygee @therealoniko @vopoku @polosoleri @akuakonamah

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【配付中!!】タワレコの月刊 フリーペーパーbounce 本日より配付中!!表紙はindigolaend とsukekiyo の二組です!なくなる前にゲットですよ!! 
Monthly free magazine from TOWER RECORDS, bounce, is out!! We have two different covers with indigolaend and sukekiyo! They will be gone quickly, so do your best to get one!!

Sound Therapy: “Camel” by Flying Lotus x “Slaveless Master” by Low Leaf

Mood: Ethereal Space Bounce

Length: 2:27 (aka: enough time to take a little journey)

Made with love on two decks. Much respect to both artists. Please check out lowleaf if you aren’t familiar with some of her amazing work. Love & Light!


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