album: bad

did you know that we call dandelions that because of french. that their leaves are spiky and edible and called “dent de lion” lion’s teeth but for the longest time i assumed it was for their yellow mane. did you know that i’ve been your friend for so long i forget how i survived without you. i don’t know when i fell in love. i just woke up in the middle of it. i made you a flower crown today. the fur of lions. i look at you and all i think of is lips and skin and collarbones and teeth.

Chess set

Karamatsu is king. He must not die. He is fucking weak tho. Mother fucker moves like a pawn god damn.

Ichimatsu is queen. God in battle and very important. Gettinf ur queen killed is a big no no. Don’t harm the queen

Osomatsu is a knight. Horses. Also can only move in L shapes. He’s a loser

Choromatsu is a bishop. Holy priests who slide diagonally. Blessing but I have a hard time using them.

Todomatsu is a rook. I always saw them as powerful towers who can be useful with easy to spot straight moves. That’s not todomatsu. Fuckin weak ass bitch.

Jyushimatsu is a pawn. The poor bastard. He doesn’t deserve this. Not a pawn. Pawns suck. Please no. God I’m gonna cry my child. He hates his role so much he fucking beats people with a bat after stealing ichimatsu’s cloths papa bless